Now, in this Chapter will be a compilation of different topics based from previous Chapters, but what I have to say is do your own research. I have layed down some sources, and have given my own opinions, and saw some connections detailing the truth being hidden from the public. And though this website is not perfect by any means, it's shown that based on the origin of these religions, there is so much darkness going on behind closed doors. I have layed down materials for people to research for themselves, and is based on the individual who wants to know for it's not for everyone. In general, people should respect and love each other, but despite these sources revealing what's truly going on in this world this shouldn't affect the individual person. There's always going to be individuals who are good people and those that are bad, as this is shown throughout all nations, races and tribes. It wouldn't matter what skin color of any individual is, it's only when people want to involve religion and show their apparent domination over others is when the truth becomes a different story. 

Now, based on learning about the Occult there is the enlightened factors based on the knowledge given, but also there is the darkness that comes with it. Remember, you cannot understand the light until you understand darkness. We all start from the dark when we are trying to figure out what's going on, and depending on the person's intentions that would have to be based on the individual questioning these topics (to think for yourself). It's the same story as the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as you must understand the difference between what's good and what's bad, and that is by questioning the situation. 

The origin of these religions definitely has a connection to the Black Gods relating to Saturn. It's shown that whether they are depicted as dragon/amphibian or black, it still details that people have been lied to on the origin of these religions. This details that "God" in Christianity is not what people have in mind, and also how the Bible reveals that Christianity is writtened "against" and why it's considered the "best" criminal organization in the world being used with forgeries and fake History. Now, there is no doubt that there were other beings that also roamed on the Earth, whether they were Giants, were-animals, water spirits and apparently "demons from space" etc. but what becomes a fact is the legend of an Angel that was sent by the Almighty Creator (Great Spirit) to battle against them is the God of the Aryans. 

So, since finding Azazil to had battled these creatures, I have found that these apparent Christian, Islamic and Judaic sources depicting this being, is all wrong. In fact, History is wrong, period! There are people trying to prove that the modern Jews were in Israel, to the fake History written about Greece, Rome and Egypt to even the origins of the three Abrahamic faiths, but it's revealed that the modern form Judaism is not an old religion that we were told but was created by Rome mixed in with the Bramhin and the Japanese Shinto. Christianity actually preceded Judaism, and all still worship Dagon. The Muslims don't even know that they are really Christians, and that Kaaba and the black stone pertains to the worship of Dagon and the Queen of Heaven whose symbolism are worshiped to this day, thus everything we were taught by "education" is all a lie. 

There is a rather obscure book called "Nature Knows No Color-Line" by J.A. Rogers, who goes through extended research based from the Ancient black nations in Ancient Europe, America, Middle East and China. He has taken photos of the original Goddess Venus sculpted by Alessandro Vittoria, to the ancestry of today's Nobility having black ancestry. There was intermingling amongst the nations, and based on this details how much History has been covered up for this reason. Based from the Eurocentric version of History tends to cover up who the real Aryans are and who their God is as this further aids the situation. This is further detailed in "New World Order".

Based from understanding the previous info would reveal that Agni is the real God in the Bible, and how all these apparent stories and so called Documentaries on Christianity are based on lies. Christianity is the Dagon religion that the God of fire had told the Aryans to not get into, and you can clearly see this throughout the whole world. They would be called "Baal and Ashtoreth", Moloch, the "Queen of Heaven", to Chiun, which leads back to the same Gods of these religions. The Devil that people has been told is running the world is not ruling the world nor being worshiped, but the one called "Jesus Christ", who is the black God Dagon the water God and the Queen of Heaven. Like I had stated before, the real Prophet that is named Jesus isn't this "Alien" on the Cross and has nothing to do with these Abrahamic religions all worshiping the Black God and Goddess. 

This is why there is so much truths about the origin of these religion being hidden from the public, and it's for a good reason. I remember someone detailing a Documentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls (the Real one), and how this Nun had said if this script was to be shown to the world, then Christianity would fall in one day, and based from this factor details the truth on Christianity's true origin. It's apparent that Christian History had messed up everybody's history, thus changing timelines, lands and culture. So, when Jordan Maxwell had mentioned the story of the people choosing between Jesus who represented truth and the light, and the other as Barabas who represented the liar, murderer and thief, it's shown that this story reflects to the whole society and the world. Since the people (no matter who they are) had chosen Barabas, then that means they would rather have a liar, thief and murderer as their ruler instead of the real truth. Maxwell had broken this down as to why the world is the way it is, and why much of the things we are told is based on a lie.

No matter the situation, if a Politician or President is of Barabas (as thief liar and murderer), people will still vote and support them. You see it evidently through Media, Articles, History and even religion. It's unfortunate, but it's the reality and the truth that no one will do anything about it. When listening to "Legacy of the Gods" Podcast with Jordan Maxwell, it's revealed that the Gods that came down had brought their influence to the whole world and states how the people will be "used" for something. It pretty much sounds like a hidden motive for this purpose but interesting enough, the Bible details something of a coming battle and how the nations will try to fight the real God in the future. In the Norse Mythos it's been called "Ragnarok", to the Hindus it's been called the end of "Kali Yuga", while the Christians have been calling it "Armageddon"...

Now, even though I have information strewn in different places,(as I am trying to piece together by events and legends), it seems the planet Mars does have a connection and would be the planet that was destroyed due to a cataclysm between two races or groups. This is where the legend of the Devas and Asuras are based on, and how these apparent Extraterrestrial races came down to Earth and where the Myths and Legends of the "battle of the Gods" came about. In one setting, this is mirrored to Thoth's "Emerald Tablets", as the Atlanteans going into their ship and fleeing to the land of Egypt to where they had met with the Hairy Barbarians, synchronizes the intervention of these Extraterrestrial races come in place.

I have stated that the lineage of Adam and the serpent as based on Genesis 3:15, is based on the Garuda's emnity against the Naga. This plays on either the role of Michael the Archangel (Azazil) battling the Red Dragon, toeven those races of humans that have the features the bird to those that have the features of the dragon. Based on this statement is where I find this may connect to why the people of today look like those Gods in those features, and how the intervention story is based on this factor. The Bible does detail about race mixing, but only in the factor of one God prohibiting his people to intermingle with those that worship the other God. This brings evidence that the Bible is truly based on Henotheism, and why one God chose a people out of all the others. The only account I had to address is that based on certain contradictions details in the Bible of one God ruling all the nations, however, it's shown that the God that rules all the nations is merely Dagon. But then there is the other God to which details his people to destroy the idols, names, pillars and altars of those particular Gods and put his name there instead, only tells me that there are two (and more) deities involved here. This is why J.A. Rogers. had detailed on the Aryans having the hook nose (bird) and that they invaded the black inhabitants of those lands in India and China etc. The Aryans have their own God, however, have forgotten who their God is and who they really are.

Now, based from previous information, I have stated on these two races would be based on the battle of the black Extraterrestrials and the red haired Giants, whereas other sources like Michel Desmarquet's "The Thiaooubia Prophecy" would detail the black race warring against the race that would be the ancestors of the Chinese. This may give clues as to why the God of fire had brought these people to battle the original inhabitants, as they came into the lands of India and China. Then there is the origin of the Scythians as the Ancestors of the Aryan tribes, to which based from Godfrey Higgins' book "The Anacalypsis", had connect the passover ritual of the Brahmins going back to the Egyptians. This means that those people had left Egypt then came into the lands of India and China being led by the God of fire. One theory I had was on the Aryan invasion theory originating from the region of what is called the Black Sea. It's possible that due to the lands being changed to hide the truth, the "Red Sea" could also be the "Black Sea" instead. It's apparent that the Black Sea does share some mystery. 

Another theory alslo details that the people may have migrated from the counrty of India to which would be the Biblical Egypt. The reason why for this account is because based from the Documentary called "Skeletons in the cupboard", details a segment of a Maori woman's ancestors originating from the lands of Persia. This was detailed in Elsdon Best's book on the Tuhoe people and how their History was based on the people migrating from the hot country of India to which they had battled against the dark skinned races. They state that this is what the Mahabarata is based on, but based from the Biblical connections to the Aryan invasion, it's shown that this is based on the "Turkic Mongolian" descendants coming to the lands of Persia, India and China and how there were wars from these migrating tribes.

Now, one may connect to the theory that instead of the Asians migrating from Asia to America, the Atlantean descendants may have came from America (Egypt/Atlantis) to areas like Europe and Africa, then from there the descendants of the red race came the East modern Asians. This would be based on Edgar Cayce's theory on the apparent Atlanteans being the "red race", to which the remnants had came to Europe, Northern Africa and Central America (and their possible Rh-negative blood origins as well).  There is some confusion as to who the Atlanteans are because based from the Biblical perspective, it states that the Sons of God had influenced some of the hominids on the Earth. Many theories states that the Atlanteans would be the Sons of God, while another theory details the Atlanteans were merely influenced by them, hence, the notion of God destroying the apparent continent for the intermingling might be this case. Based from Ignatius Donnelly's works, he does detail Adam to be of the red race, thus the father of the Atlantean people and from the Hindu perspective the people of the Devas. However, to state that the Gods to being Atlantean Kings is where I had dismissed this statement. This is only one part of my research, the other half details that the apparent Atlanteans to which Thoth had came from are not human, but had came upon the hominids and influenced them. Through this research, it's shown that it becomes divisive as to if these Gods are amphibian or dragon entities that had came down and changed the world, or are they (as the evidence proves) the black race with a mysterious connection to Dagon, have extremely influenced the world with the Semiramus and Tammuz worship (Dagon cult). This is where I would sometimes think if the black nations were merely representatives to a hidden force, thus deemed the amphibious entities all connecting to Saturn/Dagon, however,

the Bible does detail how there was intermingling of these races with an extraterrestrial race. As subtle as this maybe, the reader should know that the Bible speaks against the worship of the black god and goddess, and how it becomes evident through "The Anacalypsis" by Godfrey Higgins and other sources.

Now, it seems that the theory of "red skinned Atlanteans" having a connection to the American Indians (as Edgar Cayce states), may have possible connections to the Asian people thus stemming from them. But also based from "Thiaooubia Prophecy" may detail the Chinese/Indian origins to an Extraterrestrial group. However, it's shown that even the Natives of America would be mostly Rh positive while a small portion of some tribes are Rh negative. This theory is proposed on how the Atlanteans would integrated to the European populace, hence the Basque of the Iberian Peninsula, some portions in Ireland, Scotland and North Africa as well as the Americas (This may connect to Anne Wilkes "Ireland: UR of the Chaldeas", and how this may connect to Abraham and his people). Again, why would the God of fire choose the Chinese, Persian and Indian looking people, and bring them into the lands of India and China? He didn't choose the red haired white people, even if He had red hair, and yet was destroying the red haired Giants and their civilizations. It's shown that even though these Gods may have red hair, they wouldn't be in the same groups as one would war against the other. Aside from red headed people (as they are considered an ancient race), it seems that the other European nations would be of a different group of hominids. For example, the Slavic nations seems to have an unknown origin like the Scythians, and based from learning about their dress code and culture, seems similar to the Native American and Turkic Mongolian tribes (like the Shamanic practices).

Then of course, not all of the people in America were the same, but it's evident that there were Native white tribes with red or blonde hair. Based from the Rh negative blood type, there has been false information proposing that it originated in Europe when that isn't the case at all. Just as there are portions of those in the lands of Ireland, Scotland and the Iberian Peninsula, there are remnants in America and North Africa and many of them that do have Rh negative do not fit into the blonde or red haired blue eyed category that has been put out. The Irish weren't considered the same as the English and based from seeing how the Irish and Scottish been enslaved and taken to the different countries, is where I find the "footprints" of places not known for this blood type is now mixed in with Rh-negative blood.


Then the Germanic tribes seem to have came from the North, but how North is the question? Some sources states that these groups didn't have a written record except for what the Romans had recorded in their History. There is supposed to be a connection detailing the European (or Germanic) and Indians, and how the story of the Gods confounding mankind's language is based on this factor (as the European language is supposed to connect to Ancient Sanskrit). I have seen works like Robert Sephre's Atlantean theory, and though I did like some of his earlier works (inner world mysteries), I see that there are other information that is over looked. Some of the things that I can agree on is that there were red haired and blonde haired civilizations, even prior to modern man. There is some validity to his works and why there is a cover-up on this stance, but what I don't agree is the factor that black nations did not amount to anything. As stated from this website, it's evidently shown that there were black people in Ancient Rome, and Ancient China and India, and due to the coming of the East Modern Asians and Indians, it's shown that the legend of the fire God leading them into those lands is where the Bible is based on. Based from Dr. Delbert Blair's works, he did state that the black race did give the most to the whole world, and base from this claim turns out to be true. I also find that there were red haired civilizations in India and China as well, and how there were stories of red haired people with six fingers and toes. This is most likely where the Bible details the people battling the "Giants" and the "Sons of Anak". This correlates to the story of the Giants, but it becomes evident that there were other civilizations before the people dubbed the Aryans came into the land, thus the term Jinn is based on this specific group of red haired people.

This is how I know that this "Out of Africa" theory is B.S. Today's Mainstream Science has become the religious society that it wasn't supposed to be, but all things start to become questionable and why there there is so much hidden from the world. They need to cover-up the stories and bones of these red haired civilizations because it would destroy the modern narrative of this African theory. There has been forged documents and bones to purposely try to put this into place, and it still can't hold to this day (but people just accept it without question it). Now, it's also noted that when people give the idea of the Out of Africa theory, they are implications that the Africans are more closer to the Ape than the European, Indian and American. Many would state that the black people can only make white children. I have heard about the "Yaqub" theory and I find that it also doesn't hold water. I have found an interesting story on a Indian Albino woman who is thought to be a Western woman. She is shown to have blonde hair and blues but she speaks her fluent language and know the apparent scammers that would constantly come up to her. There is also Albinoism amongst the Chinese, the Middle easterns, to even Europeans. And based from the European children that have albinoism, there are shown to be different than the Europeans who have natural skin color with blonde hair or red hair. Now, based on the notion of people trying to create a new History, is where I draw the line at this point. It's weird to find the European to state History in their own way when they have always been worshiping the Black Gods that they kept covering up to this day.

Then based from the black nations, their Gods were already worshiped all over the world and is shown that in the Bible the God of fire speaks against the religions of the Black Gods. There are Aryans that have mixed in with the black people in Africa to which have intergrated into their society. Their features are shown to be very distinct compared to the original inhabtitants such as the those that are in Nigeria, Fulani, Ethiopia amongst other areas. The Bible details that some of the people were taken away to those lands and were cast out, to which connects to those Aryans in Europe and Africa now called Jews. Then comes the Aryans that didn't destroy the original inhabitants but instead intermingled with them, which is why much of those Chinese, Koreans, Thailanese etc.would have negroid features compared to the Aryans that have the bird like nose. It's noted that there are those mentioned that have the original features, and based from those Aryans in the Kazahkstan, Uzbekistan, Tibet and the surrounding areas, they have kept their features more purer than those that came to India and China. This is was revealed on Hitler's envoys to Tibet detailing that those Tibetans are the Aryans. However, just as Judges states, those Aryans that didn't drive those nations out and intermingled with them, thus became "Baal worshipers" which is the Black Buddha of the Naga race. This is where the story of the Bible coincides with what had occurred in the land, and why this has become a problem based on the identity of who they are. I wonder if the East Modern Asians would have ancestry going back to Atlantis or some place similar, and would be why their God chose them and brought them a different culture compared to the other nations. You are not going to find this kind of information being told in these Documentaries because it will destroy their narrative, so why divert History to the Middle East? 

Now, I don't find all of those Jews to have come from the Mongolian/Persian people, but are a new nation mixed with different European, black and Middle eastern nations. It's shown that these Jews do have black in them, hence the "Jewfro" along with white and Asian/Indian ancestry. I had stated in "Hollywood" Chapter, that the more modern Jews tends to use "white card" and pass as white when they aren't so, but are rather mixed together. The religion of Judaism was created by the Vatican to imitate the original culture of the Brahmins, and due to the Israel being created, is to further divert people from the identity and location of what the Bible is really based on. There are those have Persian features, and those I find would be those Aryans that were living in Central Asia and Persia (See "Persian Connection"), but as far as politics goes, diverting the people away from the truth shows how these Gods that are being worshiped (along with those religion's that also state are based on that fake land) are the ones the God of fire spoke against. When Benjamin Freedman had stated that those people were "Phallic worshipers", he couldn't understand that the Bible is really based on Hinduism and not the Judaism of today (it seems that those Aryans converted to the newly created Judaism and why there is a mix up here). Here they wouldn't be called "Jews" or "Israel" because those terms along with the religion of Judaism was created by the Church to make an establishment for the Christian religion. The religion of Judaism and those people were merely "chosen" by the Vatican to make a new History with fake documents.

So, how can most Christians state this to be the land of Israel, and yet, claim that is Godly ordained? Or as other people would state, the Lord Jesus Christ had ordained them to have it? I have heard many statements and testimonies of people detailing Heaven and Hell (as near death experience), however, nothing is truly said about the religions connection to Atlantis, the black stone, where the Cross came from, and how the black nations brought the worship of Dagon to the world. There is no such thing as the term "Israel", Jew, or Semite, for these apparent stories has nothing to do with those people. Interesting enough, Jordan Maxwell states that these Jews have a connection to Germany, but that is merely his opinion. I don't agree with everything Maxwell had stated for he didn't know everything (and he admitted that he doesn't know everything), but to say that this world is a "white man's world" and Rome being a "white man's establishment" is not true at all. This is contradiction especially when he mentioned "The Anacalypsis" to which details the ancient worship of the black gods and the origin of Christianity. It becomes obvious that the white man's religion is based on the ancient worship of the black God Dagon and the Queen of heaven. Based from J. A . Roger's "Nature Knows No Color-Line", he details that the Jews were depicted as having dark or black complexion in the Sephardic sects compared to the German Jews (who are deemed white). However, based from the term "Jew", Maxwell states that it's based on the word "Druid" of Ireland, but based on "The Anacalypsis" Godfrey states that the Druids were black Buddhist all having negroid features, and is the origin of Christian religion (Buddhism). This is mostly where the term Jew would be based on the Black nations whether regarding their religions and cultures, but has nothing to do with those people dubbed "Aryans" that were led by the fire God to India and China. 

Now, as I stated before I don't agree with everything Jordan Maxwell states on Abraham Isaac and Jacob not being real, I think they were called by different names and have connections to the Turkic Mongolian nations. This is most likely where the Scythians are based on, and how it may connect to Anne Wilkes' "Ireland:Ur of the Chaldees" and the Iberian Peninsula. It seems that based from this there, perhaps, maybe a deeper connection and origin root to the Scythians, but this is just one aspect as Abraham may have been an Irish man whose lineage came down to the Persians and Turkic Mongolian nations. I have seen some Berbers having the oriental features to even the modern Egyptian people as, even though many are mixed with black, there are those that have the oriental features strongly resembling the Mongolian and Turkic people. The other sources state that there could be a Sumerian connection as well, but that is not fully detailed as of yet. Since the Mongolian Yurt is deemed the real Tabernacle, then everything starts connecting the Aryans to the Turkic Mongolian nations and how they spread from the regions of the black sea to the Stans and to China, Tibet, India and South East Asia and Japan.

Then there is something going on based on these apparent Entities playing "God and the Devil" showing Heaven and Hell to people in their dreams and apparent near death experiences, and yet, nothing is said about the true origin of Christianity and other symbols. I found a clip based from Dr. Jaques Vallee stating that during the Watergate Trials, False flag plans were uncovered originating in the White House to fake the coming of Christ by using Holograms from surfaced submarines. Now, based from this statement, I would have no doubt that there is such technology being done, and why people would see these "apparitions" of angels, Jesus and Mary in different parts of the world (It's possible that they would use images of Gray aliens and such, as to hide the entities true identity). This theme would be called "Project Blue beam".

So, could the Government have a device to manipulate people's dreams as well? And why people would see "shadow entities" or Angelic beings based on their thought process? In any case, since the symbols of these religions connect them to Dagon worship, then everything starts to make sense on why people are creating fake History for everyone.

Now, based on the apparent identity of the Devas and Asuras, some sources would detail the Dragon Gods coming down and having women, which would be where the Sons of God is based on. Naturally, after finding these Gods to have originally be black complexioned and stated from Godfrey Higgin's book "The Anacalypsis", details the Gods like Zeus, Dionysus, Hermes, Athena, Circe and others to be black skinned. But then comes the images of the Gods amongst the Aztecs and Mayans, and how they would have the same attributes of the black Gods, but with the exception of the reptilian like features. 

This is where these reptilian ruling the world theories becomes nonesense especially being given by the Ufologist, because I am finding the connection on the black Gods to the dragon symbolism. The Goddess Itzpapalotl would look like a skeletal reptilian monster, to whom the Aztecs would practice bloodletting, piercing themselves and doing human sacrifice to the Black Goddess Artemis who is also known as the Diana of the Ephesians. This was a breakthrough to find how this Goddess was the one that came from the Heavens, and along with the angels is represented with the Black stone of paradise. She would be called "Allah" by the Muslims, and the Queen of Heaven Mary by the Christians. This was startling to find the black stone and the Kaaba was in America, as well in Mecca.

Then comes the notion of these being the Amphibian race, because them coming from the Heavens and bringing the legend of the Nommo that is dismembered, is the same story as the Goddess "coyolxauhqui" who was dismembered by the fire God. Then you don't have to look far to find that this is the story of Bacchus/Dionysus who was dismembered by the other God, but would resurrect. Amongst the Egyptians, the Nommo story would connect to the Osirian legend of being dismembered by the fire God Set, but was originally called "Anubis" as the God of the underworld, as this connects to "Sirius". This is why some paintings and Statues would show Michael stabbing a dog like beast. This is where the apparent "Red dragon" (which is really the black dragon) and his angels coming down to Earth is based on, as the coming of the Dragon God and the cult of Dagon.

So, when finding this out in Robert Temple's book "The Sirius Mystery", and Jim Vieira's lectures on Oaanes, this is where I find would conflict to what I had originally stated. I ask, why would these Gods be black, and yet, are said to look dragon or amphibian looking? Then when reading Credo Mutwa's book "Africa's hidden History", would detail the Chitauri being dreadful, compared to the Dogon's account of the Nommo. Some of their accounts don't meet up until researching this. So, when learning about the Dogon's culture, I had saw that they do have the Shiva lingam pillar, but this 3 min Documentary had only shown a glimpse, as if they were hiding their religious connections to the God of the pillar. look up "Dogon Dama | National Geographic" at the minute mark of 2:45, details the Dogons pouring drink offerings onto the Shiva Lingam.

One theory I had was based on Noah and his sons connecting to the Atlantean race that brought these religions to the world. The cult of Dagon, to which is the black fish God "Vishnu", would be where the Poseidon mythos be based on, as the coming of the Druids (as Godfrey Higgins put it) connects to the coming of a group of Atlanteans. Personally, I think that the statement from the Dogons on the "Amphibian" entities that came and taught them, was merely to hide the truth that it was these black nations that were the ones who brought it, because based from seeing the connections and artifacts on Dagon shows that it's a "Black God", and not some hideous fish god unless the "hideous" was merely exaggerated to the point that some were depicted as "dragon faced" features. This is where the negroid features connect to the Chinese dragon and how this relates to the Naga or black nations of Asia and elsewhere. So Gods such as Quetzalcoatl, Vishnu, Shiva, Buddha, to Osiris and Jesus Christ were all depicted as having black complexion. It's possible that (based from other sources)) the Sons of God are deemed representatives to an unknown power, to which are based on the Amphibian/Dragon entities, so it's highly possible that the Gods were depicted in their image instead of their real depictions. However, I would that regardless of their depictions, the repetitive descriptions of Osiris was stated to be a "Black God". 

Perhaps there is a connections to the existence of the apparent amphibian race, but it still lacks them connecting to the "Sons of God" to which are described to be black, or as Robert Temple's book "The Sirius Mystery" had put it, "Negroid". Personally, I don't find the women being talked into sleeping with actual hideous monsters, unless the "Sons of God" were like people. In this case and based from the information and artifacts given, does show Godfrey's "The Anacalypsis" detailing the Goddess Cybele to being black, thus connecting to the black stone to which would be "Diana of the Ephesians" or "Artemis", who is a black Goddess. 

Now, based on the indications of the Amphibian entities, it possibly could correlate to Masau'u's description and his connections to Shiva as the Black God. However, if the Sons of gods were considered representations to the actual amphibian/dragon entities, then it still wouldn't deter their connections to the black nations and the coming the religion of Dagon.

Then after finding the Hopi God Masau'u to look strangely similar to the Xenormorph from the 1979 movie "Aliens", showed further connections that this entity does not look like a human being. It was also interesting to find that there were practices of the Phallic stones and heap of stones that was done in the sameway as Jacob, and due to this connection would show further clues as this God, as stated from the Author to being "Hermes", is the Hindu God Shiva. They describe him as horrifying looking, something similar to what Amram had stated on the watcher with the visage of a serpent.

Then based on Credo's book "Africa's hidden History", details the Chitauri putting Kings and rulers over mankind, and they they would represent them. This startling statement was overlooked, however, whether they were represented or are shown to be black complexioned, the coming of the Cross and other symbols of the Christian religion is shown to originate from the Black people.

Here is the segment from Rene' Guenon's "King of the World" Chapter 9 "THE OMPHALOS AND THE SACRED STONES". Now, the Chapter starts out with the apparent four rivers that which, as stated in the book, makes the swastika symbolism, thus connecting to the map pf Mount Meru from Mercator. Then this segment states this: "...The symbol of the Omphalos could be placed in a position that was simply the centre of a particular area - the spiritual centre, of course, rather than the geographical one, although in certain cases these might coincide. If the latter was the case, the place was indeed, for the people who inhabited the region in question, the physical image of the 'centre of the world', in the same way as their own tradition was an adaptation of the primordial tradition expressed in a form that suited best their mentality and conditions of existence. The best known Omphalos is the one in the temple at Delphi, the temple that was the genuine spiritual centre for all ancient Greece.8"

"Without enumerating all the reasons for making this assertion, it should be noted that there assembled twice yearly at Delphi the Council of Amphictyons, which consisted of representatives from all the Hellenic peoples and which in fact provided the only effective link between these peoples. The strength of this bond lay in its essentially traditional character. The material representation of the Omphalos usually consisted of a sacred stone, commonly called [in French] a 'betyle', a word apparently none other than the Hebrew Beith-El or 'House of God'.* This name was the name given by Jacob to the place where the Lord manifested Himself to him in a dream: 'And Jacob awoke from his sleep and said; "Surely the Lord is in this place, and I knew it not." And he was afeared and said: "How awesome is this place! It is the house of God and the door to Heaven."

"And Jacob arose early in the morning and took with him the stone on which he had laid his head, made it into a pillar and poured oil over it to consecrate it. And he named this place Beith-El, but the first name of this place was "Luz".'9 It is said that Beith-El, 'the House of God', subsequently became Beith-Lehem, 'House of Bread', the town where Christ was born.10 The symbolic relationship existing between stone and bread is always worth examining,11 and it should be made clear that Beith-El applies not only to the place but to the stone itself: 'And this stone that I have raised as a pillar will be the house of God.'"

"12 Thus, this stone must be the true 'divine habitation' (mishkan), the seat of the Shekinah, although the designation was later transferred to the Tabernacle. All this relates naturally to the subject of 'spiritual influences' (berakoth), so that when the 'cult of stones', common to so many ancient peoples, is mentioned, it can be seen at once that is was not the stones themselves that were worshipped but the Divinity residing in them. The stone representing the Omphalos could take the form of a pillar, like Jacob's. It is very likely that some of the 'menhirs' of the Celts had the same significance; oracles were uttered in association with them, as at Delphi, which is easily understood if it is seen that they were the abode of the Divinity. The 'House of God' is naturally identifiable with the 'Centre of the World'. The Omphalos could also have been represented, like the black stone of Cybele, by a conical shape where the cone represents the 'sacred mountain', symbol of the 'pole' or 'Axis of the World'....."

The reader should know that the "Omphalos stone" is mentioned by Godfrey Higgins' "The Anacypsis", Ignatius Donnelly's "Atlantis the Antedeluvian world", Rene Guenon's "The King of the World" and Robert Temple's book "The Sirius Mystery". I detail the connections of the black stone from America (as this pertains to the possible second Atlantis after Antarctica), and how this Atlantean religion was spread by the black nations.

This is where the book "The Sirius Mystery" details further connections of the Dragon symbology to the black nations, as stated in pg 193 from this statement: "...The god of Delphi, Apollo, whose name means 'the stone', was identified with an object, the omphalos, 'navel', which has been found. It consisted of an ovoidal stone. . . . The omphalos of Delphi was similar to the object which represented the god Amon in Thebes, the 'navel' of Egypt. In 1966 I presented to the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America a paper in which I maintained that historical accounts, myths, and legends, and some monuments of Delphi, indicate that the oracle was established there by the Pharaohs of the Ethiopian Dynasty. This is the reason why the Greeks portrayed Delphos, the eponymous hero of Delphi, as a Negro...."

Now, it's no doubt that the pillar symbology originally belonged to the Black God, to which was erected by Jacob. I also had the theory since the Bible is based on symbology, then of course the Bible was never meant to be taken as literal and be esoterically understood. The Black stone that is mentioned from Rene's book "The King of the World" details this stone to be the worship of the Goddess "Cybele", who is a black Goddess, and whom connects to Isis with the fish symbology. This brings clear information on the connections of the black nations to the Cross of their Gods, whether it's the Black Stone or "Omphalos stone", it does pertains to the image representing the Black Goddess Diana of the Ephesians and Osiris. This is where the term "Lucifer" is truly based on....

It's no doubt the literal terminology of "Children of the Dragon" still pertains to the black nations of Asia, and as stated from Robert's book on "Delphi" being a negro and Godfrey Higgins' book detailing the Gods' description as black complexioned. Though I have went back and forth of the subject of these Gods' identity whether they are amphibian/dragon or black gods, however it becomes a fact that these religions came from the "Children of the dragon" or "Sons of God" that taught these things to mankind. Robert Temple's book still details that Osiris/Zeus is a "Black God" who is described as having "scales", in which again, still connects to the apparent "Atlantean religion" aside from the "Sons of God". Jordan Maxwell states that the Sons of God are not angels indicating that they must be human like us. This is where I have to stand on the notion that based from Godfrey Higgins works, he details that the "demigods" were black, and then based from the "Book of Dzyan" (Infinitefreethinker) details the dragon Gods having children who were tall and black complexioned (namely the Dasyus) seems to add up. I have no doubt that these entities dubbed "Chitauri" or "Nommo" are not human, and is why the story of Adam's seed and the serpent's seed is allegorically revealing how they are not human at all. Again, based from Genesis 3:15 is based on the Garuda battling the Naga, to which connects to revelations 12:12 as the Devas and Asuras. These entities are not human, especially when the God of fire's description is "not of this world". Then based from the Dragon Gods, this can connect to why the black nations in Asia were considered "Nagas", thus having dragon like features and how they connect to the Dragon God of the pillar  or Dagon's pillar.

Based from the Dogon stories, it seems that the apparent black nations that had spread the Atlantean culture would be deemed the "representatives" or children to these Gods that came down. This is where I had the idea of these Entities having the control of different nations, and why they have the power to take down Kingdoms and raise up others on their whim. Again, the pillar of God that was worshiped by the black nations of Asia does have a connection to the symbology of Jacob, whereas the other God had told coming Aryans to destroy those apparent images and pillars, as this belonged to the other entities being worshiped there. Whatever the case, this ties in with the Gods being non human in appearance rather than changed into looking more human.

Now, based on other theories I would detail the other opposing forces that came against the black gods, who would be the Gods being described as having "red hair", to which are labeled as Jinn (Ginger). Based from the previous Chapters, I had detailed how there are Extraterrestrials being described as having red hair and how they were of different types. Though they are described as being humanoid in appearance, there is no doubt that the story of the Asuras battling against the Devas would have to do with the Angels with red hair, whether they were demonic looking, to those that were Giants, dwarves or human looking. If you saw the painting of Michael the Archangel being shown with red hair, it's probably to reveal that these particular group of Angels would be similar to the God of fire (Acala) in a loose appearance, as they also are shown to have red hair. 

Based from the UFO and Government cover-ups on the black entities and the red haired entities, it seems that they are then replaced by the Greys or reptilians whenever brought up about their appearance. As an example, this was revealed when Ancient Aliens had detailed a Chinese man being abducted by a giant red haired woman, and instead of actually showing an image of a red haired giant woman, they showed a Grey alien floating. Perhaps this is why they would be called "tall whites" by the Iranian Government, and how the US Government is hiding their identity from the public. And since the God of fire had wiped out the red haired white giants, then it's definite that this group would be his enemies. Then of course the Smithsonian Institute and the Government are trying to wipe out all traces of them from existence, as they could be the Extraterrestrials that they know exist and possibly made a pact with them. Whatever the case, there is surmountable evidence that the red haired Giants did exist, and that people with red hair do have a strange connection to these beings. In "Ancient Aliens" Season 18, they had detailed an enlongated skull to belonged to a Scottish individual, and how this connects the genes connect to European and Middle Easterns.

But upon this topic I would also address that out of Atlantis, these two groups (or more) being led by their Gods is where the story of "God vs Satan" is based on (whether they are of light or darkness). Based from certain sources seems to reveal one group shown to either be a race of black Gods and how they have their children on earth, to the red haired beings and how they were a great influence to the Ancient world. Though other sources would detail the red haired and black races to be some of the ancient groups that had existed (so far), but it's apparent that there were other entities that would have their own influence over other parts of the world.

Now, based on the red haired races involved, there are portions of information regarding the red haired Giants that roamed all over the earth, to those that were described as having six fingers and six toes. As stated in "Red Hair Giants" Chapter, there would be entities that were dwarf looking, to others that were said to have tails. I had to questioned the thought of the God of fire destroying these Giants with red hair, when He also has red hair (if they are of the same race), it seems that there were different groups lumped up together to be called "Jinn", whether they were anthropomorphic in appearance or humanoid giants.

It's noted that the story of the red haired Azazil being tasked by God to battle against the Jinn race, is the same story as Red horn being tasked by the Earth Maker to destroy the red haired Giants, monsters and other terrestrial and Extraterrestrials on Earth. The idea of the red haired Giants being (one of) the original inhabitants on Earth before they were wiped out, are one of the established legends of the Jinn that lived before the modern race came to be. Though I can't detail the timelines exactly, but for this variation, this story states that these entities were either here before or after the creation of mankind of Earth. 

When looking at "Credo Mutwa's: Africa's Ancient Alien species", he goes into depth about some of the Alien entities that were said to be encountered. He details the Nommo race and how one of them had committed suicide to which, is cut up, cooked and eatened by humans and Nommo as a sort of initiation (the origin of the Eucharist is seems). Again, this is merely the story of Bacchus/Dionysus being cut up and eatened by the Titans, to even Set cutting up Osiris into pieces.

Then in this segment details how there are entities that can control weather. He also goes into the story of the creature that looks like the Mothman, as stated from Pleasantville West Virginia, to some robot entities and how some are evil to those that are comical. He states some interesting connections to the animal mutilations to the Greys and robot like entities, and how the bodies become hairless, as this description was detailed in Richard Hall's "UFO NATO: Human mutilation cover-up".

He strangely states that the Greys that had abducted him maybe the descendants of human beings, as he was given images of a catastrophy on the Earth (as the waters become black and skies become polluted), and the strange evolution of these entities and how they came from he future. This is  quite similar to the visions given to the abductees in Puerto Rico, by an black humanoid detailing how in the future the Earth is going to go into a catastrophic change. So, within Credo's statement, it seems that they are harvesting people's sperm, eggs, blood and other body parts for this reason and is taking revenge on human biengs for the coming future events. However, based from Dr. Karla Turner's statement details that these entities will often lie to the abductees, give strange imagery, but then take and experiment on people. It's interesting that these entities have interest on the sex organs of people, and how they have an agenda to harvest people for their body parts. 

Now, based from looking at "The Reptilian Agenda" by David Icke and Credo Mutwa, there is a segment where Credo starts talking about the possible human origins from "Orion", and how God had sent a Warrior to Earth to fight against the Chitauli and other evil Aliens that was plaguing mankind. The story of God sending an Angel to battle against the Chitauri and other alien entities is the same story as Red Horn and Azazil. 

Now, based from further connecting the "Thoth the Atlantean story" would detail that this group of Atlanteans would be arrange as the fish Gods "Oannes", "Dagon" or as Credo Mutwa states the "Nommo", who are the Gods that brought the Atlantean religion to the inhabitants of the Earth. This version of Thoth/Hermes would be known for the "Herme stone" which is the Shiva lingam. This is where we sift through the story revealing the apparent intervention of the dragon gods is based on this Thoth and the Atlanteans coming to Earth and changing the Evolution of mankind.

It has become too consistent to this extent that even the late Lloyd Pye who studied the extraterrestrial origin of the "starchild skull", detailed the same scenario of something coming to Earth and changing the Evolution of mankind. However, other sources states that man was already created by the real God here on this Earth, but then the creation was tampered by the arrival of a certain Alien race overtaking and ruling over mankind.

Now, the Islamic story states that Iblis was apparently ranked amongst the Angels, thus being a "General" or Commander leading them against the rebellious Jinn race. This is where we can connect this "General" to Michael the Archangel, who in turn is the God of fire. This is where these apparent stories like "Red Horn" battling the monsters and Giants. The battling the entities is one of the connections I have on the Michael the Archangel's story to Iblis/Azazil.

So, we are told that Iblis had rebelled against God because of mankind would replace the older Jinn race, however, based from understanding the story of Iblis battling the Jinn is based on Michael the Archangel story, as this details a different perspective as opposed to what we have been told. It seems that the closest source is based from Islam, however, they state the Angel or Jinn that was battling these entities is called "Iblis", while the dragon God that was defeated by this Angel is also called "Iblis". Their version of Iblis is shown to look like "Thoth" the Baboon dog headed God (Anubis/Osiris), who is known as Angra Mainyu, while the other Thoth is known as "Ibis" or the bird headed God (See "Nag Hammadi 1") as Ahura Mazda or Michael. It's shown that they are two different entities being dealt here. Just as I had stated that there are two beings called "Enoch" or "Thoth", this shows that these names of these Gods are then mixed up in this fray. 

So, instead of the apparent creation from these stories, the Bible is based on a intervention story detailing how mankind was already here on this Earth before their arrival. This is why Revelations 12:12 details Michael warning the inhabitants on the coming dragon god and his angels. And because of this, the apparent "intervention" is the Evolution of the different hominids that were already here on this Earth by these entities, or should we state "the Creators" that had split man's language into many thus creating confusion. There is a possibility that the Earth hosted different Gods and would be responsible for the terraforming of the Planet. 

Now, another theory states that the Gods that defeated these beings may have nothing to do with the intervention of Earth, nor the state of mankind. This is probably why "The Emerald Tablets" detailing the spirits looking down from Heaven and seeing mankind in bondage from the forces that came from the Cosmos is based on, till they came down to help man. Perhaps the "Gospel of Judas" fits in this storyline as this Jesus came from the higher beings from a different place,thus have nothing to do with these Gods on Earth. Due to the coming of cult of Dagon, this is most likely why Gunter Lullinger's statement on Prophet Muhammed's (See "Jesus is Muhammed") battles against the Christian arabs in Mecca, and how the "360" idols are really Christian Crosses and images of the Queen of Heaven, is based on what Acts 19:27-35 as the image that represented Diana (Allah) is the religion of Christianity. Again, the original thought was that the world worshiped Michael the Archangel and the coming Christian religion, but it's really based from the Dragon Gods that came to Earth after the great battle. 

Now, based on the Nommo story connecting to Bacchus and Osiris, details that these entities are not the God of fire, but the dragon Gods. The story of Osiris' conflict with Set, Baldr and Loki story, to Prometheus (or the Titans) cutting up Bacchus/Dionysus, is the story of Michael defeating the Dragon god, and how they came down from the Skies bringing the cult of Dagon. The Bible details some references on God battling the dragon entity, and how he is called Rahab the dragon who was cut into pieces.

Isaiah 51:9 “Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the LORD; awake, as in the ancient days, in the generations of old. Art thou not it that hath cut Rahab, and wounded the dragon?”

The story of Michael is based on Azazil, Red Horn, and Agni who is identified with the bird symbology amongst the Aryans, and is the one that battled against the Dragon God to which were cast into the Earth. This is probably where Blavatsky's statement on Michael being the bodyguard to Jehovah (Samael) is based on, but the latter is defeated by Michael and is cast into the Earth (as they are translated as "Tartarus"). Then connecting Blavatsky's passage on Iblis carrying a shield to fight against the black magic of the Giants, details that this is the Michael the Archangel story. The Chinese story of Zhurong (Fire God) battling against Gong gong (Water God) fits this passage as well. The water deity "Gong Gong" was described as having "red hair", thus relating to Shiva (as the probable red hair and black skin) and how these entities had came to Earth after the great battle in the skies. However, based from the emnity between these two entities shows that they are not human, and may have nothing to do with the people of Earth. Based on this may indicate that since the Sosn of God would have the likeness of the Dragon, then the same is stated for those that have the aquiline features as it's based on this particular God.

This is where we again observe Revelations 12:7, as Michael battling against the Red dragon is based on Genesis 3:15, on the woman's seed stepping on the head of the serpent and how they have emnity against each other. This is merely the story of Garuda battling against the Naga, the Devas against the Asuras, Gods against Titans, to the fire God battling against the Water God. However, as I began to connect the apparent religions and dragon symbolism to the black nation's Gods, and how these symbols is based on Dagon the black God, then things start to make more sense. The story in Revelations 12:7 detailing Michael defeating the Red dragon and his angels, and in the aftermath "warns" the inhabitants of the Earth the coming of the Devil connects to the intervention of an Extraterrestrial force to Earth. This remains consistent throughout the chapters as I have layed down the different sources, but that is up to the reader to do their own research. 

Now, my original thought was that Azazil was the one that had fought against the Gods in the Heavens after being taken up to Heaven. This is where the notion of Enoch being taken up to Heaven is based on, and how this relates to Loki the Jotunn, Thoth the Atlantean, Iblis the Jinn, Prometheus the Titan, Red Horn, Garuda the fiery bird, Sun Wukong of the Demon race, to the Red Dragon in the Bible. Thinking that Azazil was then "replaced" by Michael the archangel was where some of my thoughts were put into place, but as I started to see that the names were changed and that Iblis and Michael are really one and the same, then things start to fall in place. The red haired giants that were roaming in the land is based on the Jinn race that were on Earth before mankind. The story states that this being lived with the Gods, had fought against the monsters, demons and Giants either before the creation of mankind or afterwards, to even the apparent rebellion. 

However, I did not know the exact timeline of the "Sons of God" coming to Earth and thought that it was seperate issue to the Red Dragon and his angels being cast down to the Earth, but after seeing more information on the Dragon Gods and the coming of Christianity, then things started to fall together. Based on the Amphibian story from Dogons and Chitauri story from Credo's account on the dragon Gods that came down, ties to the Black God Osiris and the Sirius connection. This very much ties with the coming of the "Sons of God" or the "Children of the dragon", thus connecting to Godfrey Higgin's "The Anacalypsis" and even Wesley Swift's apparent research on the coming of the dragon God from the skies. The symbols of Christianity is based on the worship of the Dragon, and is proven that the black nations had brought this religion to the world. Ancient Aliens season 18, did segment on "Reptilian Gods descending from the skies" and how they connect to the "Nomoli statues" that are described as reptilians with negroid features. It's shown that the term "Nomoli" is merely a play on words, as this is based on the "Nommo" as the Amphibian entities. So, whether they were Amphibian or dragon Gods, they may very well be hidden for a reason and thus are represented by those leaders of the Christian religion as the cult of Dagon.

So, as the film "The Truman Show" would detail the fall of Sirius, this would be the Nommo or Dragon Gods that came down after the great battle in the skies, and the coming of "Christianity" to the world. Osiris is Christ, or as the film portrays the director as "Christoff" the God of this world, or as Rene' had put it, the "King of the World". Ever since they fell to Earth, then the Evolution of mankind was changed forever. The Gods of Atlantis and their symbolism would spread all over the world, which is why the religions and Mythologies are shown to be similar, however, what is not told is that the God called "Christ" is Dagon or the dragon God that was defeated by the God of fire. 

Now, this movie "The Truman Show", really shows the esoteric connections and how these Entities that are being claimed as "highest gods" of mankind, (as this was never the case) but had usurped thie rulership into everybody's lives as the apparent "God" of the cross who rules the world. Once you grasp the reality from the falsehood, only then will you come out what you've been told all your life. The case is to trap you to this cycle, as these apparent paths in religion would lead back to these same entities, however, will only bring right back to where you started (without any realization). The way the world is going nowadays isn't coincidence, for everything is being done by design by those what people call God. There is something coming in the future, something that is trying to get people in check and into the "New World Order".

There is a sped up process to get people under these strange circumstances, as I know this isn't from the order of regular man, but by something that is beyond any human comprehension. Even Lovecraft had said it best based on the fear of the unknown, and how the very sight of these entities can make a man go mad. But also, there are forces that are doing their best to fight for the truth, to reveal what's really going on, and how to give it to people.

Based from connecting these things together isn't through coincidence, but by the guidance of the higher spirit, Agni, who is the one that brought me this far, I never could have understood the esoteric connections until I had to ask what this is, but not without a test of faith to the true guide. It's definitely not a coincidence to find these books all stating the same thing, as the Gods that are worshiped throughout religion and Mythos, would have the same symbolism and form of worship. Then comes the movies. It does show that these apparent movies that are dubbed by critics as a failure, or not comprehending on what's going on, shows that the person "must" observe and research for themselves.

Now, I didn't understand the movie "The Truman Show", until learning about the Lord of Sirius in the Quran. I originally had thought the dog symbology of Sirius would belong to the God of fire, but turns out that it belongs to Osiris and Isis, as the Gods that fell to earth. The symbolism of Sirius writtened down on the lamp in the movie just shows that whoever wrote that script and story, knows the real truth of what's going on.

Then there is the movie "2001 Space Odyssey" by Stanely Kubrick. This movie showing the Monolith that fell down from Heaven to Earth, and how mankind started to develope themselves, is merely an esoteric representation to the Entities that came after the great battle. This again, is merely "Sirius" falling from the sky, as this connects to The Truman Show. The "Lord of Sirius" is the King of the World, and is the God that remains hidden from mankind while being worshiped by them. Another movie called "Suspiria" does show the "Pine Cone" and "Peacock" symbology from the Vatican, as this connects to Dionysus/Murugan. Stanley Kubrick knew what was going on, and why he made such interesting shots showing symbolic connections from "The Shining", "2001 Space Odyssey" and "Eyes wide shut".

These movies connect altogether, and based from what I had heard on the movie "Eyes wide shut", it was supposed to have more scenes before the edit. The movie "Eyes wide Shut" is showing the underworld aspect of these hidden Criminal organizations. The religions are based on "sex", to which is not really just the physical act, but a sense of worship. Most religions do have the form of sex worship hidden in these religious organizations, and why there is such acts being done to do this day. There is sex for pleasure, but then when it comes to the form of worship, the sexual energy becomes food for the Gods. Then there is Ridley Scott's movie called "Prometheus", as the apparent Engineers that came to Earth does connect to the fall of Sirius in "The Truman Show", and the monolith from the "2001 Space Odyssey" movie. This is where these movies are basing it on, whether they are called Nommo or Chitauri, it's shown that these stories are based on a hidden unknown power worshiped throughout the world.

That's pretty much what the Biblical parable states on the farmer planting wheat on his field, but overnight the enemy had sowed tares among the wheat and how they have to grow up together. This is translated on how the devil had brought it's people to live amongst the original inhabitants of the earth, and even if they would look human they are not the same as the original people of earth. This also ties in with the Alice in Chains' Music Video called "The Devil put the Dinosaurs here", as this details how someone or something has greatly influenced everybody to celebrate their Holidays, religions and their Gods. 

I had wondered, why would these three movies from John Carpenter be called "Apocalypse trilogy"? Based from the movie "The Thing" is based on the Alien crashing into Antarctica, to which would be where the entities came to after the great battle in the skies. This is also shown in H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of madness", as the expedition into Antarctica is shown to have large monuments that is not man-made, but built by something that is non human.

Hence, despite Linda Moulton Howe's statements and the false narrative that is being put out into the UFO Community, the statements on Aliens in Antarctica turns out to be true to this day. As stated from "Antarctica Mystery 1", I had detailed the esoteric message from Thoth's "Emerald Tablets" on the Atlanteans landing in Egypt, is really the entities landing on Earth in Antarctica. The apparent cataclysm that took place would had to be Mars, and how there was a mass exodus of alien races from the destroyed planet, to which is shown evidently, was like Earth at one point.

The massive war weapon or Nuclear warfare that was shown to be "Xenon 129" details the strange connections of the "great flood" to being a weapon that was used by another race, to destroy this particular life on Mars. Then when Thoth and the Atlanteans had met with the hairy barbarians, it then details the coming of the Nommo or reptilians from the destroyed planet, and how they brought and taught the Earth's inhabitants the Atlantean religion. This is what the coming of Oannes is based on, as this is based on the coming of the Atlantean religion, and their Gods. This reveals that these Gods would not be human looking by appearances, even if they are shown in human form.

Now, based on the "Prince of Darkness" is a very interesting film as this details the liquid as the essence of Satan, and how it possesses people to be used as a vessel. There is also the segment of breaking the "AntiGod" out of a certain dimension, to which it was bound for 7 million years or so. The liquid possession reminds me of Harold Kautz Vella, as he had shared personal experiences with the energies of the black stone and the black goo or oil. Again, this same substance is shown in Prometheus as the generator of life. Then there is "In the Mouth of Madness", details how the hidden entities can "write your life" whether destiny or fate. This movie was something that I had to rewatch over again, as this shows the same aspect of the dragon or amphibian monsters hidden from mankind.

There is of course, many references to Lovecraft's Monster theology, but he apparently knew about "Dagon" and the monolith, the creatures from "In the Shadow of Innsmouth" on the Nommo creatures, and the Cthulu and the star spawn, to which is based on the same story as Dagon. The battle between Cthulu and Hastor is similar to the fire God battling against the water dragon God and the water spirits.

As stated from "Water Spirits 1&2" I wanted to seperate these segments, but in the end, is revealed that there is a connection between the two. The movie "Midnight Meat Train" connects to "Cabin in the Woods" as the entities that was either here before mankind came, or came when man was already on the Earth, details the "exchange" for human sacrifice. The problem is much of these religion are apparently cleaned up, except for a few to which would practice in secret.

This is pretty much where people like Ted Gunderson, exposing the CIA and Government involvement with human trafficking and human sacrifice is based on. If there were people sacrificing people to these strange entities in America (and elsewhere), then it makes sense that these practices are still being down to this day, especially to feed the Extraterrestrials that thrive on this practice. When a UFO comes through or a human or animal mutilation is taken place, then the Governments of those Countries has to call the US military, because they know what's really going on, whether through a treaty or something. No other country has this power except for the United States, and that is something worth looking into. There are strange areas in America that connects to the strange and different Extraterrestrials that have a connection to this country. Not saying that the US is the only country where these Entities fly through or roam about, but America would be the Atlantis after Antarctica (as I would deem the second or third Atlantis after Antarctica or/and Mars).

It's noted that since the black stone was very much present in America, then it makes sense as to why the Freemasons pay homage to America and not to Egypt Africa. There are many Extraterrestrials or terrestrial beings that have their agendas here on Earth, and of course, based from the stories of water spirits, the red haired Giants with six fingers and toes, to other monstrous or humanoid beings that have roamed these places in America, shows that this country is very Ancient compared to the apparent "old world". There is a reason why places like "Area 51" are being observed heavily, and will not be disclosed to what those entities are, to places like "Skinwalker Ranch", as there are reports of were-animal entities to flying living Orbs and other beings.

I often think if these beings in Area 51 are those demonic looking entities, or devil looking Extraterrestrials with red skin, to those that have red hair and black skin. They could also be the underwater dwellers or water spirits, especially the religions consist of Dagon, thus connecting to the "dragons of the deep".

Whatever the case, it just shows that some of the entities can either be harmless or be harmful, as they can kill you with powerful witchcraft. These are rather interesting topics to learn on these things, but as far as religion goes, it's a very dark subject to learn about. This is the time that "Babylon" and it's "Mysteries" is disclosed and will fall. So at this point, it's better to do you own research.

Now, remember this show called "Prometheus and Bob" that was on the T.V. shown "Kablam" on the old Nickelodeon? This show details a found footage of an Extraterrestrial coming down to earth and trying to speed up the process of evolution. Here in the show it's shown that he teaches a caveman named Bob, to which at times becomes unsuccessful. They is a monkey hominid with them to which tends to be the smart one out of the bunch, but is mischievous at times. A very funny show indeed, but I can't help with the symbolism of "Prometheus", as this pertains to the "intervention" by a race to Earth. This hits home with the story in "The Emerald Tablets", as it states how Thoth and the Atlanteans came to Egypt and met the "hairy barbarians" to which dwelt in caves. It speaks all too familiar with this setting that something did sped up the Evolution process on Earth. The Prometheus movie by Ridley Scott details this same scenario as well......

Based from the "Emerald Tablets" would detail the struggle of the Brothers of light against the Brothers of darkness. This would also be the battle between the Devas and Asuras, Gods against Titans, Angels against Demons etc. Based from the chapter "Key of Magic" details this segment: "Hark ye, O man, to the wisdom of magic. Hark the knowledge of powers forgotten. Long ago in the days of the first man, warfare began between darkness and light. Men then as now, were filled with both darkness and light; and while in some darkness held sway, in other light filled the soul. Aye, age old in this warfare, the eternal struggle between darkness and light. Fiercely is it fought all through the ages, using strange powers hidden to man."

"Some they were, masters of darkness, who sought to fill all with their darkness: Sought to draw others into their night. Fiercely withstood they, the masters of brightness: fiercely fought they from the darkness of night Sought ever to tighten the fetters, the chains that bind men to the darkness of night. Used they always the dark magic, brought into men by the power of darkness. magic that enshrouded man's soul with darkness. Banded together as in order, BROTHERS OF DARKNESS, they through the ages, antagonist they to the children of men."

"Walked they always secret and hidden, found, yet not found by the children of men. Forever, they walked and worked in darkness, hiding from the light in the darkness of night. Silently, secretly use they their power, enslaving and binding the soul of men. Unseen they come, and unseen they go. Man, in his ignorance calls THEM from below. Dark is the way of the DARK BROTHERS travel, dark of the darkness not of the night, traveling o'er Earth they walk through man's dreams. Power they have gained from the darkness around them to call other dwellers from out of their plane, in ways that are dark and unseen by man. Into man's mind-space reach the DARK BROTHERS."

"Around it, they close the veil of their night. There through it's lifetime that soul dwells in bondage, bound by the fetters of the VEIL of the night. Mighty are they in the forbidden knowledge forbidden because it is one with the night...."

The apparent "veil" is used by the black arts, is to bind the "third eye" of the person. This is where the pineal gland is based on, because through acts of developing the third eye, it acts as a power surge (of course when activated). But since the opposing warlocks and black magicians know about the energy manipulation, then comes to understanding the true self and healing your energy through acts of Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation. This is what the apparent "spiritual exercises" are based on, as done by the Jesuits. The world is built and controlled by energy or witchcraft, so it's better to understand these things.

Now, also traveling to people's dreams is another tactic that is used, as this is done by the sorcerer that puts his or her familiar onto the person. This acts as a magnet and connecting the spirit tie to the person. Then when it's all done, they can come into your dreams to give or act like Gods giving ideas and such. This is what the Bible details on what the "dreamer of dreams" is based on. 

Then based from understanding more about these "underwater humanoids", then perhaps comes the connections to the "Emerald Tablets", as mentioned the "reptile headed" deep ones. Based from the Key of Mystery details this segment:

"Speak I of Ancient Atlantis, speak of the days of the Kingdom of Shadows, speak of the coming of the children of shadows. Out of the great deep were they called by the wisdom of earth-men, called for the purpose of gaining great power. Far in the past before Atlantis existed, men there were who delved into darkness, using dark magic, calling up beings from the great deep below us. Forth came they into this cycle. Formless were they of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of earth-men. Only through blood could they have formed being. Only through man could they live in the world. In ages past were they conquered by Masters, driven below to the place whence they came. But some there were who remained, hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man. Lived they in Atlantis as shadows, but at times they appeared among men. Aye, when the blood was offered, for they came they to dwell among men. In the form of man they amongst us, but only to sight were they as are men."

"Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted but appearing to man as men among men. Crept they into the Councils, taking forms that were like unto men. Slaying by their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o'er man. Only by magic could they be discovered. Only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they from the Kingdom of shadows to destroy man and rule in his place. But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic, able to lift the Veil from the face of the serpent, able to send him back to his place. Came they to man and taught him the secret, the WORD that only a man can pronounce. Swift then they lifted the Veil from the serpent and cast him forth from the place among men."

"Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth in a place that is open at times to the world. Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites have been said. Again as time passes onward shall they take the semblance of men. Called may they be by the master who knows the white or the black, but only the white master may control and bind them while in the flesh. Seek not the kingdom of shadows, for evil will surely appear. For only the master of brightness shall conquer the shadow of fear."

The description pretty much details the underwater entities or "water spirits" of the great deep. This is also where Lovecraft's Shadow over Innsmouth" would be based on. Perhaps, as stated from the chapter "They walk among us", these entities can connect to what Billy Corgan of "Smashing Pumpkins" is based on. He didn't state that it was a reptilian (as he had to be vague about it), but someone that shapeshifted into something. Perhaps, the Nommo or Amphibian/dragon entities are what this portion of the Emerald Tablets is based on, as this reveals they came from the "great deep", meaning from the "Ocean" below, and would exchange power through "blood" rituals. (This is where the Mephistopheles ideaology came from, as this is shown in certain religions to this day) But as shown throughout the Chapters, these apparent bloodletting rituals are also shown to connect to the Black Goddess worship Cybele, who in turn is Vatika the Goddess of death. Upon seeing the movie "Chucky", reveals that the doll would have a knife designed with Voodoo symbols and seeing the murals on the wall detailing the antagonist doing bloodletting to a black witch doctor, does detail the same practices that is mentioned in "The Emerald Tablets", as this is to call upon the monsters from the deep.

Based from "Africa's Hidden History":

Credo Mutwa: "Now, let me point out an interesting thing, sir. If you study the languages of all African nations, you find within the languages of our people words which are similar to Oriental, Middle-Eastern, and even Native American words. And the word Imanujela means “the Lord who came”. "A word that anyone can discover in Rwanda, amongst the Rwandan Hutu and Watusi people, is very similar to the Herbrew word Immanuel, which means “the Lord is with us”. Imanujela, “the ones who came, the Lords who are here”.

"Our people believe, sir, that we, the people of this Earth, are not masters of our own lives, really, although we are made to think that we are. Our people say, that is, Black people of all tribes, all of the initiated ones, all of the shamans everywhere in Africa, when they get to trust you and share their deepest secrets with you, they say that [with] the Imanujela, there is Imbulu. And there is another name by which these creatures are known. This name is Chitauli...."

"...And then it is said, however, that when the Chitauli came to Earth, they arrived in terrible vessels which flew through the air, vessels which were shaped like great bowls and which made a terrible noise and a terrible fire in the sky. And the Chitauli told human beings, whom they gathered together by force with whips of lightning, that they were great gods from the sky and that from now on they would receive a number of great gifts from the god."

"These so-called gods, who were like human beings, but very tall, with a long tail, and with terrible burning eyes, some of them had two eyes-yellow, bright eyes-some had three eyes, the red, round eye being in the center of their forehead. These creatures then took away the great powers that human beings had: the power of speaking through the mind only the power of moving objects with their mind only the power of seeing into the future and into their past the power to travel, spiritually, to different worlds."

Here Credo details that the Gods would be described as having three eyes, with the third in the middle of the forehead. As stated in Credo's "Reptilian agenda" interview, this shows that the God with the third on his forehead is Shiva, Mahakala or Yama the Skeleton Lord and God of death. He states that the third eye doesn't close up and down, but sideways.

Now, even though Credo Mutwa would state that the Chitauri would look similar to the villain from Star Wars called "Darth maul" (for his demonic appearance), another interesting statement he made in "The Reptilian Agenda" (51 min mark), was that the film "Stargate 2" (which he meant the series) he mentions how one alien in the show was the apparent "splitting image" of the terrible leader of the Chitauri. He states that the Alien was cream colored, slimy looking, and that it had wrinkles on its face. Well, when surfing the web to find this description, I came across the alien from Stargate called "Kaiael" of the Reol, to which is shown to be cream colored, skeleton looking entity with dreadlocks. This appearance is similar to the Alien creature from Species 2, as stated the aliens are shown to have "dreads" like Shiva.

As stated from "Alien Mysteries 5", the God "Massau" was described as hideous looking, thus not having the human look, but skeletal with a big enlongated head. Based from this reverts to Massau as the entity called Shiva, who based from Tyler Hamilton's book "Pueblo Gods and Myths", as the God's appearance was like that of a Xenomorph creature due to it's skeletal features. It's noted that many Gods of death are depicted with skeletons, thus revealing the subtle connections to this entity. Shiva is Massau, Mahakala, Dagon, Yama, Melek Taus, Aztec god of death Mictlāntēcutli, and other epithets.

Now, when observing Credo Mutwa's interview from David Icke detailing how the Chitauri came to Earth and changed the Evolution of mankind, he then details how the "real God" came and defeated them. He states that after the great and terrible war against the real God, they are then retreated to the underworld (See "Lord of Sirius 2"). Here is an excerpt:

"Now, this, sir, is something that is worth investigating. Why is it that well over 500 tribes in parts of Africa which I’ve visited in the last 40 or 50 years or so, all of them describe similar creatures? It is said that these creatures feed on us human beings; that they, at one time, challenged God Himself to war, because they wanted full control of the universe."

"And God fought a terrible battle against them and He defeated them, injured them, and forced them to hide in cities underground. They hide in deep cavities underground, because they are always feeling cold. In these cavities, we are told, there are huge fires which are kept going by slaves, human, zombie-like slaves. And, it is further said that these Zuswazi, these Imbulu, or whatever you choose to call them, are not capable of eating solid food."

"They either eat human blood, or they eat that power, the energy that is generated when human beings, on the surface of the Earth, are fighting and killing each other in large numbers. I met people who have fled from the early Masaki in Rwanda, from years ago, and these people were horrified by what was happening in their country. They said that the slaughter of the Hutus by the Watusi, and the Watusi by the Hutus, is actually feeding the Imanujela, monsters. Because the Imanujela like to inhale the energy that is generated by masses of people being terrified or being killed by other people."

Again, given the timelines of this version details that this is where the Red Horn story comes into place. As the story of the God with red hair and the other warriors sent from the Earth maker, were tasked to battle the different entities from the Giants, the water spirits, evil monsters and other Extraterrestrial entities that was plaguing mankind. Then when we look to the corrupted "Book of Enoch", as this details the same events but with Angels bringing forth Giants and other corrupted creatures, to which God sends the Angels to battle and destroy them. Then of course, you don't have to look far into the story of Michael battling against the demons and monsters, as this originates from Azazil/Iblis battling against the Jinn race. So, to correct the pieces in it's place let's look back at the different mythos (Typhon's wings depict the peacock symbolism).

Here is the Wiki based form "Gong Gong": "Gonggong is a Chinese water god who is depicted in Chinese mythology and folktales as having a copper human head with an iron forehead, red hair, and the body of a serpent, or sometimes the head and torso are human, with the tail of a serpent. He is destructive and is blamed for various cosmic catastrophes. In all accounts, Gonggong ends up being killed or sent into exile, usually after losing a struggle with another major deity such as the fire god Zhurong."

Based from "Perun" states this: "In Slavic mythology, much like in Norse and Baltic mythologies, the world was represented by a sacred tree, usually an oak, whose branches and trunk represented the living world of heavens and mortals, whilst its roots represented the underworld, i.e. the realm of the dead. Perun was the ruler of the living world, sky and earth, and was often symbolised by an eagle sitting on the top of the tallest branch of the sacred tree, from which he kept watch over the entire world."

"Deep down in the roots of the tree was the place of his opponent, symbolised by a serpent or a dragon: this was Veles, watery god of the underworld, who continually provoked Perun by creeping up from the wet below up into the high and dry domain of Perun, stealing his cattle, children, or wife. Perun pursued Veles around the earth, attacking him with his lightning bolts from the sky. Veles fled from him by transforming himself into various animals, or hiding behind trees, houses, or people; wherever a lightning bolt struck, it was believed that this was because Veles hid from Perun under or behind that particular place. In the end, Perun managed to kill Veles, or to chase him back down into his watery underworld."

"The supreme god thus reestablished order in the world, which had been disrupted by his chaotic enemy. He then returned to the top of the World tree and proudly informed his opponent down in the roots "Well, there is your place, remain there!" (Ну, там тваё мейсца, там сабе будзь!). This line came from a Belarusian folk tale. To the Slavs, the mythological symbolism of a supreme heavenly god who battles with his underworldly enemy through storms and thunder was extremely significant."

On Veles states this: "Veles,[a] also known as Volos (Russian: Волос, Влас, Власий), is a major Slavic god of earth, waters, livestock, and the underworld. His attributes are wet, wooly, hairy (bearded), dark and he is associated with cattle, the harvest, wealth, music, magic, and trickery. According to reconstruction by some researchers, he is the opponent of the supreme thunder god Perun. As such he probably has been imagined as a dragon, which in the belief of the pagan Slavs is a chimeric being, a serpent that devours livestock." 

Now, based from the Chinese story of Heidi states this: "A Taoist title of Heidi is the "Dark (or Mysterious) Heavenly Highest Deity" (玄天上帝; Xuántiān Shàngdì). According to a myth, during the fall of the Shang the Demon King ravaged the world, so that Yuanshi Tianzun ordered the Jade Emperor to appoint Heidi as the commander of twelve heavenly legions to fight this evil. Heidi defeated the Demon King and was subsequently granted the title of Mysterious Heavenly Highest Deity. In temples dedicated to him, the bronze tortoise and serpent under the feet of his image signify that the good always prevails over evil." This is literally the same story as Iblis being sent to battle agianst the Jinn race.

Now, they state that this is a black God linked to Zhuanxu or "Xuan tian shangdi" the God of the North, however, this story is the same as Zhurong battling the dragon god and as stated the fire God to represent red and the south, whereas Zhuanxu represents black and the north. They also try to say that Zhurong is the descendant of Zhuanxu or Heidi (Heishen), when they have the same story and battle. Now, even when they state this story involving the Jade Emperor, Heidi's story is literally the same story as Jade Emperor's battle against the great demon that was ravaging Heaven. As I have stated before many times, it shows that these myths are recycled over with different Gods, but this is to give more clarity and to straighten out this confusion. Now, I have no doubt that the battle between the bird and the dragon are based on two entities that are not human, and the defeated Gods are the ones that intervened on planet Earth.

Based from "Thoth is Enoch 2", I had detailed how the Hindu Shiva is also called "Tohil", the Obsidian fire deity aka "The deer Lord". When looking at the subject on "Aztec Heart sacrifice", the entity that is shown being sacrificed to is show having the "crest" on his head. This apparent crest is the same crest shown in the previous page and Chapter "Nag Hammadi", as this is based on the black dragon God Shiva (Mahakala/Tohil) that came from the sky after his defeat in the great battle. When stated in the "God of fire" Chapter, I had compiled everything together but stated that things were going to be seperated.

It's noted that within these two extraterrestrial groups, there was a war between each other, till one group led by one group had defeated the other group to which had came to earth. Just as stated, even though the theory of the black and red haired races are somehow involved, this version shows that these entities would have red hair and black skin (a rather strange combination). The God of fire that defeated these dragon Gods is known to be Red Horn, Azazil, Iblis from Islam, Satan, to the version of Michael battling the dragon. Then as the groups were seperated, then both were deemed the Sons of light and sons of darkness (based from Emerald Tablets).

Now, this of course, would connect to the "Testament of Amram" based from this passage: "Manuscript B Fragment 1 (9) [... 1 saw Watchers] (10) in my vision, the dream-vision. Two (men) were fighting over me, saying ... (11) and holding a great contest over me. I asked them, ‘Who are you, that you are thus empo[wered over me?’ They answered me, ‘We] (12) [have been em]powered and rule over all mankind.’ They said to me, ‘Which of us do yo[u choose to rule (you)?’ I raised my eyes and looked.] (13) [One] of them was terr[i]fying in his appearance, [like a serpent, [his] cl[oa]k many-colored yet very dark... (14) [And I looked again], and ... in his appearance, his visage like a viper, and [wearing ...] 15) [exceedingly, and all his eyes ...] Fragment 2 (1) [... em]powered over you ... (2) [I replied to him,] ‘This [Watcher,] who is he?’ He answered me, ‘This Wa[tcher ...] (3) [and his three names are Belial and Prince of Darkness] and King of Evil.’ I said, ‘My lord, what dom[inion ...?’] (4) [’and his every way is darkened, his every work da[rk]ened. In Darkness he ... (5) [Yo]u saw, and he is empowered over all Darkness, while I [am empowered over all light.] (6) [... from] the highest regions to the lowest I rule over all Light, and over al[1 that is of God. I rule over (every) man] Fragment 3 (1) [of His grace and peace. Over all the sons of Lig]ht have] I been empowered.’ I asked him, [What are your names ... ?’] (2) He [s]aid to me, ‘[My] three names are [Michael and Prince of Light and King of Righteousness."

One is shown to be the one that defeated the dragon God, while the other is described as having the peacock symbolism, thus revealing to be Melek Taus, Masaw, Shiva and other epithets. Angra Mainyu symbol is the Peacock, then see Zeus vs Typhon vase, as Typhon's spotted wings is based on the peacock. So, as the Chapter "Peacock Angel" seems to show Michael's wings as the peacock, it's revealed that this symbol belongs to the dragon God that came down from the sky. 

We can even see the story from the Klamath tribe on the great battle between the two. Based on this battle details this: "The story goes on to explain the origins of Crater Lake, known as giiwas in the Klamath language.The Klamath stories say that quarrels began, and war broke out between Llao and Skell. One time Llao visited atop he saw Loha, the daughter of the Klamath Indian Chief, and fell in love with her. He became extremely angry when she rejected his hideous, underworld nature, and cursed the Klamath with fire that rained down on them. The Klamath turned to Skell for help. In response to the Klamath people's pleadings, Skell descended from the sky to the top of Mount Shasta. A furious battle ensued, Skell from Mount Shasta and Llao from Mount Mazama."

"The ferociousness of the fight led two medicine men to jump into the pit of the underworld as a sacrifice to appease the spirits. Inspired by their sacrifice, Skell fought harder and defeated Llao, driving him deep into the underworld. The story goes on to explain that Skell then covered the hole to the underworld with the top of Mount Mazama to imprison Llao forever. As a final act, Skell covered the remains of the dark pit with water to restore peace and tranquility to the land, which became Crater Lake."

Last Great: "Battle Klamath myths include many stories of battle, including one where Llao kills Skell. In this story, Llao is able to defeat Skell in a battle to the death. However, when Llao's followers take Skell's heart up a mountain to celebrate, Skell's followers are able to steal back the heart and use it to restore Skell back to life. During the story of the "Last Great Battle", Llao is killed by Skell. Skell orders that Llao's body is to be cut up and thrown to the creatures of the lake. To trick the lake creatures loyal to Llao, Skell's followers claim the body parts are Skell's, so the creatures gobble them down. When Llao's head is thrown into the lake, the creatures recognize it and refuse to eat it. The story explains that Llao's head is now Wizard Island."

Interesting reference to "Mount Shasta"...

Based from Richard Hall's "UFO NATO" case on the mutilation case would give huge detail on what kind of entities are flying in UFO ships. When connecting the Military source's statement on the types of Extraterrestrial to looking like the devil, and how they are powerful, extremely and can rip a man a part, describes these entities to be the "Divs" or "Oni" race. A strange connection to Bill Cooper's statement on the Government finding human and animal body parts in these crashed UFOs. It's shown in the Mythologies that they have a taste for human flesh, although I personally think that the ones making sliced incisions are a totally different group. Based on the statement of body parts being found on these ships seems to be a different "M.O" (method of operation) compared to the ones that only take specific body elements. It's interesting that based from the Biblical perspective, other sources would detail how these mutilations could connect to the offering symbolism, and why certain body parts of the animals are taken and not the whole. However, it's shown that this "offering" is done to people, and based from Jephtah's story of sacrificing his daughter may have a correlation to all of this. It seems that there is some kind of connection to these mysterious cattle mutilation, especially when the God Hermes would be known as the "cattle thief". Based from the Divs states this in the Wiki:

"..They are described as having a body like that of a human, only of gigantic size, with two horns upon their heads and teeth like the tusks of a boar. Powerful, cruel and cold-hearted they have a particular relish for the taste of human flesh. Some use only primitive weapons, such as stones: others, more sophisticated, are equipped like warriors, wearing armour and using weapons of metal. Despite their uncouth appearance – and in addition to their great physical strength – many are also masters of sorcery, capable of overcoming their enemies by magic and afflicting them with nightmares."

This connects to Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine details this: THE ORIGIN OF THE SATANIC MYTH. [[Vol. 2, Page]] 394: "Before the creation of Adam, two races lived and succeeded each other on Earth; the Devs who reigned 7,000 years, and the Peris (the Izeds) who reigned but 2,000, during the existence of the former. The Devs were giants, strong and wicked; the Peris were smaller in stature, but wiser and kinder. Here we recognize the Atlantean giants and the Aryans, or the Rakshasas of the Ramayana and the children of Bharata Varsha, or India; the ante- and the post-diluvians of the Bible. Gyan (or rather Gnan, true or occult Wisdom and knowledge), also called Gian-ben-Gian (or Wisdom, son of Wisdom), was the king of the Peris.*

"He had a shield as famous as that of Achilles, only instead of serving against an enemy in war, it served as a protection against black magic, the sorcery of the Devs. Gian-ben-Gian had reigned 2,000 years when Iblis, the devil, was permitted by God to defeat the Devs and scatter them to the other end of the world. Even the magic shield, which, produced on the principles of astrology, destroyed charms, enchantments, and bad spells, could not prevail against Iblis, who was an agent of Fate (or Karma)." (Note: the statement on Iblis being an Agent of Karma, connects to Michael holding the "balances" weighing the good deeds and bad. The same is stated on Fudo Myoo/Acala/Kojin, who would look into the people's deeds accordingly)

Even though Credo Mutwa would detail the Chitauri to being slender looking and having scales, it seems that this group or race to be one of the entities that the God of fire had battled against. The Oni ogre and Yokhai are described in the similar fashion, to even the "Lord of the Rings" Mythos. They are said to be powerful magic users to which is most likely where these Skinwalker Ranch legends are based on. The Military source apparently knew what he was talking about, because this same description is shown amongst the Persian, Chinese and Indian Mythos. Based from looking up "Orc" details interesting connections to the entities in "Lord of the Rings".

Here the Etymogoly states this: The Latin word Orcus is glossed as "Orc, þyrs, oððe hel-deofol"[a] ("Goblin, spectre, or hell-devil") in the 10th century Old English Cleopatra Glossaries, about which Thomas Wright wrote, "Orcus was the name for Pluto, the god of the infernal regions, hence we can easily understand the explanation of hel-deofol. Orc, in Anglo-Saxon, like thyrs, means a spectre, or goblin." The Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal defines ork in the closely related Old Dutch language as a verslindend monster ("devouring monster"), and points at a possible origin in the Old Dutch nork "petulant, crabbed, evil person".

"The term is used just once in Beowulf as the plural compound orcneas, one of the tribes alongside the elves and ettins (giants) condemned by God: þanon untydras ealle onwocon eotenas ond ylfe ond orcneas swylce gigantas þa wið gode wunnon lange þrage he him ðæs lean forgeald —Beowulf, Fitt I, vv. 111–14 Thence all evil broods were born, ogres and elves and evil spirits —the giants also, who long time fought with God, for which he gave them their reward —John R. Clark Hall, tr. (1901)

This statement states that these beings tried to fight God but was defeated. Again, this is a possible connection to the story of Azazil/Iblis battling these entities and carrying a shield for protection against their witchcraft.

Now, when observing Susanoo story and his behavior, I find his nature and character to being that of Loki and Sun Wukong, and the aspect of the trickster linking to both deities as well. Here Susanoo is described as having a "wild and violent nature", and him getting kicked out of Heaven by Izanagi is something like Satan getting kicked out of Heaven. These examples also connect to Indra the God that defeated the dragon God Vrtra. Then to the legendary battle of the eight headed dragon, details a connection to the fire God battling against the water dragon god of the seas, so based on that concept, I wouldn't see Susanoo as the God of the seas, but of fire, especially seeing this his nature and story connecting to the God of fire.

The story of Izanagi and Izanami creating the world, is basically the same as Fuxi and Nuwa creating the world. Izanami's descent into the underworld, is where the Sumerian Tammuz and Inanna stories connect, and the eating of the fruit of the underworld pertains to Persephone eating the pomegranate. So, when trying to learn about the Gods of Japan and Korea, I find that some of these sources are rather obscure like they are hiding something, but of course I'm not surprised by this factor. Based on the Susanoo page details that Susanoo is similar or the same as Gozu Tenno the God who creates and heals people from pestilence. I will detail further connections on the God of Pestilence relating to Susanoo and the God of fire in the Bible.

But first let's see what the Wiki states on Susanoo: "Susanoo (スサノオ; historical orthography: スサノヲ, 'Susanowo') is a kami in Japanese mythology. The younger brother of Amaterasu, goddess of the sun and mythical ancestress of the Japanese imperial line, he is a multifaceted deity with contradictory characteristics (both good and bad), being portrayed in various stories either as a wild, impetuous god associated with the sea and storms, as a heroic figure who killed a monstrous serpent, or as a local deity linked with the harvest and agriculture."

"Syncretic beliefs that arose after the introduction of Buddhism to Japan also saw Susanoo becoming conflated with deities of pestilence and disease. Susanoo, alongside Amaterasu and the earthly kami Ōkuninushi (also Ōnamuchi) – who, depending on the source, is depicted as being either Susanoo's son or descendant – is one of the central deities of the imperial Japanese mythological cycle recorded in the Kojiki (c. 712 CE) and the Nihon Shoki (720 CE). One of the gazetteer reports (Fudoki) commissioned by the imperial court during the same period these texts were written, that of Izumo Province (modern Shimane Prefecture) in western Japan, also contains a number of short legends concerning Susanoo or his children, suggesting a connection between the god and this region. In addition, a few other myths also hint at a connection between Susanoo and the Korean Peninsula."

"Susanoo's name is variously given in the Kojiki as 'Takehaya-Susanoo-no-Mikoto' (建速須佐之男命), 'Haya-Susanoo-no-Mikoto' (速須佐之男命), or simply as 'Susanoo-no-Mikoto' (須佐之男命). He is meanwhile named in the Nihon Shoki as 'Susanoo-no-Mikoto' (素戔嗚尊), 'Kamu-Susanoo-no-Mikoto' (神素戔嗚尊), 'Haya-Susanoo-no-Mikoto' (速素戔嗚尊), and 'Take-Susanoo-no-Mikoto' (武素戔嗚尊). The Fudoki of Izumo Province renders his name both as 'Kamu-Susanoo-no-Mikoto' (神須佐能袁命) and 'Susanoo-no-Mikoto' (須佐能乎命). In these texts the following honorific prefixes are attached to his name: take- (建/武, "brave"), haya- (速, "swift"), and kamu- (神, "divine"). The susa in Susanoo's name has been variously explained as being derived from either of the following words: The verb susabu or susamu meaning 'to be impetuous,' 'to be violent,' or 'to go wild'. The verb susumu, 'to advance' The township of Susa (須佐郷) in Iishi District, Izumo Province (modern Shimane Prefecture) A word related to the Middle Korean 'susung', meaning 'master' or 'shaman'."

Now, the reader can look up the conflicts between Amaterasu and Susanoo, but I wanted to share how this God connects to Azazil and the God of fire in the Bible. Based from this excerpt in the Wiki details this: Slaying the Yamata no Orichi:

"After his banishment, Susanoo came down from heaven to Ashihara-no-Nakatsukuni (葦原中国, the 'Central Land of Reed Plains', i.e. the earthly land of Japan), to the land of Izumo, where he met an elderly couple named Ashinazuchi (足名椎 / 脚摩乳) and Tenazuchi (手名椎 / 手摩乳), who told him that seven of their eight daughters had been devoured by a monstrous serpent known as the Yamata no Orochi (八俣遠呂智 / 八岐大蛇, "eight-forked serpent") and it was nearing time for their eighth, Kushinadahime (櫛名田比売; also called Kushiinadahime, Inadahime, or Makami-Furu-Kushiinadahime in the Shoki). Sympathizing with their plight, Susanoo hid Kushinadahime by transforming her into a comb (kushi), which he placed in his hair."

"He then made the serpent drunk on strong sake and then killed it as it lay in a drunken stupor. From within the serpent's tail Susanoo discovered the sword Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi (天叢雲剣, "Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven"), also known as Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (草薙剣, "Grass-Cutting Sword"), which he then presented to Amaterasu as a reconciliatory gift."

"[Susanoo-no-Mikoto] said to Ashinazuchi and Tenazuchi-no-Kami: "Distill thick wine of eight-fold brewings; build a fence, and make eight doors in the fence. At each door, tie together eight platforms, and on each of these platforms place a wine barrel. Fill each barrel with the thick wine of eight-fold brewings, and wait."

"They made the preparations as he had instructed, and as they waited, the eight-tailed dragon came indeed, as [the old man] had said. Putting one head into each of the barrels, he drank the wine; then, becoming drunk, he lay down and slept. Then Haya-Susanoo-no-Mikoto unsheathed the sword ten hands long which he was wearing at his side, and hacked the dragon to pieces, so that the Hi river ran with blood. When he cut [the dragon's] middle tail, the blade of his sword broke. Thinking this strange, he thrust deeper with the stub of his sword, until a great sharp sword appeared. He took this sword out and, thinking it an extraordinary thing, reported [the matter] and presented [the sword] to Amaterasu-Ōmikami. This is the sword Kusa-nagi."

"Amaterasu later bequeathed the sword to Ninigi, her grandson by Ame-no-Oshihomimi, along with the mirror Yata no Kagami and the jewel Yasakani no Magatama. This sacred sword, mirror, and jewel collectively became the three Imperial Regalia of Japan. While most accounts place Susanoo's descent in the headwaters of the river Hi in Izumo (肥河 / 簸之川, Hi-no-Kawa, identified with the Hii River in modern Shimane Prefecture), with the Kojiki specifying the area to be a place called Torikami (鳥髮, identified with Mount Sentsū in eastern Shimane), one variant in the Shoki instead has Susanoo descend to the upper reaches of the river E (可愛之川, E-no-kawa) in the province of Aki (identified with the Gōnokawa River in modern Hiroshima Prefecture). Kushinadahime's parents are here given the names Ashinazu-Tenazu (脚摩手摩) and Inada-no-Miyanushi-Susa-no-Yatsumimi (稲田宮主簀狭之八箇耳); here, Kushinadahime is not yet born when Susanoo slew the Yamata no Orochi."

"The ten-span sword Susanoo used to slay the Yamata no Orochi, unnamed in the Kojiki and the Shoki's main text, is variously named in the Shoki's variants as Orochi-no-Aramasa (蛇之麁正, 'Rough [and] True [Blade] of the Serpent'), Orochi-no-Karasabi-no-Tsurugi (蛇韓鋤之剣, 'Korean (Kara) Sword of the Serpent' or 'Flashing Sword of the Serpent'), and Ame-no-Haekiri-no-Tsurugi (天蝿斫剣, 'Heavenly Fly Cutter', also Ame-no-Hahakiri 'Heavenly Serpent (haha) Cutter'). In the Kogo Shūi it is dubbed Ame-no-Habakiri (天羽々斬, also Ame-no-Hahakiri). This sword is said to have been originally enshrined in Isonokami Futsumitama Shrine in Bizen Province (modern Okayama Prefecture) before it was transferred to Isonokami Shrine in Yamato Province (modern Nara Prefecture)."

Now comes this interesting connection to "Muto Tenjin" and "Gozu Tenno". Susanoo, Mutō Tenjin and Gozu Tennō: "The syncretic deity Gozu Tennō (牛頭天王, "Ox-Headed Heavenly King"), originally worshiped at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto and at other shrines such as Tsushima Shrine in Aichi Prefecture, was historically conflated with Susanoo. Originally a deity of foreign import (India and Korea have all been suggested as possible origins), Gozu Tennō was widely revered since the Heian period as a god of pestilence, who both caused disease and cured them."

"Gozu Tennō became associated with another deity called Mutō-no-Kami (武塔神) or Mutō Tenjin (武塔天神), who appears in the legend of Somin Shōrai (蘇民将来). This legend relates that Mutō, a god from the northern sea, embarked on a long journey to court the daughter of the god of the southern seas. On his way he sought lodging from a wealthy man, but was turned down. He then went to the home of a poor man (sometimes identified as the rich man's brother) named Somin Shōrai, who gave him food and shelter. Years later, Mutō returned and slew the rich man and his family but spared Somin Shōrai's house. Some versions of the story have Mutō repaying Somin Shōrai for his hospitality by giving the poor man's daughter a wreath of susuki (Miscanthus sinensis) reeds that she is to wear while declaring, "[I am] the descendant of Somin Shōrai" (蘇民将来之子孫也, Somin Shōrai no shison nari). By doing so, she and her descendants would be spared from pestilence."

"The deity in this story, Mutō, is often conflated with Gozu Tennō (who, as his name implies, was born with the head of an ox) in later retellings, though one version identifies Gozu Tennō as Mutō Tenjin's son. The earliest known version of this legend, found in the Fudoki of Bingo Province (modern eastern Hiroshima Prefecture) compiled during the Nara period (preserved in an extract quoted by scholar and Shinto priest Urabe Kanekata in the Shaku Nihongi), has Mutō explicitly identify himself as Susanoo."

"This suggests that Susanoo and Mutō Tenjin were already conflated in the Nara period, if not earlier. Sources that equate Gozu Tennō with Susanoo only first appear during the Kamakura period (1185–1333), although one theory supposes that these three gods and various other disease-related deities were already loosely coalesced around the 9th century, probably around the year 877 when a major epidemic swept through Japan."

Now, let's see what Gozu Tenno details: "Gozu Tennō (牛頭天王, lit. "Ox-Headed Heavenly King") is a syncretic Japanese deity of disease and healing. Originally imported to Japan from mainland Asia, he was regarded since the Heian period both as a causer of and protector against epidemics and eventually became amalgamated with the native kami Susanoo during the medieval and early modern periods."

"During the Meiji period, when the government mandated the separation of Shinto and Buddhism, Shinto shrines dedicated to Gozu Tennō of the Gion cult [ja] tradition such as Yasaka Shrine in the Gion district of Kyoto or Tsushima Shrine in Tsushima, Aichi Prefecture officially reidentified their enshrined deity as Susanoo."

"The origins and early development of the Gozu Tennō cult before it reached Japan, as well as the process of his amalgamation with other deities, are unclear and a matter of debate. One theory for instance claims that Gozu Tennō was originally a minor Buddhist deity regarded as the protector of the monastery (vihara) of Jetavana, with his Sanskrit name being reconstructed either as 'Gavagrīva' ("Ox-Necked") or 'Gośirsa Devarāja' ("Ox-Headed Divine King", a calque of 'Gozu Tennō'). From India, the deity's cult was supposedly transmitted to Japan via Tibet and China, where it was influenced by esoteric Buddhism and Taoism."

"Another theory proposes a Korean origin for the deity. Gozu Tennō was historically identified with a number of deities, foremost among these being Susanoo, the impetuous storm god of classical Japanese mythology, and Mutō-no-Kami (武塔神), an obscure deity who appears in the legend of Somin Shōrai. The story relates that Mutō was a god from the northern sea who stayed at the house of a poor man named Somin Shōrai after Somin Shōrai's wealthy brother refused to give him lodgings. Mutō later provided Somin Shōrai's family a magical means to save themselves from future epidemics as a reward for their hospitality and slew the rich man who rejected him."

"The earliest extant version of this legend dating from the Nara period (surviving in an extract quoted in a medieval work) has Mutō revealing himself to be Susanoo, suggesting that the two deities were already being conflated during the 8th century, if not earlier. Sources that equate Gozu Tennō with Susanoo first appear during the Kamakura period (1185–1333), although one theory supposes that these three gods and various other disease-related deities were already loosely coalesced around the 9th century, probably around the year 877 when a major epidemic swept through Japan."

"In later versions of the Somin Shōrai legend, the deity in the story came to be identified as Gozu Tennō, who at this stage had become more or less synonymous with both Susanoo and Mutō (though one source instead applies the name 'Mutō' to Gozu Tennō's father). The idea that Gozu Tennō had Korean roots stems in part from his association with these two gods. Mutō's name for instance is believed to derive from the Korean word mudang, "shamaness", while a story recorded in the Nihon Shoki (720 CE) claims that Susanoo, after his banishment from heaven, came down to a place called 'Soshimori' in the land of Silla and from there crossed the sea to Japan. Indeed, the epithet gozu ("ox-head(ed)") has been explained as being derived from 'Soshimori', here interpreted as a Korean toponym meaning "Bull's (so) Head (mari)".

Based from the Rig Vedas, they will state how Agni is like a bull whose flames will destroy the wicked, while Indra was given this title as well. The original story of the fire deity battling the monster is based on this God who is Susanoo the true fire God. Indra and Agni would really be one and the same all connecting to Red Horn. 

Iconography: "Gozu Tennō was usually portrayed as a fierce-looking man with the head of an ox above his head He is sometimes shown wielding an axe in one hand and a noose or lasso in the other, though other depictions may instead show him brandishing a sword or a halberd. He may be clad either in Indian-style garments, a suit of armor, or (rarely) in Japanese (Heian period) clothing. Some artworks might depict the deity with multiple arms and heads: a late Heian period statue in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture for instance shows him with three faces and four arms."

"Another statue in Tsushima, Aichi Prefecture depicts him with twelve arms, four heads (two fierce human heads each with a single horn, a horse's head, and an ox's head), and bird talons for feet. An ink drawing on a wooden panel (dating from 1490) which portrays the god with five heads is preserved in a temple in Konan, Shiga Prefecture. Several early modern depictions of Susanoo identify the deity as Gozu Tennō and may even exhibit iconographic traits of the latter (e.g. the ox's head) such as the first two images in this article."

So, he is stated to be the same as Susanoo, but I also see that other sources details him to have "talons for feet", thus indicating the bird symbolism towards this God. Here are other depictions on this deity, and see the similarities to the God Red Horn who had battled against the different monsters on Earth. Here shows the connection of the red God with "faces for ears" as the Winnebago legend of Red Horn states, and how he came to destroy the evil spirits and Giants in the land. Just like Acala/Fudo Myoo, Indra was said to carrry the noose, bow and arrows, and also the sword to battle the demons. The story of Indra battling Vrtra the dragon, is the same as the fire god battling the water god. The same is stated for Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu.

Then you come to Somin Shōrai, as the Wiki states this: "In Japanese mythology and folklore, Somin Shōrai (蘇民将来, kyūjitai: 蘇民將來; also written as 蘓民將耒) was a poor man who gave food and shelter to a certain god in the guise of a traveler who was looking for a place to stay. As a reward, the god provided Somin Shōrai's family a means to save themselves from an oncoming pestilence that eventually claimed the lives of those who had turned him away earlier. The story of Somin Shōrai is the basis for the Shinto custom of walking through a large ring of twisted miscanthus reeds during the beginning of summer at many Shinto shrines across Japan. Talismans bearing Somin Shōrai's name are also popularly held to ward off disease and misfortune."

Legend: "The earliest version of the Somin Shōrai legend is found in the imperially commissioned gazetteer (Fudoki) of Bingo Province (modern eastern Hiroshima Prefecture) compiled during the Nara period, surviving in an extract quoted by medieval scholar and Shinto priest Urabe Kanekata in the Shaku Nihongi."

"According to the story, a god from the northern sea named Mutō-no-Kami (武塔神), who was embarking on a long journey to court the daughter of the god of the southern sea, asked for a place to stay for the night from two brothers. While the wealthy younger brother refused the deity, the elder brother named Somin Shōrai, though extremely poor, took him in as a guest and shared all that he had: a bed of millet-straw and a simple meal of cooked millet. Years later, Mutō (who had since married the southern sea god's daughter and had eight children with her) returned to Somin Shōrai's house and gave Somin Shōrai's daughter a wreath of entwined miscanthus reeds as a reward for the hospitality shown to him by her father, telling her to wear it around her waist."

"At that same night, the god exterminated all the inhabitants of the land, sparing only Somin Shōrai's daughter. Mutō then revealed himself to be the god Susanoo and promised to her that in the future, all those who would wear miscanthus wreaths around their waists while declaring themselves to be Somin Shōrai's descendants in times of epidemics would remain unharmed. In some later versions of the legend, the rich younger brother is given the name Kotan Shōrai (巨旦将来), while the god who stayed in Somin Shōrai's house is identified as Gozu Tennō (牛頭天王 'Ox-Headed Heavenly King'), a pestilence deity conflated with both Mutō and Susanoo (though one version instead identifies Gozu Tennō as Mutō's son)."

"In the version of the story found in the Hoki Naiden, an Onmyōdō text on divination attributed to Abe no Seimei, Kotan Shōrai (portrayed here as the king of an Indian kingdom), who was slain by Gozu Tennō as punishment for his lack of generosity, is identified with the evil deity Konjin. In other variants, the divine traveler gives Somin Shōrai's family a talisman with the inscription "[I am] the descendant of Somin Shōrai" (蘇民将来之子孫也, Somin Shōrai no shison nari) as protection against pestilence."

In case people missed the importance of the story, it's really based on the "passover" and protection from the pestilence that was sent by the God in the Bible. Based from this excerpt states this again: "....Years later, Mutō (who had since married the southern sea god's daughter and had eight children with her) returned to Somin Shōrai's house and gave Somin Shōrai's daughter a wreath of entwined miscanthus reeds as a reward for the hospitality shown to him by her father, telling her to wear it around her waist. At that same night, the god exterminated all the inhabitants of the land, sparing only Somin Shōrai's daughter. Mutō then revealed himself to be the god Susanoo and promised to her that in the future, all those who would wear miscanthus wreaths around their waists while declaring themselves to be Somin Shōrai's descendants in times of epidemics would remain unharmed."

Now, let's see the Biblical side: Exodus Chapter 12 1And the LORD spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, 2This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you. 3Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for an house: 4And if the household be too little for the lamb, let him and his neighbour next unto his house take it according to the number of the souls; every man according to his eating shall make your count for the lamb. 5Your lamb shall be without blemish, a male of the first year: ye shall take it out from the sheep, or from the goats:

"6And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening. 7And they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses, wherein they shall eat it. 8And they shall eat the flesh in that night, roast with fire, and unleavened bread; and with bitter herbs they shall eat it. 9Eat not of it raw, nor sodden at all with water, but roast with fire; his head with his legs, and with the purtenance thereof."

"10And ye shall let nothing of it remain until the morning; and that which remaineth of it until the morning ye shall burn with fire. 11And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and ye shall eat it in haste: it is the LORD'S passover. 12For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD. 13And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt."

"14And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever. 15Seven days shall ye eat unleavened bread; even the first day ye shall put away leaven out of your houses: for whosoever eateth leavened bread from the first day until the seventh day, that soul shall be cut off from Israel. 16And in the first day there shall be an holy convocation, and in the seventh day there shall be an holy convocation to you; no manner of work shall be done in them, save that which every man must eat, that only may be done of you."

"17And ye shall observe the feast of unleavened bread; for in this selfsame day have I brought your armies out of the land of Egypt: therefore shall ye observe this day in your generations by an ordinance for ever. 18In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at even, ye shall eat unleavened bread, until the one and twentieth day of the month at even. 19Seven days shall there be no leaven found in your houses: for whosoever eateth that which is leavened, even that soul shall be cut off from the congregation of Israel, whether he be a stranger, or born in the land. 20Ye shall eat nothing leavened; in all your habitations shall ye eat unleavened bread. 21Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel, and said unto them, Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families, and kill the passover."

"22And ye shall take a bunch of hyssop, and dip it in the blood that is in the bason, and strike the lintel and the two side posts with the blood that is in the bason; and none of you shall go out at the door of his house until the morning. 23For the LORD will pass through to smite the Egyptians; and when he seeth the blood upon the lintel, and on the two side posts, the LORD will pass over the door, and will not suffer the destroyer to come in unto your houses to smite you."

"24And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and to thy sons for ever. 25And it shall come to pass, when ye be come to the land which the LORD will give you, according as he hath promised, that ye shall keep this service. 26And it shall come to pass, when your children shall say unto you, What mean ye by this service? 27That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the LORD'S passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed the head and worshipped. 28And the children of Israel went away, and did as the LORD had commanded Moses and Aaron, so did they."

"29And it came to pass, that at midnight the LORD smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon; and all the firstborn of cattle. 30And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he, and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead."

Then continuing: " Chi-no-wa kuguri: "The legend forms the basis for the chi-no-wa kuguri (茅の輪くぐり) ritual performed in many Shinto shrines mainly during the annual Summer Purification Ritual (夏越の祓 Nagoshi no Harae or 夏越の大祓 Nagoshi no Ōharae) held at the end of June. This rite involves passing through a large miscanthus hoop (茅の輪 chi-no-wa) set up at the shrine's entrance or within its precincts, usually while reciting one or more seasonal waka such as the one below followed by a double recitation of Somin Shōrai's name. Walking through this ring is believed to cleanse sins and other defilements (kegare) and guard against misfortune. 水無月の (Minazuki no) 夏越の祓 (Nagoshi no harae) する人は (suru hito wa) 千歳の命 (chitose no inochi) 延ぶといふなり (nobu to iu nari) In Minazuki, at the passing of summer, those who purify themselves are said to have a thousand years added to their lifespan. —Anonymous, Shūi Wakashū."

Worship:"Somin Shōrai is venerated in a few shrines as a deity against disease, such as in Eki Shrine (疫神社 Eki-jinja, lit. 'Plague Shrine'), an auxiliary shrine within the precincts of Yasaka Shrine in the Gion District of Kyoto. The story is also the inspiration for the Somin Festival (蘇民祭 Somin-sai) held in various places within Iwate Prefecture, the most famous of which being the one held every February at Kokuseki-ji Temple in Ōshū City. In this festival, hundreds of half-naked men compete to grab the 'Somin bag' (蘇民袋 Somin-bukuro), which is said to bring good fortune."

Amulet: "Various types of amulets (omamori) bearing Somin Shōrai's name is distributed by a number of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples across Japan. In Kyoto, a talisman resembling a chimaki (a rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves) on which is attached a slip of paper with the words "The descendant(s) of Somin Shōrai" (蘇民将来之子孫也, Somin Shōrai no shison nari) is traditionally hung on doorways to ward off misfortune. A similar custom, involving a shimenawa with a wooden plaque on which is written "The house of Somin Shōrai's descendants" (蘇民将来子孫家門, Somin Shōrai shison kamon), is practiced in the Ise and Shima areas of Mie Prefecture."

"In Ueda, Nagano Prefecture, hexagonal wooden charms inscribed with the words "Wealthy [and] prosperous [are] Somin Shōrai's descendant(s)" (大福長者蘇民将来子孫人也, Daifuku chōja Somin Shōrai shison no hito nari) traditionally handmade by members of the local Somin Confraternity (蘇民講 Somin-kō) are distributed by Shinano Kokubun-ji temple during the Yōkadō Festival (八日堂縁日 Yōkadō Ennichi) held every 7th-8 January."

Interesting enough, it does look like the wreaths that people would ordain on their doors. Anyway, the story of the God sending the plague is strikingly similar to the Japanese story of "Somin Shorai". Then there is the story of Hachiman the God of war Hachiman who was said to be a King deified, however, there is a story of the King (currently finding the name) warring against the Ainu people in the north and how they couldn't find water for his army. He prays to Hachiman who then details the King to shoot an arrow to the rocks, and when he did so, water had gushed out. This is strikingly similar to the story of Moses hitting the rock and water gushing out for the Israelites to drink. This apparent information is from "octogram story" to which details the God of war Hachiman.

So, when learning more about the God called "Marduk", there was information based on this God to be of the "Igigi", who were slaves to the Anunnaki as they were used for mining. This is why I also state that Adam has nothing to do with the human race, but is based on the Asura race who would be the "Igigi" that were oppressed by another Extraterrestrial race. I have made this statement in Chapter "Nag Hammadi 1", but this is what the movie "Psycho Goreman" is based on. The website is "" and "".

Here is the "" states: Igigi – The Ancient Astronauts Who Rebelled Against The Anunnaki: "Before humans were created, the Igigi were used by the ancient Anunnaki as their main labour force. It is said that the Igigi–they who turn and see -were the Ancient Astronaut Gods of the younger generation…"

"The Ancient Anunnaki are said to have created the human race by genetically modifying early humans in order to use them as a labour force. But before humans were created, the Igigi were used by the ancient Anunnaki as their main labour force. It is said that the Igigi–they who turn and see -were the Ancient Astronaut Gods of the younger generation, the servants to the mighty Anunnaki, They were half human half animals – who came to Earth to mine gold. The terminology used to describe the gods is extremely complicated and still needs many studies. Researchers believe the term Igigi is of Semitic origin and indicates the group of gods in the Mesopotamian pantheon. It is still unclear which ancient gods belonged to the Igigi, but many scholars suggest Marduk –the patron god of the city of Babylon- was one of the Igigi."

"Mainstream scholars use the term Igigi to reference the mythological Sumerian deities. According to mainstream scholars, the Igigi were the younger servants of the Anunnaki, who initiated a rebellion against their masters and dictatorship of Enlil. Eventually, the Anunnaki replaced the Igigi with humans." "In the myth of Atrahasis – the Babylonian story of the Flood and a precursor to the flood story in the Gilgameš Ep – the Sumerian paradise is described as a garden where lower gods (the Igigi) were put to work digging a watercourse by their masters, the Anunnaki. “When the gods like men bore the work and suffered the toil, the toil of the gods was great, the work was heavy; the distress was much.” “The Seven great Anunnaki were making the Igigi suffer the work.”

“When the gods, man-like, Bore the labour, carried the load, The gods’ load was great, The toil grievous, the trouble excessive. The great Anunnaku, the Seven, Were making the Igigi undertake the toil.” Ancient Astronaut hypothesis suggests that the Igigi were similar to the Anunnaki, remaining in constant orbit around our planet. They were basically considered as intermediaries between our planet and Nibiru – the home of the Anunnaki. Many believe that the Igigi remained in constant orbit around our planet in giant platforms which processed ore delivered from Earth. After processing the minerals, the material was transferred to other ships and eventually transported to the home planet of the Anunnaki. The Igigi were apparently never encountered by mankind. It is said that several texts make reference to them, suggesting “the Igigi were too high up for Mankind, and consequently were not concerned with people.”

"After years of tenuous and hard work for the Anunnaki, the Igigi rebelled against their masters. It is said that “they set fire to their tools and surrounded Enlil’s great house by night forcing the ancient Anunnaki to find another source of labour.” This is why the ancient Anunnaki replaced the Igigi, after genetically engineering ancient humans creating a greater workforce. Many authors suggest that the human ‘slave race’ was created after the ancient Anunnaki genetically modified their genes and that of early humans nearly 500,000 years ago."

Based from the Wiki states Enlil to be equivalent to Saturn, and be the father of Ninurta, then from Enki would detail Marduk to be the father. Based from the images that is portrayed shows Marduk to having a dragon by his side, but is this information actual fact, or were they pieced together? Based from the war of the Gods would detail the Demon Asag to battle against Ninurta, and Marduk against Tiamat, and yet, as stated in the Wiki does detail the Gods being cast down by the former. Enlil plays the role of Hades/Zeus who would be the God of the Underworld, have an affair with Ninlil (Parvati), and produce the moon God Sin. Again, this is basically the dragon Gods being cast down to earth, as they would be Osiris and Isis, to Fuxi and Nuwa or the "Nommo" amphibian/dragon entities.

Even the former King of the Anunnaki either being Enlil or Anu, details what Blavatsky's "The Secret Doctrine", had stated on Michael the Archangel being a "bodyguard" of Jehovah, who would then be Samael. However, the stark similarities occur when the apparent "rebellion" of Satan against God would be Michael battling against Satan, to whom "Satan" would be the former highest God who was cast down to Earth. 

Based from on the Igigi details Marduk to be of the Igigi, and yet, other information states that he would be of the Anunnaki. Here is what states: WAS MARDUK ONE OF THE IGIGI? So your next big question is probably, “But what were the names of the Igigi?” Sadly it is hard to come up with a lot of decisive answers here, but Marduk almost certainly was one of the Igigi. Marduk was the patron god of Babylon. Marduk was Enki’s son (his mother was Damkina). He is known as “The Avenger.” As Babylon rose to power in the historical world, so Marduk rose to prominence among the gods. Marduk’s main significance lies in that rise to power. Here is the brief version of the story: At the top of the Anunnaki family tree, Tiamat, the Dragon Mother, and Apsu, her consort, had a falling out regarding the young gods they had created, which led to Tiamat murdering Apsu."

"Years later, her bitterness led her to take out her guilt and anger at his death on the young gods. Tiamat created 11 monsters to wage war against the young gods. Marduk, like Enlil, made a deal with the gods to elevate him to supreme leader status if he can solve the problem and restore order. He was able to kill Tiamat in one-on-one combat, as well as her general, Kingu. You will recall that it was Kingu’s blood which Enki then used to create humans."

"Kingu had the Tablet of Destinies, which conferred absolute authority upon Marduk when he seized them. Now, there is some confusion among believers in the ancient astronaut hypothesis as to whether Marduk was an alien leader or a planet. So whether or not he was among the Igigi in the extraterrestrial version of the story is debatable. It depends on whether he was a person or not. Read more about Marduk here. The historical evidence that Marduk may have been among the Igigi comes from the Code of Hammurabi."

"This famous law code mentions that Marduk was elevated by the Anunnaki from the ranks of the Igigi. You now are familiar enough with the story of Marduk to know that he was indeed elevated—so it does make sense that he may have been among those lesser gods before he achieved his exalted supreme status. Other gods that scholars have identified as possibly being Igigi (or both Igigi and Anunnaki) include Ištar, Asarluhi, Naramṣit, Ninurta, Nuska, and Šamaš. What it might mean to be both Igigi and Anunnaki is not all that clear. But perhaps Anunnaki refers to a species, and Igigi simply refers to a caste within that species. So say that Ištar was both."

"Going by the extraterrestrial theory, this might mean that she was both a member of the reptilian race (an Anunnaki) and a servant caste within that race (an Igigi). There appear to be very few references to the Igigi in ancient texts, so it is difficult to research them. This page over at the University of Pennsylvania contains some pretty thorough references. Reading through it, you can at least discover a few sources to check out in your own studies."

THE IGIGI ARE ONE OF THE GREAT ANUNNAKI MYSTERIES: "Judging by the lack of Igigi references in ancient texts, humanity must have had little or no direct contact with the previous servant caste. The Igigi may or may not have been a class of Anunnaki, but whoever they were, whatever they were—they faded into the woodwork after human beings were created. Did they return home to Nibiru? Did they simply ascend to the same class as their fellow Anunnaki now that a slave race had been created to fill their prior role? Why don’t we know more about them? Was knowledge of the Igigi concealed on purpose by the Anunnaki? If so, why? Perhaps the only thing we can say for sure about the Igigi aside from the fact that they were servants to the gods is this: They raise more questions than we can currently answer. Perhaps the truth will be revealed when the Anunnaki return."

So, when learning about the Fire God being of the Jinn race, who was never of the Angels but instead rose up to the rank of them, details the story of Enoch of Adam being selected to "walk with God", when it's only subtley revealing him to be Azazil, Loki, Sun Kukong etc. Marduk being of the "Igigi" would likely be the same story, as in one sense, he would be the Anzu bird that had battled against the gods, but that is the version that is shown in Wikipedia. This other version of the story details Marduk to never have been of the Anunnaki, but merely was chosen or rose up to the rank. This apparnetly, is the story of Azazil.

Knowing the story of the Adamic race, who would be the Jinn race that was enslaved by another Alien race, does detail the significance of the Asuras, and how "Enoch" was chosen by the Gods to live with them. Then comes the battle or "rebellion" as the Gods and Jinn battle against each other. It seems that the identity of the Igigi wasn't told more often and would rather be obscurred from public knowledge based on the wars between these two groups.

If Marduk was originally of the Igigi, then this changes everything as the being called Satan is linked to Susanoo, Fudo Myoo, Agni and Rudra, as was never of the Anunnaki to begin with. Again, the Igigi was said to be were-animals and people with horns, as shown amongst these paintings, is where Richard Hall's UFO mutilation case on the apparent "devil" is possibly based on, as stated from the Military source. Here is other paintings of "Samudra Manthan" as the struggle of power is between the Suras and Asuras (or as stated the Anunnaki and Igigi).

Do you notice the Asuras having "talons" on their feet? This may connect to those talon foot prints that was shown in Skinwalker Ranch and the Aztec Goddess "Itzitzimitl" (See "Skinwalker Ranch 1" and "Thoth is Enoch 2").

Here is an interesting story based from the Balinese mythos on Batara Kala: "Batara Kala is the god of the underworld in traditional Javanese and Balinese mythology, ruling over it in a cave along with Setesuyara. Batara Kala is also named the creator of light and the earth. He is also the god of time and destruction, who devours unlucky people. He is related to Hindu concept of Kala, or time. In mythology, he causes eclipses by trying to eat the Sun or the Moon."

"According to legend, Batara Kala is the son of Batara Guru (the Javanese version of Shiva). Batara Guru has a very beautiful wife named Dewi Uma (Parvati). One day Batara Guru, in a fit of uncontrolled lust, forced himself on Dewi Uma. They had sexual intercourse on top of his vahana Nandi, a divine cow. This behavior ashamed Uma, who cursed both of them so they appeared as fearsome and ugly ogres. This fierce form of Dewi Uma is also known in Hinduism as Durga. From this relationship, Batara Kala was born with the appearance of an ogre. Another origin story is that he was conceived when a drop of Shiva's semen was swallowed by a fish."

"Batara Kala is described as having an insatiable appetite and being very rude. He was sent by the devas to Earth to punish humans for their evil habits. However, Batara Kala was interested only in devouring humans to satisfy his appetite. Alarmed, the devas then recalled Batara Kala from the Earth. He later became ruler of the underworld, together with the goddess Setesuyara. Traditionally, Javanese people try to obtain his favor, as the god of time and destruction, to prevent misfortune, especially to children."

"Exorcism ceremonies, called ruwatan, are held for children born under "unlucky" circumstances, such as being born feet-first. This is to prevent such children from being devoured by Batara Kala. This ceremony usually includes a wayang (Javanese shadow puppets) performance and a selamatan feast."

Basically, this is merely Enlil and Ninlil bearing the Moon God Sin or Nergal. Here we have Osiris Isis and Horus, Shiva, Parvati and Murugan, Unkulunkulu from Uthlanga and Umvelinqangi, to Fuxi, Nuwa and their child, Hephaestus, Athena and Erichthonius, Amun, Maat and Khonsu. There son is the peacock Angel who connects to Melek taus, who interesting enough, is shown with the "Anu" symbology.

The problem with these Sumerian and Akkadian stories on the Gods, shows that their symbology is connected to be the same Gods nonetheless. Anu is said to be equivalent to Uranus, who is overthrown by Kumarbi in the Hittite mythos. The term "Father of the Gods" doesn't note (of course) to these beings as the supreme, but consist of two groups or races that had their civil wars and how there was the Elohim and the defeated Elohim. Whether it's Enlil or Enki, the stories interlope with one another, thus detailing the repeated story of these beings to be epithets.

Generally, people are shown reptilians, Greys, Mantis and tall blonde Nordics as it's deliberately pushed onto the UFO community, and even though I have covered some of these topics, however, it still seems to be a ploy. Sure there are Greys and humanoids to Giants with red hair, but the listed entities are not what is shown in these Ancient paintings, as some of these Extraterrestrials would consist of a were-animal type. Just as Osiris or Zeus is described differently like a fish God, then there is the description of the fire God, to others that are shown differently compared to today's portrayals.

So, we are generally shown the red devil being beaten by the Archangel Michael. Naturally I had thought that, due to the case of the thunder wielding God defeating the Red Dragon, then this would simply identify Michael as the Black God Murugan, The black Buddha, Krishna, Vishnu, Zeus, Bacchus, Christ, and other epithets, as the one that defeated the God of fire, to whom is labeled as the "Red Dragon" which is originally the fiery bird Garuda. As all stories detail the black God defeating a red haired God, then it would connect together, however, it turns out this isn't the case at all.

When reading the Bible on Baal, Ashtoreth, Dagon, Moloch and other epithets, I had thought that after this God's defeat (as He stated the "Red Dragon") then the worship of Jesus Christ defeating the Devil had prevailed to all the religions and stories due this reason, and why everyone worships them. However, when thoroughly researching these religions, and finding out that this God Jesus Christ is Dagon the Dragon God, and is based from Atlantis, then the apparent images of Michael is really based on Azazil, who is the one that defeated the dragon Gods to which they came down with the dragon symbology, thus connecting to how everyone has these religions. 

Then when going further on the cataclysm and war that took place in the Heavens, and collecting these stories and legends of a particular race coming down and iinfluencing mankind on earth, I didn't know if this was the God of fire's angels or the Dragon Gods, until reading Robert Temple's book "The Sirius Mystery", and piecing together the Azazil and Red Horn's story of battling the different monsters, starts to come together.

Here states the identity of what people thought of the apparent "red devil" ideology was, is actually the one that was ridding the world of these entities as shown in those Michael the archangel paintings. Then comes the story from Robert temple's book "The Sirius Mystery", and putting together the origin of the Christian religions on the dying and rising God Dionysus, and why the whole world worships these Gods. Of course, the conflict of whether they were black or amphibian would go back and forth, but according to Temple's book, Osiris would be deemed a "Dark God", as he is called "Lord of the perfect black" and connecting to the dragon leads them to being non human entities being worshiped throughout the world.

Then it makes sense as to how much propaganda is shown in these religions, as the God of fire, who is deemed the "red devil" by the worshipers of Dagon, is the real God that defeated the Dragon God and his angels. Then comes the coming of the "Chitauri" or "Nommo", and how they brought this Dagon Saturnian cult from Atlantis (as I had stated would originally be Mars) to mankind, and why the world is the way it is.

As stated in "Battle of the Gods" the Black Goddess worship of Artemis who is called "Itzpapalotl" is Isis of Sirius, and is called "Obsidian Butterfly" because she is black in complexion, thus connecting to the Queen of Heaven Diana of the Ephesians. Whether it was Osiris who originally would be Anubis, or the Goddess of the Aztecs "Coyolxāuhqui", it shows that this entity was cut up by the fire God, and came into exile to Earth along with the angels. This is how the worship of the dragon Gods came to be in this world, and how this cult spread all over the world. From here, people should know that Revelations 12 isn't detailing the full truth, because instead of the term "Red Dragon", it's really the "Black Dragon" that was defeated by the Fire God, to which they came with the symbols of Saturn and their religion to Earth. 

The term "Mary" is really based on the "Mari", especially when this Goddess is connects to the sea or water. This is where Jordan Maxwell details the "Maritime" laws, and how the water connects to the Goddess worship. This is also where the "Vesica Piscis" and "Mandorla" is based on, as the symbol of the fish Goddess is shown around the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Based from the Wiki states this on "Mari": "Mari, also called Mari Urraca, Anbotoko Mari ("the lady of Anboto"), and Murumendiko Dama ("lady of Murumendi") is the goddess of the Basques. She is married to the god Sugaar (also known as Sugoi or Maju). Legends connect her to the weather: when she and Maju travel together hail will fall, her departures from her cave will be accompanied by storms or droughts, and which cave she lives in at different times will determine dry or wet weather: wet when she is in Anboto; dry when she is elsewhere (the details vary). Other places where she is said to dwell include the chasm of Murumendi, the cave of Gurutzegorri (Ataun), Aizkorri and Aralar, although it is not always possible to be certain which Basque legends should be considered as the origin."

"It is believed that Mari is a modification of Emari (gift) or Amari (mother + the suffix of profession) by losing the first vowel. The closeness in names between Mary and Mari may have helped pagans adapt their worship of Mari to undertake Christian veneration of the Virgin Mary, (Basque: Andre Maria, Biscayan: Andra Mari). The first known written citation of the "Dame of Amboto" was made by Charles V's chronicler Esteban de Garibay Zamalloa in his Memorial histórico español...."

Then look up the consort "Sugaar": "In Basque mythology, Sugaar (also Sugar, Sugoi, Suarra, Maju) is the male half of a pre-Christian Basque deity associated with storms and thunder. He is normally imagined as a dragon or serpent. Unlike his female consort, Mari, there are very few remaining legends about Sugaar. The basic purpose of his existence is to periodically join with Mari in the mountains to generate the storms. In one myth Sugaar seduces a Scottish princess in the village of Mundaka to father the mythical first Lord of Biscay, Jaun Zuria. This legend is believed to be a fabrication made to legitimize the Lordship of Biscay as a separate state from Navarre, because there is no historical account of such a lord. Only the fact that the delegates of Mundaka were attributed with the formal privilege of being the first to vote in the Biltzar (Parliament) of the province may look as unlikely indication of the partial veracity of this legend."

"The name Suga(a)r is derived from suge (serpent) and -ar (male), thus "male serpent". The suggestions of a formation based on su (fire) and gar (flame), thus yielding "flame of fire" are considered folk etymology. Sugoi, another name of the same deity, has two possible interpretations, either a suge + o[h]i (former, "old serpent") or su + goi ("high fire"). There is no likely etymology for the third name of this god, Maju."

Local legends on Sugaar: "In Ataun he is said to have two homes: in the caves of Amunda and Atarreta. He is said to have been witnessed crossing the sky in form of fire-sickle, what is considered presage of storms. In this area is also said that Sugaar punishes the children that disobey their parents. In Azkoitia Sugaar is clearly identified with Maju. He meets Mari on Fridays (the day of the akelarre or sabbat), conceiving then the storms. In Betelu Sugaar is known as Suarra and considered a demon. There they say that he travels through the sky in the shape of a fireball, between the mountains Balerdi and Elortalde."

This is actual proof that these dragon Gods that are worshiped throughout the world, connects to the deities that was defeated and how the Saturnian worship of the Black stone, the Cross, and other symbols came to Earth and brought to mankind. The Vatican is named after the Goddess "Vatika" for a reason, and she is called the Goddess of death. It's no wonder why the statement of the writtened name Michael says this: Revelation 12:12 “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

However, it turns out that it wasn't the apparent "red devil" that came down, but the Black God Osiris and his angels. This is where it connects to the apparent "fallen angels" as Sir Godfrey Higgins states on the black stone, the Black Jesus Christ and Black Madonna etc. Ever since this occurred, the world knew only these religions and no peace. You can disagree with me all you want, but the proof is all around you. Based from those stories of the "Chitauri" seperating mankind into male and female, is literally the same story of Zeus splitting man into two beings.

So, despite the changes in the Bible, you have to know that the book is based on parallelism, as those apparent lands in Israel have not validity, as it's based on the Aryans and the Land of India and China. When it states that Michael the Prince of peace will be the guardian of the Children of Israel, it's really based on the God of fire Agni, who is Acala, Fudo Myoo, and Red Horn, because it was Him that the Brahmin and Japanese culture was really addressed to. Plus, this being would be the one to have battled against these Extraterrestrial entities, as Azazil.

Blavatsky had stated on God detailing Iblis to destroy the Giants and other beings, it was said that he carried a "shield" which protects against black magic. The shield that is shown handle by Michael the Archangel, is really based on Azazil the Jinn that had battled against the monsters and Giants on Earth.

In Deuteronomy 9, details the God of fire saying to the Children of Israel (Aryans):

"1Hear, O Israel: Thou art to pass over Jordan this day, to go in to possess nations greater and mightier than thyself, cities great and fenced up to heaven,

"2A people great and tall, the children of the Anakims, whom thou knowest, and of whom thou hast heard say, Who can stand before the children of Anak!"

"3Understand therefore this day, that the LORD thy God is he which goeth over before thee; as a consuming fire he shall destroy them, and he shall bring them down before thy face: so shalt thou drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the LORD hath said unto thee."

Now, I have shown proof of who this God is around the world, and His descriptions. Despite what people want their God to look like, this would be the true God of the Aryan nations. Now, when learning about the Yazidi angel "Melek Taus", there were connections of him being "Krishna", "Osiris", "Dionysus" or "Bacchus", to "Murugan" and the Christian version of "Michael the Archangel".

Based from the website "" states this excerpt: "The Peacock Angel in other Religions The Yezidis maintain that Tawsi Melek is manifest in all religions, although not always in the form of a peacock. It is because of this that the various manifestations of Tawsi Melek are not grouped together as being his various masks. The following are just a few of the various manifestations of Tawsi Melek in religions worldwide:

Murugan/Skanda/Sanat Kumara of the Hindus Al-Khadir,

the “Green Man,” of the Moslems King

Melchizedek of the Jews

St. George of the Knights Templar

Enki of the Sumerians

Dionysus of the Greeks

Osiris of the Egyptians

Quetzlcoatl of the Mexicans

Masaw of the Hopi Indians.

The Peacock Angel in Christianity: "Since its inception, the Peacock Angel has been manifest in the Christian religion as the leader of the Seven Archangels, St. Michael, whose earthly reflection is St. George, which is a name for Al-Khadir (which is a Sufi for Tawsi Melek) The color ray associated with both Michael and Tawsi Melek is blue, and like Tawsi Melek’s Hindu manifestation of Karttikeya, the Commander of the Angelic Host, St. Michael serves a similar function in Christianity."

"The symbol of the peacock has long been embraced within Christianity. The bird was the original symbol of the Catholic Church (the peacock denoted the many-eyed church) and it was an early symbol of Jesus, denoting the Christ’s resurrection and immortality. Because of these associations to the Christ peacocks were commonly portrayed in medieval paintings hovering around the baby Jesus’s crib."

"During the time Jesus walked the Earth, and also afterwards, the peacock alternated with the phoenix as the symbol of immortality in both Egypt and the Middle East. It is for this reason that the peacock was associated with the Christian St. Barbara even though she was the patron saint of Heliopolis, the ancient home of the phoenix."

"The Pope's Peacock Standard on display at Charlemagne's Coronation One of the great mysteries of Jesus and his Apostles is the story of St. Thomas and how he became transformed into a peacock in India. According to legend, after embarking upon his proselytizing mission in Chennai, the southern India headquarters of the Peacock Angel as the Hindu Murugan, St. Thomas quickly attracted the censure of the local priesthood who resolved to kill him."

"But when they went to locate St. Thomas the apostle had transformed himself into a peacock and was thus very hard to track down. When they did finally capture St. Thomas the apostle died as a peacock rather than a man. Speculation suggests that St. Thomas may have associated the peacock with his master Jesus and united with him at the completion of his life." 

These epithets pertain to the dragon entity that came from the skies. Since understanding this further, this version of Michael that is shown defeating the different entities is really Iblis or Azazel in the Islamic sources. Then there is "Red Horn" and "Fudo Myoo" of the Hochunk tribe and Japanese, as it's shown that this is "real" Michael the Archangel of the God of the Aryans (as Agni). Then comes the defeated dragon entities from Revelations 12:7, as this ties into the coming of the apparent "Nommo" or "Chitauri" from the skies. Based on these sources details Melek Taus as Bacchus, Dionysus, Enki, Massaw, Green man, Vishnu/Krishna, and Osiris connecting to the Dogon story of the Nommo that was cut up and resurrected. He is Murugan as Moloch the God of the six pointed star, to Krishna as the Black God "Christ" or Dagon. Aside from the corruption of these Christian stories detailing Christ stepping on the serpent, it reveals the serpent to be "Christ" or Osiris, and how they came with the Christian religion of the dragon God to Earth.

Now, Murugan was stated to be the son of Shiva (Amun/Osiris/Anubis) and Paarvati (Isis/Maat/Anput), and was shown to be a black God (See "The Black God"). Depending on sources, this deity would be one and the same with the God that was cut up and resurrected. Though Wiki would state he would represent Mars as the considered war god and is colored red, however, Murugan originally was depicted as black complexioned, thus connecting to Horus, Hermes, Mercury, which pertains to Odin, Woden and the day Wednesday.

Then based from the chart in the Chapter "Shang Ti 1", it states that he connects to Heidi, Xuanwu, the color black, and the elements of winter and water, whereas the God of fire represents red and is based on fire and heat, thus relating to Mars and as qouted in the Bible to being a war God. Interesting enough, Anubis as the original God of the underworld (as precursor to Osiris) and was said to have a brother named "Wepwawet", who is considered a war god. Though these Mythologies would detail the elements of these two Gods, (example on how the God Indra is based on water and Agni is based on fire) it's shown that the roles are sometimes reversed. But as the legends come together, it's shown that Azazil and Michael are one and the same, and connects to the Fire God who defeats the water God. This is where the Chinese story of "Zhurong" (fire god) defeating the water God "Gong Gong" in the Heavens is based on. 

Then we have the pillar of Dagon, which of course, is based on the Phallus of Osiris, who would be Shiva, Nimrod, to H.P. Lovecraft's "Dagon". It amazes me how much Howard P. Lovecraft got this knowledge, because to this day these would be the Gods that the whole world worships to this day. In "Alien Mysteries 5", I had detailed on the Hopi God Masau'u, and his connection to the phallic pillar becomes obvious in relations to Shiva and Osiris, and how they are all called "God of the Underworld". Then to find that this God is the one that Jacob had made a pact to, shows that there were two deities that was worshiped by the Children of Israel. However, this is through the Biblical perspective. Since the religions are based from Hinduism, then of course, much of these stories in the Bible would parallel to the real stories of the legend of the God of fire leading the Brahmans (as Abram) to those particular lands. 

Based from the Yezidi legends on Melek Taus, this being connects to Murugan (who is Moloch), the God representing the six pointed star. This brings the connection to Melek Taus being the Black Buddha, as they all go back to Vishnu, who again is Dagon. He would be the "Green Man" as the God that is worshiped through human sacrifice and for agricultural growth. The Movie "The Wicker man" details further on this practice, as this is towards on one of this God's epithet called "Baal"....

So, when researching more of Robert Temple's works, he has a topic detailing a theory on how the Sphinx could originally be Anubis, instead of what we are told. Based from understanding the God "Hermanubis", and the connection of the God of the underworld Xolotl, the "Sirius" connection does have a connection. I know people would say otherwise and that it's a lion's body instead, but there could be a connection here. Hence, there is even the lion faced Yaldabaoth is depicted with a serpentine body, as this is the case of the Chinese Dragon being a Chimeric type of entity. Perhaps, the lion symbolism does belong to them, along with the Dog as the symbol of the underworld.

There is a connection to the dragon god and the Black Buddha, then to the seven headed serpent displayed throughout the mythos. Revelation Chapter 17:

"1And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: 2With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication."

"3So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. 4And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: 5And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. 6And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration."

"7And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns. 8The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is."

"9And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. 10And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. 11And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. 12And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast."

"13These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. 14These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful."

"15And he saith unto me, The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues. 16And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. 17For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled. 18And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth."

Now, based on the qoute "Mystery Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots and abominations on the Earth", should automatically tell you what everybody has been worshiping the whole time. As the Black Goddess and the Holy Black child figurines in Europe (that is vehemently worshiped by the Europeans) are those Gods that are worshiped throughout the whole world. The seven headed Naga connects to the Black Buddha, who is Krishna, Saturn, Dionysus, Bacchus, and the Goddess Kali, as Vatica is based on her worship.

So, due to the changes in History, and whether they are dragon gods or black Gods with their symbolism, it still goes back to the worship of these Entities. Based from the symbolism of the woman sitting on top of the seven headed serpent, details the connection to these Gods that are seen from Asia, Europe, India, Africa and America.

Here is Vishnu (Dagon) and his avatar the Black Buddha with the seven headed Naga symbolism, and interestingly, the Jewish menora with the seven branches is shown in a similar manner. The Goddess Manasa can connect to the Minoan Crete Serpent Goddess, and Viracocha, as they are seen holding serpents.

If people want to know truthfully what going on, then the spirit will guide you, but as the Bible states to discern those if they are of the spirit of God. This is very true as I had to questioned on some of these situation, and being guided to these sources and finding their connection is not a coincidence. When learning about who the Aryans are, who the Gods are, and the Political and religious agendas that are being pulled left and right, then I see why the term "truth fears no investigation" comes full with truth and understanding.

It becomes apparent on the real Guardian and God of the Aryans to being the God of fire, and how He came from Heaven to guide them and was said to be a considered wrathful messenger, guide and law keeper. Personally, this is how I know I was guided to understand this. The real Aryans range from the Mongolia, Tibet, China, South East Asia, Japan and Korea, to Northern India, Central Asia, America, some remnants in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, and then possible cousins whether they are in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Western Europe.

Now, even though Abraham was said to be based on Brahma of India (as Jordan Maxwell had stated among his works) and wouldn't be the actual name, the Brahmans having the History of Agni as the real God that had led them into the land, shows that this information is not based on coincidence but guidance. The history of the East Modern Asians were never there in those lands to begin with, and makes sense as to the cover up of artifacts on the original black inhabitants and other nations in those lands. This is why the God of fire is described as this: 

Deuteronomy 9:3 “Understand therefore this day, that the LORD thy God is he which goeth over before thee; as a consuming fire he shall destroy them, and he shall bring them down before thy face: so shalt thou drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the LORD hath said unto thee.”

Deuteronomy 4:24 “For the LORD thy God is a consuming fire, even a jealous God.”

Hebrews 12:29 “For our God is a consuming fire.”

Now, I had a thought about the battle between one God and the other and how their war came to Earth. Based from Rene' Guenon's book "The King of the World", would connect symbols like the lamb, the Omphalos stone as the pillar of Jacob, the "Lord of the World" to what they state is "Melchezidek", to Ammon Zeus, Amun, Vishnu/Shiva, who is Dagon in the Bible. Just as the Eucharist is based on the body of Christ and his blood, this is based on the "Nommo" being dismembered and it's resurrection.

Based Robert Temples Book "The Sirius Mystery" pg 39 states this excerpt: "The landing of Nommo on our Earth is called 'the day of the fish',61 and the planet he came from in the Sirius system is known as the '(pure) earth of the day of the fish . . . not (our) impure earth . . ,'62 In our own solar system all the planets emerged from the placenta of our sun. This is said of the planet Jupiter,63 which 'emerged from the blood which fell on the placenta'. The planet Venus was also formed from blood which fell on the placenta.64 (Venus 'was blood red when she was created, her colour fading progressively'.65) Mat's, too, was created from a coagulation of 'blood'."

"66 Our solar system is, as we have noted, called the placenta of Ogo, the Fox, who is impure. Our own planet Earth is, significandy, 'the place where Ogo's umbilical cord was attached to his placenta . . . and recalls his first descent'.67 In other words, the Earth is where Ogo 'plugged in', as it were, to this system of planets."

"What Ogo the Fox seems to represent is man himself, an imperfect intelligent species who 'descended' or originated on this planet, which is the planet in our solar system to which the great umbilical cord is attached. Ogo is ourselves, in all our cosmic impurity. It comes as a shock to realize that we are Ogo, the imperfect, the meddler, the outcast. Ogo rebelled at his creation and remained unfinished. He is the equivalent of Lucifer in our own tradition in the Christian West."

"And in order to atone for our impurity it is said over and over by the Dogon that the Nommo dies and is resurrected, acting as a sacrifice for us, to purify and cleanse the Earth. The parallels with Christ are extraordinary, even extending to Nommo being crucified on a tree, and forming a eucharistic meal for humanity and then being resurrected."

"But these religious elements are not the subject with which I propose to deal. Let each reader pursue them as he sees fit, on his own initiative. I only raise the subject that, as Ogo, we may be cosmic pariahs, because I only hope that we must not always remain so. The Dogon seem to hold out hope of 'redemption' just as Jesus Christ did in his great message to the world. Redemption can mean what you want it to mean."

"....We are told that the Nommo will come again. A certain 'star' in the sky will appear once more68 and will be the 'testament to the Nommo's resurrection'. When the Nommo originally landed on Earth, he 'crushed the Fox, thus marking his future domination over the Earth which the Fox had made'..."

So, we now established the connection of Rene' Guenon's "King of the World" book to the Nommo as the Jesus Christ, and who is Dagon. He states that the "Ogo" is based on the Ego, but that really isn't the case, for this rebellion of this particular Nommo is the God of fire who is Agni. It sounds like Ogo is based on "Set" the Egyptian God of fire. Then from Rene' Guenon to state that the King of the World is "Melchezidek", who is none other than Melek Taus or the Peacock Angel. This is where the Eucharist is based on, as I have stated before on the cult of Dagon as Saturn. 

Now, if these entities were said to be Amphibian looking with terrifying features, then perhaps we can quite see what the movie "Prometheus" is getting at. The Goddess Artemis or Diana of the Ephesians connects to the Goddess Itzpapalotl, who is shown being bathed in blood. This is a subtle reference to being "covered" by the blood of Jesus, especially when this God is Dagon. Even Sir Godfrey Higgin's book "The Anacaypsis" details the Buddha bathing himself in blood for the forgiveness of sins. Why would you need blood to forgive, when you can just say that you can forgive? This is the part where these rituals on the bloodletting is based on. See "The Lord of Sirius 2", "Thoth is Enoch 2" and "Sons of God" for these connections....

Then in the same Book details this in pg 312: "The Nommo is 'the monitor for the universe, the "father" of mankind, guardian of its spiritual principles, dispenser of rain and master of the water generally.'ld Not all the Nommos came to Earth. The 'one' called Nommo Die, or 'Great Nommo', remained 'in heaven with Ainma, and he is his vicar'. 17 He manifests himself in the rainbow, which is called 'path of the Nommo'. 18 He is guardian of the 'spiritual principles of living creatures on Earth'."

"19 There are three other distinct kinds of Nommo, each personified as an individual. There is the Nommo Titiyayne, 'messenger (or deputy) of the Nommo Die ... he (executes) the latter's great works.'20 The Nommos who came to earth in the spaceship arc presumably of this class."

"Figures 3a and 34 represent these beings in particular. A third class of Nommos are represented by O Nommo, 'Nommo of the pond'. 'He will be sacrificed for the purification and reorganization of the universe ... He will rise in human form and descend on Earth, in an ark, with the ancestors of men . . . then he will take on his original form, will rule from the waters and will give birth to many descendants."

"'21 The fourth Nommo is the naughty disrupter named Ogo, or Nommo Anagonno. 'As he was about to be finished (being created) he rebelled against his creator and introduced disorder into the universe. Eventually, he will become the Pale Fox (le Renard Pale) which is the image of his fall.'22 In many ways, the Fox resembles the Egyptian deity Set."

"The name Nommo comes from a Dogon word linked to the root nomo, 'to make one drink. It is said: 'The Nommo divided his body among men to feed them; that is why it is also said that as the universe "had drunk of his body" the Nommo also made men drink. He also gave all his life principles to human beings.'23 He was crucified on a kilena tree which also died and was resurrected."

"After the ark had landed, according to the Dogon, an interesting series of events took place which make a great deal of sense if one remembers that amphibious creatures were inside. Something described both as a 'horse' and just simply as a 'quadruped' appeared which pulled the ark with ropes to a hollow.2d 'This stage, momentarily, transformed the ark into a chariot drawn by a quadruped with ropes...."

Now, let's break everything down again. This rebellion of the Nommo details that this is the God and Satan origin story. It's already established that the "Ogo" is linked to the Egyptian fire God Set, who is Agni, the one who brought the Aryans into the land of India and China. The Black Gods of those lands are attributed to the Nommo who is the Black Buddha, Vishnu, Krishna, Murugan, to Christ of Christianity who again, is Dagon. This is the conflict between these two or more groups (As Asuras and Devas), as it's shown be a race of dragons, amphibians, red haired entities, to demonic looking beings. In the book would detail the different races like people with tails, to men with wings, but one race that are men with horns seems to connect to the Oni or demon race that was somewhat mentioned in Richard Hall's UFO human mutilation Documentary.

Now, the closest I find to the description of these beings is based from the Book "Pueblo Gods and Myth" by Hamilton A. Tyler, on the God Masau'u. The God of the Hopis is shown to have the appearance of the "Xenomorph" based from the movie Alien and Species. Though this was originally concepted by H.R. Giger, however the book itself was published before the Movie "Alien" came out in 1979.

So, when observing the "amphibian/reptilian" look on the Alien creature, it does show that the enlongated heads are where the Pope mitres are based on, and how the Cross symbolism that the Deacon makes, is based on the true origin of the Christian religion. Masau'u is not a Grey Alien as people are told by the UFO community, but is described as having a shiny black complexion to which is attributed as Osiris the "Lord of the Perfect Dark", having an enlongated head like a giant squash, is considered to be taller than any man, so he would be a Giant. It states that this God would emit a terrible smell like Sulfur, is said to have a tail, large feet in the size of the forearm, and has a terrifying look. Then to top it all off, is known for the pillar, as this again, is tributed to Osiris the God of the underworld. So, as these descriptions detail this God to be looking strangely like the creature from "Alien" could possibly reveal the truth on Jacob's covenant with this God, who would be known as "Dagon" or "Baal" the dragon God. Though I wouldn't state it to be literal but as merely an example, as this could be exaggerated depending on apparent legends. 

Now, to recap on the body parts of the Nommo details this: "Nommo mythology Dogon religion and creation mythology (fr) says that Nommo was the first living creature created by the sky god Amma. Shortly after his creation, Nommo underwent a transformation and multiplied into four pairs of twins. One of the twins rebelled against the universal order created by Amma. To restore order to his creation, Amma sacrificed another of the Nommo progeny, whose body was dismembered and scattered throughout the universe."

"This dispersal of body parts is seen by the Dogon as the source for the proliferation of Binu shrines throughout the Dogons’ traditional territory; wherever a body part fell, a shrine was erected. In the latter part of the 1940s, French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen (who had been working with the Dogon since 1931) wrote that they were the recipients of additional, secret mythologies, concerning the Nommo. The Dogon reportedly related to Griaule and Dieterlen a belief that the Nommos were inhabitants of a world circling the star Sirius (see the main article on the Dogon for a discussion of their astronomical knowledge). The Nommos descended from the sky in a vessel accompanied by fire and thunder. After arriving, the Nommos created a reservoir of water and subsequently dived into the water. The Dogon legends state that the Nommos required a watery environment in which to live."

"According to the myth related to Griaule and Dieterlen: "The Nommo divided his body among men to feed them; that is why it is also said that as the universe "had drunk of his body," the Nommo also made men drink. He gave all his life principles to human beings." The Nommo are also thought to be the origin of the first Hogon."

(In the video with Credo and David Icke on the "Reptilian agenda", Credo details about an initiation he had to take, but didn't proceed with it. He mentions something like eating the "flesh of the Gods" which seems to connect to this passage. And based from the "Gospel of Judas" details an angel called "Nebro" who is said to be "defiled by blood". THE COSMOS, CHAOS, AND THE UNDERWORLD: "...And look, from the cloud there appeared an [angel] whose face flashed with fire and whose appearance was defiled with blood. His name was Nebro, which means ‘rebel’; others call him Yaldabaoth.)

It state "To restore order to his creation, Amma sacrificed another of the Nommo progeny, whose body was dismembered and scattered throughout the universe.This dispersal of body parts is seen by the Dogon as the source for the proliferation of Binu shrines throughout the Dogons’ traditional territory; wherever a body part fell, a shrine was erected."

This is the story of Sati's body parts falling a part and shrines being erected in the process. Here what the Wiki stated on Sati: "Sati (/ˈsʌtiː/, Sanskrit: सती, IAST: Satī, lit. 'truthful' or 'virtuous'), also known as Dakshayani (Sanskrit: दाक्षायणी, IAST: Dākṣāyaṇī, lit. 'daughter of Daksha'), is the Hindu goddess of marital felicity and longevity, and is worshipped as an aspect of the mother goddess Shakti."

"She is generally considered the first wife of Shiva, other being Parvati, who was Sati's reincarnation after her death. The earliest mentions of Sati are found in the time of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, but details of her story appear in the Puranas. Legends describe Sati as the favourite child of Daksha but she married Shiva against her father's wishes. After Daksha humiliated her, Sati killed herself to protest against him, and uphold the honour of her husband. In Hinduism, both Sati and Parvati, successively play the role of bringing Shiva away from ascetic isolation into creative participation with the world."

"Sati's story plays an important part in shaping the traditions of two of the most prominent sects of Hinduism — Shaivism and Shaktism. It is believed that parts of Sati's corpse fell on fifty-one places and formed the Shakti Peethas. The historical act of Sati, in which a Hindu widow self-immolates on her husband's pyre, is named and patterned after this goddess, though she is not the origin of it."

Just so the reader knows, the body parts of Sati which falls onto the ground then becomes shrines and places of worship called "Shakti peethas". Then based on the Dogon states this: "This dispersal of body parts is seen by the Dogon as the source for the proliferation of Binu shrines throughout the Dogons’ traditional territory; wherever a body part fell, a shrine was erected."

Formation of the Shakti Peethas: "Another important legend associated with Sati is the formation of the Shakti Peetha. Shakti Peethas are shrines or divine places of the Mother Goddess, believed to have enshrined with the presence of Shakti due to the falling of body parts of the corpse of Sati. It is believed that an enraged Shiva performed the Tandava dance with Sati's charred body, which led her body to come apart and the pieces fell at different places on earth."

"In a more detailed narration found in some texts, Shiva, crazed with grief, roamed with Sati's corpse throughout the universe, causing universal imbalance. The divinities called upon the god Vishnu to restore Shiva to normalcy and calm. Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra (discus weapon) to dismember Sati's cadaver, following which Shiva regained his equanimity."

"The legend ends with Sati's body being dismembered into many pieces which fell on earth at various places. Several different listings of these holy places, known as Shakti Peethas, are available; some of these places have become major centres of pilgrimage as they are held by the Goddess-oriented Shakta sect to be particularly holy. Besides main Shakti Peethas, some small peethas like Bindudham came into existence which are due to Sati's fallen blood drops."

This is literally the same story as the Nommo dismemberment and the different body parts falling becomes the erected shrines. Even the story of Enki and Uttu is similar as the semen comes forth eight gods to existence, and Kagutsuchi being cut up in eight pieces by Izanagi, comes the gods out of those pieces.

Then there is the story of Osiris, Bacchus, and Dionysus, as he was cut up to pieces. The Phallus of Dagon, is shown to be the most prominent in the worship towards this God. Again, look up "Dogon Dama | National Geographic" at the minute mark of 2:45, details the Dogons pouring drink offerings onto the Shiva Lingam as stated from "The Lord of Sirius 2" Chapter.

Now, passing upon this states that mankind was already here before this race came to Earth, and had settled in Antarctica. Then they were stated to have migrated after the ice climates hitting the region were it said was a "tropical continent" at one point. Based on this take can be deemed the land where Thoth and the Atlanteans had migrated from, as the Dweller had tilted the Earth, thus causing a sudden climate change to the different parts of the Earth. Other sources detail that we came from the water, thus the aquatic ape theory emerges. This is something that may correlate to the Bible as life did come from the Ocean. Personally, I find the theory of these entities (whatever Extraterrestrial forces there were) to already being on this planet, prior to the creation of mankind. It's possible that mankind was settled here on Earth by the Gods, but these other Entities were already here to begin with.

In the movie "Prometheus" details the start of life to have come from the Ocean (which is interesting). Human beings do have a connection water than most the Primates on earth, and as one Documentary on the Aquatic Ape theory suggest, the biology of the human body is built to swim in water. There were cases of merbeings and mankind living in harmony with each other, until strife came to which man drove the merbeings away to the Ocean. Personally, I did not want to leave this out, but it's something the reader can research for themselves.

Then based on the same theory, after they had migrated from Atlantis (Antarctica), they would come across the different hominids to which were taught the Atlantean religions. These Atlanteans along with Thoth, would be based on the legends of Quetzalcoatl, Oannes, the Nommo, Chitarui, and other related stories of the fish Gods coming out of the Ocean. Also, one has to note that there is the bird headed race dubbed "Akpallu", to which may show a possible connection to the Garuda race.

This is where America, and other areas are shown to have the same stories of the flood, and the stories of the Gods that taught them these religions and culture came from. Now, we must note that the religion of the Cross and the serpent is based on the Naga race, but as stated, some sources states these Entities are said to have taught the black nations, and how they spread these religions to the world. Regardless if there were said to be black Gods or amphibian entities (as stated from Godfrey Higgins) that were worshiped, whether they were Osiris and Isis, Vishnu, Buddha, Jesus Christ etc. they still connect to the serpent symbology that is worshiped in the Christian religions.

Again, even if these entities were described as looking like dragons/amphibians or were black complexioned, this still does not deviate from the religions that was given to the whole world. This is shown from the Dogon, and how their practices consisted of the Shiva lingam, the May pole, and the traditions of the amphibian gods that were said to be androgynous. It also shows that even though they are described as amphibian looking, the Black God Osiris that is mentioned in "The Sirius Mystery", still connects to the religions and traditions of the black nations and the knowledge of the "Lords of Sirius" that came from the Skies.

So, like I had stated on the Nommo that had rebelled against Amma, and how the other Nommo was dismembered as particular ritual, details so much propaganda being said in these History books. How can the one that rebelled be the one that causes strife on earth, when we are showing these practices that are done towards the dismembered God, as the true God of the world. It becomes a fact that the Nommo "Ogo" is the God of fire and the God of the Aryan people. There are two beings called "Enoch" or "Thoth" in the symbolic sense. He is Set, the fire God that (as it states) opposes these entities that had brought the religion of Osiris (Christ) to the world. 

Then to see how much blood rituals and human sacrifices are done towards Dagon, tells me that these stories of the Nommo that was cut up, is the real evil one. I have connected the blood letting rituals, the humans sacrifices, and how they connect to the Gods of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and other religions. America is shown to be a country older than what people are told in these History books, and is why these practices was normalized towards these Gods.

Then there is Egypt to being America as some sources states. Based from these theories, it seems that this wouldn't be the original Atlantis, but was originally Antarctica. Again, when looking back at the Garden of Eden story, the symbolism has nothing to do with mankind on Earth, but is based on two Extraterrestrial races or two groups that had warred against each other. These two groups would be the Devas and the Asuras, and would have their influence on the people of Earth.

If the Gods had made man into their image, then how many images were there to create? Were the Gods Giants? Were-animals? Dwarves? Black, Asian or red haired? Amphibian or Avian looking? I originally had the notion of Adam and Eve being the origin of the Atlantean race, and how they were made from God's particular image, but one theory states that the different people here were spliced by these entities (or more) and why everyone has a certain look.

Another theory is based on how the Earth became an experiment and were made by whatever force or Gods, but then another force had intervened with this Evolution that was already set up, thus tampering with its subjects. This theory can connect to the story of the Chitauri (based from Credo's story) and even the intervention of the Jinn race. Based on this topic, if there were entities that were involved in these creations, but would be ousted by the newcomers, there is a possibility that this theory would be true.

In the Bible does detail one God stating to the people not to intermingle with certain nations, and how there were tribes that was wiped out from the face of the Earth. It seems that the same would be shown amongst these Gods, whether terrestrial or Extraterrestrial, the examples of racism are shown throughout History and religion.

Now, my research states that the first Atlantis had to be on Mars, and was where the esoterically named races like the "serpent and Adam" is based on the two groups as the Hindu story of the Nagas and their emnity towards the Garuda. This all makes sense as to these supposed Mythogical stories of one group (Devas) battling against another (Asuras), as this is Genesis 3:15. It seems that these entities wouldn't be human looking, and that they came from the destroyed Planet Mars, which would be the origin of these two races. Now, comes these two races to Earth, but as it may seem, was also inhabited by life already as there were Dinosaurs (or dragons), and possibly other higher life forms of civilizations. It's possible that after these apparent genocides took place, then came the era of mammals and the age of man or "barbarian", and why the age of Mammals proceed further. 

This is where probably the Anunnaki story comes into place, as the apparent Angels that interfered and sped up mankind's developement on earth. Sadhguru had stated on this subject on Shiva and his friends landing on Earth, and changing the evolution of mankind. Harald Kautz had detailed how a race that came from the skies had tricked the people on earth to become slaves to them. The story of Don Juan detailing the apparent "predator" that came and started to control everyone can also share the same ideology. Credo Mutwa's story on the Chitauri details the Gods coming from the skies and changing the course of Earth. Then of course, there is Pastor Wesley Swift detailing the legend of the dragon God "Lucifer" coming down with the black race. Despite what people think, based from Godfrey Higgin's "The Anaycalypsis" on the Gods being black complexioned, shows they have this strange connection to the "Sons of God" or "Children of the Dragon". Based on the Islamic story of the Jinn, details that after Satan had rebelled against God, that his race had came and intervened with mankind by corrupting their ways. Then there's the apparent Nommo entities coming down from the skies and intervening with the people on Earth.

Now, if these entities were "Amphibian" species, then it's highly possible that these Gods that were presented as black complexioned, could be mere representations to disguise the real descriptions of these beings. However, it seems that these Amphibian entities are the water spirits that was mentioned in the story of Red Horn, and are not the demonic looking entities that was mentioned in Richard Hall's UFO documentary, nor Credo Mutwa's depiction of the Chitauri (Darth Maul description). It's possible that the Amphibian species are totally different than the apparent reptilian species that we are told. Just one lives in water and the other lives on land, and wouldn't be the same it seems. We are given different descriptions from books and sources, but based on artifacts and evidence from books and research, it's shown that these apparent "fallen angels" or Sons of God are based on the symbolism of the dragon thus connecting to the black nations.

There are Islamic depictions of "Jinn" which are shown to look like were-animals, whereas the Persian "Divs" look like people with horns and tails. However, based from research shows that the real Jinn race are based on the red haired Giants who roamed the earth, so I can't say that all of these entities are all Jinn but different species. But even within that same statement, based on the intervention of the Gods and how they were "black" and negroid looking, details the "Sons of God" are also lumped together as Jinn. There is an Occult meaning behind the red haired and the black skinned, as Shiva is shown as a white red haired man, while his wife is a black woman. However, the roles are reversed with Baron Samedhi being black and his wife mama bridget being a red haired woman.

Many others had stated of how a group of Extraterrestrial entities had changed the world, and based on this consistency shows that something that we are calling "God and the Devil" did come to this planet. However, based from certain sources detailing the time line of the "fallen angels" isn't really clear, as there were red haired and blonde haired Giants that had existed along with mankind, to the water spirits, were-animal creatures, to demonic spirits that would roam the lands. This is where the story of Azazil/Red Horn's story takes place, as the Earth Maker who created mankind of Earth had sent the Fire God and other supernatural warriors to battle against these entities. This is where we get the "Michael the archangel defeating Satan" stories, but as you see is really based on the Islamic story of Azazil, as the one who had rid the Earth of the monsters that was plaguing mankind.

Now, based from the story of the "Nommo" that are worshiped all over the world, then comes the God of fire or Ogo the pale fox as the Dogon stories suggest, who connects to Set, the fiery God that met with the ancestors of the Aryan people. By now, people should know that Hinduism was generally practiced throughout the whole world, and that everyone has the story of the flood, and the Sons of God coming to earth and intervening with mankind. However, it wouldn't matter which religion people were into, because the whole earth has always been engulfed in this Dagon worship. 

Based from Jordan Maxwell's reasearch, he states that there was no Abraham, Isaac or Jacob, but are mere stories detailing the symbolism to Hinduism, and based from this statement, I would have to agree. The pillar symbolism was generally worshiped by the Black nations of Asia (and elsewhere), and thus is where the story of Jacob erecting the pillar symbology takes place, but as they were in the land, then came the East modern Asians as the Aryans in the Bible and how they were led by the other God (who is Agni) to whom the other entities had conflicts with. The God of fire had nothing to do with the pillar, but the pillar symbolism was towards Dagon (Moloch/Baal) as the black God of the Black inhabitants of Asia (and the whole world). 

So, as AGNI had brought them into the lands of India and China, he then ordered them to destroy certain nations, the pillars and altars with the name of their Gods. This reveals that the original inhabitants of those lands were black people and other nations, and how many were pushed out of the land. There were red haired inhabitants as well, and the Giants that were said to have roamed in those lands. You would see some remnants in South East Asia, as some Aryans did intermingle with black tribes, but based from the God of fire's orders just shows that this God is totally different than those that were worshiped in those lands. This is where Judges takes place as some tribes did eradicate the Giants that existed in those lands, to the black tribes and other nations. However, there were other Aryans that didn't drive them out, but instead had intermingled with them and started to worship Baal and Ashtoreth in the lands. This is where the conflicts of the Aryans takes place, as they would forget who their God is, and who they are due to the intermingling with the other nations.

Then to find the connection of the real Tabernacle of Moses to be the Mongolian Yurt, details the Mongolian and other East modern Asians are the Aryans that the Bible is talking about. This is where the legend of the real King David takes place, as this man would be "Genghis Khan" of the Mongols, and how he expanded his Empire all over where other Aryans resided. History will state that they are different people, however, based on the information given details that they are the same people but with many clans and tribes. In the Bible details that Tribes warring against each other, is the same as the Chinese battling the Mongols. They all have the same God, but again, many went after the Gods of the black nations, and would worship them to this day. This shows that there is the Dragon God, who is shown to worship all over the world as Jesus Christ on the Cross, is revealed to be Dagon or "Dragon". We are told that "Christ" steps on the serpent, but that isn't the case, for this entity is the dragon God. Then of course, there is the Queen of Heaven or the black Goddess Diana of the Ephesians who is worshiped with the Black stone and the Cube symbolism. The real Jesus is the "Guru Nanak" of the Sikhs, and is based on the Prophet Muhammed and Zoroaster's life. Somehow, History had split the Prophet's life to these different versions and names just to cover up the truth about him. He was sent by the God of fire to bring the Aryans back together but could not fulfill this mission (due to the people being in many different religions and not recognizing who they are).

Now, the real God of fire whose symbol is the Garuda bird, would be the one who brought Aryans into the land Himself (the bird symbology is based on AGNI and the Aryans). Based from research, He is the protector and wrathful guardian that brought the Aryans (as they are the people of China, Japan, Korea, South East Asia, Central Asia, India and elsewhere) to the lands of Persia, India and China, and is the one who gave these laws to them. But as people wanted to do their own thing and started to change the original scriptures and worship Dagon, then no wonder this God has nothing to do with the people. This is why History wants people to think the East modern Asians were always Buddhist, and that isn't true at all. Then seeing the rulers trying to hide the truth about the identity of the Aryans in the Bible, to who their real God is, and getting everyone to worship the black God Dagon and the black Queen of Heaven, just shows why the world is the way it is. I have no doubt that these entities are not human, and are hidden for a reason. They would be using the nations as a means to deviate from who they actually are.

In general, people should respect and love each other, but despite these sources revealing what's truly going on in this world, this shouldn't affect the individual person. There's always going to be individuals who are good people and those that are bad, as this is shown throughout all nations, Kingdoms and Tribes. It wouldn't matter what skin color of any individual is, it's only when people want to involve religion and show their apparent domination over others is when the truth becomes a different story. This concludes the "Galactic Warfare" series.