Alien Mysteries: Massau'u

Now, in this Chapter we will dive into the book called "Pueblo Gods and Myths" by Hamilton A. Tyler, based on the God called "Masau'u" the God of death and the Underworld. I have tried to find a full book on the Pdf, but can only find a website giving some previews. Fortunately, I have found one that contains a good amount of information, but I can't copy it, so I'll have to type the important informations (and it's a lot). 

First let's look at the website "" on Masau'u: Hopi’s Encounter With Maasaw – The Skeleton Man And His Gift Of Sacred Knowledge: Ellen Lloyd - - "The Hopi Indians’ encounter with Maasaw was very emotional and frightening. His physical appearance was so horrifying that many of the Hopi Indians ran. Some of the Hopi had the courage to stay because they had been looking for him for such a long time. They wanted to listen to Maasaw and receive spiritual wisdom. The remarkable encounter with Maasaw is one of the reasons why the Hopi are today considered keepers of sacred knowledge."

"The Hopi Indians have a very rich mythological tradition stretching back over centuries and they have stories about their ancestral journeys through three worlds to the Fourth World, where the people live today. According to Hopi legends, Maasaw (Masaw ,Massau, Masauwu) was a spirit that could not die and he was therefore appointed to be Guardian of the Underworld. He is described as a Skeleton Man and Lord of the Dead in Hopi mythology."

"Hopi mythology tells about the existence of worlds before our own. All previous worlds were destroyed because people became disobedient and lived contrary to Tawa’s plan. Tawa is the Sun spirit and creator in Hopi mythology. There are different versions of how the previous worlds were destroyed and who managed to survive."

"Some legends tell that the Third World was destroyed along with all evil people, but other stories reveal good inhabitants were led away from the chaos which had been created by their actions. Hopi Went Looking For Maasaw And He Gave Them Sacred Knowledge When the Hopi emerged into the Fourth World (our current world), they learned that Maasaw was on Earth and they went looking for him. People who wanted to escape from the Third World decided to make contact with Maasaw."

"First, they sent a swift bird looking for Maasaw, but the bird was so tired when it reached the sky that it had to come back. Then, the Hopi tried to send a dove and later a hawk, but both creatures failed to reach Maasaw. The one that succeeded in finding Maasaw was the catbird. Maasaw asked him, “Why are you here?” The catbird said, “The world below is infested with evil. The people want to come up here to live. They want to build their houses here, and plant their corn.”

"Maasaw said, “Well, you see how it is in this world. There isn’t any light, just greyness. I have to use fire to warm my crops and make them grow. However, I have relatives down in the Third World. I gave them the secret of fire. Let them lead the people up here, and I will give them land and a place to settle. Let them come.” Maasaw looked like a skeleton man, a stick person and he was a fearsome sight. When the Hopi Indians accepted Maasaw’s frightening physical appearance, his attitude began to change and he gave them wonderful knowledge. Maasaw explained to them how they should live and allowed their people to flourish."

"The Guardian Spirit, Maasaw, gave the Hopi permission to settle in the region that is now northwest Arizona. Maasaw noticed that greed, ambition and social competitions were dominating factors in their former life and this lifestyle made people very unhappy. Maasaw warned the Hopi that the life he had to offer them was very different from what they had before. To show them, Maasaw gave the people a planting stick, a bag of seeds, and a gourd of water. He handed them a small ear of blue corn and told them, “Here is my life and my spirit. This is what I have to give you.”

"Maasaw explained that if they followed his way, they would live long and fruitful lives. He wanted them to be humble and live like he did with only a planting stick and seeds. He wanted the Hopi to take care of and respect the land, and they did what he said, despite the fact that their manner of living was not easy. Dry-farming in the high desert of northern Arizona, relying only on precipitation and runoff water, requires an almost miraculous level of faith and is sustained by hard work, prayer, and an attitude of deep humility. Following the way of Maasaw, the Hopi people have tended to their corn for nearly a millennium, and the corn has kept them whole."

"For traditional Hopis corn is the central bond. Its essence, physically, spiritually, and symbolically, pervades their existence. Hopi Followed Maasaw’s Advice And Lived In Peace According to the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals, a tribal training and support organization based at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. “to be Hopi is to embrace peace and cooperation, to care for the Earth and all of its inhabitants, to live within the sacred balance. It is a life of reverence shared by all the good people of Earth, all those in tune with their world. This manner of living lies beneath the complexities of wimi, or specialized knowledge, which can provide stability and wisdom but when misused can also foster division and strife."

"Deeper still in the lives of traditional Hopi people lies the way of Maasaw, a way of humility and simplicity, of forging a sacred bond between themselves and the land that sustains them. Maasaw’s way is embodied in corn.” The source to true happiness is to live in peace and harmony with nature, animals and other people, Maasaw said. The Hopi followed his teachings and they lived peacefully in communities, caring for each other for centuries."

"They always carried within them the knowledge of the Great Spirit and they performed sacred rituals daily. The word Hopi is s short version of their name Hopituh Shi-nu-mu ("The Peaceful People" or "Peaceful Little Ones). The Hopi Dictionary gives the primary meaning of the word "Hopi" as: "behaving one, one who is mannered, civilized, peaceable, polite, who adheres to the Hopi way." The tribe does live up to the name. The Hopi are a very peace-living people and they have managed to keep their culture intact thanks to the sacred knowledge given to them by Maasaw, the Skeleton Man."

Based from the website "" states this: The Hopi/Extraterrestrial Connection: As Above, So Below By Sean Casteel:

"Gary David has spent the last 30 years immersed in Native American culture and history. From the Black Hills of South Dakota to the desert of Arizona , David has sought after the mystical connection between patterns in the heavens and the cosmic arrangement of things on Earth that reflects the order handed down by the gods of antiquity. David has produced two books dealing with his research into, among other things, the Hopi tribe of Arizona :

“The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest” and its sequel “Eye of the Phoenix : Mysterious Visions and Secrets of the American Southwest.” Both books cover different aspects of the many anomalies of the region. The fascination with Native American culture began for David when he taught English at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and witnessed some of the indigenous ceremonies."

“Sacred ceremonies,” David said, “like the Sun Dance. I did some Sweat Lodges and the Sacred Pipe Ceremony. And I met a woman named Charlotte Black Elk, and she was talking about the idea that the Earth reflects the stars. As above, so below, that hermetic maxim. For instance, the Black Hills are kind of the center of Lakota culture, and it’s represented in the sky by a celestial buffalo. The buffalo is made up of various constellations."

“The backbone of the buffalo,” he continued, “is Orion’s belt, and the nose of the buffalo is the Pleiades and the tail of the buffalo is the star Sirius. So there is this great buffalo in the sky that reflects the Black Hills on Earth. There’s a direct relationship between terrestrial and celestial. This got me thinking about the idea of how various points on the Earth are reflected in the sky and how people try to build monuments or arrange their villages in a pattern that reflects the constellations.”

"David made a trip down into the Southwest in 1987, visiting various ruin sites and other ancient Hopi sites and began to take an interest in their culture, which he is says is much different from the Lakota up north. “The Hopi are agrarian,” he explained. “They’re farmers rather than hunters, basically. And they live in these ancient stone pueblos.”

"David’s fascination with the Hopis led him to move there in 1994, and he has been studying the culture and attending various ceremonies ever since. His inspiration for his first book, “The Orion Zone,” came to him when he was watching a Hopi Kachina dance. The reader is perhaps familiar with the well-known Kachina dolls, but the term also applies to the native custom of wearing a Kachina mask as well as to the dancers impersonating a Kachina as part of the ritual."

“They use a single cottonwood drum,” David said, “and they dance in the village plaza. You see these dancers come into the plaza and they’re all multicolored and they have these bizarre masks. Some are circular and others might be dome-shaped or cylindrical, and they’ve got horns and feathers and hair sticking off the masks. Some of these masks, the eyes are bug-eyed, and others just have slits for eyes."

"Some of the masks actually look like space helmets, like something an alien would wear. You just wonder how these ancient people hooked up with this whole concept of Kachinas.” David said that Kachinas are considered to be a kind of intermediary between the realm of humans and the realm of the gods."

“They’re like angelic figures in Christian culture,” he said, “basically benevolent beings that help the Hopi to get rain. The Hopi are very concerned with bringing rainfall to the desert, which is kind of a dicey thing anyway in Arizona . But these Kachina are just an amazing sight to watch against this background of earth tones and ancient pueblos, these bizarre-looking, almost alien-like creatures against this very ancient backdrop.”

"When attending one of the Kachina dances on the Hopi reservation, having just read a book called “The Orion Mystery” by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert, which theorized that the pyramids of Giza were patterned after the Belt of Orion, David said he looked up at the three primary mesas on which the Hopi have settled in northern Arizona and was struck by the thought that something similar may have happened there."

“When I got home,” he said, “I got out my sky chart and my map and compared the two. What I found astounded me, because there was either a Hopi village or a ruin site corresponding to every major star in the constellation of Orion. So there is the terrestrial plane reflected perfectly by the celestial realm. It just amazed me.”

"For ten years, David traveled to the various sites on his map matching the Orion pattern and began to study the local rock art as well. Needless to say, he found further correlations, including indigenous star charts and depictions of various celestial creatures. The more recent of David’s books, “Eye of the Phoenix ,” gets its title from the familiar myth of the great bird rising from its own ashes. “At the end of each cycle,” David said, “this bird flies to a place called Heliopolis in Egypt , and it builds a nest."

"This nest becomes a pyre, and the bird is reborn. This is kind of symbolic of the transition from one world to the next, or from one cycle to the next.” The Hopi belief is that the world has gone through many different cycles, and they say that we are presently at the end of the Fourth World . “We’ve gone through three different worlds,” David said, “and three different worlds were destroyed. Now we’re at the end of the Fourth World , which they say is going to be destroyed. So this is kind of symbolic of the phoenix rising again from its ashes, being reborn into a new world.”

"David next made a connection between Egypt and Arizona and the naming of the city of Phoenix itself. “ Phoenix is very purposefully named,” David said. “There’s a lot of intent to that name. A man named Bryan Philip Darrel Duppa back in 1867 named the city of Phoenix . He was a Freemason, so there’s some Masonic connection there. Of course, Phoenix is located in the Valley of the Sun."

"This has to do with the mythology of Heliopolis , the City of the Sun. There’s even a place in Phoenix called Sun City , a suburb of Phoenix . It’s basically just an expression of the idea that we’re transitioning to another world, symbolized by the phoenix.” There is still a further interesting link. “The Southwest is also called ‘Aztlan,’” he said, “and that literally means ‘the place of the heron.’ The heron is kind of a naturalistic model for the phoenix bird."

"You see the heron in Egyptian hieroglyphs perched on an obelisk or a pyramid. So this whole mythology swirls around the phoenix bird and the heron, this place being called the ‘place of the heron.’” The phenomenon of culture and mythology tying the Hopis to the Egyptians, separated by millennia and thousands of miles is at least partially explained by a theory of history called “diffusionism,” which simply means that ancient man may have traveled much more widely than he is given credit for."

"The opposite school of thought is called “isolationism,” meaning that once the native people crossed the Bering Straits, they remained isolated on this continent until the arrival of Columbus , or at least until the Vikings came along in 1000 A.D. “But the diffusionist ideas,” David said, “are that people were coming here to this continent from all over—from India, from China, from Europe—coming to the new world in very ancient times, in pre-Christian times, and there was a lot more travel than we tend to think of today.” David points to some rock art near Sedona , Arizona , as one piece of evidence for this idea."

"The natives there carved out a symbol for their water clan virtually identical to the ancient Hindu symbol for OM , the mystical sound of the universe that is part of meditation rituals throughout the world. “So it’s my belief,” David said, “that the ancient Hindu people, probably a people called the Nagas, the serpent people of the Indus River Valley in India , made trips across the Pacific Ocean and made it to Arizona .” But even beyond the serpentine Nagas, there is the extraterrestrial presence to consider, according to David."

“The Hopi are connected to so many different entities,” David said, “that we might think of as extraterrestrial today. They have the idea of the ‘Sky People,’ or ‘Sky Elders,’ coming down to the Earth. One particular group of people that the Hopi have talked about in their legends—and I found evidence of this in the rock art there—are the Ant People, a very important group that helped the Hopi out during the destruction of two different worlds.”

"That Hopi sense of history goes like this: the first world was destroyed by fire, which may have manifested itself as an asteroid strike or some kind of volcanism. The second world was destroyed by ice, indicating the ice age or an extremely cold period. The Ant People led the Hopis down into caverns where they survived the terrible cataclysms being suffered by the Earth. The Ant People also taught the Hopis to sprout beans in the caverns in order to feed the people, an event commemorated even today by the ritual Bean Dance “The Ant People are basically benevolent creatures,”

"David said. “In the pictures I’ve seen in the rock art there are antennae on these creatures and they have spindly bodies and large eyes and bulbous heads. Some of these creatures assume what’s called a ‘prayer stance.’ That means that both arms are raised at their sides above their heads and the elbows are at right angles. This is a traditional stance that you see all over the Southwest in rock art. Also, in the Freemasonry lore, it’s called ‘the grand hailing sign of distress.’

"So maybe this information from ancient times was filtered through the Knights Templar and eventually the Freemasons, this very ancient knowledge about the Sky People coming down.” There is also a linguistic link with the Anunnaki of ancient Sumeria, thought by revered scholar Zachariah Sitchin and others to be the alien race that came down from the sky to teach man the ways of civilization."

“It’s funny,” David said, “but the Hopi word for ‘ant’ is ‘Anu,’ and the Hopi word for friends is ‘naki.’ So you put those two together, the Anunnaki, the Sumerian cylinder seals and so forth, you see these Sky People came down to Earth. So the Ant People might be the same as the Anunnaki of the Sumerians.”

"The friendly Ant People seem to have left the Hopis to their own devices when the time came for the Third World to be destroyed in a terrible flood. In that disaster, the Hopis survived by going across the ocean on bamboo rafts to arrive in our present Fourth World and the Ant People dropped out of the story. But other helpers soon came along. “The Hopis have other benevolent entities that have helped them,” David said. “They have what is known as the Sky God Sotuknang. He has a curved headdress, again similar to a helmet, and looks very much like an alien being. There’s a legend about Sotuknang related to the flood.” According to the story related by David, a great flood was about to engulf a Hopi village and the people were fleeing the coming destruction. There was a little boy and girl, twins, who were somehow left behind. They decided to try to find their parents and escape the flood."

“So they went out across the desert,” David recounted, “and during the first night they were camping. They saw what is called a ‘flying shield’ come down right before them. This being, this sky creature, got out of this flying shield. It was described in the legend as having some kind of clothing or costume that glittered like icicles, and the face shone like a star. That’s the way they describe the face. “So this might be some kind of inter-dimensional being,” he continued, “or it might be that the helmet is lit up in some fashion."

"But this creature came to the children and said, ‘Don’t be afraid. I’m going to take you up into my flying shield and we’re going to go up above the desert and find your parents.’ So much like the account in the Book of Enoch, these two children are taken up into this flying shield, many miles above the desert. And this entity Sotuknang gave them something to eat, corn and melon and so forth. And he said that, ‘In the future, I’m going to come to you in your dreams and I’ll instruct you in the proper way to live and the proper life to pursue.’” The sky creature located the twins’ parents and delivered the children to them, after which the flying shield took off again. David explained that flying shields are a frequent motif of the Hopi, and there is again a linguistic connection."

“The flying shields are interesting,” he said, “because the term for them is ‘paatuwvota.’ The prefix for this word is ‘paa,’ which means ‘water’ or ‘wonder.’ Some think that this describes the concentric circles in water, the way they expand in water. This is the way flying shields looked in the air when they were flying.” Along with Sotuknang, the benevolent Kachinas, the spirit messengers, also pilot the flying shields-type craft. There is yet another Hopis god with extraterrestrial overtones, named Masau’u. “Masau’u was there at the beginning of the Fourth World . He’s the god of the Earth and the underworld and fire. This god led the people around and determined where they should build their villages."

"The people were basically migrating across the desert and building stone pueblos. They would live in these pueblos for maybe a century or less, and then they would abandon things and move on to another place. And the god Masau’u was with them all along in their journey. That’s where I believe this pattern of Orion on the desert of Arizona was fixed, by their migrations and the instructions of the Hopi god about where to build these villages. “But Masau’u is a strange looking creature,” David continued. “He has a bulbous head and very large round eyes and a large round mouth. And he’s kind of bald. It’s said that his skin resembles the texture of a summer squash, kind of bumpy like that. His feet are very long and his body is always described as being gray."

"In fact, the word ‘amaus,’ the root word of Masau’u, literally means in the Hopi language gray. There are connections with the underworld and death and this kind of subterranean world that Masau’u is supposed to inhabit. “Artists have made drawings based upon the descriptions that the Hopi elders have made of this particular god and it really looks like an extraterrestrial gray. Our contemporary idea of what a gray looks like matches this ancient Hopi god perfectly."

"So, like I say, this god has a lot to do with how the Hopis lived and where they settled. Perhaps another extraterrestrial creature or maybe an inter-dimensional creature was assisting the Hopi in their life, in their existence in this Fourth World .” The Hopis also have a long legacy of prophecy, including dire predictions of the End Times. The prophecies reached the world at large through what is called the “Hopi Hearings,” held in July of 1955.

“The Bureau of Indian Affairs,” David said, “met with the Hopis to discuss mundane things like grazing rights and stock management and forced schooling. The kids were taken from their homes and sent off to boarding school. And the rise of alcoholism on the reservation. But in the process, some of these spiritual elders began to talk about the End Times, the floods, the famines, all these kind of Biblical-proportion End Time prophecies, great strife among people, the end of all Hopi ceremonies."

"They mentioned World War III and images of bombs raining down like hailstones and rivers of blood. Very reminiscent of the Book of Revelation and the kind of language they were using.” “It’s funny,” David continued, “that the Hopis are probably the least Christianized of any of the tribes in the Southwest. Some of the tribes along the Rio Grande were more affected by the Catholic Church and their bringing missionaries to the area and building mission churches."

"But on the other hand, the Hopis have what I call a legacy of prophecy that resembles a lot of Biblical prophecy. A lot of people are interested in End Times prophecy, and the Hopi have been foreseeing the future for perhaps over a thousand years. They’ve foreseen what’s going to happen. “Some of the things that the Hopi people were saying have come to pass. For instance, they made certain prophecies about people speaking through spider webs, meaning that eventually people in the future would speak through spider webs or cobwebs. You can picture telegraph or telephone lines—and the worldwide web, an actual web of communication.”

"Meanwhile, the Hopis are themselves a very isolated culture, with some people on the reservation still living without electricity and with a single well serving the water needs of the entire village. “Basically a primitive culture,” David said, “and there’s no condescension in that term ‘primitive.’

"But they’ve made these prophecies of things coming to pass. Another prophecy is that people will be riding in wagons without horses on black ribbons. These of course are automobiles going across the black asphalt. Another prophecy the Hopis came up with before it actually happened was that a gourd of ashes will fall on the Earth and burn the people. Of course then the atomic bomb blew up in Hiroshima and Nagasaki , and it was metaphorically the gourd of ashes falling on the Earth. The Hopis foretold people living in the sky at the End Times. And we have the International Space Station and the shuttle, so people are living in the sky now.”

"The Hopis may have foretold the coming of the women’s liberation movement when they prophesied that women will start to wear men’s clothing. “The Hopis of course are a very traditional culture and the women wear long dresses,” David said. “But they said that women will start to dress like men.” The Hopi also prophesied that they would journey to the “House of Mica” to plead for peace and would be ignored.

“This actually happened,” David said, “because Hopi delegations went to the UN building, the House of Mica, and they tried to plead for peace and were essentially ignored or patronized. They said that in the End Times, we’ll go to this House of Mica and try to get the world to wake up before it’s too late.” The passing away of the Fourth World and the coming of the Fifth will be a difficult time for mankind."

“The Hopi are a very humble people in that they perform their ceremonies to keep the world in balance. But they think that slowly the axis of the world is becoming unstable, and unfortunately a lot of the ceremonies are no longer being performed in the same spirit that they used to. Because of the modern assault on Hopi culture, the traditional culture—and this is true for all Native-American cultures—a lot of the ceremonies are dropping away. The Hopi have foretold that the ceremonial cycle will end and this will be at the very End Times."

“And when they no longer perform the ceremonies, when so many of the young Hopi people are not learning the language and going off to urban areas like Phoenix to work, the whole traditional culture breaks down. I have a Hopi friend, he’s in his 50s, and he says that probably in his lifetime the Hopi ceremonies will probably cease to exist. And that means that all these prophecies will come to pass.” There will also come a “Purifier,” named Pahana."

“And he’ll have a certain tool,” David said, “that’s like a cosmic weapon of destruction. This figure Pahana will destroy all those that were not living the life pattern given to the Hopis in the beginning of the Fourth World . Also, in one account it says that the wicked will be beheaded."

"It’s kind of a frightening scenario for what is to come. But the Hopis foresee that some of the people will survive, just like they survived the destruction of the three previous worlds. And a few people will go into the Fifth World, and there will be a world of paradise and a new beginning.” 

Now, based from the book "Pueblo Gods and Myth" by Hamilton A. Tyler, will detail some excerpts on the God of the Underworld. 

"The God Masau'u or Skeleton man": Death, to the Western mind is so definitively an ending that the reader maybe surprised to find a God of death placed squarely at the beginning of the book, where he will cast a certain shadow across an otherwise cheerful prospect...."

"...As we shall later see, there are gods who live on the distant ranges of the mind. Before meeting them, we face an immediate God whom some call Skeleton man, the god of the Hopi underworld and of the surface of the earth, whose names has been variously transcribed by writers as Masau'u, Masau, or Massau. In early accounts Skeleton man was an anthropomorphic God, though in size he was said to be somewhat larger than mortal man. Despite his spectral nature as the God of death, Masau'u is, nonetheless, a very humane and reachable being, a quality which has made him an attractive gathering point for attributes perhaps not originally his own. Primitively, he may have been a God of death and fire, a fearsome personification, something like our view of a Hades or a Satan, who was kept at bay by the magic of the fire rituals, but any such thought will have to be modified or abandoned as soon as we meet him."

"To begin with we shall see him on his home fields as the original owner of all the good things on earth, limited though they may be in Hopi land. In the dark he tends a fire by which he warms himself; and the same fire, which seems to be something like a Sun symbol, causes his crops to grow with magic speed. Very soon we shall hear the Male Demeter, then as the god of boundaries, of property, and of travelers. Masau'u is a trickster figure. After the turn of our Century he emerges as something of a Tribal war god for the Traditionalist, and in our own day he is firmly set as an omniscient and omnipresent Supreme God...."

(So, then it details on the legends of the Hopi coming out of the Underworld and meeting the God Masauu. It states that he can assume any form he pleases, as he can shapeshift into a handsome man just to be approachable)

Then the excerpt states this on page 6: "....In addition to the fire, the Hopi had seen the footprints of a being larger than living man, and were naturally frightened at the sight. The Chief decided that the way to meet the unknown creature would be a ceremonious approach, just as is used today. Accordingly they held a smoke and made prayer feathers for the unknown being. The Chief then called for volunteers to undertake the dreadful duty of carrying the offerings; four brave men accepted."

"Going over with a tray of prayer offerings they saw at first in the distance only a faint of light and they were very much afraid. Coming closer, they could see someone sitting by the fire and facing away from them and they could only see the back of his head. This head, was rather a great size, like the biggest squash, and there was no hair on it. As they came closer they were more and more frightened, but at last they got to him. He would not turn his face towards the fire, so they called to him and asked him who he was, but he would not answer." (Four is both a ceremonial and magical number for the Pueblos; if one is asked a question four times he is compelled to answer) "Then he answered and said that he was surprised to see that they had come close to the fire because no one had ever gotten near so near him before."

"When he said this he turned around toward the light and his face was all bloody and he had a mask on; his head was big and his mask was terrible looking. These four men were very much frightened and all felt something creeping in the back of their heads...." 

Then he details how the Gods used to roam the earth and wrestle for power until one is overthrown. Then states that there was a mysterious rumbling coming from the earth, and that the gods saw that it was people coming from the earth, Masau'u had befriended them, whereas the gods wanted to kill them. So, Masau'u then became a friend to mankind and loyal to them. 

He then details further connections based on Masau'u and the Greek God Hermes, as they are both considered to be Psychopomps or guide the dead to the underworld. He also states this excerpt in pg 10: "The analogy between Masau'u and the Christian Devil has not escaped the Hopis, whether they were Traditionalist or Baptists, and the fancy was much to their taste besides...."

He also details how Masau'u would have a tail, to which would was dreaded by people, so he cut it and chop it into pieces and threw into the waters. This caused the chopped tails to become the fish of the Oceans. Then it also states this in pg 11: "...The speaker then turns suddenly from this fancy to a serious concern about the appearance about the God. "His feet are shaped like a man's but are about the length of a forearm. He is always black, shining black..."  

He then talks about the Masau'u encounter from Dr. Fewkes (Jesse W. Fewkes), to which the story seems pretty much like the Faustian concept. Pg 12: "..Nevertheless, however humane he may appear at times, he does wear a bloody mask  and is just the God of the dead." He then states that Masau'u "Kiva" or Shrine is based on the graveyard. 

(Above is Albert Einstein with the Hopi people)

Pg 13: "It has already been said that if you catch sight of Masau'u maybe portent of imminent death. Sometimes he works his power from a distance: "he is frightful; frightens people, and no one dares to disturb him. Merely to see him will frighten you. He will not shoot you, yet you will fall asleep. He emits a horrible stench. Consequently everyone is afraid of him." (There are specified groups who are exempt from fear of the sight of the God)

They detail that there is another god of the underworld called "Muingwa" or Alosaka the germinator, but generally they would detail Masau'u as the "Great Spirit". In pg 17 details Masau'u has the giver of fire and the one who taught the people the use of fire, as he is a god of fire. It states that he would always carries a blazing torch, which he uses to light his way in the dark. However, other statements detail that he may not have always been a God of fire, as one story states that this title had belonged to the "Spider woman", who would be the keeper of fire. One the same account details that he can't face the sunight due to his blindness. 

Then on the account of having a bloody head details that he would go hunting and hid his game in a "Swale north of Wapi". Then he was discovered by a group of hunters searching for rabbits, then in the state of surprise, had dashed madly into one direction and punctured his head upon a sharp rock. After repeating the same blind error in three directions, then his head became the bloody mask which is shown as his characteristic. It states that this god may not highly be elaborated in relation to fire, as observed from story and ceremony, but that depends on the person's perspective. 

Then in pg 19 details the fertility quality belonging to both Masau'u and Muingwa, though the Author states the former seems to have more relation to the fertility aspect. Then states in pg 20: "While Germinator is the God of vegetation, Masauu is a general fertility spirit.....The blood upon his head is literally that of rabbits, or perhaps formerly a deer which is to say that he is in a part a god of game animals." Pg 21: "...Nevertheless, he is male God with markedly phallic qualities- the slightly enlarged size, the head shaped like a squash, and the fact that before the emergence of the Hopis "Heard him walking around up there". 

Then details returning to the fire symbol, and the association with the "fire drill", and hence fire with the male element. He states that Robert Graves mentions why the God Hermes to became a fire God. "The invention of fire making was acribed to Hermes, because the twirling of the male drill in the female stock suggested phallic magic". Masauu also brought the fire to the people in the same fashion as the Greek God Hermes (pg 21).

Now, this is where things get more interesting. Here states this in pg 25 and 26 details the Hopis placing a heap of stone in the fashion of a "pillar". Here he states that they would ask Masauu to protect them along the way. In pg 26 states this excerpt: "Since the Greek god Hermes, whose name means "he of the stone heap", developed from the similar stone cairn which served as both a shrine and as a boundary marker, we are justified in looking for the alternate symbol, which is an upright stone post often called a "herma" in English." 

Let's see what the "Cairn" is on Wiki: "A cairn is a man-made pile (or stack) of stones. The word cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic: càrn [ˈkʰaːrˠn̪ˠ]. Cairns have been and are used for a broad variety of purposes, from prehistoric times to the present. In modern times, cairns are often erected as landmarks, a use they have had since ancient times. However, since prehistory, they have also been built and used as burial monuments; for defense and hunting; for ceremonial purposes, sometimes relating to astronomy; to locate buried items, such as caches of food or objects; and to mark trails, among other purposes. Cairns are used as trail markers in many parts of the world, in uplands, on moorland, on mountaintops, near waterways and on sea cliffs, as well as in barren deserts and tundras. They vary in size from small stone markers to entire artificial hills, and in complexity from loose conical rock piles to delicately balanced sculptures and elaborate feats of megalithic engineering. Cairns may be painted or otherwise decorated, whether for increased visibility or for religious reasons. An ancient example is the inuksuk (plural inuksuit), used by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region of North America. Inuksuit are found from Alaska to Greenland. This region, above the Arctic Circle, is dominated by the tundra biome and has areas with few natural landmarks."

He then states that these "Cairn" or "boundary stones" are also done by the Zuni people. And they the stone pillar would be two feet high. Based from Stephen's "Hopi Journal" in 1888 details two brothers, one at Shumo Pavi and Oraibi lands using certain field markings in the figure of Massau'u. The latter placed a monument here and agreed that if Shumopavi increased sufficiently to need more farming land, then the monument can be moved towards Oraibi. He states that the stone is depicted two feet tall. 

There is a similar stone marked with the head of Masau'u, commemorated the deity's original claim to the enire domain, boundaries and shrines erected to the South and North east corner. Now, let's see what Genesis details on the "heap of stone".

Genesis 31:52 “This heap be witness, and this pillar be witness, that I will not pass over this heap to thee, and that thou shalt not pass over this heap and this pillar unto me, for harm.”

Then in pg 27 states this: "The Traits of both Hermes and Masauu share looking backward over the material so far covered, and forward to two qualities yet to be discussed. The process which brings the bits together runs something like this: both are gods of the dead and the underworld; and are gods of fertility, and fertility, whether vegetable or human, is represented by Phallic images. These images may take the form of stone cairns or pillars which have a double purpose; they have a magical effect in fructifying the field by which they stand, and they may serve as a boundary marker......"

"In relation to the former idea is the concept of fire as a generating life principle, while the boundary marker is also subject to two ideas. After you have passed the boundary, or that your village, you are a traveler or a subject to the dangers that entails among which is the great possibility of death, a thought which brings the complex full circle and ends in the underworld where it began. The Phallic boundary stone may become a tombstone."

Again, let's now see what the Bible states.

Genesis 35:20 “And Jacob set a pillar upon her grave: that is the pillar of Rachel's grave unto this day.”

So, it's revealed the connection of the stone heap and the pillar going back to Jacob, as he made the pillar towards this God. 

Now, this is very interesting and starts to connect the American Indian tribes to them being the Aryan people. Based from this author's detail on the stone heap, the fire drill, and the fertility symbolism, all belonging to the God Masau'u. This shows that the Phallic festival in Japan detailing the Priestess stating how this symbol belongs to the "God that made fire", altogether connects to this God as the one that Jacob saw. 

Here is a story in pg 73, detailing a man name Don who dies and goes into the underworld, but is pursued by Masau'u: "...And now "when I peered down I saw a gruesome creature in the shape of a man climbing the cliff. He was taking long strides with his shining legs and big feet; an old tattered rag of a blanket was flying from his shoulder as he approached swiftly with club in hand. It was big, black, bloodied-headed Masau'u, the God of death coming to catch me...."

This is based on Masau'u trying to catch Don but is able to escape from his clutches. Now, this is where we start going deep based on these connections on Masauu to the God of the pillar in Jacob's dream. But first I want to address something from "Alosaka God" book by Jesse Walter Fewkes, detailing a Bird God. Here is an excerpt "THE BIRD-MAN IN THE SOYALURA: One of the most striking features of the rites of the Winter Solstice ceremony in the chief kiva is the personation, before an altar, of a Bird-man who is thought to represent a solar god. This episode at Walpi has been elsewhere described,’ but as at Oraibi it immediately precedes certain rites directly related to the Al‘dsaka cult, a few notes on the personation of the Bird-man in the latter pueblo will be introduced." (pg 527. This is most likely the Mayan "Kinich Ahau" and the Japanese "Fudo-Myoo/Acala" all relating to the Garuda bird)

Then here states some interesting excerpts based on the Phallus: pg 526 and 527 "The Hopi have another shrine at which they worship in the New-fire ceremony, but instead of an image this contains a log of silicified wood called Tuwapantumi, " Earth-altar-woman.''

"Exactly who this personage is, the author has not yet discovered, but it is instructive to know that among the Hopi totems which he obtained, one of the men gave as his signature a figure of a lizard, a circle representing the earth, and a horned human figure which was called Tuwaporzttimsi. As this figure recalls that of Alosaka, and as the shrine of the being it represents is visited at the same time as that of Talatumsi by priests guided by Alosaka, it is not impossible that Tuwapontumsi is connected with the Alosaka cult."

"A visit to this shrine was made by the two phallic societies, Tatatdkyamd and Wiiwiitcimtd, directly after the kindling of the new fire in the chief kiva at Walpi. They were led by a man personating AZisukn, and after praying at the shrine they marched in single file to the site of Old Walpi, on the terrace below the present pueblo, and encircled the mounds of this old habitation four times, sprinkling prayer-meal as their leader, Aldsaka, directed. This place is called a sl‘pnpd, and below it are thought to dwell the ancients. The prayers were addressed to the old men who have died. “ Down below us they dwell,” said an old priest. “There the ancients dwell,” said he, patting the ground with his foot.

“ We are now praying to them.” There are many facts which show the existence of ancestor worship atnong the Hopi, but the author never heard it stated more clearly by the priests than the night he accompanied the phallic societies to the ancient site of Walpi in the celebration of the New-fire ceremonies in November, I898."

Then based from the notes states this: "The two societies called the Tninzrki,amzZ and W~~wiifci~itd are termed phallic because they wear on their breasts, arms, and legs, figures of human phalli, and carry in their hands realistic representations of the external female organ of generation cut out of wood or watermelon rind...."

This speaks all to well on the Shiva lingam.......

Now, based from learning about the description of this God carrying a "fire drill", definitely connects to the Black God of the Navajos, and in turn does carry a fire drill in the same manner. In fact, both Gods are pretty much the same at this point, but what gets me is the description of this God. Here Masau'u is revealed to having a large oblong head in the shape of a squash, he is taller than a man, is known for the phallic stone, is considered to be black or "shining black", is said to have a tail, his foot is long as the forearm, is said to be frightening in appearance and smells really bad, to being bloody looking, and having face of a skull, thus coining the term "Skeleton God". 

Now, I have stated this is the Chapter "The Black God" and "Thoth is Enoch" that the Phallic stone worship is based on Baal, who is Dagon or Moloch.It seems that these human looking depiction are merely a soft approach to worshiping this God. The descriptions above shows Masau'u to somewhat resemble like that of a "Xenomorph", which is shown in a similar manner. When learning about the late H. R. Giger, I noticed that some of the influences seems to connect to H.P. Lovecraft's books like "Necronomicon", leading to the Book of the dead. It seems that a mere man wouldn't be compared to the frightening aspect being described as Masauu. Interesting enough, Giger's art embedded in the Alien movie in 1979 and Species, details the same biomechanical body type shown in the movies as they look like "skeletons". Then when I came across the Alien designs for the 1979 "Alien", it shows that the creature called the "Xenomorph" originally had the skull exposed, possibly revealing the Skeleton Lord concept.

Now, just to remind the reader, this book called "Pueblo Gods and Myths" by Hamilton A. Tyler was published in the year "1964", and not after 1979 to which the Movie "Alien" came out. Mind you it was published in 1964, and based from reading the rest shows that the information also came from other authors in mid to late 1800s to the early and mid 1900s. This shows that if the Hopi's knew about the pillar and the heap stone that was considered a monument towards this God, then of course, reveals that they are also the Aryans of the Bible, and are the descendants of Jacob, Isaac and Abraham. The American Indian God Masau'u is the Hindu God Shiva, and if this is the true description of this God, then it's no wonder that the true form must be made into a human image. This god is considered the Lord of the Underworld and has a connection to the Black Yeii and the Navajo Black God of fire who would be knonw as Siva..

This is most likely what Sadhguru had detailed in some of his lectures based on "Is Shiva an Alien?", and as well detailed further about mankind "suddenly" evolving into the modern man of today, as I had stated on the coming of the Black stone that fell from Mars to Antarctica, must have something to do with the two races that fought against each other. And state that the Ganas, to which are Shiva's friends, would have "limbs without bones", sounds like a Lovecraftian monster that even the minds of mankind can't even comprehend. 

Now, I also must address that even though the Author had stated the God Masau'u to being likened to the "Christianized Devil", thus connecting to Hermes, it becomes a fact that there are two beings called "Hermes", "Thoth", and "Enoch", as just one defeated the other. Based from understanding the "Pillar" shows that it's based on the Dragon God Osiris, who would be the Hindu God Shiva to having other epithets shown throughout the Mythologies. It seems at this point, people like "Howard P. Lovecraft" were like modern "Prophets" in the Science Fictional world, thus revealing that the fiction is only but a fragment of reality. 

Now, based from Hamilton's book would show the "humor" apsect of the God Masau'u, aside from the frightening aspect, also can appear as a "Friend". When I came across the "VladTV" interview with "Crunchy Black" from the group "Three 6 Mafia", he states that the apparent devil that Lil Nas X had shown in the video "Call me by your name", is not what the Devil is truly protrayed. He states that the Devil will appear to you in any form he wants, but not frightening the people shows that he has to hide his true look, because it's horrible looking. Interesting enough, the Music video from Lil Naz X's "Call me by your name" reveals the big headed black serpent with three eyes. The serpent is based on the Naga race, and the God with three eyes.

I'm not sure if people got the idea of the three eyed serpent reference, because even the late Credo Mutwa had talked about the Chitauri leader having three eyes. It's just like I had stated from the story of the Garuda battling the Naga. Then having to understand the Phallic symbol coming from Shiva, shows how much relations to the sex symbology relating to the serpent God in the video.

Now, one of the descriptions of the God Masau'u shows that he would emit a terrible smell, and based from this tells me the possible connections to the "Sulpur" smell from the Entities or Extraterrestrials. Based from the video called "Sulfur, Burnt Electric smell in Bigfoot, UFO, and Demonic reports indicate a supernatural Elements", details the connections between these Entities and this particular Sulfuric smell eminating from them.

There is a Documentary called "The Omega Conspiracy" to which details the UFO and Demonic connections, however, even though there are connections to which I can definitely agree on, but I start to see the propaganda being told by the Christians in this segment as they would state the Nephilim and Sons of God situation, to even the promotion of Christianity from God and the Occult from the devil.

First things first, they state that the Occult comes from the Devil, and yet, Christianity is full of Occultism all through out. There are people who don't even want to know the truth about the God of fire, nor the connections to the Brahmans and the Mongolian people, in which I find distasteful (and why History has been changed to fit the narrative of Christianity). It's one thing if a person doesn't know much of what's going, but when a person starts to say the Occult is based from the devil, while having no clue who or what these Christian symbols are based from, then they are lost unfortunately. When I started to learn about the Aryans being the Children of Israel, and who the Gods are and where they came from, then I start to see the apparent lies being told just to divert people from what's really going on. So, at this point I would say do your own research.....

Now, based from the Wiki states this on Sulfur: "Sulfur (in nontechnical British English: sulphur) is a chemical element with the symbol S and atomic number 16. It is abundant, multivalent and nonmetallic. Under normal conditions, sulfur atoms form cyclic octatomic molecules with a chemical formula S8. Elemental sulfur is a bright yellow, crystalline solid at room temperature."

"Sulfur is the tenth most common element by mass in the universe and the fifth most common on Earth. Though sometimes found in pure, native form, sulfur on Earth usually occurs as sulfide and sulfate minerals. Being abundant in native form, sulfur was known in ancient times, being mentioned for its uses in ancient India, ancient Greece, China, and Egypt. Historically and in literature sulfur is also called brimstone, which means "burning stone".

"Today, almost all elemental sulfur is produced as a byproduct of removing sulfur-containing contaminants from natural gas and petroleum. The greatest commercial use of the element is the production of sulfuric acid for sulfate and phosphate fertilizers, and other chemical processes. Sulfur is used in matches, insecticides, and fungicides."

"Many sulfur compounds are odoriferous, and the smells of odorized natural gas, skunk scent, grapefruit, and garlic are due to organosulfur compounds. Hydrogen sulfide gives the characteristic odor to rotting eggs and other biological processes. Sulfur is an essential element for all life, but almost always in the form of organosulfur compounds or metal sulfides. Three amino acids (cysteine, cystine, and methionine) and two vitamins (biotin and thiamine) are organosulfur compounds."

"Many cofactors also contain sulfur, including glutathione, thioredoxin, and iron–sulfur proteins. Disulfides, S–S bonds, confer mechanical strength and insolubility of the protein keratin, found in outer skin, hair, and feathers. Sulfur is one of the core chemical elements needed for biochemical functioning and is an elemental macronutrient for all living organisms."

Now, there is an Article detailing the Sulfuric Smell based from the website "" details this:

UFOs, Do they Smell? The Sulphur Enigma of Paranormal Visitation - by Terry Melanson ©, 2001:

"Witnesses of paranormal activities today and in centuries past have consistently encountered a common trait. Indeed, since the prophets of the bible spoke of the judgement of the Lord with fire and brimstone, has sulphur smells been associated with paranormal manifestations. The Greeks spoke of this as well. In the twelfth book of the Odyssey, Homer says: “Zeus thundered and hurled his bolt upon the ship and she quivered from stem to stern, smitten by the bolt of Zeus, and was filled with sulphurous smoke.” In the Iliad: “[Zeus] thundered horribly and dashed it to the ground in front of the horses of Diomedes, and a ghastly blaze of flaming sulphur shot up and the horses, terrified, both cringed away against the chariot.”

"This should not be a surprise as lightning was always known to be the cause of sulphur smells. Before we get into this aspect I would like, first of all, to list some phenomena that are sometimes accompanied with a pungent smell, likened to sulphur or ozone. The Tricksters: Of the Southwestern United States, Northern Mexico peyote ceremonies. Also in Celtic lore (fairies, gnomes, sylphs etc.) The Men in Black Sasquatch (Pacific Northwest), Yeti (Asia), The Skunk Ape (Southeastern U.S.), Momo (Missouri Monster) The Greek Gods of Mythology Succubi, Incubi, and various demonic manifestations during occult workings Poltergeist, ghosts, spirits etc. UFOs, Aliens, Space Brothers etc. The Chupacabra of Puerto Rico and South and Central America Lightning (this seems to be a clue of some sort, as UFOs are frequently see near powerlines of high voltage) As Pliny has said: “Lightning and thunder are attended with a strong smell of sulphur, and the light produced by them is of a sulphurous complexion.”

"With a small variation one could describe the modern paranormal phenomenon in similar fashion: “UFOs and most paranormal occurences are often attended with a strong smell of sulphur, and the light produced by them is of a high energy quality, accompanied with a sulphurous complexion.”

Jupiter of the Thunderbolt: "In Immanuel Velikovsky's unpublished work In the Beginning, there's a chapter called The Transmutation of Oxygen into Sulphur in which he tries to explain the origin of the sulphur smells of lightning and past stories such as the ones quoted above. Velikovsky informs us that "sulphur is one of the best insulators and static electricity, when accumulated on it, discharges in electrical sparks" and that electrical discharges produced without the help of sulphur are also accompanied by the smell of it."

"He talks about Benjamin Franklin's first experiments with lightning and electricity. Franklin also wrote to the Royal Society in London that both phenomena are attended by a sulphurous smell. Velikovsky suggests that sulphur is actually made from the air by the passage of an electrical discharge. This would seem to be the inevitable conclusion considering the evidence. However, in order for oxygen to be "transmuted" into sulphur, the amount of energy required would be staggering; when asked, in 1941, a colleague of Velikovsky's estimated an equivalent of two billion electron-volts."

"Today these kinds of energies are being produced(almost) in particle accelerators. A recent successful test with a one billion electron-volt beam of photons, being the closest. Perhaps once these scientists reach the 2 billion electron-volt mark, we can directly probe the mysteries of the paranormal. Could these paranormal events be the result of intelligences manifesting matter through dimensions? Certainly this would require a tremendous amount of energy. Then the tell tale sign of sulphur smells could be the effect of this energy 'entering' or 'exiting' our dimension."

Sulphur Lamps & UFOs - The Mystery Deepens: "There's a fascinating invention that went largely unnoticed when it appeared in 1994. On November 23rd a photo appeared in sulphur bulbsthe Western Australian newspaper called "The Sunday Times." It showed a small glass sphere on a long stalk next to a much larger-by-comparison commercial light bulb. Datelined "Washington", it read:

"This electrodless sulphur lamp, which blasts gas with microwaves to produce a bright white light much more cheaply than conventional bulbs, has been invented by Fusion Lighting Inc. for the Defence Department. One lamp can replace nearly 100 conventional high-intensity bulbs." Then again in the December 1995 edition of Popular Mechanics there's another small article on the "Solar 1000" sulphur bulbs..."Microwaves excite sulphur powder inside the bulbs hollow quartz sphere. The resulting glow resembles natural light, which is more aesthetically pleasing than that of many fluorescent or mercury-vapour bulbs."

"Researcher Dr. Simon Harvey-Wilson notes that these sulphur lamps have three features in common with UFOs. “Firstly, UFOs too are sometimes blindly bright, yet witnesses often report that this light seems different from the normal bright lights they encounter in their daily life. Perhaps the same technology is used to illuminate the outside of UFOs."

"Abductees also often report a puzzling, seemingly sourceless, light inside UFOs. Puzzling light sources are not limited to UFOs. Sometimes a bright paranormal light is seen around saints and mystics. Secondly, as well as being dazzlingly bright, some UFOs are known to give off powerful microwaves, which is just radiation or 'light' from that part of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls between infrared and very short radio waves. Microwaves from UFOs are sometimes pulsed, for reasons that we do not know."

"It has been suggested that this radiation maybe a product of the craft's propulsion, or some sort of defensive system. It may also be how some UFOs create the bright plasma field that surrounds them. Modern research has shown that microwaves can be used to affect the mind. This radiation might be used by UFOs as a form of camouflage to make witnesses 'see' the UFO as a less threatening object such as a cloud or helicopter; to prevent them from seeing the UFO at all; or to project a reassuring voice into the witness' head. Thirdly, UFOs, aliens, poltergeists, and even haunted houses, are occasionally associated with an offensive smell sometimes sulphurous in nature.”

"The Sulphur Enigma seems connected with high energy phenomena. The similarity of ball lightning and UFOs has been noted by researchers. Also plasmoid energy and electrical discharge have sulphuric qualities in common with the full range of paranormal manifestation. Transmutation of oxygen into sulphur, by high energy discharge, can't be discounted. With respect to UFOs, the quality of the light emitted in sightings has striking characteristics, similar to the mentioned sulphur bulbs."

"Microwave bombardment of sulphur, encased in quartz, is being studied. Might this research be in response to uncovered technologies? The sulphur aspect would certainly have been noted had clandestine research continued, in an unofficial sense, into the UFO phenomena. Putting aside the whole issue of crashed saucers and back-engineering, one could speculate that just by carefully observing and documenting; the sulphur aspect would, most assuredly, be noticed."

"These sulphur lamps being initially sponsored by the Department of Defence, could then be the first attempts at applying the "technology." “On a hot evening in August I was in my room busily editing copy for the October issue of Space Review when I thought I heard a board squeak in the attic just outside my door. I got up and went to the door to see if my stepfather might be walking about in the attic, looking for something. No light came from under the door, so I figured I had imagined the noise-until once again the odour of sulphur reached my nostrils. The odour was faint until I sat; as I did so, it became stronger."

"Kneeling to the floor I discovered it was even stronger there, so I supposed it had the characteristic of creeping along the floor, then rising until it reached the nostrils. Because it had always accompanied a visit from these strange beings, I could expect them shortly. I puzzled myself with the question of the odour. I had never asked about it, but would make a point to do so the first opportunity I had."

"... After the saucer had discharged its load, it moved along a track to a siding similar to a railroad yard, for many such tracks traversed this tunnel, and I had rubbed my eyes when I caught sight of so many saucers, all sitting on sidings with platforms for the occupants to use when entering and departing. In Earth terminology, I suppose this would be called an enormous saucer garage. The smell of sulphur lingered all about, and I wondered if this odour had anything to do with the fuel being employed.” - Albert K. Bender 1963, "Flying Saucers and the Three Men".

"(Mrs Evans reports seeing ‘about a dozen’ UFOs from Christmas 1978 to November 1979; three of these sightings would be classed as ‘CE1’.) A blood-like substance appears ‘out of thin air’ at her home. Also a ‘transparent, jelly-like’ substance. Strong smells – she, her husband and her neighbour see a small, yellowish cloud, accompanied by a strong smell of sulphur. On another occasion a strong, ‘overpowering’ smell of incense. Also smells of ‘zoo animals’ cages’ and ‘wet animal fur’. On two occasions when ‘something unusual’ passed over her head, she felt a ‘click, or tap, on [her] temples, rather like a tiny electric shock’."

"She finds out for the first time that her father is part Native American, her mother Celtic Welsh-Irish Romany. Her neighbour also sees a ‘figure’ in her own house. She almost burst into tears when Mrs Evans chided her about it. Another neighbour, at 3 am, saw a UFO ‘gliding’ down the road, reported it to the police. - Men In Black A Preliminary Report by Robert Bull Part 2 of a Series Of 3."

"The scent of a yowie In about 10% of yowie cases the creatures have exuded a mind-bogglingly foul stench. It can be bad enough to make a person vomit and the pongy pongids seem to be able to release the choking miasma at will. Usually the smell is compared to that of rotting meat, bat droppings or a "badly kept country dunny" but occasionally witnesses say the creatures left a distinct electrical smell "like burnt electrical wiring", "burnt bakelite", "a sulphury stink". Interestingly, in a very dramatic bigfoot/UFO case in Pennsylvania in 1973, witnesses described a strong smell of sulphur and burning rubber. - Myths & Monsters 2001 Conference:"

"Are the hairy giants flesh and blood -or are they psychic phenomena?' Tim Cassidy reported on a Jun 11, 1996, a creature from southern Indiana. Near Lake Monroe, the co-worker was on a night hike, and ran into a pungent odor, very sulphur-like, and their hair was on end."

"It is claimed that the Chupacabra is accompanied by an unusually strong scent of sulphur, not unlike the demonic creatures of folklore. Witness Madelyne Tolentino claimed, "it jumped like a kangaroo and smelled like sulfur." It has also been known, in some cases, to have supernatural strength. In one case, it allegedly tore a 16ft by 14ft iron gate off it's hinges to get to the animals. There has been rumor that the smell the creature emits is actually it's way of immobilizing the animals while it drains them of their blood. It is not only animals the creature is attacking, but also some humans. Angel Pulido, from Jalisco, reported getting bit by something that was "a giant bat which looked like a witch". Also in Mexico, Teodora Reyes showed marks which were supposedly caused by the claws of the chupacabra. -

Then based from the website "" states this: Sulfur: Sickening Smells and Paranormal Creatures Nick Redfern May 14, 2020:

"Today’s article is on the subject of sulfur and paranormal entities. The Encyclopedia Britannica states: “The combustion of sulfur had a role in Egyptian religious ceremonials as early as 4,000 years ago. ‘Fire and brimstone’ references in the Bible are related to sulfur, suggesting that ‘hell’s fires’ are fueled by sulfur. The beginnings of practical and industrial uses of sulfur are credited to the Egyptians, who used sulfur dioxide for bleaching cotton as early as 1600 BCE. Greek mythology includes sulfur chemistry: Homer tells of Odysseus’ use of sulfur dioxide to fumigate a chamber in which he had slain his wife’s suitors.”

"As strange as it may sound (or not…), there are numerous cases on file that tell of offensive odors in conjunction with paranormal encounters. Such a thing has even been connected to the UFO phenomenon and to strange creatures that fall into the category of Cryptozoology. It so happens that Albert Bender, who practically began the Men in Black mystery in the early 1950s, experienced this. Bender, after establishing the International Flying Saucer Bureau, was threatened by nothing less than a trio of pale, skinny, fedora-wearing MIB."

"Their visits which firmly set the scene for the decades of MIB-themed horror and mayhem that followed. Bender’s visitors were not secret-agents of government, however. He said they materialized in his bedroom – a converted attic in a creepy old house of Psycho proportions – amid an overpowering stench of sulfur. They were shadowy beings with demon-like, glowing eyes."

"As his research continued, Bender corresponded with a man named Harold Fulton. In 1952, Fulton was a sergeant in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. He established the New Zealand-based Civilian Saucer Investigation. It was an organization dedicated to investigating the UFO phenomenon. The CSI proved to be an extremely successful venture for Fulton: in less than a year, he had more than five hundred subscribers to his journal, which went by the title of Flying Saucers."

"It wasn’t long after the revelations concerning Albert Bender’s torturous encounters with the Men in Black surfaced that Fulton contacted Bender. A lengthy period of correspondence between the two duly followed. Indeed, Fulton had established a connection with numerous UFO researchers in the United States, including Gray Barker, who, in 1962, published Albert Bender’s MIB-themed book, Flying Saucers and the Three Men. It wasn’t long before the MIB got their claws into Fulton and turned his life upside down. Letters between Fulton and Bender make it very clear that Fulton was concerned that whatever it was that had got its grips into Bender was, by the summer of 1953, now doing exactly the same with him."

"Fulton told Bender that on several occasions he experienced in his home the very same overpowering odor of sulfur-meets-rotten-eggs Bender had talked about. Equally disturbing, Fulton began to see vague, shadowy, human-like figures out of his peripheral vision – and usually late at night, and always when he was engaged in his UFO research. Moving on, there’s the matter of Joshua Cutchin’s book, The Brimstone Deceit. It’s subtitle is: An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, and Monstorus Miasmas."

"The title of the book is as important as it is relevant. Indeed, brimstone, sulfur, and the smell of something not unlike rotten eggs all surface to a huge degree in Cutchin’s book – and spanning centuries. We are treated to an in-depth and excellent study of how, and under certain circumstances, the likes of sulfur and brimstone were so often became linked to the world of the paranormal – usually from a hostile, evil perspective. Sections in the book that will give you in-depth insight into this specific area are those titled “Sulfur and Hell,” “Sulfur and Satan,” and “Science of Sulfur.”

"John Keel, in the pages of his book, The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel wrote: “Several times each year tall, hairy creatures with red eyes are still seen throughout the United States and, in fact, throughout the world. Like many forms of chimeras, they are usually accompanied by the smell of rotten eggs – hydrogen sulfide. The ‘fire and brimstone’ of the ancients. The same odor frequently surrounds the fabled flying saucers and their space-suited pilots.”

"Andrew Griffin, of the Red Dirt Report, addresses this matter, too: “Even though Keel, who died in 2009, originally published The Eighth Tower in 1975, being reprinted by Anomalist Books in 2013, it is remarkable how contemporary the issues are and the questions raised. Keel long eschewed the nuts-and-bolts theories of visiting spacemen in solid, interplanetary craft. There was too much that was ‘ghostly’ about this perplexing phenomenon. Like the whole ‘rotten eggs’ and ‘sulfur’ aspect, which people in the Middle Ages (and today, to a certain extent) associate with demons, witches, trolls, swamp apes and whatnot.”

So, based from the etymology of "Brimstone" states this: "brimstone (n.) "sulfur in a solidified state," Old English brynstan, from brin- stem of brinnen "to burn" (from Proto-Germanic *brennan "to burn," from PIE root *gwher- "to heat, warm") + stan (see stone (n.)). In Middle English the first element also recorded as brem-, brom-, brum-, bren-, brin-, bron-, brun-, bern-, born-, burn-, burned-, and burnt-. Formerly "the mineral sulfur," now restricted to biblical usage. The Lord reynede vpon Sodom and Gomor brenstoon and fier. [Wycliff's rendition (1382) of Genesis xix.24] The Old Norse cognate compound brennusteinn meant "amber," as does German Bernstein.

I had stated if God had brought fire and "brimstone" to Sodom and Gomorrah, then how did this God acquire the means to do this? This raises so many questions as to these Entities are written down as "Angels" in the Bible, and how this gives further evidence of the different beings visiting the Earth and their involvement with mankind.