Garden of Eden

Now, within all the mythological stand points, we are told of the forces of good fighting the forces of evil. Whether it is from Hinduism, Norse, Greco-Roman, Sumerian, Chinese and Meso-American etc. They would all have relations and concepts of the battles of the forces of light and the forces of darkness, before the coming of the Bible, the Quran as well as other books. In all religions, everyone has a basis of right and wrong, good and evil, light and dark. The consciousness within yourself is like your true self, for everyone is born with this. It will tell you what you did wrong and will nudge you to do the right thing, which is up to the individual of course.

Now within the world of Christianity, I would always get the sermons of who the devil is and what’s going on in the world to the doctrines of seeing the devil’s work being done from the control of Government, human trafficking, population control with chemicals and the practice of witchcraft. But when I came out of these organizations, I started to realize that from all the preaching and lecturing in all these churches, mosques etc., the devil has always been among them from the start. The subtlety of holy temples or churches stating how evil is occurring in the outside world when those things are currently happening within the grounds of those "supposed" places of refuge. As I mentioned previously, there are those who are trying to find the truth, but that is only a step to the understanding phase.

In fact, as much as these cults and religions present themselves as different from the others, I can see that we do have to be exposed to religion at some point. It’s like how do you know you’re improving if there are no such things as mistakes. So, the same goes for religion, for if we are not exposed to them, then how can we understand them. There are many stories dealing with a being or deity that was good and ends up being the devil at some point.

But I ask, is the one called the devil really the evil one? Or is he being viewed as evil only from another person’s point of view? Religion is no different than politics of course, for “whoever wins, the victor is the one who writes the history”. From Islam, to Christianity, Judaism and others can tell you of the fall of this particular being based upon their view point. But what if it wasn’t true? What if they are covering up something to keep the truth from the public? And the reason why I’m saying this is because well, we have the books, like the bible, the Quran, the Vedas etc. but based on how they teach us, it might not have happened in that order.

So how can we say that they have the light when they could be the darkness suppressing that light? I can say that you do need understand the darkness in order to know the light and to know the difference between the two. Like a flame in the darkness, and the moonlight in the night, you do have to understand the dark and the light on a different perspective. (Tree of knowledge of good and evil) For example, all through my life I’ve never wanted to go near anything dealing with the occult. I didn’t even understand what the word meant, until I asked The Creator to teach me and to show me the truth.

These were things that I needed to study from the differences of what Christians say to what the occult is all about. Then I see that even Jesus would often correspond himself as the light or the bright and morning star, which is Lucifer. Symbolically, he carried the torch to certain people to teach them the esoteric means of life, for he was that light that John the Baptist was confirming, and who would be of fire and of the holy spirit. The fire that lights up the darkness of the traditions and religions of men. Again, the Latin translation “religare” which is to bind and to fasten. To be bound by something which prevents you from becoming your true self? He didn’t come to just die on the cross, (if He did) but to bring the truth and understanding of the light. But I find most Christians recite “through his blood” we are forgiven, saved and healed. But even those Jews said “let his blood be upon us” after he was killed on the cross, so what’s the difference? The blood ideology seems cannibalistic if you think about it.

Now I know I gave my life to Jesus and I’ve also followed the same scenario, but as I came out religion I began to see that’s not what the “real” Jesus was teaching to people. The focus is not his blood, but his words, his actions and what he wanted us to do. Jesus was that light and was tearing down the darkness and that’s what these religions all are, which is the darkness. Like Jesus said “the vain repetitions of men.” He taught that we are supposed to have a relationship to The Creator and not to someone’s blood, nor the cross or the church. Many of the doctrines of Paul is embedded in many churches and people tend to defend them by quoting his words and his letters in the new testament.

What was Jesus teaching to the people? He said to follow the two greatest commandments with understanding. People think we are not under the law based from Paul’s doctrines and only having faith alone with Jesus is good enough. You cannot have faith without works, as stated by Jesus in the bible. Like I stated previously, it was about the understanding of the two greatest commandments that Jesus was showing.

If people think this is only physical, then it’s only from their point of view. But you can only tell about it but not “enforce” your opinions. Now the devil was supposed to have tempted Jesus by enticing him to bow down to him. (This story mirrors to the story of the Buddha overcoming the three temptations from Yama, the god of death.) This part of the story esoterically shows Jesus overcoming the carnal desires which comes in the form of the devil from within, which is lust, greed, vanity etc. Because he came into the body, he needed to learn how to overcome his ego; which is yoga or the science of self.

So, when he was teaching about the commandments he was showing that everything starts within you, and you must overcome yourself in order to understand God. Didn’t Jesus say that “Is it not written in the law, know ye are gods?” John 10:34. And Psalms 82:6 “I have said, know ye are gods and children of the most High…” It was in the law to understand one’s true self; otherwise you degrade yourself into the level of the carnal man, which is through your ego; Jesus was showing about the self which is the war between the spirit and the flesh.

He was also fighting against the established traditions of men who didn’t follow the commandments of their God. However, even though Jesus was teaching these things about the commandments, he had a goal to only gather the lost sheep, hence the Israelites. He often stated to not teach it to the gentiles but to their own people. (A very different scenario than coming to die on the cross for everybody)

But here is what I also find interesting, for Jesus had a disciple who was a Canaanite and yet Jesus indirectly calling a Canaanite woman a dog can be something of a contradiction to his own sayings. This is similar to Gandhi, the famous protester in India, because he was doing passive resistance against the British colonization; he however, was not for all the people of India, but for his own people. What does that mean “his own people?” That will be explained later, but like Gandhi, Jesus was actually for his own people and tried to gather them together, which didn’t pan out the way he wanted. Of course, the new testament is questionable due the numerous changes and inconsistencies, but from Jesus’ wisdom about the two greatest commandments, that is what yoga is all about. It can be called Prana, Chi, Vril or basically energy. My late Sufi Sheikh would say “you have to know yourself, before you know your Lord” and that is true.

Then it all boils down to understanding the commandments for God is love, and love is everywhere; because if God is everywhere and you hurt a person, then you are actually hurting “God” within that person, or specifically the cosmic energy of that person who is a part of you; namely the “Great spirit”.

Then the telling of the “born again” experience is merely the means to die before you die concept. Die before you die? Meaning you learn to die in the carnal state of your selfish desires and other weaknesses, and be reborn as the new man which is your true self; before your body dies in the physical. If you were to die in the state of hell and destruction on the physical plain, then you will go there, and if you were to die in the state of heaven and love then you will go there. Which is why Jesus would state “where is heaven and how do you get there?” For everything starts within. But that is just the way I understand it, of course people have other means or interpretation of the term “born again”.

The Eucharist, that is practiced by the Catholic and Protestant churches of eating the bread as the body of Christ and the wine or grape juice as the blood of Christ may seem esoteric in one’s understanding. But this practice is not something that Jesus would do even though it was done once. He states this as a message in the esoteric order of initiation, meaning when he said this quote “if you want to follow me you will have to partake of my blood and eat my flesh” to the congregation, he wanted to see who the real followers are, which is why he states “many are called, but few are chosen.” It was a sort of initiation process to his secret teachings and esotericism, and not an exoteric means to the public people. Because many people would follow him on his journey, he would test the people on purpose to see who is a true follower of his teachings.

For when he gives a parable to the public, he knows that his words are for the very few to understand. He would be called the Illuminated one, the initiator into understanding the light. So, as people would go to church and do this initiation, many will perceive it in their own perspective. But Jesus’ words were all about yoga, and when I say yoga, it is the science of learning about yourself. It is not an exercise by physical means but by spiritual means. Which is from within and not from the outside.

Jesus states call no man your father, for your father is One in heaven, even Christ. He states this to The Creator who created the heavens and the earth to be One where we come from. Because we are spiritual beings living the physical life, we won’t know it until we experience it and that’s life. But when you come out of the carnal state and go into the spirit, then you begin to “see” what Jesus was talking about. We have to be in the darkness to understand the darkness and then the light. That’s what the initiation to understanding of what’s within and all around us is all about.

Jesus didn’t come to establish a physical building, but to teach men about the spirit, for the temple is his body metaphorically speaking. Now people can state that the blood is spiritual, maybe so, it can mean many things, but one thing is you have to know what Jesus was teaching.

Now, who is the devil by any chance? Remember the meaning of the word devil which is to either be clever, mischievous, or wicked and cruel. To do evil or be an evil doer as well as to be energetic and smart. Now the word clever can be both good and evil. It’s how you use your cleverness, to use your wits which Jesus states “to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves”.

Now when the devil comes into mind we can get an idea of the red devil with a pitchfork or dragon like being. The devil can always be viewed with a negative connotation; for example, the Garden of Eden and the serpent can seem nothing new to people. We all know that through Christianity on the sermons of Satan are said of him to be in the form of the serpent and the one who caused the fall of Adam and Eve; and that his seed will have enmity against the women’s seed.

Now, it is easy to side with God on this subject because of the doctrine of the “spiritual fall” of Adam and Eve from eating the fruit on the tree. (And yes, I also went aboard that train as well at that time) But the popular question is, Why was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil there in the first place? I mean if the Lord God knows the beginning and the end, then why not stop Adam and Eve from eating it? Or stop the serpent from approaching them in the first place?

Then the Lord God could’ve saved Adam and Eve from the calamities coming to them. God could have prevented these things from happening, if He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient of course. But when you ask these questions most people would respond “that’s God’s will for it to happen”, or “you cannot question God” or “then He wouldn’t have send Jesus Christ to die for our sins.” Whether in Christianity, Islam and such, you should question these things. Even when Adam and Eve ate from the tree, the Lord God was walking in the Garden and was calling out to them saying “where art thou?” This doesn’t seem like a powerful being just from asking this question. And why would the Lord God say to Adam to not eat of the tree otherwise on the “day” that he eats of it he will die? Meaning the same day that he eats of it, he will die on that same day.

Now others may interpret it as the spiritual fall of man and woman, however, the dying in the spirit isn’t perceived very well when the Lord God said this after they ate of the tree in Genesis 3:22 “And the Lord God said, behold, the man has become as one of us to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree, and eat, and live forever.” Just by observing the word “us” also tells me that there was more than one god that was present, so like a council of gods were there.

Now in the scripture states that there are other gods and judging from their statement indicates that they are inferior than the Great spirit aspect. And they kick them out due to the fear of Adam and Eve becoming immortal like them. I mean, couldn’t the gods just reinstate their fall to the previous if they love their creation? And prior to that situation, it states that they were “naked” and they were not ashamed after they were created, until the serpent came and told them if they ate of the tree then they are not going to die, but have their eyes “opened” and be like gods knowing good and evil. It states in Chapter 3:6 “….and that it was pleasant to the “eyes”, and a tree to be desired to make one wise…” Now, judging from the scriptures and the word “open” tells me their eyes were closed, or in other words they were in the state of ignorance which connects to why the gods were afraid by their statement “they have become as one of us to know good and evil”. They just let the created being be in its own ignorant state by having them follow an order without them questioning their circumstances or reason. They just did as they are told, but due to the convenience of the serpent, telling them to take of the tree, in its allegorical sense; became “aware” with the truth of what’s going on. The gods were also very “aware” about their creations thinking and questioning, so they needed to put a stop it by making them leave the Garden.

Then on top of that they cursed the woman to have pain during labor and to be ruled over by man and Adam to work the fields all his days until he goes back into the ground from whence he came. And the serpent was cursed to eat the dust all the days of his life, and to have enmity towards the seed of the woman. The way the gods treated them tells you of their attitude against them and how they wanted them kept in an ignorant state; which makes them the evil ones and the serpent the good one. Thus the gods were very much “attached” to the tree of life because it kept them in an immortal state; esoterically speaking they believed that having this material object keeps them in power otherwise they wouldn’t be great without it. We need someone or something to make us feel great, even though it is an illusion and therefore we suffer.

This is no different than today’s society with their politics and religious dogmas flooding people's minds to keep people in a state of ignorance; for they are no different than those gods who told Adam and Eve to stay away from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Then it only takes someone to try and help you come out of the state of ignorance by sharing the light of understanding. This merely one layer from an onion on this perspective....