Alien Mysteries: Greys and Robots

In the Chapter, we will dive further into the esoteric knowledge about the Greys and their connections to the different movies like "Prometheus" and "Dark City". 

So, before we begin, what do people usually know about the Greys? Most sources state that they are usually the ones that abduct a person, most are commonly described the sameway, and are gernerally shown to extract human DNA for some cause of saving their race. It seems all to common, as these beings are said to be working with the Military in Area 51 (as some sources states, and from Bob Lazar's statement). I didn't really want to dive into the subject of the Grey's, but there are said to be a particular race bent on saving their own kind. I will tie this to Dr. Karla Turner's lectures, and her statements on these deceptions.

But let's what the Wiki states this about the Greys: "Grey aliens, also referred to as Zeta Reticulans, Roswell Greys, or Grays, are purported extraterrestrial beings. According to journalist C. D. B. Bryan, 73% of all reported alien encounters in the United States describe Grey aliens, a significantly higher proportion than other countries."

": 68  Such claims vary widely, but typically Greys are described as being human-like with small bodies with smooth, grey-colored skin; enlarged, hairless heads; and large, black eyes. The Barney and Betty Hill abduction claim, which purportedly took place in New Hampshire in 1961, popularized Grey aliens."

"Precursor figures have been described in science fiction and similar descriptions appeared in early accounts of the 1948 Aztec UFO Hoax and later accounts of the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. The Grey alien has emerged as an archetypal image of an intelligent nonhuman creature and extraterrestrial life in general, as well as an iconic trope of popular culture in the age of space exploration."

"Greys are typically depicted as grey-skinned, diminutive humanoid beings that possess reduced forms of, or completely lack, external human body parts such as noses, ears, or sex organs. Their bodies are usually depicted as being elongated, having a small chest, and lacking in muscular definition and visible skeletal structure. Their legs are depicted as being shorter and jointed differently from humans with limbs proportionally different from a human."

"Greys are depicted as having unusually large heads in proportion to their bodies with no hair on the body, and no noticeable outer ears or noses, sometimes with small openings or orifices for ears, nostrils, and mouths. In drawings, Greys are almost always shown with very large, opaque, black eyes. They are frequently described as shorter than average adult humans."

"The association between Grey aliens and Zeta Reticuli originated with the interpretation of a map drawn by Betty Hill by a schoolteacher named Marjorie Fish sometime in 1969. Betty Hill, under hypnosis, had claimed to have been shown a map that displayed the aliens' home system and nearby stars. Upon learning of this, Fish attempted to create a model from a drawing produced by Hill, eventually determining that the stars marked as the aliens' home were Zeta Reticuli, a binary star system."

"The origins of the Grey alien may go back to the late 19th century. In 1891, the novel Meda: A Tale of the Future was published by Kenneth Folingsby, in which the narrator encountered small, grey-skinned aliens with balloon-shaped heads. In 1893, H. G. Wells presented a description of humanity's future appearance in the article The Man of the Year Million, describing humans as having no mouths, noses, or hair, and with large heads. In 1895, Wells also depicted both the Morlocks and the Eloi – successor species to humanity – in very similar terms, in the novel The Time Machine."

"In 1933, the Swedish novelist Gustav Sandgren, using the pen name Gabriel Linde, published a science fiction novel called Den okända faran ("The Unknown Danger"), in which he describes a race of extraterrestrials who wore clothes made of soft grey fabric and were short, with big bald heads, and large, dark, gleaming eyes. The novel, aimed at young readers, included illustrations of the imagined aliens. This description would become the template upon which the popular image of grey aliens is based."

"The archetype was further enforced by science fiction films: Earth vs. The Flying Saucers featured alien invaders very similar in appearance to the modern grey. The conception remained a niche subject until 1965, when newspaper reports of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction made the archetype famous. The alleged abductees, Betty and Barney Hill, claimed that in 1961, humanoid alien beings with grayish skin had abducted them and taken them to a flying saucer."

"In his 1990 article "Entirely Unpredisposed", Martin Kottmeyer suggested that Barney's memories revealed under hypnosis might have been influenced by an episode of the science-fiction television show The Outer Limits titled "The Bellero Shield", which was broadcast 12 days before Barney's first hypnotic session."

"The episode featured an extraterrestrial with large eyes, who says, "In all the universes, in all the unities beyond the universes, all who have eyes have eyes that speak." The report from the regression featured a scenario that was in some respects similar to the television show. In part, Kottmeyer wrote: Wraparound eyes are an extreme rarity in science fiction films. I know of only one instance."

"They appeared on the alien of an episode of an old TV series The Outer Limits entitled "The Bellero Shield." A person familiar with Barney's sketch in "The Interrupted Journey" and the sketch done in collaboration with the artist David Baker will find a "frisson" of "déjà vu" creeping up his spine when seeing this episode. The resemblance is much abetted by an absence of ears, hair, and nose on both aliens. Could it be by chance?"

"Consider this: Barney first described and drew the wraparound eyes during the hypnosis session dated 22 February 1964. "The Bellero Shield" was first broadcast on 10 February 1964. Only twelve days separate the two instances."

"If the identification is admitted, the commonness of wraparound eyes in the abduction literature falls to cultural forces. — Martin Kottmeyer, Entirely Unpredisposed: The Cultural Background of UFO Reports Carl Sagan echoed Kottmeyer's suspicions in his 1997 book, The Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, where Invaders from Mars was cited as another potential inspiration."

"Depictions of grey aliens went on to appear in a number of films and television shows, such as the benevolent aliens in the 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. During the early 1980s, Greys were linked to the alleged crash-landing of a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947."

"A number of publications contained statements from individuals who claimed to have seen the U.S. military handling a number of unusually proportioned, bald, child-sized beings. These individuals claimed, during and after the incident, that the beings had oversized heads and slanted eyes, but scant other distinguishable facial features. In 1987, novelist Whitley Strieber published the book Communion, which, unlike his previous works, was categorized as nonfiction, and in which he describes a number of close encounters he alleges to have experienced with Greys and other extraterrestrial beings."

"The book became a New York Times bestseller, and New Line Cinema released a 1989 film adaption that starred Christopher Walken as Strieber. In 1988, Christophe Dechavanne interviewed the French science-fiction writer and ufologist Jimmy Guieu during a weekly French TV Live Show, which at the time was entitled "Ciel, mon mardi !". It was broadcast by TF1, one of the three national TV channels in France."

"Besides mentioning Majestic 12, Jimmy Guieu described the existence of what he called "the little greys", which later on became better known in French under the name: les Petits-Gris. In the early 1990s, Guieu wrote two docudramas, using as a plot the Grey aliens / Majestic-12 conspiracy theory as described by John Lear and Milton William Cooper: the series "E.B.E." (for "Extraterrestrial Biological Entity"): E.B.E.: Alerte rouge (first part) (1990) and E.B.E.: L'entité noire d'Andamooka (second part) (1991)"

"During the 1990s, popular culture began to increasingly link Greys to a number of military-industrial complex and New World Order conspiracy theories. A well-known example of this occurring as a form of entertainment was the FOX television series The X-Files, which first aired in 1993. It combined the quest to find proof of the existence of Grey-like extraterrestrials with a number of UFO conspiracy theory subplots, to form its primary story arc."

"Other notable examples include the X-COM video game franchise (where they are called "Sectoids"), Dark Skies, first broadcast in 1996, which expanded upon the MJ-12 conspiracy, and Stargate SG-1, which in the 1998 episode "Thor's Chariot" introduced the Asgard, a race of benevolent Greys who visited ancient Earth masquerading as characters from Norse mythology. Greys, referred to as "visitors", appear in two episodes of South Park, and Roger Smith, a regular character on the animated comedy series American Dad! since its debut in 2005, is a Grey-like alien."

"On Babylon 5, the Greys were referred to as the "Vree", and depicted as being allies and trade partners of 23rd-century Earth. In 1995, filmmaker Ray Santilli claimed to have obtained 22 reels of 16 mm film that depicted the autopsy of a "real" Grey supposedly recovered from the site of the 1947 incident in Roswell. In 2006, though, Santilli announced that the film was not original, but was instead a "reconstruction" created after the original film was found to have degraded."

"He maintained that a real Grey had been found and autopsied on camera in 1947, and that the footage released to the public contained a percentage of that original footage. The 2011 film Paul tells the story of a Grey who attributes the Greys' frequent presence in science-fiction pop culture to the US government deliberately inserting the stereotypical Grey alien image into mainstream media so that if humanity came into contact with Paul's species, no immediate shock would occur as to their appearance."

In close encounter claims and ufology: "Greys are often involved in alien abduction claims. Among reports of alien encounters, Greys make up about 50% in Australia, 73% in the United States, 48% in continental Europe, and around 125 in the United Kingdom.: 68  These reports include two distinct groups of Greys that differ in height."

": 74  Abduction claims are often described as extremely traumatic, similar to an abduction by humans or even a sexual assault in the level of trauma and distress. The emotional impact of perceived abductions can be as great as that of combat, sexual abuse, and other traumatic events. The eyes are often a focus of abduction claims, which often describe a Grey staring into the eyes of an abductee when conducting mental procedures. This staring is claimed to induce hallucinogenic states or directly provoke different emotions."

Psychocultural expression of intelligence Neurologist: "Steven Novella proposes that Grey aliens are a byproduct of the human imagination, with the Greys' most distinctive features representing everything that modern humans traditionally link with intelligence. "The aliens, however, do not just appear as humans, they appear like humans with those traits we psychologically associate with intelligence."

The "Mother Hypothesis": "In 2005, Frederick V. Malmstrom, writing in Skeptic magazine, volume 11, issue 4, presents his idea that Greys are actually residual memories of early childhood development. Malmstrom reconstructs the face of a Grey through transformation of a mother's face based on our best understanding of early-childhood sensation and perception."

"Malmstrom's study offers another alternative to the existence of Greys, the intense instinctive response many people experience when presented an image of a Grey, and the act of regression hypnosis and recovered-memory therapy in "recovering" memories of alien abduction experiences, along with their common themes."

"It has also be proposed that the "Greys" are actually distorted memories of traumatic experiences, faded with time, especially according to studies by Malmstrom and similar researchers. "It's easier to imagine being abducted by alien creatures than to face the traumatic memories of being bullied by peers or assaulted by an aggressive man."

Evolutionary implausibility: "According to biologist Jack Cohen, the typical image of a Grey, assuming that it would have evolved from a world with different environmental and ecological conditions from Earth, is too physiologically similar to a human to be credible as a representation of an alien."

Conspiracy theories: "Some conspiracy theorists believe that Greys represent part of a government-led disinformation or plausible deniability campaign, or that they are a product of government mind-control experiments."

Now, let's see the website "" states this: Grey Aliens: The Untold Truth By scarenormal:

"Zeta Reticulans, Zetans or how we call them ‘Greys’ are one of the most popular and widely recognized alien species in the world. Grey aliens have appeared in many popular films and television shows for decades. The 1947 Roswell Crash brought these aliens to the public eye, bringing about an obsession with these beings. Grey aliens are an extraterrestrial species that are described as having big black almond shaped eyes, a rather large head, small mouth, short stature ranging from 3-6 feet, long arms reaching beyond the knee and smooth grey skin."

"According to researcher C.D.B. Bryan, about 43 percent of the alien encounters in the US are Grey aliens. These extraterrestrial beings are easily recognized since they’re completely imbedded in modern culture. Where did these aliens come from you may ask? Here are all the important details you need to about the Greys."

Where Did Greys Originate From? "It is believed that the Grey aliens originated from the Zeta Reticuli system according to Barney and Betty Hill and their encounter with the Greys. This star system is 40 light years away from earth. The Greys worship science over spirituality and they tried to play God and out of their own fault, refused to evolve in consciousness which is the nature order in development as a species."

"They then altered their DNA; While they maximized certain abilities such as increased intellect, telepathy and telekinesis this later proved to be a grand error for their species as a whole. They altered their own genome to the point that in only two generations could no longer procreate."

"After realizing this, their species dedicated everything to repair the damage done. The Greys now procreate by cloning. However, this method strayed the species even further from God consciousness. God consciousness is needed in order to ascend to further consciousness. It is believed that the Grey aliens have been in existence on earth for many years now and are a dying species."

Physical Characteristics of Greys: Large Black Eyes: "Despite their attempt to refresh their genetic makeup and adapt to our planet, the Greys have striking large black almond-shaped eyes. Those who have encountered them say that their eyes lack pupils or irises. It is described as looking into something that is void of any soul. Large Head: Unlike normal humans, the Greys have an extraordinary head that is much bigger than that of a human being. They also have an abnormal muscular structure and elongated arms. The nose, ears and mouth of these aliens are nearly nonexistent."

Skin: "The Greys are characterized by a smooth gray color skin, although there are reports that some have a bluish gray skin while others have a tan, beige and even white skin."

Size: "The Greys have a height of 3 to 6 feet tall. Their status is reflected by their height and skin color. Reproduction: It is believed that the Greys are sexless beings. They repopulate via cloning technology. Brain: They possess swarm intelligence or what is popularly known as a hive mind. The Greys are considered the fourth density beings. The follow a decentralized, self-organized command system."

What’s The History With Greys and Humanity? "The history between the Greys and Humanity goes back to the deal made during the ending of WW2. The Greys and the American government made a pact that the American government will received advanced technology in exchange that the Grey can be allowed to abduct humans. The Greys were housed in various underground bases, one notable base was called “Dulce Base”. The aliens conducted their research in the base away from harms way. The Greys would later violate the pact by abducting more humans than initially anticipated and this created a war with the aliens that would later be known as the ‘Battle of Dulce Base’.

Types of Grey Aliens: "The Slave Greys Some UFO experts believe that Grey aliens were a slave race created by the powerful Draco Reptilians."

"The purpose for the Greys was to harvest the “negative energy” of other races. It is reported that the Greys revolted however and formed certain pacts with human governments. The Greys are a suppose dying race and need humans to continue their hybrid program to extend the life of their race."

The Good Greys: "These type of Greys have helped human civilizations establish a foothold in their environment. Encounters with these Greys have reported them behaving as kind of hippie like and have been protecting us from a invasion from the Draco Reptilians."

How Do Greys Come to Earth? "The Grey are said to have traveled to Earth in spherical, triangular shaped saucers. It is widely believed that the reason Greys come to Earth, is to experiment with the genetic makeup of humans and to have human/grey hybrids. The Greys are believed to abduct individuals and subject their captives to varies experiments."

Why Have Human/Grey Hybrids? "It is reported that Grey aliens are trying to create reproductive systems for themselves. But they also want something that cannot be created in a lab. A human soul; according to Kerner, Nigel and his book “Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls”. Grey aliens experiment on humans in order to replicate a human soul."

"These being are desperate to try and connect with this Godverse. And according to Nigel this special connection only forms at the beginning of the creation of our universe. The Greys don’t seem to understand that a creation, cloned being anything created by man and after the Big Bang has no access to eternal life. The created being has not connection to God because God didn’t create it."

Another theory actually gets heavily into spiritual means and goes back to the Luciferic rebellion; "Grey aliens cease to have any form of soul. Humans are born with a soul and that’s what’s needed in order to ascend to higher dimensions. The Greys and other aliens use human hybrids in order to try and cheat their way into higher dimensions."

Then there is the Movie called "Dark City", as it details people being put into a trance by a hidden force. Even they are depicted as pale looking humanoids as well. They are supposed to resemble the "Men in Black", to which the late John Keel had stated of one the categories called "Cadavers", as they are using decayed bodies to walk on the surface world. Based from the Wiki states this:

"Dark City is a 1998 neo-noir science fiction film directed by Alex Proyas and starring Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly, Richard O'Brien, and William Hurt. The screenplay was written by Proyas, Lem Dobbs, and David S. Goyer. Sewell plays John Murdoch, an amnesiac man who finds himself suspected of murder. Murdoch attempts to discover his true identity and clear his name while on the run from the police and a mysterious group known only as the "Strangers".

"Primarily shot at Fox Studios Australia, the film was jointly produced by New Line Cinema and Proyas' production company Mystery Clock Cinema, and distributed by the former for theatrical release. The film premiered in the United States on 27 February 1998, and was nominated for a Hugo Award for the Best Dramatic Presentation and six Saturn Awards. Concerned that the audience would not understand the film, the studio asked Proyas to add an explanatory voice-over narration to the introduction for the theatrical release."

"A director's cut was released in 2008, restoring and preserving Proyas' original artistic vision for the film. It received generally positive critics, even though it was a box office bomb. Roger Ebert expressed interest in this film and he appreciated its art direction, set design, cinematography, special effects and imagination. Some critics have noted its similarities and influence on the Matrix film series, whose first installment came out a year later."

"John Murdoch awakens in a hotel bathtub, suffering from amnesia. He receives a phone call from Dr. Daniel Schreber, who urges him to flee the hotel to evade a group of men who are after him. In the room, Murdoch discovers the corpse of a ritualistically murdered woman along with a bloody knife. He flees the scene, just as the group of pale men in trenchcoats (later identified as "the Strangers") arrive."

"Following clues, Murdoch learns his own name and finds out he has a wife named Emma; Police Inspector Frank Bumstead also wants Murdoch as a suspect in a series of murders committed around the city, though he cannot remember killing anybody. Pursued by the Strangers, Murdoch discovers that he has psychokinesis—the ability to alter reality at will—which the Strangers also possess, and refer to as "tuning".

"He manages to use these powers to escape from them. Murdoch explores the anachronistic city, where nobody seems to notice the perpetual nighttime. At midnight, he watches as everyone except himself falls asleep as the Strangers physically rearrange the city as well as change people's identities and memories."

"Murdoch learns that he came from a coastal town called Shell Beach: a town familiar to everyone, though nobody knows how to get there, and all of his attempts to do so are unsuccessful for varying reasons. Meanwhile, the Strangers inject one of their men, Mr. Hand, with memories intended for Murdoch in an attempt to predict his movements and track him down."

"Inspector Bumstead eventually catches Murdoch, acknowledging that Murdoch is most likely innocent, and by then has his own misgivings about the nature of the city. They confront Schreber, who explains that the Strangers are extraterrestrials who use corpses as their hosts. Having a hive mind, the Strangers are experimenting with humans to analyze their individuality, hoping that some insight might be revealed that will help their own race survive."

"Schreber reveals that Murdoch is an anomaly who inadvertently awoke when Schreber was in the middle of imprinting his latest identity as a murderer. The three embark to find Shell Beach, but it exists only as a poster on a wall at the edge of the city. Frustrated, Murdoch and Bumstead break through the wall, revealing outer space. The men are confronted by the Strangers, including Mr. Hand, who holds Emma hostage. In the ensuing fight, Bumstead and one of the Strangers fall through the hole into space, revealing the city as a deep space habitat surrounded by a force field."

"The Strangers bring Murdoch to their home beneath the city and force Schreber to imprint Murdoch with their collective memory, believing Murdoch to be the culmination of their experiments. Schreber betrays them by instead inserting false memories in Murdoch which artificially reestablish his childhood as years spent training and honing his tuning skills and learning about the Strangers and their machines. Murdoch awakens, fully realizing his skills."

"He frees himself and battles with the Strangers, defeating their leader Mr. Book in a psychokinetic fight high above the city. After learning from Schreber that Emma has been re-imprinted and cannot be restored, Murdoch exercises his new-found powers, amplified by the Strangers' machine, to create an actual Shell Beach by flooding the area within the force field with water and forming mountains and beaches. On his way to Shell Beach, Murdoch encounters a dying Mr. Hand and informs him that they have been searching in the wrong place—the mind—to understand humanity."

"Murdoch rotates the habitat toward the star it had been turned away from, and the city experiences sunlight for the first time. He opens a door leading out of the city, and steps out to view the sunrise. Beyond him is a pier, where he finds the woman he knew as Emma, now with new memories and a new identity as Anna. Murdoch reintroduces himself as they walk to Shell Beach, beginning their relationship anew."

Then based from the website "aliens.fandom" states this on the "Strangers": "The Strangers are an endangered parasitic alien species, that abducted humans and brought them to a city-like space station, experimenting on them in an attempt to prolong their life. The exact origins and biological nature of the Strangers are unknown, such as the name, location and ecology of their homeworld. Considering their dislike of light and aversion to water, it is likely that they were some sort of creature that resided underground on an arid planet or in otherwise arid climates, much like a desert."

"However, what is certain is that they are a highly intelligent parasitic species on the verge of extinction. The Strangers inhabit the dead human beings, using their physical forms to carry out their experiments. They're given the name Strangers by the few humans that know of their existence, symbolizing their alien and haunting behavior. As to how they came to Earth to abduct humans, there is no definite answer."

"Dr. Shreber, a human psychiatrist working for the Strangers, says that before they came, "There was darkness", which tacitly suggests a catastrophic phenomenon on Earth prior to the Strangers' arrival, either caused naturally or by the Strangers themselves. It is also unknown exactly when the Strangers abducted the humans, or how long the experimentation has been going on."

"The unnamed dark city is the primary setting of the film, and home to the Strangers and their experiments. The city itself is a controlled environment, an enclosed maze suspended in space, supported by great machines, meant to study the (independent) variable of memories and how they affect the (dependent) variable of human nature, particularly behavior, relationships and the phenomenon of the human soul."

"The Strangers believe the answer to prolonging their life lies in these unique characteristic of humans, indicative of their desire to be more like their subjects. The city is also devoid of sunlight and large water bodies, as the Strangers are photophobic and have a strong aversion towards water. Below the city The Strangers live below the city, which houses the great machines that control the environment as well as the base of operations where Dr. Schreber synthesizes memories, used as independent variables, to be injected into the humans subjects."

"Below the city is also where the Strangers communally meet to discuss their plans of experimentation. It is implied that there are hundreds of Strangers in the city, each with their own tasks with regards to the experiment, (i.e. manufacturing parts, rearranging people, etc.)" The Experiment: "The main experiment is for the Strangers to observe if people act a certain way according to their memory or are truly capable of acting out of volition."

"This, according to the Strangers, is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Human Soul, defined by the Strangers as the human’s capacity for individuality. Somewhere below the city, there is a giant clock and a giant globe-like machine both used by the Strangers as proponents in controlling time and the city landscape, respectively."

"The clock, when shut down, causes temporary comatose in all the subjects, (which could possibly indicate an initial chemical injection in the subjects that induces sleep at command). This gives the Strangers and Dr. Schreber time to rearrange peoples’ position and implant them with fabricated memories, creating new long-term memories, as part of the experiment."

"The unnamed globular structure is used to change the cityscape. The Strangers have an ability to Tune (see Biology, Abilities for more details). Collectively, they can Tune and focus all at once at the globular structure, whose changes reflect a change in the city, be it the erection of a new building or even the improvement in the layout of the room."

"They make physical changes in the city to be consistent with the changes in memory. Making all these major changes is known is as Tuning, which the Strangers actually do on a roughly 12 hour basis (due to the city residing in a permanent night, the Tuning ritual is preformed at 00:00/12:00 a.m. - which as mentioned, rather than 24 hours elapsing from the previous ritual, it takes merely 12)."

You can clearly see the resemblance of the pale white Engineers and the "Strangers". If the reader doesn't know, these movies are revealing the truth about "The Men in Black", and what they are really about. It's apparent that the movie "Men in Black", resembles the film "Dark City" in many ways and that is, they both put people to sleep and make them forget. They keep the people in the state of unawareness, thus keeping them docile. This is pretty much where the Movie "The Matrix" gets it's name from.

There are many connections to these Aliens inhabiting the dead bodies of the Men in Black (Cadavers), as they look like the Alien "face Huggers" in "Aliens". The Aliens inhabiting the "dead bodies" look like the face huggers, the Matrix robot creatures called "Sentinels", as they look like squid looking robots. Even the show on Cartoon network called "Infinity train", shows the very same robot called "The Steward". Perhaps there is a reason why the "Men in Black" could be manipulated by a hidden organism that seems to resemble these creatures.

There is a theme that the Engineers are said to be a "dying race", the Strangers from the movie "Dark city", are said to be a "dying race", then the Greys are also said to be a "dying race". Even the Engineers and the "Colonist" from the X-files movie (1998), are shown to have the "black goo" substance. So, based from the "Strangers" and the "Greys", states that they don't have souls, compared to the people of Earth. I will touch upon this topic later on.....

Then there is the movie called "The Hidden". Based from the Wiki states this: "The Hidden is a 1987 American science fiction horror film directed by Jack Sholder, written by Jim Kouf (under the pseudonym Bob Hunt), and released by New Line Cinema. It stars Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Nouri, along with Clu Gulager, Chris Mulkey, Ed O'Ross, Clarence Felder, Claudia Christian and Larry Cedar, and received mostly positive reviews. A sequel, The Hidden II, was directed by Seth Pinsker and released in 1993."

"Jack DeVries (Chris Mulkey), a quiet citizen with no criminal past, robs a Los Angeles Wells Fargo bank, kills all of the security guards inside, and leads the Los Angeles Police Department on a high-speed chase. The chase ends when DeVries encounters a police blockade overseen by Detective Thomas Beck (Michael Nouri). DeVries is shot several times, smashes through the blockade and crashes the Ferrari he is driving. DeVries is taken to a hospital, where a doctor informs Beck and his partner, Det. Cliff Willis (Ed O'Ross) that DeVries is not expected to survive the night."

"Upon his return to LAPD headquarters, Beck and his supervisor, Lt. John Masterson (Clarence Felder), meet FBI Special Agent Lloyd Gallagher (Kyle MacLachlan), who informs them that Beck has been assigned to work with Gallagher to track down DeVries. When told of DeVries's condition, Gallagher rushes off to the hospital. Meanwhile, at the hospital, DeVries suddenly awakens. Disconnecting his life-support equipment, he approaches the comatose man in the next bed, Jonathan P. Miller (William Boyett)."

"After DeVries forces Miller's mouth open, a slug-like alien emerges from DeVries' mouth and transfers itself into Miller's body. Gallagher arrives to find DeVries dead on the floor and Miller's bed abandoned. Gallagher tells Beck to put out an alert on Miller, but Beck refuses, because Miller has no criminal record. Miller goes to a record store where he beats the store's owner to death."

"He then goes to a car dealership, where he kills three men and steals a red Ferrari. He then visits a strip club, where the alien leaves Miller's body and takes over the body of a stripper named Brenda (Claudia Christian). Gallagher asks police to track Brenda when he sees her picture next to Miller's body. Brenda is then propositioned by a cat-caller, she accepts and follows him to his car. They proceed to have vehicular sex in a parking lot which results in his death. She then takes his car."

"Gallagher and Beck pursue her to a rooftop, where they mortally wound her in a gun battle. As Brenda dies, Gallagher points a strangely-shaped, alien weapon at her; however, she leaps from the roof. As Masterson arrives from his house to take charge of the scene, the alien transfers itself from Brenda's dying body to Masterson's dog."

"Frustrated by Gallagher's continuing refusal to explain the strange phenomenon of ordinary citizens turning into crazed killers, Beck arrests him and puts him in a jail cell. Beck soon learns that "Gallagher" is an imposter, impersonating the real agent Gallagher, who is dead."

"When Beck confronts "Gallagher" with this information, "Gallagher" tells him that he ("Gallagher") is an extraterrestrial lawman and that they are in fact pursuing an alien thrill killer who has the ability to take over human bodies. Beck dismisses the story as insane and leaves "Gallagher" incarcerated in a jail cell at the police station. Back at Masterson's house, the alien leaves the dog's body and enters Masterson."

"In the morning, Masterson goes to the police station and seizes a number of weapons, sparking a shootout between himself and the station's police officers as he attempts to track down "Gallagher". Convinced of "Gallagher's" story due to Masterson's immunity to excessive bullet wounds, Beck releases him from his cell, and the two confront Masterson."

"During the resulting shootout, Masterson confirms that "Gallagher" is an alien law enforcer named Alhague who has been pursuing the alien ever since it murdered his family and his partner on another planet. (When Alhague first came to Earth, he inhabited the body of Robert Stone—a park ranger—then assumed the identity of Lloyd Gallagher after the real Gallagher was killed in a fire.) Though Beck manages to stop Masterson, Alhague/Gallagher reveals that his weapon cannot kill the alien when it is inside a human body as the weapon does not work on human skin, thus requiring him to be present when it is transferring hosts."

"They are unable to stop the alien from abandoning Masterson's body for that of Beck's partner Willis, who then escapes the station. Using Willis' credentials, the alien tries to gain access to Senator Holt (John McCann), a likely presidential candidate, at the hotel where the senator is staying. Alhague/Gallagher and Beck follow Willis, and a shootout ensues between Beck and Willis, during which Beck is severely wounded. As Willis, the alien corners Senator Holt and enters his body before Alhague/Gallagher can stop him."

"Holt" then calls a press conference and announces his candidacy for the presidency. Alhague/Gallagher is forced to attack Holt in the middle of the press conference; though shot several times by the police and the senator's bodyguards, Alhague/Gallagher is able to get close enough to use a flamethrower on Holt. As the alien emerges from Holt's charred body shocking everybody, Alhague/Gallagher kills it with his weapon before himself collapsing." "Taken to the hospital where Beck is being treated, Alhague/Gallagher discovers that Beck is close to death. Witnessing the emotional suffering of Beck's wife and daughter, Alhague/Gallagher transfers his life force from Gallagher to Beck as Beck dies. When she sees her miraculously "recovered" father, Beck's daughter initially hesitates when he reaches out to her, but then smiles and takes his hand."

In the show "Stargate Sg1" details a race of symbiote creatures called "Goa'uld". Here is what the "" states on this topic:

"We have no right to play God, but neither do the Goa'uld. Now I know none of this seems real to you on paper, but trust me, they're pure evil." ―Daniel Jackson

"The Goa'uld (pronounced "Go-ah-oold" or sometimes "Goold") are an advance race of sentient symbiote beings that take over hosts, including humans and Unas. They originated on the planet designated P3X-888 and were known to be extremely egomaniacal due to their genetic memory and the adverse mental effects of the Sarcophagus technology. Goa'uld means "god" in the Goa'uld language. Races which did not serve them are completely destroyed without compromise or mercy whatsoever."

"Although the majority of them were parasitic, one-dimensionally genocidal, and megalomaniacal, with some cases (such as Cronus, and, to a lesser extent, Ra) apparently barely self-aware (living out the patterns of their behavior as they existed thousands of years ago), there were a few exceptions."

"Apophis at times showed an unusual amount of insight, lucidity, and tenacity for a Goa'uld, showing great resourcefulness in escaping from Sokar's imprisonment, which in turn allowed him to gain control over Sokar's forces and become a greater threat than before. Heru'ur was seen on the battlefield with his Jaffa as an active general, risking his own life alongside them rather than hiding behind them (as Ra in particular had done)."

"Ba'al was also able to survive the demise of the rest of the System Lords through being infinitely more flexible and adaptable than any of the others had been, even at times allying with SG-1 when he felt the situation warranted it. For a Goa'uld, gender appears to be a matter of choice, or persona, and is not always defined by the host; one example is Osiris occupying a female body. Goa'uld appear to a certain extent to be able to express and feel love for their mate, or to a lesser extent their children."

"However, the mating of two Goa'uld host creates a harcesis, an individual who, through Goa'uld genetic memory, possesses all the knowledge of the Goa'uld. With all the knowledge, a harcesis could easily jeopardize the Goa'uld power structure by simply sharing the fact that they are not gods and how their technology worked."

"For this reason, producing a harcesis was an unspoken taboo among Goa'uld, and if known to exist were hunted down and killed with impunity. At some point, a philosophical offshot was spawned by Egeria, a Goa'uld Queen and former mate of Ra, known as the Tok'ra, deriving their name from the Goa'uld words "tok", meaning "against" and the name of Ra, who only take volunteers as hosts, and do not suppress their minds, allowing both entities full consciousness and control over the same body and offense at being called a Goa'uld."

Does anyone remember the T.V. series called "Invasion: Earth" from 1998? Based from the Wiki states this: "Invasion: Earth is a BBC science fiction TV series. It was made in collaboration with the Sci Fi Channel, and released in 1998 as six fifty-minute episodes. Invasion: Earth is a dark science-fiction drama about the discovery of a planned invasion and conquest of Earth by a sinister race of inter-dimensional alien beings, and the efforts of a small NATO force who strive to counter the threat."

Episode 1: "The Last War" England 1944, during the height of the V-2 rocket blitz on England, an unidentified and notably non-German object crashes, devastating the suburb in which it falls. A bomb disposal team arrive on the scene, led by Lieutenant Charles Tyrell (Anton Lesser), a Cambridge Don and anthropologist, but while searching the scene the soldiers discover two of the crashed craft's occupants; one is shot dead by a soldier while attempting to flee the scene (much to Tyrell's dismay), while the other occupant falls out of the craft, badly injured by the crash."

"It soon becomes apparent that the occupants are not human, with their domed heads and speckled pale skin. Tyrell establishes a rapport with the survivor, just as Military Intelligence arrives. The action then moves to Scotland, 1998, and a joint Royal Air Force/NATO air force airfield. Flight Lieutenant Chris Drake (Vincent Regan) and his navigator, Flight Lieutenant Gerry Llewellyn (Stuart McQuarrie), are two Tornado aircrew scrambled to intercept an unidentified craft over the North Sea."

"During the ensuing encounter, both the airfield and the interceptors are seemingly attacked by a weapon that shuts off their power and disables all their instruments, so Drake impulsively acts against orders and shoots down the UFO. In the process, his own craft is damaged and he and Llewellyn must eject over the ocean."

"Drake is recovered alive but Llewellyn suffers serious injuries during ejection and dies in the sea before he can be rescued. The guilt-ridden Drake is grounded as a result of his hasty actions. At the same time, a local group of government-sponsored university students, who moonlight as amateur SETI watchers, pick up a strange transmission aimed at the far reaches of space."

"Led by Dr Amanda Tucker (Maggie O'Neill), the group comes to the conclusion that this is an extraterrestrial message. After hearing rumours of the UFO encounter, Tucker heads for Scotland, where she meets, and, after a fortuitous meeting, she joins forces with Drake. After uncovering some of the truth behind the recent events, they are reluctantly recruited by United States Air Force Major General David Reece (Fred Ward), who believes the transmission to be terrestrial rather than alien, to decipher its meaning."

"Meanwhile, RAF personnel race to hunt down and capture the downed UFO pilot and recover his craft. Equipped with alien technology, including a cloaking device, the pilot evades them (despite being wounded by a pursuers) but he finally stops a motorist, who takes him to hospital. Once located by the military and stripped of his strange garb and apparatus, the pilot is found to be none other than Tyrell, who refuses to communicate with his captors, even though they assume him to be a test pilot for a foreign nation's air force."

"Meanwhile, Tucker's associate, computer wiz Nick Shay (Paul J. Medford), discovers that the signal sent by the alien craft has in fact been intercepted and jammed by another force, and he suggests that they might be dealing with two distinct alien races who may be in conflict with each other."

Episode 2: "The Fourth Dimension" As NATO attempts to analyse the alien landing pod, the danger that Tyrell poses to Earth becomes apparent when, during examination, he is found to have a tracking device in his tooth. Before it can be removed, a strange portal opens, apparently attempting to capture him. During the ensuing gunfire, a policeman is killed, although the gunfight also reveals that the invaders, which the NATO team dub "nDs", are physical entities who can be harmed."

"Thinking that the enemy power is trying to rescue him, Tucker rips out Tyrell's tooth, but this allows the portal to home in on her instead and she and a number of RAF personnel are drawn into another portal, vanishing into the beyond. Tyrell is taken back to the airfield and interrogated, but reveals nothing. Major General Reece is open-minded as to the pilot's reasons, while his second-in-command, Squadron Leader Helen Knox (Phyllis Logan), angry that Tyrell may be a British traitor in the pay of a foreign power, orders his torture."

"A day later, Dr Tucker and the RAF personnel sucked into the portal are returned, suffering from terrible nightmares of being tortured by strange creatures. Attempts to press them further causes terrible seizures. During the night, the RAF personnel who were kidnapped by the nDs attempt to escape, killing their guards. All but one are recaptured, that being a NATO officer who is undergoing curious physiological changes, who manages to evade capture. Amanda, on the other hand, seems fine, although she's scratched the letters "nD" into her arm, leaving a wound that seems unable to heal."

Episode 3: "Only the Dead" Drake and Amanda, having come to the conclusion that their enemy is now extraterrestrial in origin, and that the kidnapping aliens are part of a third force unrelated to Tyrell's faction, investigate further, finally getting Tyrell to tell his story. He recounts that the alien survivor from 1944 was part of a peaceful race dubbed the "Echos", who have studied other planets."

"After being shot down during one of their surveys, the survivor is imprisoned in a mental hospital reserved for the handicapped offspring of the British elite. Tended to and studied by Tyrell, Allied high command is adamant that the traveller is the test-pilot of a V-2 rocket, chosen from the Nazi concentration camps due to his physical deformities. Tyrell is ordered to leave and the Echo eventually dies from ill-treatment, but not before giving Tyrell a key to alert other Echos to his presence."

"Tyrell, having lived with the Echos for more than 50 years, explains that the Echos are locked in a life-or-death struggle with an alien species (the "nDs"), a race of inter-dimensional beings who harvest organic matter in order to absorb it into their machines. The nDs exist in multiple dimensions, using portals to manipulate and interact with our own reality, although they cannot survive long in normal Earth space."

"Tyrell helps the RAF activate his craft and send a distress signal to the Echos. In response, a lone Echo lands in Scotland, bringing a message that its entire species has committed self-genocide rather than allow the nDs to harvest their race for their malignant ends. As a coup de grâce, Tyrell kills the last surviving Echo and explains that Dr Tucker was taken for a reason: she has been genetically changed in order to become half-human, half-nD, an overseer for the nDs' latest crop – humanity."

Episode 4: "The Fall of Man": The previously escaped NATO officer is running amok in the countryside. He drives to a reservoir some miles away, cuts his brachial artery and throws himself into the dam, where he bleeds to death. Meanwhile, Tucker and the RAF team use a signal device from the Echo escape pod as a lure to attract and capture an nD, but the attempt goes disastrously wrong, with the nD easily escaping from confinement, killing several personnel and destroying much of their equipment."

Episode 5: "The Battle More Costly" It becomes slowly apparent that the NATO officer found dead in the reservoir is part of a plan to infect a local town with an illness of alien origin. It also gradually becomes evident that the events in Scotland are part of a larger conspiracy designed by the nDs and only put in motion due to Tyrell's accidental landing on Earth. When the nDs again attempt to capture Tyrell, Drake is forced to shoot him as he is being dragged into the portal, to prevent him being taken alive."

"As the disease spreads through the townsfolk, portal kidnappings become more frequent, and the station personnel – ignored by their superiors and lacking reinforcements – attempt to hold off the vanguard of the nD invasion, racing to develop an experimental toxin which they hope will kill the nDs."

Episode 6: "The Shatterer of Worlds" The nDs are kidnapping the populace in order to use them as living batteries. An amorphous mountain of alien tentacles and design appears on the outskirts of Kirkhaven, and it begins expanding, swallowing up and absorbing all the surrounding organic matter and transporting it back to the nDs' home."

"The Earth forces attack the structure but soon discover that conventional weapons are powerless to damage or stop it. Wishing to atone for her earlier disbelief, Squadron Leader Knox flies a Tornado jet into the portal in order to carry out reconnaissance, but she does not return and she is presumably captured or killed."

"Aided by her growing self-awareness of the nD mindset, Amanda uses the data collected by Preston to discover a safe passage through the nD structure. With her guidance, Drake and Amanda fly into the structure to launch a missile directly into the portal, in the hope of causing a chain-reaction that will destroy it."

"The plan seems to work at first, and Drake's plane successfully escapes from the collapsing nD structure, but the joy of the Earth forces proves short-lived—within moments a new structure rises up in place of the first, expanding at an even greater rate."

"Amanda now realises that the plan has failed and that there are probably an infinite number of other nD structures which can be 'folded down' into normal space to replace any that are destroyed. With Earth's future in the balance, and the world finally paying attention, it becomes clear that the only chance is the use of ultimate force, so the Prime Minister authorises the detonation of a thermonuclear bomb to destroy all the organic matter in a 50-mile radius around the portal, in hopes that this will starve the nDs of raw materials and stop the portal from growing any larger."

"The defenders resolve that same tactic must be used again and again whenever a new portal appears, anywhere in the world. As Dr Tucker's transformation continues unabated despite all efforts, she walks out to stand in the kill zone as the bomber approaches and releases its weapon. The screen blurs to white, accompanied by the rumbling roar of a detonation, as the final credits roll."

Based from the website "" states this: Men in Black: Are They Biological Robots? Nick Redfern May 7, 2020: "In his excellent catalogue, “MIB Encounters,” Gareth Medway includes a story that suggests the Men in Black might be nothing less than biological robots. Before we get to the matter of the MIB being something far removed from the human race, let’s take a look at biological robots in today’s world of science. On January 13 of this year, the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper ran an article titled “Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots.”

"In part, the article stated: “Researchers in the US have created the first living machines by assembling cells from African clawed frogs into tiny robots that move around under their own steam. One of the most successful creations has two stumpy legs that propel it along on its ‘chest’."

"Another has a hole in the middle that researchers turned into a pouch so it could shimmy around with miniature payloads. ‘These are entirely new lifeforms. They have never before existed on Earth,’ said Michael Levin, the director of the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. ‘They are living, programmable organisms.'”

"Do the Men in Black fall into the category of those “programmable organisms”? Let’s have a look at what we know about the MIB. We’ll begin with that aforementioned story that Gareth Medway highlights. It reads as follows: “The Christiansen family of Wildwood, New Jersey, who had seen a UFO on 22 November 1966, were interviewed by ‘the strangest looking man I’ve ever seen,’ wearing a thin black coat, who introduced himself as ‘Tiny’ from the ‘Missing Heirs Bureau.’

"He spoke in a high, ‘tinny’ voice, in clipped words and phrases like a computer, ‘as if he were reciting everything from memory.’ His black trousers were too short, and ‘they could see a long thick green wire attached to the inside of his leg, it came up out of his socks and disappeared under his trousers.’ John Keel commented that he had not heard of this feature in other MIB cases: ‘Was Tiny wearing electric socks? Or was he a wired android operated by remote control?’ He departed in a black 1963 Cadillac.”

"Now, to the theme of this article. First and foremost, the MIB are nothing like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The MIB-themed movies were good fun. They still are. But, by presenting the Men in Black as the employees of a secret organization that wipes out dangerous aliens, the assumption is they are human. They are not. There are so many weird issues surrounding the real MIB phenomena. Those same issues strongly suggest the Men in Black are something else entirely."

"Over the years I have addressed more than a few different theories for what the MIB might be. The list includes time-travelers, Tulpas/thought-forms, demons, extraterrestrials, inter-dimensional creatures, and more. But, let’s stay focused on that biological robot angle."

"The fact is that the MIB do seem to act in a strange and robotic fashion. There is the matter of their skin. More than a few people who have been confronted by the Men in Black close-up have noticed something very strange. Eerie, in fact. In many cases, their faces appear to be plastic-like. Not unlike a nightmarish, hideous mannequin. Or a creepy old doll come to life."

"Moving on, Gareth Medway notes that the MIB talk in a very odd way. He mentioned they seem to recite “everything from memory.” I have several such cases in my files. In one case, the witness said the MIB appeared to have no actual understanding of what he/it was saying. The wording, the witness suspected, was programmed. On top of that, there’s the matter of the somewhat clumsy, jerky fashion of walking that the MIB have. Certainly, this is not described in every case, but there are more than a few such reports. Finally, there is the angle of food. Or, rather, from the perspective of the Men in Black, a distinct lack of food."

"That’s right: the MIB have a distinct aversion to food. They don’t even seem to know what food is. Perhaps, if the MIB are biological robots, they get their sustenance in a distinctly different way to us. None of this proves that the MIB are biological robots. But, specifically as an extremely controversial theory, it’s not a bad one."

Now, speaking of "robots", there is a significant story based from David Paulides "Missing 411", detailing how a child was abducted by the "Robot Grandma". Based from the website "downthechupacabrahole" details this: Little Boy in the Cave & His Robot Grandma [Missing 411] April 30, 2018

"For decades people have been disappearing from National Parks and forests under incredibly chilling circumstances. Author David Paulides, a former Los Angeles police officer, has painstakingly investigated this bizarre phenomenon for over nine years. Missing 411 is a book series which chronicles incidents which seem to defy all logic. Hundreds of unusual missing persons cases have been analyzed and share eerie similarities."

"Frequently the victims’ bodies are never recovered, other times they are found deceased in puzzlingly unexpected spots. Those lucky enough to survive have no recollection of the events that transpired. Thousands of strange vanishings have occurred and only a handful of individuals have surfaced with any memories intact. One such example is the mystifying case of a young California boy."

"On October 1, 2010, three-and-a-half-year-old ‘John Doe’ and his relatives were camping by a popular fly fishing location near Mount Shasta. Around 6:00 PM the child’s parents realized their son had suddenly gone missing. According to Mr. Doe, his youngster was ‘there one second and gone the next’. They scoured the area he had last been seen in complete panic-stricken horror. After hours of feverishly searching the little boy still had not turned up."

"Now desperate, the distraught father decided to call local police deputies and United States Forest Service officers. Rescue personnel combed the forest well into the night yet there was no sign of the toddler. Five hours after John had disappeared authorities found him laid down on the brush directly next to a trail that had been previously searched. He appeared to be in a dazed, semi-conscious state."

"Mr. and Mrs. Doe attributed this to exhaustion and were simply grateful their little one returned physically unharmed. Medical staff gave full clearance so the freshly reunited family were permitted to return home. Everyone’s lives quickly went back to normal. Yet only a few weeks later the small boy would share a disturbing tale about his terrifying ordeal."

"One day John’s grandmother Kathy, who is called “Kappy,” was playing with her grandson. Suddenly he looked towards her and said that he didn’t like the other Grandma Kappy. Confused, she asked him what exactly he meant. John explained that while he was lost in the woods he had been taken deep inside a mountainside cave by a woman he thought was Grandma Kappy."

"She led him into a cool, dark spider-infested room filled with motionless humanoid robots. Scattered across the floor were dusty purses, guns and various types of other weapons. As John anxiously faced his ‘grandparent’ he noticed an eerie light radiating from her head. In this moment he realized she was not his real granny. Kappy firmly instructed the boy to defecate on a piece of paper. When he refused she became increasingly agitated and repeatedly requested him to do so. Eventually the grandma-lookalike succumbed to frustration and moved onto a different topic." "Allegedly, she informed John that he had been planted in his mother’s womb and was actually from outer space. Shortly after this extraordinary account she took the boy back outside to a thicket and advised him to wait for help."

"Upon hearing this disturbing story, an outraged Kathy called her son and demanded to know what he was allowing her grandchild to watch on television. Mr. Doe lamented that he had heard an identical recollection only a few days prior. Initially the two chalked it up to an overactive imagination. Yet the more Kathy thought about it the more John’s story perplexed her."

"What kind of TV show would feature some of the ludicrous topics that the boy described? Even more chilling was the idea that she might have some kind of doppelgänger assuming her identity in order to abduct innocent victims. With those particular thoughts in mind, Kathy decided to share a haunting experience of her own. Only a year before she had gone on a camping trip within close proximity to where John’s ordeal occurred."

"In the morning she awoke face-down in dirt. Somehow she had been inexplicably removed from the sleeping bag within her tent and transferred a short distance away. Upon rousing, she felt an intense pain at the base of her neck. Two puncture wounds were present and the surrounding skin was red and inflamed. Another friend who accompanied her on the excursion suffered a matching affliction. The pair originally attributed these injuries to a possible spider bite."

"Both Kathy and her travel companion became violently ill. In fact, she was so sick that she could not even muster the strength to pack her things. Her mind raced as she desperately tried to recall what happened mere hours ago. Only one thing surfaced: glowing red eyes."

"While she was drifting into slumber she remembered seeing several creatures gazing through the darkness. At the time she assumed they were produced by a herd of deer. Following this traumatizing outing, Kathy felt completely drained of her creativity and emotions. Several months would pass before she felt like her old self again."

"Admittedly, Grandma Kappy would have dismissed her episode had John not come forward with his firsthand encounter. Legends and lore pertaining to Mount Shasta have existed throughout the centuries. Indigenous tribespeople chronicled a fallen race of prehistoric giants that were said to inhabit the region. Others claim beings known as Lemurians use local caves as entrances to an underground crystalline city called Telos. Some allege a large energetic vortex is present within the territory."

"In modern times there are many UFO and Bigfoot sightings reported. Each year twenty-six thousand visitors flock to this revered mountain from countries across the globe. There has been alarmingly high numbers of curious missing persons cases within this picturesque terrain. While John Doe’s incident seems unbelievable it’s important to consider the odd history and happenings afflicting the area. An open mind may be the only thing that will finally resolve this age-old mystery."

Then based from the website "" stated this: UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES Odd, Unexplained Disappearances Around Mount Shasta January 9, 2017 | A Strange Mystery | Paranormal, Strange Places:

"Mount Shasta is a volcano located at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California. At 14,179 feet, it is the second highest peak in the Cascades and the fifth highest in California. It is also the location of a number of strange and unexplained disappearances. The strange true story of a three year old child that was lost in the Shasta Forest for 5 hours is just one of the many strange things that have happened – He was “gone within a second” according to witnesses. Other campers were thought responsible, and questioned – but later that day the boy reappeared, and told a story not of this earth! He claimed he was abducted by a robot double of his grandmother, and taken to cave filled with spiders."

"A strange story, well it gets odder – The very same grandmother claims she woke up one morning face down in the dirt, having been removed from her tent and sleeping bag whilst camping at Mount Shasta When she woke, she had a puncture wound on the back of her head. She said she felt violently ill that morning, and felt strangely emotionless, so she thought she’d been bitten by a poisonous spider."

"She said she was with a friend who’d been sleeping in his separate camper, and he also woke up with a ‘bite’ on the back of his neck, and he felt ill as well. The only thing strange she could recall was seeing ‘red eyes’ shining through the trees in their flashlights night night before, which they thought were deer."

More strange things: "Coincidentally, two more bizarre incidents happened around Mount Shasta during the time period of the boy’s disappearance, in 2011. That same month, in September, a Los Angeles area man hiking the Pacific Crest Trail heard the beautiful singing of a female voice coming from the direction of Mount Shasta, and wandered off the trail to follow it, becoming lost in the woods."

"He claims he was abducted and taken to a dark chamber in a cave and stripped of all his clothing. A tall female with unnatural blue eyes and strange clothing appeared and gave him a ‘gift’ and secret information, which he declined to provide details of. He was reportedly lost for several weeks, and after surviving this ordeal, this person now believes he is the incarnation of a messianic Hindu god, and changed his name to ‘Lord Kalki’."

"Another Los Angeles area man was with a spiritual group of friends meditating up on the mountain on 11-11-2011, and decided to take off his shoes and hike up to the top of the mountain to place a rock on its summit. A storm blew in delaying search efforts, and his body was found the next day at 9,600 feet."

"It’s those aliens again!: "Mount Shasta is legendary for containing all kinds of local folklore about underground tunnels and ‘Hollow Earth’ type theories. These kinds of stories revolve around underground military installations and UFO bases, ancient tombs and caverns and cities buried beneath the mountain–a multi-dimensional city called ‘Telos’ is believed by many to reside beneath the mountain, inhabited by Lemurians who built a sanctuary beneath Mount Shasta after the downfall of their own civilization."

"An exhaustive list of all the stories of people who’ve claimed to be taken into the underground chambers and caverns beneath Mount Shasta would fill a lot of books, and extends well back into the late 1800’s. Sometimes people claim to venture into these subterranean regions voluntarily—at other times, not so voluntarily."

"In fact, stories like this extend even further back into history, to the Native American tribes who have inhabited this region for thousands of years. They talk about being able to travel in underground tunnels between southern Oregon, Mount Shasta, and the upper coasts of California and southern Oregon."

"Some tribes have admitted that the locations and entrances of these tunnels are a closely guarded secret which has never been shared with the outside world. The region surrounding Mount Shasta contains thousands of caves, the vast majority of which have never been explored."

Can this connect to the "Black Eyed Children phenomenon? Based from the website "" states this on the subject of "Black eyed Children": What Are Black-Eyed Children?

"Black Eyed Children is perhaps one of the most interesting urban legends in the world. Some reports show that there may have been sightings of Black Eyed Children since before Brian Bethels encounter. So, What Are Black Eyed Children? Black Eyed Children, also known as Black Eyed Kids (BEK) have a child-like or teenage appearance ranging between the ages of 6 and 16. The Black-Eyed Children have pale, chalkish skin, with soul-less black eyes."

"These children speak in monotone voices and are reportedly seen begging, hitchhiking and hoping a poor soul will pick them up and let them in. These children always ask if they can come in before entering the space. It’s reported that experiencers feel a sense of unexplained dread when in the presence of these children."

"If you encounter these kids at your doorstep, I advise you to ignore them, walk away and if you meet them on the streets, politely decline any requests they offer. If you would like to know more about where do Black Eyed Children (BEK) come from, notable characteristics or even the basic question are they evil? then stick around."

Where Do Black Eyed Children (BEK) Come From?

Ancient Iroquois Lore: "The origin of Black Eyed Kids is not quite clear. However, according to ancient Iroquois lore these kids are called “Otkon”. An Otkon is a term used to describe evil or negative entities that try to enter this dimension and try to possess the living."

"The Indians of Mohawk Valley believed that the evil power of Otkon was a entity that took the form of a reptilian humanoid. The Indians called this entity, the “Evil Minded One” and this entity would try to mate with unsuspecting woman. The result of the entity mating with the women was an offspring with soul less black eyes and pale, chalkish skin."

"The infant however, was killed at birth and burnt to prevent the infant from coming back to life; This was always done by the tribe elders and the infants never lived past two days. Children that would wander alone in the woods would be taken over by the “Evil Minded One” and come back to the tribe with soul less black eyes. It’s recorded that the kids infected with the evil energy have hostile intentions (ineversausageaplace)."

Brian Bethels Encounter: "The Urban Legend of the Black Eyed Children has been reposted many times online since the mid-1990s. Brian Bethel, an American blogger has reported meeting the first Black Eyed Kid in the summer of 1996 in Abilene, Texas. Brian confirmed the incident on a Ghost Hunter forum, two years later. He said that he was parked in front of a movie theater when two boys between the ages of 9 and 12, wearing hoodies knocked on his driver’s side car widow. Brian said he was gripped with unexplainable soul debilitating fear and he had no idea why. The kids told him that they wanted a ride home to get money to watch the “Mortal Kombat” movie that was playing at the theatre."

"Brian said that he was feeling an irrational fear that began to grow inside him. He said: “I had no reason to be frightened of the two boys, but sincerely, I was terribly frightened throughout this exchange”. Brian noted that the movie had already started and so there was no need of driving them home since by the time they would be back, the movie would have ended."

Notes On Black Eyed Children: "Most Black Eyed Kids legends and stories indicate that these kids can be found around streets, highways, residential homes. They usually stalk residents or passersby to cause psychological torture. On highways and streets, Black Eyed Kids have been said to appear as lost children. They only attack those who stop out of concern for them."

"Some people believe that Black Eyed Children are demons, while others claim that they are ghosts, vampires or practitioners of evil magic. Some people describe them as human/alien hybrids, while others say that they are kids playing some cruel pranks on people. Ancient cultures describe these entities as evil in nature."

What Are Some Notable Characteristics of Black Eyed Kids?

"The children look like ghostly children or early teens or younger. They have noticeable unnatural eyes that are pure black and are considered sinister in nature and are dangerous if you comply with them. Appear in Groups One of the most notable descriptions of Black Eyed Children according to most legends is that they appear in groups of two to four."

"These paranormal creatures resemble children between the ages of 6 and 16, with pure black eyes and pale, chalkish or bluish tinted skin. Wear Outdated Clothing Another notable characteristic of Black Eyed Children is that wear outdated clothes, or clothes that are not right for the current weather. For example, Brian Bethel, one of the people who have had a real encounter with Black Eyed Kids reported that the two boys who approached him in his car were wearing hoods, yet it was in the summer season."

"Demanding and Pushy Black Eyed Children tend to demand for a service or assistance. They talk in a commanding voice and they do not appear shy like normal human kids. These kids tend to appear unusually confident and usually speak with eloquence far above their normal age. They may approach you asking for a place to stay or ask you to give them a ride home."

Found in Deserted or Abandoned Places: "Black Eyed Children are usually found in deserted areas. The kids can also be found around streets, highways and residential homes. Anecdotal reports talk of them appearing at one’s doorstep either alone or in a pair. They usually appear at night and may knock on doors and windows asking to be let in."

Speak Rather Oddly: "Black eyed kids are said to speak with a voice that is far above their age. They usually use the mannerisms and speech patterns of an adult, and in most cases, they possess the voice of an adult. Some people say that these kids can also have a monotonous voice. They may also have high-pitched giggles. When seen outside a home, these kids will stop their play and stare at you. If possible, they will approach you and ask for a favor, e.g. a place to stay or a ride a home. they feed off your fear and get angry rather quickly."

"Those who report encountering Black Eyed Kids said that they felt immobilized with terror and they were not real human beings, although they had no explanation for this. They describe these children as being quick tempered when one realizes that their eyes are pitch black. When they are furious they tend to be pushy to get you to comply with their demands. Some people who have encountered Black Eyed Children say that they may be using some form of low-level mind control to them to accept their demands."

Are Black Eyed Children Evil? "Witnesses to Black Eyed Children have said that these being have an evil aura to them and they believe that they are demons who are asking for permission to enter into a human being in some way. The act of asking to be let into a house or a car is very reminiscent of having to invite a vampire into a home before it can enter. In addition, the fact that these kids can speak in a monotonous adult voice, speaks of their evil like characteristics. Other things that may prove that Black Eyed Kids are evil is that They can disrupt or affect electrical gadgets, exhibit psychic powers and the fact they have an aura that scares or disturbs animals."

Should I Let Black Eyed Children to Come In? "NO, DO NOT LET THEM IN, you should just leave them alone. People who have encountered the kids emphasize that Black Eyed Kids must be voluntarily accepted or invited into the car or house. It is however unspecified what happens if you comply with their demands. They described their experience with the kids as soul sucking entities; Black Eyed Kids are believed to be harbingers of ill will and personal doom. Thus, those who comply are more likely to face death."

Virginia Encounter: "One known account on what happens if you let them in is from a couple located in a rural town in Virginia. One day they heard a strange knock on their door at 2 AM. They opened the door to notice two kids asking to come in to use the phone. The wife had an inner feeling to not bring them in, but does anyway. She fixes up some hot cocoa when she overhears her husband talking to them."

"The husband asked where they came from and they respond quickly with, “our parents will be here soon”. The wife notices the pupils in their eyes as pitch black and she details that the kids noticed the fact that she was scared; They ask if they could use the restroom. Both head to the restroom and as the kids exited the room she asked her husband if he had seen their eyes, where he responds that he did see the eyes."

"As they were talking, her husband’s nose began to bleed despite never having them habitually. The power goes out in the house and the husband screaming in horror notices the kids standing at the end of the hallway which they reply with, “our parents are here”. As they left the house the couple looks outside to notice tall men about 6ft in black colored suits."

"As time passed the husband was diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer. And here’s were it gets really creepy. The kind of melanoma that the husband was diagnosed with mostly happens with people that commonly use tanning beds or are aggressively outside. As for the wife, she began to regularly suffer from dizzy spells, nosebleeds and other illnesses. Her advice is: Lock your doors, call the police and wait for the morning."

How To Protect Yourself Against Black Eyed Children: "If you are unlucky enough to encounter these kids, Always know that light is stronger than darkness. If you have a strong relationship with God, then these entities won’t dare to encounter you. Always keep your area free of negative energy. Evil is always attracted to anything negative, so always remain in high spirits as the entities feed off it. Also maintain a clean area."

Editor’s Notes: "I believe these entities to be demonic possessions of actual deceased people. But what’s also weird is how they are connected with the Men In Black."