Skinwalker Ranch: The Paranormal

Now, I will detail some interesting topics on the term "Skinwalker", leading to "Skinwalker Ranch", and makes some connections from there. But first, let's see what the Wiki states on the Skinwalker: "In Navajo culture, a skin-walker (Navajo: yee naaldlooshii) is a type of harmful witch who has the ability to turn into, possess, or disguise themselves as an animal. The term is never used for healers."

"In the Navajo language, yee naaldlooshii translates to "by means of it, it goes on all fours". While perhaps the most common variety seen in horror fiction by non-Navajo people, the yee naaldlooshii is one of several varieties of skin-walkers in Navajo culture; specifically, they are a type of 'ánti'įhnii."

"Navajo witches, including skin-walkers, represent the antithesis of Navajo cultural values. While community healers and cultural workers are known as medicine men and women, or by other positive, nurturing terms in the local, indigenous language, witches are seen as evil, performing twisted ceremonies and manipulating magic in a perversion of the good works medicine people traditionally perform."

"In order to practice their good works, traditional healers learn about both good and evil magic. Most can handle the responsibility, but some people can become corrupt and choose to become witches. The legend of the skin-walkers is not well understood outside of Navajo culture, mostly due to reluctance to discuss the subject with outsiders. Traditional Navajo people are reluctant to reveal skin-walker lore to non-Navajos, or to discuss it at all among those they do not trust."

"Adrienne Keene, Cherokee Nation activist and founder of the blog Native Appropriations, has written, "What happens when Rowling pulls this in, is we as Native people are now opened up to a barrage of questions about these beliefs and traditions...but these are not things that need or should be discussed by outsiders. At all. I'm sorry if that seems 'unfair', but that's how our cultures survive."

"Animals associated with witchcraft usually include tricksters such as the coyote; however, it may include other creatures, usually those associated with death or bad omens. They might also possess living animals or people and walk around in their bodies. Skin-walkers may be male or female. Skin-walker stories told among Navajo children may be complete life and death struggles that end in either skin-walker or Navajo killing the other, or partial encounter stories that end in a stalemate."

"Encounter stories may be composed as Navajo victory stories, with the skin-walkers approaching a hogan and being scared away. Non-Native interpretations of skin-walker stories typically take the form of partial encounter stories on the road, where the protagonist is temporarily vulnerable, but then escapes from the skin-walker in a way not traditionally seen in Navajo stories. Sometimes Navajo children take European folk stories and substitute skin-walkers for generic killers like The Hook."

Then based on the term "Skinwalker Ranch" states this: "Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, is a property located on approximately 512 acres (207 ha) southeast of Ballard, Utah, that is reputed to be the site of paranormal and UFO-related activities. Its name is taken from the skin-walker of Navajo legend concerning vengeful shamans."

"UFO reports in the Uintah Basin were publicized during the 1970s. Claims about the ranch first appeared in 1996 in the Salt Lake City, Utah, Deseret News, and later in the alternative weekly Las Vegas Mercury as a series of articles by investigative journalist George Knapp. These early stories detailed the claims of a family that allegedly experienced inexplicable and frightening events after they purchased and occupied the property."

"In 2005 Colm Kelleher and co-author George Knapp published a book in which they describe the ranch being acquired by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDSci) to study anecdotal sightings of UFOs, bigfoot-like creatures, crop circles, glowing orbs and poltergeist activity reported by its former owners. The ranch, located in west Uintah County bordering the Ute Indian Reservation, was popularly dubbed the UFO ranch due to its ostensible 50-year history of odd events said to have taken place there."

"According to Kelleher and Knapp, they saw or investigated evidence of close to 100 incidents that include vanishing and mutilated cattle, sightings of unidentified flying objects or orbs, large animals with piercing red eyes that they say were unscathed when struck by bullets, and invisible objects emitting destructive magnetic fields. Among those involved were retired US Army Colonel John B. Alexander who characterized the NIDSci effort as an attempt to get hard data using a "standard scientific approach". However, the investigators admitted to "difficulty obtaining evidence consistent with scientific publication".

"Cattle mutilations have been part of the folklore of the surrounding area for decades. When NIDSci founder Robert Bigelow purchased the ranch for $200,000, this was reportedly the result of his having been convinced by the stories of mutilations that included tales of strange lights and unusual impressions made in grass and soil told by the family of former ranch owner Terry Sherman."

"According to skeptical author Robert Sheaffer, "the 'phenomenon' at Skinwalker is almost certainly illusory. Not only was the yearslong monitoring of 'Skinwalker' by NIDS unable to obtain proof of anything unusual happening, but the people who owned the property prior to the Shermans, a family whose members lived there 60 years, deny that any mysterious 'phenomena' of any kind occurred there".

"Sheaffer says "the parsimonious explanation is that the supernatural claims about the ranch were made up by the Sherman family prior to selling it to the gullible Bigelow". Sheaffer wrote that many of the more extraordinary claims originated solely from Terry Sherman, who worked as a caretaker after the ranch was sold to Bigelow."

"In 1996, skeptic James Randi awarded Bigelow a Pigasus Award for funding the purchase of the ranch and for supporting John E. Mack's and Budd Hopkins' investigations. The award category designated Bigelow as "the funding organization that supported the most useless study of a supernatural, paranormal or occult".

"1934–1994 – Kenneth and Edith Myers 1994–1996 – Terry and Gwen Sherman 1996–2016 – Robert Bigelow 2016–present – Brandon Fugal, via Adamantium Holdings. In 2016, Bigelow sold Skinwalker Ranch for $4.5 million to Adamantium Holdings, a shell corporation of unknown origin."

"After this purchase, all roads leading to the ranch have been blocked, the perimeter secured and guarded by cameras and barbed wire, and surrounded by signs that aim to prevent people from approaching the ranch. In 2017, the name "Skinwalker Ranch" was filed for trademark through Justia Trademarks. The trademark was issued in 2018. In March 2020, Brandon Fugal, 46, a Utah real estate tycoon, announced that he is the owner of the ranch."

Now, of course there is the belief system of this area being cursed by a Navajo Shaman, but based from the previous "Galactic Warfare" Chapters, details that these beings were already here, even before mankind was put on this Earth. This is what  the Military Man had stated in Richard Hall's UFO NATO: Human mutilation cover up", as these "Extraterrestrials" were here on Earth before man was seeded here. Then from this statement shows that everything that I researched is confirmed, and that these Entities were the ones that AGNI had battled against, and have always been here. 

Now, based from the "Criticism" segment, details the former owners had made it up just to sell it to the gullible Bigelow. However, these experiences that the Sherman family had went through is also shown amongst their neighbors, and even the Navajo witnesses. A perfect example would be the Navajo Ranger Johnathan Dover and Stanley Milford, who have investigated these strange events, and even experienced them. 

There is also George Knapp's book called "Hunt for the Skinwalker", to which details the accounts of the Sherman family (pseudonym to "Gorman"). Here I will connect the dots between Johnathan Dover's version of the Skinwalker Ranch, and George Knapp's version, and as well other sources. 

Now, based from "Hunt for the Skinwalker", I had found something interesting that pertains to the Frremasonic connections to the "Buffalo Soldiers". On Chapter 3 called "The Basin" states some of tehse excerpts:

"When Benteen rode into what would eventually become Fort Duchesne, seventy-five battle-tested cavalrymen accompanied him. Every one of the seventy-five troopers was black, the legendary Buffalo Soldiers. The 150 or so white infantrymen who had marched into the area a few days earlier cheered the arrival of reinforcements. By some accounts, the Utes who witnessed the entrance of the new arrivals were less enthusiastic. The reputation of the Buffalo Soldiers preceded them."

"The legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers is well documented in history books. In the bloody campaigns of the Indian Wars in the late 1800s, approximately 20 percent of U.S. Cavalry troopers were African Americans. Native tribes dubbed them Buffalo Soldiers, in part because of a perceived resemblance between these dark-skinned, curly-haired warriors and the revered buffalo, and in part because of their prowess in battle and in the saddle."

"At least eighteen Congressional Medals of Honor were awarded to Buffalo Soldiers as a result of their actions in at least 177 armed engagements during the Indian Wars in the West. What isn’t widely known about the Buffalo Soldiers stationed at Fort Duchesne is that many, if not most, of them were Freemasons. This may not seem consistent with our current perception of Masons or Freemasons as mostly white, mostly upper-class captains of industry and politics, but it happens to be true. Freemasonry is a secret society that traces its roots back to ancient Egypt."

"The society first appeared in Europe in the 1300s after a predecessor, the Knights Templars, fell into official disfavor and was generally outlawed. The grandfather of today’s Freemasons made its public debut in London in the early 1700s and declared itself a fraternity whose mission was to promote charity and the improvement of society. However, its reliance on secret handshakes, secret ceremonies, its own sign language, and overt mystical symbolism has prompted centuries of suspicion by non-Masons."

"Critics of the society—and there are many, practically a society unto themselves—note that the early Freemason lodges in England were dominated by alchemists, astrologers, and students of the occult. The society’s history of absolute secrecy has given birth to generations of lurid speculation, including allegations that the Freemasons are servants of Lucifer."

"The Masons have done little in the centuries since to rid themselves of their perceived reputation as a festering cauldron of dark intrigues and the mystical arts. In America, many of the key figures in the formation of the republic were Masons, including Benjamin Franklin. (George Washington attended two or three meetings but wasn’t a cheerleader for the cause, whatever that cause might be.) American currency is plastered with Masonic symbols and slogans, largely because of the efforts of a thirty-third-degree Freemason named Franklin D. Roosevelt."

"Future president George H. W. Bush gained his entry to the club when, as a student at Yale, he was initiated into an alleged Freemason farm team known as the Skull and Bones Society, which accepts a maximum of fifteen new members each year, all of them male and all of them rich. Conspiracy theorists suspect that the Freemasons are adept in the mystical arts, that they have mastered certain supernatural abilities, and that they consider their upper-echelon members to be gods, beings who have achieved spiritual perfection."

"On a more mundane level, critics also allege that the Freemasons, or their alleged co-conspirators the Illuminati, the Trilateralists, and the Bilderbergers, are intent upon imposing a new world order, a one-world government, a system under which national interests are subservient to the greater planetary good, that is, “good” as determined by the Freemasons. This is one hell of an ambitious conspiracy theory."

"It seems so incongruous on the surface to presume any possible connection between black soldiers stationed at a remote outpost in Utah in the late 1800s and a secret, mystical society still bent on world domination in the early twenty-first century. Nonetheless, the Buffalo Soldiers of Fort Duchesne were full-fledged, ritual-practicing, secret-handshaking members of the world’s best- known, most influential, and most mysterious male fraternity."

"The soldiers of Fort Duchesne became Freemasons because of an emancipated slave named Prince Hall who emigrated from England to America and established African Lodge No. 1 in Boston on July 3, 1776, certainly a precipitous moment in American history. Although there are disputes about the legitimacy of this account, “Prince Hall Lodges” quickly multiplied in the new nation."

"One of those lodges was established in Texas in the mid-1800s, which is where it intersected with attachments of the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry, the Buffalo Soldiers. A few decades later, the Masonic seeds that had been planted by that frontier lodge in Texas found their way to a remote corner of Utah. The Utes who live in Fort Duchesne today are very familiar with the stories about the Buffalo Soldiers and their interest in Freemasonry. A patch of ground that once was designated as the graveyard for the Buffalo Soldiers has since been covered over with houses built for Ute tribe members."

"And that’s where things begin connecting to our story. “The one right at Turnkey, there is supposed be a graveyard right in there,” a former tribal police officer told us in an interview, “but still they built houses. When they built apartments, they built them right over top of that graveyard. Black soldiers, mostly black soldiers in there.. .My grandmother told me about that years ago.”

"The tale reeks of irony. After decades of spooky Hollywood stories about greedy Caucasians building housing developments over Indian burial grounds, thus unleashing hostile Native American poltergeists bent on revenge, is it possible that Indian opportunists may have disturbed the spirits of dead African-American soldiers who, in life, were steeped in mystical arts?"

"By building homes over a known graveyard, did the Utes awaken an unknown force that has since plagued them with ongoing appearances by unearthly beasts and other inexplicable phenomena? It’s a question tinged with superstition and sensationalism, but it’s one that some tribe members have asked themselves for years."

"When Congress designated the seven thousand acres of Ute land as part of the “public domain,” it inadvertently exempted that acreage from any official control or law enforcement. A bawdy collection of saloons and brothels quickly sprang up, and the soldiers of Fort Duchesne were among the most loyal customers, even though the so-called Duchesne Strip was officially off-limits to all military personnel."

"Outlaws like Butch Cassidy and Elzy Lay hid out in the strip since no lawmen had jurisdiction there. Soldiers, both black and white, drank and cavorted with miners, with outlaws, with prostitutes, and with Utes. As the soldiers returned to the fort following their drunken forays, they often passed by a ravine that became a handy spot for disposing of empty whiskey bottles."

"So many bottles were tossed into the ravine that it eventually earned the name Bottle Hollow, a term still used today. Bottle Hollow is now mostly covered by water. In 1970, the federal government authorized the creation of a reservoir on Ute land in partial repayment for the diversion of tribal waters for the Central Utah Water Project."

"Today the Bottle Hollow reservoir covers some 420 acres and is a popular fishing spot. The fact that Bottle Hollow almost directly abuts Skinwalker Ranch is not lost on the Utes or other local residents. The reservoir has a mysterious legacy of its own, one that seems inextricably linked to the ranch. The Utes have long believed that Bottle Hollow is inhabited by one or more large aquatic snakes, something akin to the sea serpent legends that are attached to other, much older bodies of water around the world."

"Eyewitness reports of serpent sightings in the reservoir date back almost to the time when Bottle Hollow was first filled with water. Obviously, the reservoir isn’t old enough to be inhabited by a Paleolithic oddity that somehow survived into modern times. But what are we to make of the statements made to us by several seemingly honest witnesses, people who didn’t want any public attention whatsoever?"

"One eyewitness is the same tribal police officer who told us about the graveyard of the Buffalo Soldiers. “We used to see things crawling around in the water that looked like giant snakes,” he told us. “[It] would swim straight down from the marina and go all the way down to the bottom end. You could see it on moonlit nights. I seen that, well, everybody, the other guys have seen that snake in there too.”

"Tribal police officers say an inordinate number of drowning cases have occurred in Bottle Hollow over the years, and at least some of them are unofficially attributed to the presence of the mystery snake. One case that was investigated by police involved the death of a Ute woman who was swimming at night with a male companion."

"Witnesses on the beach said the woman screamed that something in the water had grabbed her and was pulling her under. Her companion told officers that he dove under the water and grappled with a huge snake in an effort to free the woman, but she was dead by the time he got her back to the surface."

"Obviously, there are other potential explanations for what occurred that night, but the witnesses on the beach supported this version of the event and investigators took the report seriously. There are also numerous accounts of strange lights that have been seen entering and leaving the waters of Bottle Hollow."

"In 1998, a police officer told us that he saw a “large light” plunge into the middle of the reservoir and then quickly exit before flying away into the night sky. The witness did not remember whether the object made any kind of splashing sound during its entry or emergence from the dark water. In 2002, we interviewed four young Caucasian men who said they had recently been on the beach with their dates when a blue-white ball of light flew out of the darkness from the direction of the Gorman ranch."

"The glowing ball dove into the water just a few feet from the shore, then emerged seconds later. The mystery object had changed its shape while submerged, the witnesses said. From the original ball shape that entered the water, it emerged as something resembling a shimmering, maneuverable belt-shaped shaft of light."

"After performing a brief writhing aerial dance, the belt of light zipped away at a high rate of speed, hugging the ground before disappearing below the top of Skinwalker Ridge. After questioning the four men at length about their backgrounds and the sighting itself, we concluded that they were honestly describing the event to the best of their abilities."

"They certainly weren’t seeking publicity and requested that their names not be made public. One other salient point about the Buffalo Soldiers and the strange occurrences in the vicinity of this graveyard is worth mentioning. A geologic feature now known as Skinwalker Ridge contains an unusual carving, which was discovered by Tom Gorman and was later examined by the scientific team that would investigate the ranch."

"It’s an inscription located several feet below the top of the ridge, as if someone had hung suspended from the rim in order to carve it into the rock. The best guess is that the carving is one hundred or more years old. It’s a Masonic symbol, no question about it, a strong suggestion that at least a few of the Freemasons among the Buffalo Soldiers may have visited the Gorman Ranch a long time ago...."

Very interesting information, as History states the Buffalo Soldiers were said to be "Freemasons". But understanding the truth about these Freemasonic symbols, only leads back to the worship of Bacchus and the Queen of Heaven, who are nonetheless Black complexioned.

Another interesting note is the reservoir called "Bottle Hollow", is said to host a Giant serpent, although this body of water was created in the 1970s, and apparently, sightings of flying Orbs heading around that direction. Perhaps, this will lead to the research on "Flying Orbs", and how this connects to "Skinwalker Ranch".

Now, based on the flying Orbs of light, this subject is discussed in Johnathan Dover's lectures on "Skinwalker Ranch". He would state how there would be Navajo witnesses driving along a highway, and then suddenly see a white Orb just following them. In the previous Chapter of "Galactic Warfare", I had mentioned the flying witches, and how there is a somewhat connection to these flying fire Orbs or "Fireballs", as some would call them. If this is so, then it seems that these Orbs are used as a sort of "vehicle", to which is used for traveling at high speeds. There are sources stating that these elements are known in Mexico, and how the witches use these Orbs to fly to town (instead of the classic "broomstick"). 

Now, based from George Knapp's book would detail the same accounts, of strange flying orbs on the Ranch. In the Chapter "Orbs", states this excerpt:

"Tom and Ellen Gorman stood outside their homestead looking west. It was evening. The summer was coming and the chill of the winter air was no longer apparent. Both were stressed. They watched their cattle grazing several hundred yards away on the lush pasture and, just to the south, three of their horses munched on the grass. Tom could tell there was something wrong: the cattle and the horses were restless. Tom was the first to see it, as he was quick to notice anything slightly out of place. He stiffened. A blue orb was flying in the tree line next to his horses. He felt Ellen beside him tensing as she too saw it."

"The intense blue light cast by the object was easily visible as it flew through the trees. They both watched as it emerged from the tree line and slowly flew around the head of one of the horses. The horse noticed it too and impatiently shook his head as if trying to rid a swarm of flies. The darting orb was close enough to illuminate the animal in an eerie bright blue glow. Tom was puzzled by the fact the horse never registered alarm."

"Normally the blue orbs caused extreme stress in animals. Suddenly, the blue object darted away from the horses and, with astonishing speed, moved closer to the Gormans. It stopped abruptly in midair about fifteen feet above the ground and hovered silently about twenty feet from them This was easily the best view they had ever had of the elusive blue orbs. They watched, fascinated, as the object hung in the air, apparently defying the laws of gravity."

"The exterior of the orb was a clear, hard shell not unlike glass. It was maybe two or three times the size of a baseball. And inside the glasslike exterior, moved a swirling, intensely blue substance. It seemed to Tom like a liquid beginning to boil, a nearly bubbling incandescent blue fluid. He could hear a faint crackling sound from the object like static electricity sometimes makes."

"As Tom watched this amazing spectacle, the hair on the back of his neck rose. He could feel a wave of deep, naked fear washing over him. He felt paralyzed with the deepest, most visceral fear he had ever known. It was overwhelming. Wild animals had trapped Tom, he had been close to death, but he had never felt anything like the intensity of the terror he felt now. He knew Ellen was feeling the same because she had begun to hyperventilate. She gasped deeply and her body had begun to shake."

"Tom felt like he was going to have a seizure. Suddenly Ellen, who was whimpering with terror, turned on her flashlight. The effect was instantaneous. The blue orb darted abruptly into the branches of the nearby tree as if trying to avoid the flashlight’s beam It maneuvered effortlessly through the branches at high speed. It was obvious to them that the orb was under intelligent control."

"Then as abruptly as the object had darted into the trees, it suddenly shot out of sight behind their homestead. Ellen sank to her knees, weeping. Tom also felt weak. His legs could barely hold him. But the overwhelming, paralyzing terror he had felt had vanished. It was like a switch had been abruptly thrown. The aftereffects of that bolt of adrenaline were obvious."

"Perspiration poured from his body, and his legs and arms began shaking violently. He too sank to his knees and put his arms around his violently trembling wife. She continued weeping. He felt helpless to comfort her and could not manage a reassuring word. As his shaking subsided, he felt only numbness inside. He also felt relief. And puzzlement."

"How could that orb have provoked such abject terror in both of them? Tom knew that the fear he had felt was artificial. It had not been a normal response for him. He guessed that this bright blue orb had deliberately manipulated his emotions. How could this be? he wondered. Ellen buried her face is his chest, saying over and over, “We have to leave this place, we have to leave this place.”

"He nodded absently. He knew that his wife was nearing her breaking point. More than a year of relentless psychological warfare by a technology that seemed capable of anticipating their responses even before they reacted had begun taking a deep toll on her and, he knew, his children."

"...On one April evening in 1996, Tom sat outside, looking west and trying to relax. The beauty of this property was undeniable, yet the family was feeling overwhelmed by the stress caused by the strange phenomena. His three dogs sat contentedly beside him. Tom was grateful for such loyal dogs. All three were heelers. They were gentle with the family but absolutely ruthless with strangers. They were also aggressive cattle dogs."

"The cattle knew when to obey these animals, and he could rely on them to defend his valuable, artificially inseminated breeders against the numerous coyotes, raccoons, and wild dogs that moved through his property. All in all he was feeling almost content. It had become a regular occurrence now to see a large orange something hovering slightly above the cottonwood trees about a mile west of where he sat."

"It did not particularly concern him, as he had seen these large orange things dozens of times before. Gorman had spent hours looking at them over time through the rifle scope that he carried with him to enhance his already superb eyesight. Very occasionally, Gorman had seen objects flying out of these orange things, as if they were windows into another dimension. He had little understanding of the physics involved. All he knew was that he wished they would go away. Then he spotted an object in the distance at the far end of the pasture."

"The sight gave him a chill. A small flash of intense blue. Tom straightened in his chair, all pretense at relaxation gone. The dogs also took notice and began their low-pitched growls. He saw it again, and it was only three hundred yards away, moving swiftly along the bottom of his pasture in a north-south direction. It was less than ten feet off the ground."

"When it got to the southern end of his pasture, it abruptly turned and began flying in Tom’s direction. He tensed. He could see it much more clearly now: a perfectly round, intense blue orb, bigger than a baseball and capable of very sophisticated, intelligent maneuvers. He had seen them so many times on his property before. And they usually signaled trouble. His dogs were barking. The object was now less than a hundred yards away and it had changed direction again. It was moving north, parallel to Tom’s position."

"Without really thinking, he set his dogs loose. Usually he kept them beside him when these things were flying around, but tonight he lost his patience. His three dogs took off at top speed in the direction of the blue orb. It didn’t seem to react to their presence until the animals got much nearer. Then it dipped down and descended until it was only a few feet off the ground. The three dogs began leaping at the object."

"They were snarling with jaws snapping. Each time the animals leaped at the orb, it skillfully moved out of the way, the jaws missing sometimes only by inches. This strange ritual began to play itself out. It was apparent that the dogs were becoming incensed with this strange object that danced out of the way at the last moment but then dipped down again so that they could lunge at it again."

"The intense blue orb seemed to be deliberately teasing the enraged dogs. Tom was getting increasingly uneasy as the game of catch moved in the direction of a thick copse of trees a couple hundred yards to his south. He sensed that the orbs seemed to be steering the dogs toward the cover. A couple of minutes later the orb dipped to the ground and with almost languorous speed flew slowly among the trees. The snarling, eager dogs gave chase."

"Suddenly, Gorman heard sounds that chilled him to the bone: the unmistakable fear-filled yelps of dogs in mortal agony. Then an eerie silence. Nothing moved. Tom waited for his animals to return. After a couple of hours, he went into the homestead with a heavy heart. He decided not to look for them until morning. His worst fears were realized when he went down the following morning to inspect the copse of trees."

"A smell of burned flesh greeted his nostrils as he dipped his head beneath the low branches. Ten yards inside was a small clearing. Tears filled Tom’s eyes. Three large circles of brown, dried- out grass were in the middle of the clearing. At the center of each circle of shriveled vegetation was a blackish greasy mess. The stink of his incinerated dogs was awful. Tom rushed out of the copse, his mouth dry and his stomach heaving...."

It seems that these "flying Orbs", are something that can penetrate the emotion of fear onto living beings. It also seems that these strange entities can use some kind of black magic, as shown the results of the Sherman family's three dogs. I willlist some Chapters and their excerpts based on these Orbs.

In "The Mystery" Chapter states this excerpt: "The most common UFOs seen on or near the Utah ranch were balls of light, of various sizes, colors, and intensity. Some were described as resembling yellow headlamps, others as glowing orbs that flitted across the pastures, through the trees, and over the ridge, operating under what seemed like intelligent control. A few of these incidents at the ranch were captured on videotape. Amorphous balls of light are probably the most commonly reported UFOs worldwide."

"Without question, such sightings are often the result of the misidentification of planets, meteors, and other natural phenomena. But as the Gormans learned all too well, natural phenomena cannot account for a lot of what they saw. Odd balls of light, similar to what the Gormans reported, were the first unidentified objects to be seen during the modern UFO era."

"In the latter years of World War II, Allied pilots frequently spotted and even photographed balls of light that trailed their planes. The Allies suspected that these objects, which came to be known as “foo fighters,” might be German secret weapons. But the Germans also saw the foo fighters and thought they were ours..."

"...While similarities exist among nearly all of the UFO events that occurred on or near the ranch and other well-documented cases from other locations around the world, there is one phenomenon for which there are few, if any, known precedents. Tom Gorman’s descriptions of the blue orbs filled with swirling liquid, electrically charged orbs that seemed to be under intelligent control, may be unique in the annals of UFO and paranormal research. And as such, these orbs may represent the best clue to what was really happening on the Gorman ranch..."

The "Encounter" Chapter states this excerpt: "....Throughout that summer, the NIDS team spent many long hours in the same area where the interaction had taken place with a telepathically hostile voice. We played cat-and-mouse games through the months of July and August with multiple different lights that appeared for a second or two, then vanished, then reappeared several hundred yards away."

"It was if something intelligent was leading us on a dance as we rushed silently from spot to spot, always just slightly behind the fleeting orbs of light. Sometimes, they appeared a few yards away in the middle of trees, or else they were a long way away. But we were never able to capture these nighttime game players on film It was an exhilarating but ultimately frustrating summer..."

"Outer Worlds" Chapter states this: "In 1991, a nationwide Roper poll found that millions of Americans were experiencing events that defy our textbooks and our understanding of reality. The study polled nearly six thousand people and was easily the largest statistical sample ever undertaken concerning “paranormal” experiences among the general public."

"The size of the sample meant that the statistical margin of error was 2 percent or less, far more reliable than most political surveys. Astoundingly, the Roper pollsters found that 18 percent of those polled had experienced waking paralysis (with no apparent cause); 13 percent said that they had experienced “missing time,” hours or even days for which they have no memory or explanation; 8 percent said that they had seen balls of light or orbs, which might be interpreted as UFOs; and another 8 percent noticed unexplained scars on their bodies."

In the Chapter 20 "Hypothesis", states this: "An assortment of red orbs, blue orbs, and white orbs was observed. They appeared to be light forms, but they certainly had physical effects. The blue orbs acted like well-oiled rheostats by dimming the lights in the home as they flew past the windows."

"The same blue orbs were closely associated with the deaths of Gorman’s three favorite dogs, presumably by incineration. Both Ellen and Tom were overcome by a fear that transcended everything in their previous experience as a blue orb hovered over them and seemingly stimulated the fight-or-flight reflex in their brains."

"The red orbs directly caused the death, injury, and abortion of several cattle in August 1997. Thechupas, as they flew through the cattle, seemed to be associated with the mutilation and disappearance of both Gorman- owned and NIDS-owned livestock."

Based from the Chapter "The Killings", would detail flying yellow Orbs, and how they are said to be a somewhat "portal" to another dimension. There are statements in the Book detailing some strange connection of entities coming through the yellow portals, and the apparent "Cattle mutilations".

Here is an excerpt from Chapter "The Killings": "Hunched in the plane at thirty-five thousand feet, I looked out the window at the rolling clouds below and wondered what we were getting into. The aircraft hummed as we sped toward Vernal. There were three of us—the veterinarian, the physicist, and myself. We had all the equipment we needed, including all the knives and scalpels necessary to further dismember the animal during a necropsy. Just five hours after Tom’s frantic phone call, we were standing over the animal."

"The late afternoon breeze blew gently, but an early spring sun was still warm on my face. We were looking at a scene of horror. I felt a churning in my stomach as I looked at the creature. This was something truly bizarre. My immediate impression was that an enormous force had ripped the animal apart. One of the leg bones was lying ten feet away, having been yanked free of the knee joint."

"Even with a young calf, the brute force necessary to rip a femur off a knee joint and snap a tendon suggested something very powerful. Yet there was a fastidious delicacy to the way the mutilated calf had been carefully laid out on the grass with all four legs spread neatly away from the body."

"I had a momentary image of a huge amorphous creature carefully laying a limp rag doll on the grass and gently placing each of the lifeless limbs away from the torso, arranged with the finesse and attention to detail of a Japanese tea ceremony. I shuddered and banished the image from my mind. The combination of overwhelming force in ripping the calf apart and dainty precision in laying the body on the grass seemed all wrong. It disturbed me. There was no smell."

"The inside of the animal looked pink and tender, very healthy and very clean, almost unnaturally clean. All of the internal organs were gone and the broken ribs jutted forlornly toward the sky. The head lay sideways, its lifeless eyes staring toward the western sun now low in the sky. We estimated that this was an eighty-four-pound calf, at least forty pounds of which were gone, if you counted its three liters of blood."

"And this was the most chilling part of the scene—the complete lack of blood. It was as if a giant vacuum cleaner had gone through, in, and around the calf s carcass and sucked up every drop of its blood. We looked for even a speck of blood on the grass or on the animal’s hide. Nothing. Not a drop. We looked at each other in stunned silence..."

"...“No noise,” Tom said to himself, shaking his head in bewilderment. The blue heeler had still not shown up and it was now six hours later. “He just took off that way,” Tom said, pointing west. “It’s just not like him.” He rubbed his eyes wearily. No more than forty minutes had passed in daylight, during which someone or something had entered the field, ripped the young calf away from its mother (she looked like she was still limping), drained it of blood, meat, and guts, and then carefully placed it on the grass. It just did not seem possible."

"I looked at the calf s mother. She was standing a hundred feet away, her head down near the ground in a peculiar stance that exuded both aggression and fear. She was still breathing in a labored way. She never came closer as the veterinarian quickly stripped her calf s hide. An abrupt muttered exclamation caught my attention. “Look at the sharp cut,” the vet exclaimed. “The ear was cut off with a knife or a scalpel.” He was right. Tom nodded and said, “That ear had a big yellow plastic tag.”

"Looking closely, I saw the perfect incision where the cartilage and skin had been sliced. The whole ear had been cleanly removed to the skull. It was a beautiful, almost artistic, job. Even without lab pathology results, we all knew there was no way a predator or scavenger could have pulled this off. The cut was perfect and straight and had sliced cleanly through the tissue. One can easily spot the difference between the characteristic torn or ripped cattle hide of a predator or scavenger attack and the sharp cut of a scalpel or a knife when you look under a microscope. And here, even to the naked eye, this was obviously the work of a sharp instrument. The vet took samples just to make sure."

"Then, shortly after 11P.M. , all dogs suddenly started howling and barking hysterically. Tom, the physicist, and I leaped to our feet and ran out the door and into the cold clear night. We headed for Tom’s old beat-up truck. On the driver’s side, Tom had affixed a powerful spotlight that was easily maneuverable. He normally drove through his cattle at night during calving season, lighting up the animals as he drove. The powerful spot was excellent for seeing from a distance whether a cow or a calf was in trouble."

"The truck engine roared as we bounced over the ruts. There were cattle here and there, some were milling nervously in the distance, some appeared oblivious. The animals seemed to be bunched toward the northern part of the giant pasture. On one of the turns, the headlights swept over a large black shadow standing in the southeastern tree line of the field."

"It was only a fleeting glimpse of what looked like a large cow, standing in the shadow beneath a large tree at the edge of the field, but far away from the rest of the herd. “Must be in trouble,” Tom grunted, as he swung the truck away from the main herd and headed south. The perimeter was about eighty yards away when the bouncing headlights suddenly picked up two large orbs of yellow light staring fixedly from the same large tree.

“Did you see that?” two of us said in unison. Tom gunned the engine and, as the headlights danced crazily in front of us, we could now clearly see that the reflected yellow light came from the eyes of a huge animal probably twenty feet off the ground, perched in the tree."

“I’m not goin’ to let him get another calf,” Tom snarled as he suddenly ground the truck to a halt and reached behind for his rifle. We were no more than fifty yards from the large creature that lay motionless, almost casually, in the tree."

"The only indication of the beast’s presence was the penetrating yellow light of the unblinking eyes as they stared fixedly back into the light. This is unusual behavior, I thought as Tom steadied the rifle on the open door of the truck. Shouldn’t it be running away? The rifle’s sharp report rang out, and instantly, like a light being snapped off, the eyes disappeared. “Got him,” yelled Tom triumphantly. “I saw him fall to the ground.” We scrambled back into the truck and Tom stopped about forty feet from the tree."

"There was no sign of the large creature under or near the tree. We split up and searched for any sight or sound of the wounded or dead beast. Thirty yards to my left Gorman suddenly yelled, “I see him.” The shout was quickly followed by two loud reports from his rifle. “Got him at point blank,” Gorman yelled as we jumped excitedly over the fence into the thick undergrowth."

"The snow crunched loudly underfoot as we stumbled around looking for some sign of it. We were cautious because a large, wounded animal was especially dangerous at night. I was still carrying my video camera as we warily looked all around, half expecting something to spring at us from the darkness. But there was utter silence. “He jumped back here when I hit him,” Tom said as he scratched his head in puzzlement. “I was no more than forty feet away. Where’d he go? That sucker must have weighed four hundred pounds.” We began quartering the area, looking at the snow for tracks. Something that big should have left an obvious trail in the snow and there should have been blood."

"It was then that I saw it—a single, obvious oval track about six inches in diameter embedded deeply in the patch of snow. I yelled at the other two, who came running. I shone the flashlight, and there it was. It looked unusual: a single large print in the snow with two sharp claws protruding from the rear of the mark going a couple of inches deeper. It almost looked like a bird of prey, maybe a raptor print, but huge and, from the depth of the print, from a very heavy creature."

"I began videotaping, as the physicist unsteadily held the flashlight while looking over his shoulder, waiting for a large wounded animal to charge us. Minutes ticked by as we searched in vain for a companion print. We found another one in an area of unmelted snow about twenty feet from the first, but nothing else."

"We listened carefully for any movement in the undergrowth as we searched. There was an eerie silence in the area, broken only by the distant bellowing of the cows over on the other side of the pasture. They were still deeply disturbed by the commotion we had generated and were not coming over to investigate."

"Almost two hours later, we gave up, exhausted, cold, and still slightly jangled from the brief burst of adrenaline. Again there was an unspoken shudder at the idea of sleeping in the trailer a mere hundred yards from where the bizarre creature or creatures had apparently vanished into thin air, having been shot with a high-powered rifle. It was time to call an end to another busy day on the Skinwalker Ranch."

"The next day we compared notes and debriefed Tom on what had happened. He swore that there had been two large animals, one in the tree and the other on the ground. He also swore that he had hit both animals, the first with a single bullet, the second with two bullets. Tom was an expert marksman, able to kill a coyote at five hundred yards, and he had shot both of these large animals at close range."

"He described the second animal that crouched in the undergrowth as huge, heavily muscled, and looking like a four-hundred-pound wild dog. The animal had been staring at him and had tensed just before springing when Tom had shot it twice from no more than forty feet. Yet no signs of blood and two confusing distant single tracks in the snow added to, rather than solved, the mystery."

The incidents of March 10-12, 1997, were very difficult to explain. They were certainly verification of unusual or anomalous activity, but did they fit the criteria that NIDS was looking for? Those criteria initially had been defined as the verification of events first described by Gorman, the witnessing of unidentified flying objects by the scientists, and their capture on camera or video images."

"The bizarre killing of the calf and the potentially deadly nighttime encounter with phantom creatures that were shot but left no blood and few tracks did not appear to fulfill the criteria of anything that could be reported at a scientific meeting."

"Nor could this kind of incident be written up for a peer-reviewed science journal. In fact, beyond the videotaped track in the snow, there was no physical evidence that this incident had ever happened."

"And at a subsequent Science Advisory Board meeting, the board made it abundantly clear that these events, in the absence of physical evidence, did not constitute verification of anything. Little did we know that these unexpected events would become part of an increasingly frustrating pattern of transient, difficult-to-interpret, but frightening events and phenomena that would never again be repeated in our presence."

Now, based on the situation, George had stated the creature on top of the tree was said to have huge oval shaped yellow eyes, pretty much like that of a reptilian, however, this is his guess as to what this creature maybe. But what is known is that "Tom" had shot two creatures, one was shown to look like a "four hundred" pound dog, to which I mention in the previous Chapter of the "dog-headed" men. And then the second one in the tree, seems like a bird like creature. So, could this particular creature be from these so called "Chupacabra" (Goat sucker) myths. (In some of the paintings on the "Samudra Manthan" or the "Churning of the Ocean", would detail the Asuras as having feets in the shape of "talons")

When learning about the Chupacabra creature, sources state that this event was started in Puerto Rico, detailing the locals sighting a creature to which had caused strange animal deaths. Based from the description of the deaths, details the animals of having little to no blood in their body, leaving two to three puncture wounds that are clearly incisioned. Then people state the creature to being either bipedal to walking all fours, hops like a kangaroo, may have wings, has a big head, wide eyes sometimes black, stands either 4 to 5 feet tall, fangs, three fingers, green or hairy skin, and having sharp spikes along the back. 

Then of course, amongst the exaggerations taken place, sources states that it's all made up, or it's based on superstition, and how someone saw a movie called "Species 2", just re-enacting the description of the aliens in the movie. 

Then all of a sudden, the news media and other mainstream sources started to pin the "Chupacapra", to being a hairless Mexican dog, to which people state it looks like a racoon, a hairless coyote, or something else in between. So, to quell the "Goat blood sucker" situation, most just agreed and went along with this creature to being the actual Chupacabra.

This is where I have to question the idea of this normal dog creating punctured holes, when the dog's teeth is shown to maul the victim to death, not create incisioned holes (It's clearly not a vampire).

Let's see what the Wiki states on this creature": "The chupacabra or chupacabras, literally 'goat-sucker'; from Spanish: chupar, 'to suck', and cabras, 'goats') is a legendary creature in the folklore of parts of the Americas, with its first purported sightings reported in Puerto Rico in 1995."

"The name comes from the animal's reported vampirism—the chupacabra is said to attack and drink the blood of livestock, including goats. Physical descriptions of the creature vary, with some describing it as more dog-like (particularly in Southwestern United States) while most others describe it as reptilian and alien-like (in Puerto Rico and Latin America)."

"Some report it as being a heavy creature the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail. Sightings have been reported in Puerto Rico since the 1970s, and this creature has since been reported as far north as Maine, as far south as Chile, and even outside the Americas in countries like Russia and Philippines."

"All of the reports are anecdotal and have been disregarded as uncorroborated or lacking evidence. Sightings in northern Mexico and the southern United States have been verified as canids afflicted by mange. According to biologists and wildlife management officials, the chupacabra is an urban legend."

"Chupacabras can be literally translated as 'goat-sucker', from chupar ('to suck') and cabras ('goats'). It is known as both chupacabras and chupacabra throughout the Americas, with the former being the original name, and the latter a regularization. The name is attributed to Puerto Rican comedian Silverio Pérez, who coined the label in 1995 while commenting on the attacks as a San Juan radio deejay."

"In 1975, a series of livestock killings in the small town of Moca were attributed to el vampiro de Moca ('the vampire of Moca'). Initially, it was suspected that the killings were committed by a Satanic cult; later more killings were reported around the island, and many farms reported loss of animal life. Each of the animals was reported to have had its body bled dry through a series of small circular incisions."

"The first reported attack eventually attributed to the actual chupacabras occurred in March 1995. Eight sheep were discovered dead in Puerto Rico, each with three puncture wounds in the chest area and reportedly completely drained of blood. A few months later, in August, an eyewitness named Madelyne Tolentino reported seeing the creature in the Puerto Rican town of Canóvanas, where as many as 150 farm animals and pets were reportedly killed."

"Puerto Rican comedian and entrepreneur Silverio Pérez is credited with coining the term chupacabras soon after the first incidents were reported in the press. Shortly after the first reported incidents in Puerto Rico, other animal deaths were reported in other countries, such as the Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, and the United States."

"In October and December 2018, there came many reports of suspected chupacabras in Manipur, India. Many domestic animals and poultry were killed in a suspicious manner similar to other chupacabra attacks, and several people reported that they had seen chupacabras."

"However, forensic experts opined that street dogs were responsible for mass killing of domestic animals and poultry after studying the remnants of a corpse. In October 2019, a video recorded by Mundo Ovni showed the results of a supposed attack on chickens in the Seburuquillo sector of Lares, Puerto Rico."

"A five-year investigation by Benjamin Radford, documented in his 2011 book Tracking the Chupacabra, concluded that the description given by the original eyewitness in Puerto Rico, Madelyne Tolentino, was based on the creature Sil in the 1995 science-fiction horror film Species."

"The alien creature Sil is nearly identical to Tolentino's chupacabra eyewitness account and she had seen the movie before her report: "It was a creature that looked like the chupacabra, with spines on its back and all... The resemblance to the chupacabra was really impressive", Tolentino reported. Radford revealed that Tolentino "believed that the creatures and events she saw in Species were happening in reality in Puerto Rico at the time", and therefore concludes that "the most important chupacabra description cannot be trusted".

"This, Radford believes, seriously undermines the credibility of the chupacabra as a real animal. In addition, the reports of blood-sucking by the chupacabra were never confirmed by a necropsy, the only way to conclude that the animal was drained of blood. An analysis by a veterinarian of 300 reported victims of the chupacabra found that they had not been bled dry."

"Radford divided the chupacabra reports into two categories: the reports from Puerto Rico and Latin America, where animals were attacked and it is supposed their blood was extracted; and the reports in the United States of mammals, mostly dogs and coyotes with mange, that people call "chupacabra" due to their unusual appearance. In late October 2010, University of Michigan biologist Barry O'Connor concluded that all the chupacabra reports in the United States were simply coyotes infected with the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei, whose symptoms would explain most of the features of the chupacabra: they would be left with little fur, thickened skin, and a rank odor. O'Connor theorized that the attacks on goats occurred "because these animals are greatly weakened, [so] they're going to have a hard time hunting."

"So they may be forced into attacking livestock because it's easier than running down a rabbit or a deer." Although several witnesses came to the conclusion that the attacks could not be the work of dogs or coyotes because they had not eaten the victim, this conclusion is incorrect."

"Both dogs and coyotes can kill and not consume the prey, either because they are inexperienced, or due to injury or difficulty in killing the prey. The prey can survive the attack and die afterwards from internal bleeding or circulatory shock. The presence of two holes in the neck, corresponding with the canine teeth, are to be expected since this is the only way that most land carnivores have to catch their prey. There are reports of stray Mexican hairless dogs being mistaken for chupacabras."

"The most common description of the chupacabra is that of a reptile-like creature, said to have leathery or scaly greenish-gray skin and sharp spines or quills running down its back. It is said to be approximately 3 to 4 feet (0.9 to 1.2 m) high, and stands and hops in a fashion similar to that of a kangaroo."

"Another common description of the chupacabra is of a strange breed of wild dog. This form is mostly hairless and has a pronounced spinal ridge, unusually pronounced eye sockets, fangs, and claws. Unlike conventional predators, the chupacabra is said to drain all of the animal's blood (and sometimes organs) usually through three holes in the shape of a downwards-pointing triangle, but sometimes through only one or two holes."

Now, remember the show "Animal Xtv" in the late 90s, with the host Bill Kerr? The team did a segment based on the Chupacabra monster. There they met with some of the eye witnesses, one woman says she was supposedly attacked by one, one guy says he saw it in America in the 1950s, way before the supposed Puerto Rico sightings of the creature. He states that he was a child then, but he saw it near the chicken coop. He also stated that it looked like a "Devil", or some creature from outer space, and that it can communicate with him through telepathy.

Apparently, there were sightings of the creature all over the world, and somehow has a connection to the strange lights in the sky. One witness had stated after seeing the creature, he was met with men wearing "black suits", and had told him to be quiet on the situation. Another had stated of hearing the roar of the creature, in it was transported on a large tractor trailer Truck. 

Well, whatever the case, it seems that there was some disinformation team sent out to divert this creature to being a dog, and apparently did a good job. When typing in this creature, shows a lot more pictures of a hairless dog, instead of a lizard looking creature, to which sparked the storm back in the 90s. 

Now, there is also a similar creature that was spotted in Varginha Brazil by three girls. They also stated that it looked like a devil based from their description, and that it emitted a strange odor. Can this be the creature involved in the Skinwalker Ranch situation? 

Now, let's see the Chapter "Chupas", and see the connections on these attacks from the UFOs. In the Chapter states this:

"Chupas The Gormans obviously witnessed some unidentified flying objects over their property and felt threatened by them. Was their fear justified? We think it was an appropriate reaction, especially given the fact the rectangular objects they had seen had previously been linked to human injuries— and death. In Brazil, these box-shaped craft that are said to make a sound like a refrigerator are known aschupas."

"Dr. Jacques Vallee, a scientist who has carefully and intensively investigated the UFO phenomenon for more than four decades, went to South America in the 1980s to investigate thechupa wave in Brazil and the numerous reports of UFO close encounters that have resulted in the death or injury of witnesses. The results of his extensive field investigations are detailed in his bookConfrontations: A Scientist’s Search for Alien Contact."

"For example, in Parnarama in central Brazil, Vallee reports that at least five people had died “following close encounters with what were described as boxlike UFOs equipped with powerful light beams.” Many of the victims were hunters who, following the local tradition, had climbed into jungle trees at night to wait for passing animals that they could spotlight and shoot."

"According to researcher Simon Harvey-Wilson, in an ironic twist, the hunters had themselves been hunted by UFO craft, which injured or killed them using light beams of their own. Harvey-Wilson continues. “As Vallee reports, thesechupas (UFOs) ‘are said to make a humming sound like a refrigerator or a transformer, and this sound does not change when the object accelerates."

"The object does not seem large enough to contain a human pilot. ’ In one case a victim called Dionizio General ‘was atop a hill when an object hovered above him and shot a beam in his direction; it was described as “a big ray of fire.” The witness, Jose dos Santos, testified that Dionizio seemed to receive a shock and came rolling down the hill."

"For the following three days he was insane with terror, then he died.’ Witnesses described the light beams as being blinding, like electrical arcs, with pulsating colors inside and smelling unpleasant, which Vallee suspects maybe ozone.” By November 1977, according to Vallee, the physician in charge of the health unit on Colares Island, Dr. Wellaide Cecim Carvalho de Oliveira, “had seen no fewer than thirty-five patients claiming injuries related to the chupas. All of them had suffered lesions to the face or the thoracic area.”

"These lesions, which resembled radiation injuries, “began with intense reddening of the skin in the affected area. Later the hair would fall out and the skin would turn black. There was no pain, only a slight warmth. One also noticed small puncture marks in the skin. The victims were men and women of varying ages, without any pattern.”

"Vallee published a more comprehensive list of symptoms drawn up by Dr. Carvalho: • a feeling of weakness; some could hardly walk • dizziness and headaches • local losses of sensitivity; numbness and trembling • pallid complexion • low arterial pressure • anemia, with low hemoglobin levels • blackened skin where the light had hit, with several red-purple circles, hot and painful, two to three centimeters in diameter • two puncture marks inside the red circles resembling mosquito bites, hard to the touch • hair in the blackened area fell out and did not rejuvenate, as if follicles had been destroyed • no nausea or diarrhea In describing their experiences with these light beams, most victims claimed, according to Vallee, that “they were immediately immobilized, as if a heavy weight pushed against their chest."

"The beam was about [seven or eight centimeters] in diameter and white in color. It never hunted for them but hit them suddenly. When they tried to scream no sound would come out, but their eyes remained open."

"The beam felt hot, ‘almost as hot as a cigarette burn,’ barely tolerable. After a few minutes the column of light would slowly retract and disappear.” Apart from those who had been killed by these beams, most people’s symptoms usually disappeared after seven days. After asking various forensic pathologists to review his findings, Vallee surmised that “what UFO witnesses describe as Tight’ may, in fact, be a complex combination of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Many of the injuries described in Brazil, however, are consistent with the effects of high- power pulsed microwaves.”

"Subsequently he pointed out that pulsed microwaves may “interfere with the central nervous system. Such a beam could cause the dizziness, headaches, paralysis, pricklings, and numbness reported to us by so many witnesses.” Vallee tackled the issue of whether these Brazilian UFOs are deliberately trying to kill people or not."

"If they are, he considers that they are fairly inefficient. After all, someone in a helicopter with a high- powered rifle and night scope could probably do a better job. He does, however, point out that a radiation beam that was designed merely to stun people at one range might be lethal at another range."

"Journalist Bob Pratt also investigated the injuries that occurred during the Brazilian UFO wave and wrote a book about it calledUFO Danger Zone: Terror and Death in Brazil. Like Vallee, Pratt’s investigations of the Brazil wave turned up several deaths and injuries from UFOs. In other words, the New Age bromides that UFOs were actually friendly space brothers intent on the spiritual enlightenment of the human race were not borne out by the experiences of the locals along the northern coast of Brazil."

"The issue of injuries from UFOs also cropped up in North America during the last week of 1980. On the evening of December 29, according to accounts by researcher John Schuessler and written accounts by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum, and Colby Landrum had visited several small towns in the Piney Woods area of east Texas looking for a bingo game but found that bingo throughout the area had been canceled for Christmas."

"Instead they decided to have a meal at a restaurant in New Caney. Betty Cash was then a fifty-one-year-old businesswoman who owned a restaurant and a grocery store. Vickie Landrum, fifty-seven, worked for Betty in the restaurant. Colby Landrum, Vickie’s grandson, was seven. According to the NICAP report, after leaving the restaurant between 8:20 and 8:30P.M., Betty drove along Highway FM1485, a road usually used only by people who live in the area because it is so isolated."

"Although the location is only about thirty miles from Houston, it is thinly populated and is covered by oak and pine trees, swamps, and lakes. At about 9:00, Colby noticed a bright lighted object above the treetops some distance away. He pointed it out to the others. As they drove on, it appeared to get larger and larger. They realized that the object was approaching the road, but they hoped to get by it in time and leave it behind."

"But before they could do so, the object straddled the road and blocked their way. The object, many times larger than the car, remained hovering at treetop level and sent down an occasional large cone of fire. In between these blasts it would descend until it was no more than about twenty-five feet off the surface of the road. Vickie described it as “like a diamond of fire.”

"When Betty eventually brought the car to a standstill, the object was only sixty yards away. It looked as if it was made of dull aluminum and glowed so brightly that it lit up the surrounding trees. The four points of the diamond were blunt rather than sharp, and blue spots or lights ringed its center. Had it not come to rest over the road, the cone of fire from its lowest point would have set the forest on fire."

"The object also emitted an intermittent bleeping sound. The two women got the impression that maybe the giant object was having some kind of engine trouble. The three of them got out of the car to take a better look at the object. Vickie stood by the open door on the right-hand side of the car with her left hand resting on the car roof."

"Vickie is a Christian who does not believe in UFOs or extraterrestrial life, and when she saw the bright object she thought the end of the world had come. Because she expected to see Jesus come out of the light, she stared at it intently. Colby begged his grandmother to get back in the car. After about three minutes she did so and told him not to be afraid because “when that big man comes out of the burning cloud, it will be Jesus.”

"As Vickie held Colby, she screamed at Betty to get back in the car with them. But Betty was so fascinated by the object that she walked around to the front of the car and stood there gazing at it, bathed in the bright light, the heat from it burning her skin. Eventually, as the thing began to move up and away, she moved back to the car door. When she went to open the door, she found the handle so painfully hot that she had to use her leather jacket to protect her hands and get back in the car."

"As the three of them watched the departing object, a large number of helicopters appeared overhead. “They seemed to rush in from all directions,” Betty recalled later. “It seemed like they were trying to encircle the thing.” Within a few seconds the flying diamond had disappeared behind the trees lining the road. It was then that they realized how hot the interior of the car had become."

"They switched off the heater and put on the air conditioner instead. When the effects of the bright light had worn off, Betty drove off down the darkened highway. After driving at sixty miles an hour for five minutes, the object was clearly visible some distance ahead and looked like a bright cylinder of light."

"Even from that distance, it was still lighting up the surrounding area and illuminating the helicopters. From their new vantage point, they counted twenty-three helicopters. Many of them were identified as the large double-rotor CH-47 Chinooks, the others were very fast single-rotor types and appeared to be Bell-Hueys but were never properly identified."

"As soon as the flying diamond and helicopters were a safe distance ahead, Betty drove on. When she reached an intersection, she turned away from the flight path of the object and toward Dayton, where the three of them lived. She dropped Vickie and Colby off at their home at about 9:50 and went home by herself."

"A friend and her children were waiting up for Betty, but by this time she was feeling too ill to tell them about what had happened. Over the next few hours, Betty’s skin turned red as if badly sunburned. Her neck swelled and blisters erupted and broke on her face, scalp, and eyelids. She started to vomit and continued to do so throughout the night. By morning she was almost in a coma. Sometime between midnight and 2A.M. , Vickie and Colby began to suffer similar symptoms, although less severe."

"At first they suffered a sunburnlike condition and then diarrhea and vomiting. The following morning, Betty was moved to Vickie’s house and all three were cared for there. Betty’s condition continued to deteriorate, and three days later she was taken to the hospital. The burns and swelling had so radically altered Betty’s appearance that friends who came to visit her in hospital did not recognize her. Her hair began to fall out and her eyes became so swollen that she was unable to see for a week." 

"Doctors examined all three of them intensively and determined that their conditions suggested that they had been exposed to radiation, possibly ionizing UV or IR. The injuries were not entirely consistent with either ionizing radiation or UV/IR injuries only."

"Some also suspected that microwave radiation may have literally cooked Betty Cash. Betty died of cancer in 1998, possibly as a result of the radiation she received. Regardless of whether the object they encountered was a secret government project or something else, the injuries they received were real. The Gormans had every reason to be scared."

Then based from the website "", details this: A UFO Attack: The Mysterious and Deadly Barroso Incident Brent Swancer April 21, 2020

"The most spectacular UFO accounts seems to revolve around those in which some sort of physical evidence has been left behind, and the more sinister of these is when this evidence takes the form of physical injury upon a person that seems indicative of some sort of aggressive action. Are UFOs benevolent or not? It is not a question that has really been adequately answered, but in at least some accounts it seems to decidedly be the latter. There are in fact quite a few cases of UFOs allegedly attacking human beings, and one of the most harrowing of these is one that supposedly occurred in Brazil in the 1970s."

"It is a spooky glimpse into the possible darker agenda of this phenomenon, and remains one of the few cases of a human being said to have died directly due to a UFO encounter. Luis Barroso Fernandez was a simple farmer living on a rural property near the town of Quixada, in the state of Ceará, in Brazil. He led a humble, simple life, but things would get very bizarre on April 3, 1976, when Fernandez was out doing a routine check of his cattle. It was just after 2 AM, his usual time for doing this weekly chore, but this time would be far from usual. As he made his way along the property in a horse drawn wagon, he allegedly saw a metal craft that looked sort of like a disc descend to hover over the ground not far away, emanating a sound like “like a swarm of bees.”

"The baffled farmer had never seen anything like this, and was both terrified and filled with curiosity at the same time, and his horse was getting very upset about it all. He would later tell his son that as he stared at the strange sight, the craft had suddenly fired a blindingly bright beam of light at him, and two beings holding what looked like flashlights came out to aim their devices at him, after which they reentered the craft and it simply sped off into the sky."

"Fernandez would say: We received a light and were totally stopped, unable to move, the animal and I, of course. It opened up a kind of door and appeared two short stature beings. They were normal people, albeit with weird clothes and a kind of flashlight in hand. Pointed one beam of light at us and I lost consciousness."

"However, for the farmer it would turn out to be far from the end of this incident. Fernandez would describe how he had lost consciousness, only to wake with a splitting headache and had difficulty breathing and moving his limbs. Even more alarming was that one side of his body seemed to be deeply burned, as if a severe sunburn, even though it had been in the hours of darkness."

"He managed to make his way home, but was in such pain that his family arranged for him to be examined by a doctor in town. The doctor did not really buy the farmer’s story of the UFO, but was also unable to explain the anomalous injuries to his body, and ended up just sending him home with some medication to rest in bed."

"It was still not over, though, and things would only get weirder from there. Over the next few weeks, Fernandez was described by his family as slowly losing his mental facilities. He began to mentally devolve in a sense, becoming more and more childlike as the days and weeks went on, seeming to revert to a child state."

"Making it even more anomalous was that his skin also seemed to be getting younger, healing from the burns and taking on a youthful glow far younger than his years, leading his son, Francisco Leonardo Barroso, to comment that “it was as though it had grown over again.” During this time, he was examined by many medical and psychiatric specialists who could not figure out what was wrong with him."

"In the meantime, despite his more youthful appearance, his health rapidly deteriorated, as did his mental state. Indeed, whatever was ailing him eventually killed him, with Fernandez passing away from his condition in 1993."

"According to those around him, by the time he died he had so completely lost his mind that he was purportedly only able to say “Mom”, “give” and “fear.” UFO researcher Philip Mantle, author of the book UFO Contacts in Brazil, has said of the bizarre incident: Many people claim to have come into direct contact with a UFO and some even claim that it has hurt them as a result. A bruise here, a small cut there, but Luis Barroso Fernandes may be the first person ever killed after his encounter with a UFO."

"Contact with a UFO is not common at all but when the UFO in question shoots a beam of light at you, a light that hits you full in the face is extremely rare. This is what happened to Luis Barroso Fernandes. The illnesses that followed his immediately after this encounter is bizarre to say the least and went undiagnosed by a number of different doctors."

"Did the beam of light that hit him cause these illnesses and eventually his death? We will probably never know but this is one of the most bizarre and rarest such close encounters on record, of that there is no doubt."

"Interestingly, this was not the end of the strange phenomena that would revolve around the family and indeed the whole town. There would be many other reports of UFO sightings in the area, and Fernandez’ own son would have his own odd experiences in the coming days, seeing UFOs on multiple occasions. More frightening still was that there is at least one other report of a UFO in the area of Quixada seemingly attacking human beings."

"Here we have the account of Francisca Rosete da Silva, 23, and her brother Antonio Leudo da Silva, 12, who were walking along a wooded area in the vicinity when they saw a blazing light through the trees. According to the witnesses, the light then shot a beam at Francisca, which burned her skin and left her disoriented and dizzy."

"Doctors would find her eyes to be swollen and bruises and burns on her body, although no cause could be determined. The brother, Antonio, was not injured in the incident, and would say of what they saw, “What I saw, I did not want to see ever again. It was not a plane, helicopter or another known thing. It was strange and threatening.”

"What happened in this remote town, and what is it that plagued Luis Barroso Fernandez? Was this a malicious attack by a UFO, and if so why would these entities do so? Was is a defensive measure, or perhaps even accidental? It is unclear just what happened here, but Fernandez’s case has never been adequately explained and he is often touted as being one of the only human being to ever be killed by a UFO. Whether it was real or not, it does leave us to ask ourselves whether UFOs are friendly or not, and poses the question of whether there are perhaps times when they have more sinister goals than we may realize."

Now, based from this situation in Brazil on the UFOs ttacking people, shows this was done in the sameway in India. Based from the Website "speakingtree"  details this: Aliens Attack India, Kill 7 People - "Muhnochwa" UFO caught on film Blog by Venkatesh R:

"We have all seen movies where aliens arrive in UFOs and attack human beings with laser beams. But how would you react if such an incident happened in real life? Believe it or not, what I just said happened 12 years ago in a small town near Lucknow, India. Here is the newspaper article published in Victoria Advocate on August 13th 2002. It reads “UFOs are attacking and causing unrest in India”. Above this caption you can see a picture of a man who has multiple injuries to his face."

"First of all, did such an incredible event really happen or was it fabricated by a newspaper to get more circulation? This is an authentic piece of news, because it was published in hundreds of newspapers around the world and was even broadcasted on the local radio station. So here is the story."

"Around the end of July 2002, villagers started to see strange flying objects swarming the sky. Two kinds of UFOs were reported: One was a disc shaped or a ball like object with flashing lights which moved rapidly. The other was an insect shaped craft that was much larger and moved extremely slowly."

"While the smaller UFO was seen only around Lucknow area, the bug shaped craft was so large that people who lived 50 miles from Lucknow could see it directly above them. UFO experts say that the large cricket shaped craft was possibly the mothership, while the smaller disc shaped UFOs were deployed from it."

"After a few days of inactivity, things escalated and the UFOs started attacking people. 7 people died, and many of them suffered burn injuries, so the UFOs earned the nickname Muhnochwa which means face burner. Doctors confirmed that these injuries were electrical burns caused by electricity passing through the body."

"For example, Ramji Pal, a middle-aged man was attacked with a laser like beam and his stomach was ripped open. He died 2 days later. A similar attack on a 53 year old woman resulted in blackened forearms. Another alarming fact is that within a period of one week, more than 20 people went missing within a radius of 10 miles, never to be seen again."

"Remember, this was not just a simple rumor that went around quietly among the villagers. It was so serious that 10,000 people gathered in front of the police station demanding action against these attacking aliens. Predictably, the police completely brushed off the possibility of extraterrestrials and dispersed the crowd."

"Is this solid proof that alien UFOs attacked these villagers? So far, we have seen multiple eyewitness accounts and people with bodily injuries. But authorities refused to accept these as concrete evidences of extraterrestrial attack until actual video footage emerged showing these UFOs. And these UFOs were captured on film not just once, but on 6 different cameras."

"Were these footages, created by pranksters? No, the first person to catch an alien craft on camera was in fact a district judge. He is the only person who captured the large insect shaped UFO hovering over a field. 4 days later the smaller disc shaped UFOs were captured on 5 different cameras confirming that these were in fact flying objects that moved over villages during night time."

"While the affected villagers created their own protection squad that roamed around the village after dark to prevent future alien attacks, these quote on quote “educated Government officials” were trying to come up with alternate theories." 

Then based from the "" states this: "Police sceptical as seven reported dead in UFO attacks Mon, Aug 12, 2002, 01:00":

"Indian villagers claim they are being attacked by flying spheres which emit red and blue lights. At least seven people have died in the last week of unexplained injuries in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Many others have suffered scratches and surface wounds which they say happened while they slept. Raghuraj Pal, whose neighbour Ramji Pal died recently in Shanwa, said:

"A mysterious flying object attacked him in the night. His stomach was ripped open. He died two days later." Doctors say such stories are nothing but mass hysteria while police say insects might be responsible. "More often than not the victims have unconsciously inflicted the symptoms themselves," said Narrotam Lal, a doctor at King George's Medical College in Lucknow."

"It is a nine centimetre long winged insect that leaves rashes and superficial wounds," Supt Kavindra Singh told the Press Trust of India. But villagers are unconvinced. In the worst-hit Mirzapur district, people have stopped sleeping outdoors despite the sweltering heat and frequent power outages. Villagers have formed protection squads that patrol Shanwa, beating drums and shouting slogans such as, "Everyone alert. Attackers beware." "I can't sleep because of pain," said Kalawati, 53, who says she was attacked last week. "It was like a big soccer ball with sparkling lights."

It seems that these UFOs attacking people, are shown to correlate throughout the world.....