Here in this Chapter will be a compilation of the Gods that came down from the skies. So, now comes the Archons that had supposedly created mankind from the Earth, as we are told in all these religions and myths. Let's recap on this chapter from the Nag Hammadi: The Reality of the Rulers (The Hypostasis of the Archons) on this specific excerpt:

"...The rulers laid plans and said, “Come, let us create a human that will be soil from the earth.” They modeled their creature as one wholly of the earth. The rulers have bodies that are both female and male, and faces that are the faces of beasts. They took some soil from the earth and modeled their man, after their body and after the image of god that had appeared to them in the waters."

So, based from the Nag Hammadi excerpts details the Archons to be creating Adam and Eve. This would mean God in Christianity creating Adam is the Archon, Allah in Islam is the Archon, Jehovah in Judaism is the Archon, Melek Taus from the Yezidi is the Archon, and others that are described as fashioning man from clay. 

Now, I want to get back to the original concept on the Gods "intervening" with the Evolution of Mankind, thus making man in their supposed image. There is a certain conflict when stating that man was created in the image of God, even when the Nag Hammadi Scriptures details the Archons or Creators as looking like "Beast". I have heard other sources detailing how man was created with reptilian skin, and had apparently fell off after eating from the tree, and as of course, which was caused by the words of the "serpent". 

So, what is the truth here? It's also interesting to find the Scriptures detailing that the Archons were both male and female, meaning they are androgynous beings. But what does it mean that these Archons had faces like the Beast? Well, based from observing the Persian art paintings, the Jinn and/or Divs are shown looking like beast with teeths like a boar, would seem like they connect to the Oni race or are described in the same manner.

Based from various paintings in the Islamic art, the Jinn are shown to be anthropomorphic in appearances, meaning they are were-animals. So, creatures like the werewolf, merbeings, the goatmen, people with tails and such, are these Entities that are considered anthropomorphic. But then based from other sources are said that they are reptilians and they would be the creators of mankind to, of course, the Amphibian Gods that came from Sirius.

Now, the reason why I see the Bible to be more acceptable compared to the Nag Hammadi, is the based on understanding the scriptures in it's esoteric state. Like I had stated in the Chapter "Nag Hammadi" there were changes to get people to worship the Queen of Heaven, whether she is Pistis Sophia, or other epithets. The story in the Nag Hammadi based on the fights between the deities, doesn't hold much when compared to finding this same story based on the Amphibian deities and their dying and rising God, as stated from the Book "The Sirius Mystery". When Sophia blows from her mouth, and angel comes and defeats the Archons. This is merely Durga bringing forth Kali to defeat Mahishasura and the Asuras.

Now, this is when I question these myths and religions, and that is this. Did God or the Gods create human beings? Or did they intervene with the already made life that was here on Earth, prior to their arrival. This is why when the Bible states in Genesis 3:15 on the two seeds, it connects to Revelations 12:7, as Michael and his angels battle against the Red Dragon and his angels. As I have to state again, this is merely based on the two races as the Devas and Asuras, Gods and Titans, to the Angels and Demons. Whether people like it or not, this is why I state how the "Garden of Eden" is based on Mars, and has nothing to do with the people on Earth to which these Entities came down. The Garden of Eden is cycled and recycled with symbolism and parallelism. 

Just as the story of Thoth and the Atlanteans in the "Emerald Tablets", are said to have encountered the hairy barbarians in Egypt, the story could go in two or more ways. One is that the different Atlantean groups came to Earth after the battle between the Gods, and settled on Antarctica, as this would be the new Atlantis and the place where the highest life form on Earth is altered. Then the second concept is that there were barbaric people on Earth, but the Atlantean races were different with a high culture, and thus taught them and gave them the ideas on Civilization.

Then if we put the puzzle pieces together, then comes the Atlanteans being these actual Amphibian Gods that brought mankind the civilization, but of course, brought their religion to the world as this is Dagon. This would be based from Robert Temples "The Sirius Mystery", as the origin of the dying and rising God of the Nommo, would be the origin of the Bacchic, Dagon or Christian religion that everyone has to this day.

Now, I have stated before that whether these Gods are black or Amphibian looking, the religion of Dagon is still the religion of mankind. My gripe is this. Are they black (as I had stated before) or are they actual amphibian deities? Well, when the scipture on the Archons being both male and female was addressed, this would very much connect to the Amphibian Gods being androgynous as well. This is stated from the Oannes fish Gods research by Jim Vieira, as they would sometimes be shown with breast and beards.

Now, based from Robert Temple's research he details that images from the Dogon Tribe, and how these Entities would look like reptile or fish. Then there are statements based on other anthropomorphic races living in other Earthlike planets like men with Horns, people with tails, and people with wings. 

Based from the previous chapter I wanted to find an alternative to the origin of the human race, as I would find several indications on the Giants that live inside the Earth, to the sightings of the second sun, but again, it would seem that there were different Extraterrestrial involvements based on the creation of mankind.  

Now, if the different Entities that would have the face of beasts and be the actual creators, then could this be the case on why there are people that look in certain way? There are hairy people, people with hook noses like birds, the dragon face is based on the negroid features, then there are those that have the simian look etc. There are people that have a serpentine appearance, those that pertain to lions, hence, my late teacher would say that we are all creatures.

Other sources tries to say that man came from the "Aquatic ape", though I don't agree that these being would be underwater apes because how can the Primates not swim, while human beings can? Even Genesis shows that life did come from the waters. Another insteresting example based on the connection to water, is the how manatee is related to the elephant. People's biology is built for swimming in waters, compared to the Primates that have no capability to swim in waters, so perhaps there is a connection to life's origin emerging from underwater.

Then there is the case of the Amphibian deities, whether they be the culture givers or the creators, other sources details that all creatures in their early fetal stage are shown to look amphibian looking, before taking the attribute from the parents.

So, do the Archons look like were-animals, to those depicting them as reptilians or Amphibian Gods? Now, we will go to the "Testament of Amram", to where we go to the two watchers. Let's see what it states:

"Manuscript B Fragment 1

(9) [... 1 saw Watchers]

(10) in my vision, the dream-vision. Two (men) were fighting over me, saying ...

(11) and holding a great contest over me. I asked them, ‘Who are you, that you are thus empo[wered over me?’ They answered me, ‘We]

(12) [have been em]powered and rule over all mankind.’ They said to me, ‘Which of us do yo[u choose to rule (you)?’ I raised my eyes and looked.]

(13) [One] of them was terr[i]fying in his appearance, [like a serpent, [his] cl[oa]k many-colored yet very dark...

(14) [And I looked again], and ... in his appearance, his visage like a viper, and [wearing ...]

(15) [exceedingly, and all his eyes ...]

Fragment 2 (1) [... em]powered over you ...

(2) [I replied to him,] ‘This [Watcher,] who is he?’ He answered me, ‘This Wa[tcher ...]

(3) [and his three names are Belial and Prince of Darkness] and King of Evil.’ I said, ‘My lord, what dom[inion ...?’]

(4) [’and his every way is darkened, his every work da[rk]ened. In Darkness he ...

(5) [Yo]u saw, and he is empowered over all Darkness, while I [am empowered over all light.]

(6) [... from] the highest regions to the lowest I rule over all Light, and over al[1 that is of God. I rule over (every) man] Fragment 3

(1) [of His grace and peace. Over all the sons of Lig]ht have] I been empowered.’ I asked him, [What are your names ... ?’]

(2) He [s]aid to me, ‘[My] three names are [Michael and Prince of Light and King of Righteousness.’]

Manuscript ? Column 1

(1) ... tribes ...

(2) to them and all [his] ways [are True ...]

(3) [and he will heal] them of all their ills ...

(4) them from death and from de[struction ...]

(5) [o]ver you, blessed sons ...

(6) all the generations of Israel for[ever ...]

(7) angry at me, for the sons of Ri[ghteousness ...]

(8) between the sons of Lying and the sons of Tr[uth ...]

(9) I [will make known to you;] certainly I will inform y[ou that all the sons of Light]

(10) will be made Light, [whereas all the sons] of Darkness will be made Dark. [The sons of Light ...]

(11) and in all their Knowledge [they will] be, and the sons of Darkness will be dest[ro]yed ..."

(12) For all foolishness and Evil [1 will be darkened, while all [pea]ce and Truth will be made Ligh[t. All the sons of Light]

(13) [are destined for Light and [eternal j]oy (and) [re]joic[ing.] All the sons of Dark[ness] are destined for [Darkness and death]

(14) and destruction ... Lightness for the people. And I shall reveal [to you ...]

(15) from Darkness, for all ...

(16) the sons of [Darkness ...] and all the sons of Light ..."

Now, let's recap and observe these images below...

So, when you see these depictions of the Angels being defeated, you can see there are some that look anthropomorphic, pretty much like were-animals. Some you see would, of course, look like the typical demonic description, then those that are shown in their human aspects as well. So, what would be the identity of these beings? Based from the Military Source in Richard Hall's UFO mutilation connection, states that these Extraterrestrials look like "devils" and not these typical Greys. Just as I had stated on the "War in Heaven", these two groups are said to be the Devas and the Asuras, Gods and Titans, Angels and Jinn, and some indicate them to be the same race with different factions, or two different races.

Now, this is where we connect the story after the battle, and how the other group had overthrown the other to the earth. This is where Michael states in Revelation 12:12 “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

This is where the apparent "intervention" of these particular Gods came to be when they fell to Earth. Here you can call them the "Nommo", the "Chitauri", the fallen angels, Archons or whatever. In the "Emerald Tablets" details the Spirits looking down form Heaven and seeing mankind in bondage by a force from the cosmos. This could most likely be the same group that had intervened, and became the apparent Gods ruling over mankind, whereas the other Gods came down to help mankind from their apparent slavery. It's interesting that the Gods that came to Earth is where the cult of Dagon/Saturn worship comes in, and where most religions are based on. 

Now, this is where I need to make things clear, because based from myths and religions, there would be mixtures of biased beliefs of particular Gods over the other. Now, when I had stated that the God of fire would be defeated by Michael the Archangel, I had thought because the Jinn race was already on Earth, and how the other race was to wipe out the Preadamite races. But based on that note, the one called Iblis or Azazil was said to be the one who would destroy the Giants, monsters and other Entities on Earth before the creation of mankind, but when it came to Adam being created, Iblis didn't bow down, and thus was called Satan. Then Azazil battling against the Jinn is synonomous to the story of Red Horn, thus leading Him to be one and the same being.

So, we are told that Satan as the "red looking devil" rules the world, however, when learning about the God of fire speaking against Gods like "Tammuz and Semiramus", as they are "Baal and Ashtoreth", "Moloch", leading to the Dagon cult, shows that it's based on the Black Gods that are worshiped throughout the whole world. So, I had to question, why would people be told that Satan rules the Earth, and yet, we see the Gods that pertain to Jesus Christ (Dagon) along with the Queen of Heaven being worshiped throughout the whole world instead? This never made sense until further research showing that there's a great deception on these Gods and the symbols of Saturn. This is why the History about Christianity had to change, because people have always been worshiping Dagon ever since they came to Earth after their defeat in Space. 

In the Book "The Sirius Mystery" it's stated that one of the Nommo had rebelled against Amma, and the other Nommo is then sacrificed and dismembered to keep the Universe in balance. In the Greco-Roman stories shows this is "Bacchic" or the cult of "Dionysus", thus leading to Saturnalia. Just like I had stated before, I don't see people worshiping some red devil, and since studying about these supposed Satanic symbolism, they still go back to the Dagon/Saturn worship.

Based from Credo Mutwa's book "Africa Hidden History" states this excerpt: "Now, let me point out an interesting thing, sir. If you study the languages of all African nations, you find within the languages of our people words which are similar to Oriental, Middle-Eastern, and even Native American words. And the word Imanujela means “the Lord who came”.

"A word that anyone can discover in Rwanda, amongst the Rwandan Hutu and Watusi people, is very similar to the Herbrew word Immanuel, which means “the Lord is with us”. Imanujela, “the ones who came, the Lords who are here”. "Our people believe, sir, that we, the people of this Earth, are not masters of our own lives, really, although we are made to think that we are. Our people say, that is, Black people of all tribes, all of the initiated ones, all of the shamans everywhere in Africa, when they get to trust you and share their deepest secrets with you, they say that [with] the Imanujela, there is Imbulu. And there is another name by which these creatures are known. This name is Chitauli...."

"...And then it is said, however, that when the Chitauli came to Earth, they arrived in terrible vessels which flew through the air, vessels which were shaped like great bowls and which made a terrible noise and a terrible fire in the sky. And the Chitauli told human beings, whom they gathered together by force with whips of lightning, that they were great gods from the sky and that from now on they would receive a number of great gifts from the god."

"These so-called gods, who were like human beings, but very tall, with a long tail, and with terrible burning eyes, some of them had two eyes-yellow, bright eyes-some had three eyes, the red, round eye being in the center of their forehead. These creatures then took away the great powers that human beings had: the power of speaking through the mind only the power of moving objects with their mind only the power of seeing into the future and into their past the power to travel, spiritually, to different worlds."

"All of these great powers the Chitauli took away from human beings and they gave human beings a new power, now, the power of speech. But, human beings found, to their horror, that the power of speech divided human beings, instead of uniting them, because the Chitauli cunningly created different languages, and they caused a great quarrel between people. Also, the Chitauli did something which has never been done before: they gave human beings people to rule over them, and they said, “These are your kings, these are your chiefs. They have our blood in them. They are our children, and you must listen to these people because they will speak on our behalf. If you don’t, we are going punish you very terribly.”

Now, when these apparent Gods came down, Credo states that they had appointed their own Children as their viceregent or representation to rule over mankind. It would seem these indications would be the "reptilian bloodline" as we are told belongs to the European Monarchs. However, as stated in the last Chapter, the religion of Christianity never came from them, but originated from the black people. This is why this part of the History is ommitted, because the original rulers of Europe, Asia, India, and America were black people. 

This is why Sir Godfrey Higgins had found that the Gods of the world were originally black complexioned, whether based from the worship of the Black Madonna and Child or the Black Buddha, it still amazes me how the Europeans and other nations would worship the black images to this day. The Buddha was originally black, Quetzalcoatl was depicted black, Zeus, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu, Huang-di etc.

Perhaps this is why those Gods would be Black, because they are merely the representation of the Gods that came down from the Skies. This is also probably why that white supremist Preacher had stated on finding Documents on the cosmic struggle in the skies, and how the Black people they came to earth as workers and warriors under the Dragon God. So, even though these entities would be described as Amphibian or dragon looking, I still see the artifacts and images going back to the worship of the Black Gods and the serpent symbology that was mentioned in Godfrey Higgin's "The Anacalypsis".

Let's recap on what he said, because this correlates to the "Sons of God", thus connecting to Godfrey Higgin's statements on these Gods being black complexioned and having negroid features. This is based from Dr. Wesley Swift's: Races of the Earth and their differences:

"And we can prove the great antiquity which is involved here. In fact the coming of the Negroes ties into the Ancient Mythology of the Sumerians. They talk about battles and struggles in the sky, and how Negroes came in as workers and warriors of the god called the Battle god of the heavens, or Lucifer as you know him in your theology."

"And in the theology of the Chinese he was referred to as the Dragon god. Now, there are some things which I think are important for people to know. It taxes some people mentally to think, but it is important that there are some things that they should know. I call this to your attention: the Scripture clearly indicates that in periods of time in the past that there were great catastrophes which swept the earth."

"And when you read in the Book of Genesis: 'God created the heavens and the earth', it doesn't put a time element on that creation. The second verse of Genesis says: 'The earth was without form and void, and darkness was on the face of the deep.' Void means aftermath of destruction."

"Webster calls it the aftermath of destruction by Divine hands. Early theology recognized that there had been an early creation which had been destroyed, or had passed into catastrophe, and was re-altered even before the Genesis story of recreation, and the account of God preparing the earth for Adam-man."

"There is something more significant here about the background of the earth. We have inside the Bible an identity of Lucifer. And you will note that at that time he is referred to as the Dragon. This symbol of the Dragon is one of the emblems of Lucifer, and was even described by the Sumerians as well as the Ancient Chinese as accompanying the great heavenly boat of the Dragon god. So you see they had vehicles which came in from space with symbols painted on them, and they were identified with these symbols. Out of the records of what their archaeologists have unearthed from their earliest cities comes their oldest traditions."

"And they talk about their being the children of the Dragon, and how the Dragon god came. They tell of the change which came upon the people of Asia...after the Dragon god came. They talk about Ancient Deities, and the change of Deities. They talk about a great catastrophe and mighty struggles, and how part of the earth plunged beneath the waters. When they talk about how the earth plunged beneath the waters they are talking about how Ancient MU, and the Ancient wicked continent of Pan slipped beneath the waters of the Pacific."

"Strangely this is to be found in records, and Ancient maps traced into stone which reaches into the high mountains...the Andes..where the people that were the actual creators and constructors of some of the Ancient Inca civilizations far out in surpassing the Indians who occupied it later...these people talked about this high civilization, and they had maps which related to roads and vast extensive lands that were far to the west of them. By the scale of their maps would have extended across most of the Pacific Ocean."

"The strange thing is that emblems which relate to worship of the Dragon gods, and these maps are found in the high mountains of the Andes, and tie right in with symbols of worship found in Asia, in India, and found also in the Islands of the sea. For on Borneo, Sumatra, and Java we have remnants, and artifacts which show that Ancient civilizations flourished there."

So, when Credo Mutwa details the "Children" of the Chitauri, it would seem to point to the Black nation and their connection to the Black God Dagon. Whether people disagree with this statement or not, or if it's true or not, based from the information he found does connect to the coming of the Dragon Gods, and Credo's statements on the arrival of the Chitauri, and how they appointed their children to being rulers over mankind. This would make sense as to why these Black Gods are worshiped all over the world, and the Black images are to be representatives to those Gods. 

Now, I find that these Entities that came down are not human, even if there are black or are serpentine in their representation. I have heard stories from Africa based on mermaid sightings and Goblin like creatures that would terrorize some locals, and would think that these entities actual Amphibian entities. To be frank, even if those Gods are black, I don't see the Africans or any black nation to be these entities that are not human, but instead be the Children of those Gods.

The Dragon symbology does connect to the Black Buddha, and other Black deities are depicted with serpents, but based from Robert Temple's "The Sirius Mystery", if these Amphibian Gods were the original deities who brought the religion of Christianity (dying and rising God), and perhaps had forbade the people from making images of them, then I can see that would be the case. However, then comes Norman Bergrun's statements on the Black Extraterrestrials, and how this connects to Godfrey Higgin's statements on the Negroid Gods being worshiped throughout the whole world. This is truly where the term "Children of the Dragon" is based on, to the hairstyle, why they were called "dragon faced" and how the dragon symbology really belongs to them. 

Now, based on seeing the cult of Saturn and it's connections to the Extraterrestrials that came down to Earth, is shown to be Osiris, Shiva, Vishnu, Baal, Dagon, Moloch etc. He would be Murugan the Peacock angel as well. The story of the God that dismembers the other, is based on Set cutting up Osiris, Skell cutting up Illao the God of the Underworld, the Titans or Prometheus cutting up Dionysus/Bacchus, Huitzilopochtli cutting up Coyolxāuhqui etc. 

Now, the problem with these mythologies is that the God of the Sky or the one that defeated the other Gods with the "Vajra" weapon, would then become the Lord of the Underworld. Enlil as the King of the Gods and God of air, was said to be cast into the underworld with Ninlil and Children. Then the King of the Gods Zeus alternatively is said to have Persephone and would  bear Zagreus, as he plays the role of the God of the underworld Hades (they are one and the same). Even Typhon and Echidna would play the same role as Hades and Persephone, thus connecting to Zeus. This is what I had stated in the Chapter "H.P. Lovecraft" as the story states, the God that had defeated the other Gods, then becomes that same God that was cast down as the roles are reversed.

But as you see, the Gods like Enlil, Ninlil and Sin (Nergal), is the same as Shiva (Vishnu), Kali (Parvati) and Murugan (Ganesha). Osiris, Isis, and Horus is Amun, Maat, and Khonsu. Amun is Ammon Zeus, as Zeus, Persephone (Hera) and Zagreus (Bacchus). Then comes Hephaestus, Athena and Erichthonius, then Fuxi, Nuwa and their son. Then to find the child of both parents is the Peacock angel Murugan, to which is shown to be Michael the archangel in Christianity. It's revealed that God of fire has nothing to do with these names like "Michael the archangel", especially when seeing the peacock connection to the Saturn symbology, thus leading him to be Krishna, Vishnu, Murugan, and Jesus Christ. 

This is the cycle that I'm talking about in these religions and mythologies, as these stories are recycled to get you thinking that it's simply that, but it isn't. Break the cycle of thinking which is this Matrix. When observing the "Testament of Amram", it details two watchers struggling with each other to rule over mankind. The question states how come Belial the serpent is a watcher? Or where is God in all the midst of this war? 

I had to question the authenticity of these texts, but the religion of Judaism is not an ancient religion as we have been told. Based from this, people should question on why would we are told to go to the Hebrew texts, when the religion was merely created for the sole purpose of disguising the origin. This is where I find that they created the religion to imitate the actual Brahmin religion, as the Bible is really based on the Aryans going into the lands of India and China. This is why I said that I would rather stick to the Bible, because whoever wrote it had based on symbolism/parallelism to Hinduism.

Now, I had thought that AGNI would be the God of the Underworld, but the more I researched on this subject, I started to see that He has nothing to do with Hell, especially based from these stories on some those Entities that look like Demons, would actually be those monsters that this God had fought against. So, why would the being called Azazil be the one destroying these demons, and yet, is later stated to have join them after the fall? Yet was killing them in the first place?

This is why when learning about the description on the God in the Bible, He is said to be called "a jealous God" and a "Consuming fire", and the Jinn Iblis/Azazil was said to be made from smokeless fire and be very haughty. Then to find that this is the God of the Israelites is the God of the Aryans, details further evidence that these religions are not telling the truth about this God. To find Acts 19:27 and 35, describing the worship of the Goddess Diana and the "image" that fell from Heaven, reveals that it's Mecca and the Goddess of the Black Stone. This shows that the Muslims are Christians, and along with the religion of Judaism and other related organizations, all worship the Saturnian Gods. Why would it state that Allah is the "Lord of Sirius"? Because it's based on those very same entities that came to Earth. And like I had stated before, whether they are Black Gods or Amphibian Gods, it's all towards the worship of Saturn/Dagon. 

Then the battle of the Gods would be synonomous to Azazil being sent to destroy the Jinn, and Red Horn being sent to destroy the Giants, water spirits, and evil spirits. In the paintings that show "Michael" defeating these spirits is actually Azazil.  This story is based on the battle of Zhurong and Gonggong, as the fire God battles against the water dragon god for the Heavens. Again, though the story would be similar but only the roles being reversed. In the Islamic version states this: "In the first version, before Iblis was cast down from heaven, he used to be a high-ranking angel (Karub) called Azazil, appointed by God to obliterate the original disobedient inhabitants of the earth, who were replaced with humans, as more obedient creatures.""...According to whose interpretations legitimated by the authority of Ibn Abbas, Azazil was the leader of angels and sent by God to terminate the jinn, who lived on earth before humanity."

Below details the Ho-Chunk Red Horn with the "red braided hair", thus connecting to Fudo Myoo the fire God of the Japanese......

Based from the "Ho-Chunk mythology" states this excerpt in the Wiki: RedHorn: "Red Horn (also known as 'He Who Wears (Human) Faces on His Ears') is found in the oral traditions of the Ioway, and Hocągara (Winnebago) (whose ethnology was recorded by anthropologist Paul Radin, 1908–1912). The Red Horn Cycle depicts his adventures with Turtle, the thunderbird Storms-as-He-Walks (Mą’e-manįga) and others who contest a race of giants, the Wąge-rucge or "Man-Eaters", who have been killing human beings whom Red Horn has pledged to help. Red Horn eventually took a red haired giant woman as a wife. Archaeologists have speculated that Red Horn is a mythic figure in Mississippian art, represented on a number of Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (SECC) artifacts. Hall has shown that the mythic cycle of Red Horn and his sons has some interesting analogies with the Hero Twins mythic cycle of Mesoamerica."

Then based on "Red Horn" states this: Red Horn in archaeology: "Some images found in or near the SECC area may be of Red Horn, his companions, and his sons. Scattered throughout most of this area are relics of prosopic earpieces, which must have given the wearer an appearance strikingly like that of mythical Red Horn."

"Other artifacts, such as the bilobed arrow, may shed light on an obscure name held by Red Horn in his youth, "He Who is Hit with Deer Lungs". Intricately carved effigy pipes have been recovered as well, one of which, nicknamed "Big Boy", has been widely identified with Red Horn."

"There also exist numerous depictions of a raptorial bird whose head has many human features. James A. Brown has argued that this "Birdman", who is often shown wearing prosopic earpieces, is also a form of Red Horn. Pictographs found in caves have also been related to Red Horn. Salzer contends that the scene of Panel 5 at the Gottschall Rockshelter represents Red Horn and his friends confronting the giants. At Picture Cave, discovered by Carol Diaz-Granados, there exists a pictograph the central figure of which wears prosopic earpieces, leading to the suggestion that he represents an early form of Red Horn."

In the Ioway version of the Red Horn story, Wears Man-Heads in His Ears puts on a pair of prosopic earpieces which come to life. Prosopic ear ornaments have been found throughout much of the S.E.C.C. culture area in archaeological excavations and are called "Long-nosed god maskettes". They are typically made of either copper or shell, which were highly valued materials. Most wampum belts, for instance, are made of shells strung together. In contemporary Hotcąk the standard word for wampum is worušik, a word which also denotes earrings. It is a contraction of wa-horušik, "something suspended from the ears".

"This shows a linguistic "memory" of a time when at least certain earpieces were considered to be wampum. The S.E.C.C. artifacts have a high degree of uniformity except for the size of the nose, which may be either short or extraordinarily long and even crooked. The face is shield-shaped, and has a crown with a notch at its top center rim."

"The mouth is just a short slit, but the eyes are perfectly circular and large in proportion to the head, giving them an owl-like appearance. The first of these was discovered in Big Mound within St. Louis in 1870, where they lay beside the skull in a grave. Since then nearly two score of these artifacts have been discovered in an area encompassing at least ten states. S.E.C.C. pictorial art shows figures with long-nosed god maskettes on their ears, recalling the appearance of Red Horn and his sons."

"One of these is a sculpted pipe bowl, nicknamed "Big Boy", showing a seated young man wearing short-nosed prosopic earpieces (discussed below). They came to be called "Long-Nosed God" mask(ette)s because they were correlated with depictions of what appeared to be a deity with a very long nose. One of these has in addition to a long nose, a bilobed arrow attached to his hair, and a single long braid, all characteristics associated with Red Horn."

"On the other hand, such beings often have a curl at the end of their noses, either bending up or down, a feature not found on their maskette counterparts. In addition a great many prosopic earpieces have only a short nose. This has led Duncan and Diaz-Granados to develop a different theory to account for the variation in nose sizes."

"They believe that the prosopic earpieces represent the Twins, and that they were worn by war captives who were being assimilated into their new tribe. This is chartered by one surviving Twins myth, in which the wild brother has a very long nose in contrast to the normal nose of his domesticated brother. When the wild Twin is re-adopted into his family, the father trims the nose. Ex hypothesi, the size of the nose on the prosopic earpiece given to the adopted captive was trimmed to reflect the degree to which he had been assimilated."

Big Boy: "Big Boy", which was uncovered from the Great Mortuary of Craig Mound at Spiro, is a large effigy pipe weighing 11 lbs., 8 oz., probably made of bauxite. It is likely that it was originally a sculpture that was only later converted into a pipe bowl. This remarkable artifact was first illustrated in 1952. The figure is nude, with his hair arranged in an occipital bun and a long braid hanging over his left shoulder. His only body clothing is a cape draped over his back. The cape has a "spade" or feather design, leading most archaeologists to conclude that it was a feather cape, a mantle well known from many Native American cultures in historical times."

"However, it seems unlikely that it actually is a feather cape. The blanket ... is decorated with a "spade" design, which, considering the accuracy of detail and faithfulness of depiction in the rest of the pipe, is a detail that should be interpreted literally rather than figuratively. In this light, the "spade" design elements should be regarded as part of the blanket itself."

"It once bore a heavy coat of red ochre, some of which is still visible. He also wears a flat cap with a raised border around its top which has an "ogee" design in negative relief. Brown believes that this cap "appears to be a case for displaying a copper plate." The subject of the sculpture also wears a rich, triple-strand necklace of wampum beads. His most interesting feature, however, is a pair of prosopic ear ornaments, clearly of the Short-Nosed God type. Reilly, on the assumption that the SECC clay effigy pipes are of divine subjects, concludes, because of Big Boy's long red braid and prosopic earpieces, that he must represent "Morning Star" (by which he means Red Horn)."

"James A. Brown leans strongly towards this view, but voices a note of caution: All told, we have in this figure a remarkable combination of the very elements by which the Red Horn hero-deity of the Winnebago is identified in myth. Although this might suggest that the Red Horn identification can be extrapolated into deep antiquity, caution is dictated because of the inherent ambiguities attendant upon the sources of our information, to say nothing of the time spread involved. In a departure from the received opinion, Duncan and Diaz-Granados contend that the prosopic earpieces represent the Twins and were used by captives being adopted into the tribe. Consequently, they view Big Boy as a representation of such an adoptee, and not as Red Horn himself."

Picture Cave: "In Warren County, Missouri, there is a site appropriately styled "Picture Cave". As its name suggests, it contains a wealth of pictographs, including one that has been identified with the Hotcąk spirit Red Horn (Wears Faces on His Ears)."

"Other pictographs in Picture Cave have been dated from about 915 AD to 1066 AD, although the age of the "Red Horn" pictograph has so far not been determined. It differs stylistically from the other pictographs in the cave and has a patina of silica which may suggest that it is older than the others."

"Almost solely on the basis of the prosopic earpiece, Duncan connects the main character of this scene with Red Horn. He describes the chief figure in the panel as "Morning Star (known by the Winnebago as Red Horn)", an identification which has now become universal among archaeologists (see the section above, "Red Horn as a Star"). He also believes that the Red Horn of Picture Cave is carrying the head of Morning Star, which he describes as an act of self-resurrection."

"Nevertheless, at one point Duncan says, with respect to the "Red Horn" pictograph, "This 'early' Braden style rendering conforms to the description of He-who-wears-human-heads-as-earrings, or Red Horn, after he wrestled with the 'giants'. Red Horn's head is described as being carried by one of his sons ... this is an unmistakable scene at Picture Cave that is finely and delicately rendered and includes a substantial use of white pigment."

Bird Man: "Another figure found in SECC artworks is a raptor with a largely human face, who is often depicted wearing prosopic earpieces. This werebird, known as "Birdman", is also thought by some to be a form of Red Horn."

Based from the website "" details this on Red Horn: "The Red Horn symbol featured strongly in the Mississippian culture. The Mound Builders believed that Red Horn was one of the five sons of Earthmaker whom the Creator formed with his own hands and sent to earth to rescue mankind."

"Red Horn was a great hero and led war parties against the enemies of the people and supernatural monsters and demons from the Underworld including the Great Serpent and the Horned Panther. Red Horn legends of the Ho-Chunk and Winnebago tribes include adventures with Turtle and the thunderbird and battles against a race of giants."

"The above picture shows a Red Horn Symbol, a great hero in Mississippian mythology and known as “He Who Wears human heads as earrings” to the Sioux. His name is interesting as the Mississippians cut off the heads of their enemies as a trophy of their success. The severed head proves his prowess as a great warrior. The Warrior Symbol depicts a man carrying a head. This action was part of the culture of the Mississippians and the severed heads of enemies were displayed on 40 foot wooden pools during their Chunkey games."

Then based from Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine details this: THE ORIGIN OF THE SATANIC MYTH. [[Vol. 2, Page]] 394: "Before the creation of Adam, two races lived and succeeded each other on Earth; the Devs who reigned 7,000 years, and the Peris (the Izeds) who reigned but 2,000, during the existence of the former. The Devs were giants, strong and wicked; the Peris were smaller in stature, but wiser and kinder. Here we recognize the Atlantean giants and the Aryans, or the Rakshasas of the Ramayana and the children of Bharata Varsha, or India; the ante- and the post-diluvians of the Bible. Gyan (or rather Gnan, true or occult Wisdom and knowledge), also called Gian-ben-Gian (or Wisdom, son of Wisdom), was the king of the Peris.*

"He had a shield as famous as that of Achilles, only instead of serving against an enemy in war, it served as a protection against black magic, the sorcery of the Devs. Gian-ben-Gian had reigned 2,000 years when Iblis, the devil, was permitted by God to defeat the Devs and scatter them to the other end of the world. Even the magic shield, which, produced on the principles of astrology, destroyed charms, enchantments, and bad spells, could not prevail against Iblis, who was an agent of Fate (or Karma)."

Quranic exegesis: "According to many Classical scholars, based on the reports of the Sahaba, before Iblis was expelled from heaven, he was called Azazil. Quranic exegesis offers two different depictions of Iblis. One with Azazil beginning as a noble angel who later loses his position, while the other counts him as an ignoble jinn, who works his way up to heaven. According to whose interpretations legitimated by the authority of Ibn Abbas, Azazil was the leader of angels and sent by God to terminate the jinn, who lived on earth before humanity...."

Based on Iblis states this excerpt: As an Angel: "As an angel, Iblis is described as an archangel, the leader and Imam (teacher) of the other angels, and a guardian of heaven. At the same time, he was the closest to the Throne of God. God gave him authority over the lower heavens and the earth. Iblis is also considered the leader of those angels who battled the earthly jinn. Therefore, Iblis and his army drove the jinn to the edge of the world, Mount Qaf."

So, just recapping on the information given, this shows that the one who was sent by the Earth maker (Great Spirit), would be the one to battle the Giants, the water Spirits, Evil spirits of the underworld, the men with horns, and other Entities and Extraterrestrial beings. And based from the description, reveals that this is the God of fire as called AGNI and Rudra, and is the one who brought the Aryans into the lands of India and China. He is the red God of war, connecting to the bird God Garuda. He would be called "Daichi Tengri" or rather "Tengri" due to the bird symbology that the Turkic Mongolian people would ordain. Since finding these people to being the real Aryans in the Bible, and how they connect to AGNI, the real God of fire, then eveything comes together. Now, even though I don't trust some of the writings based from Christian and Judaic sources, but based on the attributes shown has a somewhat connection to the God of fire in the Bible, but as Blavatsky states on Iblis carrying a shield against the magic of the Devs, details that the Angel that is shown to be Michael, is really Azazil who had battled against giants, monsters and evil spirits.

Now, in the "The Black God", "The Lord of Sirius 1&2", and "Nag Hammadi 1" Chapters, I had detailed the symbolism of the dog to Sirius, but over time this symbol turns out to represent the Gods that was defeated by the other Gods. The "Dogon", relates to the Dogs, along with the amphibian symbolism. There are water deities depicted with dogs, thus connecting to the underworld. Even these Gargoyle Statues do depict them with dog like features, along with the dragon faced features. There is Pazuzu, who is strangely depicted as dog-faced, when others seem to think it's the face of the lion. Even the Anzu bird is depicted with the face of a dog, in which again, others states it's based on the lion. Then there are movies that also depict them in similar manner as well....

Now, I came across a movie called "Gargoyles" from 1972, and it detailed the Gargoyles as reptilian looking with beaks like the "Kappa" from Japan. I also noticed that there appearances would look more "amphibian" looking with crested heads. Very interesting depictions. It seems very close to the description of the Archons that is stated in the Nag Hammadi. Above you can see the Gargoyle like fish creature with breast, thus detailing the androgynous aspect. Here is what the Wiki states on this subject:

Plot: "Dr. Mercer Boley and his daughter Diana are traveling in New Mexico for his scientific research. They are shown a skeleton of a large creature with wings and horns at a place called Uncle Willie's Desert Museum. Dr. Boley dismisses it as a hoax assembled from unrelated bones, but Uncle Willie insists that he found the bones together as a whole skeleton. While Uncle Willie tells them tales of demons from American Indian folklore, an unseen force attacks the building, causing a rafter to collapse and kill the proprietor, and starting a fire that consumes the building."

"Dr. Boley and Diana escape with the horned skull and take it to a motel. The next morning they report to the police and return to the site of the fire. There they find a group of young men, James Reeger and four others, riding motorcycles around the ruins. The police arrest them on suspicion of causing the fire, against the advice of the Boleys. That night, two gargoyles, appearing much smaller than the skeleton and without horns or wings, invade the motel room to retrieve the skull."

"Dr. Boley chases them to the road where one is struck and killed by a truck and the other gets away with the skull. Boley takes the body back to the room. The alcoholic hotelier, Mrs. Parks, complains but Diana tries to assure her that it was only a family argument. Diana returns to the police station and pleads for the bikers' innocence but the police refuse to release them. She tells Reeger about the dead gargoyle but does not mention it to the police even though it would prove their innocence, apparently because her father wants it for study. She returns to the motel. Two slightly larger gargoyles return to recover the gargoyle body, but the Boleys escape with it through the window and stow it in their station wagon."

"The gargoyles rip the passenger door off and kidnap Diana, then overturn the car rendering Dr. Boley unconscious. The gargoyles take Diana to their cave, where they have many eggs. She meets the gargoyle leader, who is larger and has wings and horns like the skeleton. He tells Diana that they have only been alive for a few weeks after a 500-year incubation, and that humans have repeatedly killed them off in the past, but he vows that they will survive this time."

"He has several of Dr. Boley's books, apparently also taken from the car, and insists that Diana read to him. As she reads a passage that describes a mythical encounter between a human female and a demon who molests her, the leader approaches from behind and startles her, but assures her that he has no interest in humans. Dr. Boley convinces the police to release the bikers and search for Diana, and Reeger joins them. Mrs. Parks and her helper drive away to get assistance, but the search party later finds her pickup truck empty and bloodied, and her body hanging upside down from a telephone pole with no sign of the helper."

"The gargoyle leader has a queen, who also has wings, and she informs him that "men, horses, and dogs" are approaching the cave, and that many more eggs will hatch the next day. The leader orders that the humans must be stopped in the desert. Over a dozen gargoyles charge the humans and both sides have casualties. The leader takes Dr. Boley to the cave and vows that "this is the end of your age, the beginning of mine."

"The queen appears jealous of the leader's attention to Diana, and she leads Dr. Boley to his daughter and lets them escape. Reeger douses the eggs with gasoline but is attacked by several gargoyles before he can get away, so he lights the fuel and sacrifices himself. When the leader realizes that his war is once again lost, Dr. Boley bludgeons the queen's wing with a rock so she cannot fly, and so the leader must carry her away. He flies away with her to create a new nest somewhere."

In the beginning of this show, details how the Gargoyles are Satan's angels that was cast down to the earth. Here are some depictions....

Now, when looking at these paintings of the apparent Michael the archangel defeating Satan, they show the defeated entity as a bird, a dragon, a man, or a dog. And as I had looked closely into this subject of Azazil battling against the different monsters, Giants, water spirits and evil spirits, it becomes clear that Agni or Azazil the fire God would be the one who was eradicating these entities. Some images are depicted as Gargoyles.

Again, what people are stating Michael to battling these groups, is really the God of fire, who is inturned called a Devil by the religions. So, the apparent Devil that defeated these other devils, would be the savior or mankind? This shows how the corruption of religion tries to state that these religions would be the origin, when it isn't so.

Now, I had thought that the God of fire was defeated by Michael the Archangel, but this isn't the full story. There is a reason why this God of fire had detailed about the worship of the Goddess and the defeated Osiris, who was originally Anubis the God of the underworld. This goes to Michael the Archangel, as Murugan the Peacock angel, who is Mercury, Hermes, Thoth, and is known as Odin for Wednesday. The symbol of Mercury pertains to the "androgynous" symbol of Aphrodite.

There is a possible connection to the Sphinx originally having a dog's head instead of the image portrayed today. Based on those Artifacts and relics, there was much reconstruction done to divert the truth about that land. Blavatsky states that Iblis was given a "shield" that was used as a protection against black magic of the Divs. This shows the real truth, as you see Michael battling these Entities, is really Azazil battling this group as it represents the fall of "Sirius". These entities are not human..... (You can also see Satan having "breast" of a woman, indicating the connections to Artemis the Goddess worshiped with the Black stone. There are Islamic portrayals of Jinn having this same breast as well)

Then from there we can get a good observation of the Goddess "Coyolxāuhqui" that was cut up by Huitzilopochtli. This is pretty much Set cutting up Osiris, with the gender changed to female. They state that she is equivalent to Artemis, who is the Black Goddess Diana. This would make sense since the arrival of those particular Gods, is basically the fall of the Black stone to Earth. She is called "Obsidian butterfly" for a reason. The band called "Black Veil Brides" has a song called "Fallen Angel", as they display wearing the color black and posing the androgynous apparel, thus strangely imitating the androgynous Nommo Gods who came down from Sirius. As stated, those paintings of Satan having "breast" of a woman can be a clear connection to the beings that came from above and had given their "culture" to mankind on Earth.

Then you remember the movie "The Truman show"? The fall of Sirius is based on the coming of these Gods, to which had brought the apparent culture of Atlantis and the black stone. This is where the dying and rising god of the Nommo is based on, as the fire God Set cuts up Osiris, who originally would be Anubis the God of the Underworld connecting to the Aztec dog God Xolotl.

Here this Goddess or God, would be called "Ītzpāpālōtl" and "Tlaltecuhtli". In the "Book of Enoch" would detail God ordering the angel Gabriel to destroy the nephilim, to which are lumped up as Jinn. In the Chapter "Thoth is Enoch 2" I detail the similarities of the Goddess that has these "eyes" like the Peacock angel, thus connecting to Amram's testament on the Watcher, and the Goddess Kali.

Since, "Satan" is shown to have breast like a woman, then you know they would be the Nommo that came and gave the religions to mankind. This is perhaps, why the Dogon traditions depict these entities with breast. Even the male traditional dancers are shown with fake breast and wearing "crest" upon their heads, thus imitating their basic descriptions. This most likely could be the imitation and form of worship towards the Goddess Artemis.

Now, based from the symbolism to the Goddess Itzapalotl, details the "Black butterfly" or "Obsidian butterfly" reference, and based from the excerpt "The deity is shown brandishing a severed leg, thought to be a symbol of battle...", does detail a connection to the Jaguar God Tezcatlipoca losing a leg to the "Earthmonster". This can also relate to the story of the Norse Tyr losing his hand to Fenrir the wolf as well. The significant symbolism of this pertains to Michael battling the Dragon God who represents "Sirius", or the dog star.

Based from the excerpt states this on Tezcatlipoca: Creation histories: "In one of the Aztec accounts of creation, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca joined forces to create the world. Before their act there was only the sea and the crocodilian earthmonster called Cipactli. To attract her, Tezcatlipoca used his foot as bait, and Cipactli ate it. The two gods then captured her, and distorted her to make the land from her body. After that, they created the people, and people had to offer sacrifices to comfort Cipactli for her sufferings. Because of this, Tezcatlipoca is depicted with a missing foot."

"Another story of creation goes that Tezcatlipoca turned himself into the sun, but Quetzalcoatl was furious possibly because they were enemies, he is a night god or due to his missing foot, so he knocked Tezcatlipoca out of the sky with a stone club." "Angered, Tezcatlipoca turned into a jaguar and destroyed the world. Quetzalcoatl replaced him and started the second age of the world and it became populated again."

"Tezcatlipoca overthrew Quetzalcoatl, forcing him to send a great wind that devastated the world, and the people who survived were turned into monkeys. Tlaloc, the god of rain, then became the sun. But he had his wife taken away by Tezcatlipoca. Angered in turn, he would not make it rain for several years until, in a fit of rage, he made it rain fire with the few people who survived the assault turning into the birds."

"Chalchihuitlicue the Water Goddess then became the sun. However, she was crushed by Tezcatlipoca's accusation that she only pretended to be kind. She cried for many years and the world was destroyed by the resulting floods. Those people who survived the deluge were turned into fish."

(This story resembles to what Credo Mutwa had said in his book "Africa's Hidden History", detailing a warrior who battled a great monster and though he defeated the monster, he had lost his leg) 

Now, look at "Cipactli" the Earthmonster: "Cipactli (Classical Nahuatl: Cipactli "crocodile" or "caiman") was the first day of the Aztec divinatory count of 13 X 20 days (the tonalpohualli) and Cipactonal "Sign of Cipactli" was considered to have been the first diviner. In Aztec cosmology, the crocodile symbolized the earth floating in the primeval waters. According to one Aztec tradition, Teocipactli "Divine Crocodile" was the name of a survivor of the flood who rescued himself in a canoe and again repopulated the earth."

"In the Mixtec Vienna Codex (Codex Vindobonensis Mexicanus I), Crocodile is a day associated with dynastic beginnings. In Aztec mythology, Cipactli was a primeval sea monster, part crocodilian, part fish, and part toad or frog, with indefinite gender. Always hungry, every joint on its body was adorned with an extra mouth."

"The deity Tezcatlipoca sacrificed a foot when he used it as bait to draw the monster nearer. He and Quetzalcoatl created the earth from its body. Karl A. Taube has noted that among the Formative-period Olmec and the pre-Hispanic Maya peoples, crocodilians were identified with rain-bringing wind, probably because of the widespread belief that wind and rain clouds are “breathed” out of cave openings in the earth."

"A series of Olmec-style basreliefs from Chalcatzingo in the state of Morelos portrays crocodilians breathing rain clouds from their upturned mouths. Portable green stone Olmec sculptures depict crocodilians in similar positions, indicating that they are probably also breathing." "In the Maya tzolk'in, the day Cipactli corresponds to Imix. In the Mayan Popol Vuh, the name of the earthquake demon, Sipakna, apparently derives from Cipactli. Sipakna is the demon Sipak of 20th century Highland Maya oral tradition. In Migian, Cipactli is Quanai. In other versions, Cipactli is called Tlaltecuhtli, a deity referred to as the "earth monster".

Then based on "Tlaltecuhtli" states this in the Wiki: "Tlaltecuhtli (Classical Nahuatl, Tlāltēuctli) is a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican deity worshipped primarily by the Mexica (Aztec) people. Sometimes referred to as the "earth monster," Tlaltecuhtli's dismembered body was the basis for the world in the Aztec creation story of the fifth and final cosmos."

"In carvings, Tlaltecuhtli is often depicted as an anthropomorphic being with splayed arms and legs. Considered the source of all living things, she had to be kept sated by human sacrifices which would ensure the continued order of the world."

"According to a source, in the creation of the Earth, the gods did not tire of admiring the liquid world, no oscillations, no movements, so Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl thought that the newly created world should be inhabited. And for this, they made Mrs. Tlalcihuatl, 'Lady of the earth', come down from heaven, and Tlaltecuhtli, 'Lord of the earth', would be her consort." "Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl create the Earth from the body of Cipactli, a giant alligator self-created in the Omeyocan. Tlaltecuhtli is known from several post-conquest manuscripts that surveyed Mexica mythology and belief systems, such as the Histoyre du méchique, Florentine Codex, and Codex Bodley, both compiled in the sixteenth century."

"Tlaltecuhtli is typically depicted as a squatting toad-like creature with massive claws, a gaping mouth, and crocodile skin, which represented the surface of the earth. In carvings, her mouth is often shown with a river of blood flowing from it or a flint knife between her teeth, a reference to the human blood she thirsted for. Her elbows and knees are often adorned with human skulls, and she sometimes appears with multiple mouths full of sharp teeth all over her body. In some images, she wears a skirt made of human bones and a star border, a symbol of her primordial sacrifice."

"Many sculptures of Tlaltecuhtli were meant only for the gods and were not intended to be seen by humans. She was often carved onto the bottom of sculptures where they made contact with the earth, or on the undersides of stone boxes called cuauhxicalli ("eagle box"), which held the sacrificial hearts she was so partial to. In reference to her mythological function as the support of the earth, Tlaltecuhtli was sometimes carved onto the cornerstones of temples, such as the pyramid platform at El Tajin....."

Creation narrative: "According to the Bodley Codex, there were four earth gods — Tlaltecuhtli, Coatlicue, Cihuacoatl and Tlazolteotl. In the Mexica creation story, Tlaltecuhtli is described as a sea monster (sometimes called Cipactli) who dwelled in the ocean after the fourth Great Flood. She was an embodiment of the chaos that raged before creation." "One day, the gods Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca descended from the heavens in the form of serpents and found the monstrous Tlaltecuhtli (Cipactli) sitting on top of the ocean with giant fangs, crocodile skin, and gnashing teeth calling for flesh to feast on. The two gods decided that the fifth cosmos could not prosper with such a horrible creature roaming the world, and so they set out to destroy her. To attract her, Tezcatlipoca used his foot as bait, and Tlaltecuhtli ate it."

"In the fight that followed, Tezcatlipoca lost his foot and Tlaltecuhtli lost her lower jaw, taking away her ability to sink below the surface of the water. After a long struggle, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl managed to rip her body in two — from the upper half came the sky, and from the lower came the earth. She remained alive, however, and demanded human blood as repayment for her sacrifice."

"The other gods were angered to hear of Tlaltecuhtli's treatment and decreed that the various parts of her dismembered body would become the features of the new world. Her skin became grasses and small flowers, her hair the trees and herbs, her eyes the springs and wells, her nose the hills and valleys, her shoulders the mountains, and her mouth the caves and rivers."

"According a source, all the deities of the earth are female, except the advocation of Tezcatlipoca, which is Tepeyollotl, 'heart of the hill', and Tlaltecuthli, 'lord earth', which the latter is formed by the center of the body of Cipactli, which is It owes its other name, Tlalticpaque, 'lord of the world'. Tlaltecuhtli meets Coatlicue as a consort as the devourer, and Coatlicue as the one who gives continuous birth to new beings, men and animals."

Rites and rituals: "Tlatlecuhtli's head is shown flung back with a serpent tongue and a sacrificial knife between her teeth Since Tlaltecuhtli's body was transformed into the geographical features, the Mexica attributed strange sounds from the earth as either the screams of Tlaltecuhtli in her dismembered agony, or her calls for human blood to feed her. As a source of life, it was thought necessary to appease Tlaltecuhtli with blood sacrifices, especially human hearts."

"The Aztecs believed that Tlatlecuhtli's insatiable appetite had to be satisfied or the goddess would cease her nourishment of the earth and crops would fail. The Mexica believe Tlaltecuhtli to swallow the sun between her massive jaws at dusk, and regurgitate it the next morning at dawn. The fear that this cycle could be interrupted, like during solar eclipses, was often the cause of uneasiness and increased ritual sacrifice."

"Tlaltecuhtli's connection to the sun ensured that she was included in the prayers offered to Tezcatlipoca before Aztec military campaigns. Finally, because of Tlatlecuhtli's association with fertility, midwives called on her aid during difficult births—when an "infant warrior" threatened to kill the mother during labor." (Then there is the Gender identity debate based on this Goddess) Then when observing the images, you can see that this image connect to the "Tzitzimitl". Based from the Wiki states this: "In Aztec mythology, a Tzitzimitl is a monstrous deity associated with stars. They were depicted as skeletal female figures wearing skirts often with skull and crossbone designs. In postconquest descriptions they are often described as "demons" or "devils", but this does not necessarily reflect their function in the prehispanic belief system of the Aztecs."

"The Tzitzimimeh were female deities, and as such related to fertility, they were associated with the Cihuateteo and other female deities such as Tlaltecuhtli, Coatlicue, Citlalicue and Cihuacoatl and they were worshipped by midwives and parturient women. The leader of the tzitzimimeh was the goddess Itzpapalotl who was the ruler of Tamoanchan, the paradise where the Tzitzimimeh resided. The Tzitzimimeh were also associated with the stars and especially the stars that can be seen around the Sun during a solar eclipse."

"This was interpreted as the Tzitzimimeh attacking the Sun, thus causing the belief that during a solar eclipse, the tzitzimime would descend to the earth and possess men. It was said that if the Tzitzimimeh could not start a bow fire in the empty chest cavity of a sacrificed human at the end of a 52-year calendar round, the fifth sun would end and they would descend to devour the last of men."

"The Tzitzimimeh were also feared during other ominous periods of the Aztec world, such as during the five unlucky days called Nemontemi which marked an unstable period of the year count, and during the New Fire ceremony marking the beginning of a new calendar round; both were periods associated with the fear of change. The Tzitzimimeh had a double role in Aztec religion: they were protectresses of the feminine and progenitresses of mankind. They were also powerful and dangerous, especially in periods of cosmic instability."

Theen based on the God of fire battling the Dragon God and the "Water Spirit", details them with their religion to the inhabitants on Earth. Now, based from the Ancient battle details the Fire God Set defeating Osiris, but is demonized as the evil one when it's really the other way around. In the Chinese story of Zhurong, it details that the fire God defeats the water God Gong Gong, who again, is the Dragon God Osiris. However, then comes the recurrected God defeating the other. So, based from the Skell story still details that Skell would be defeated by Illao, but is resurrected with the heart to defeat Illao, who then cuts him up into pieces. This merely symbolizes the Bacchic cult and the resurrection story of the Nommo.

Then from there comes the arrival of the Gods or water spirits, that brought the black stone. This is where Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A space Odyssey" comes in as the "black monolith" comes to Earth. Then the symbolism of the hairy Barbarians or creatures learning their ways, as this is Oannes, Vishnu's Matsya form or "this" Thoth and the Atlanteans coming in bringing the apparent "culture" to the world.

Now, it should be noted as you look at certain pictures, the Black Goddess Diana's legs is closed together like that of a "fish" and having "fins" on her feet. This is what Robert Temple's book "The Sirius Mystery" is based on, as the description of Zeus' legs was considered "one leg" and having scales like his brother Poseidon. The same is stated on Osiris, as the closed legs symbolizes the fish body, and the "scales" that he is ordained with. They are said to be androgynous and have the face of "beast", as the Nag Hammadi scripture details. This is pretty much where the Mystery of these religions are based on, but as you see, these Entities are shown with the fish and crest symbolism, thus connecting to Dagon.

Then based from the crest on their heads, details their connection to the Water Spirits that came down from the Skies. It's interesting that 99% of the Oceans are unexplored, and seems that Scientist are serious on this statement, however, they are being coy about it, because there is the existence of these Entities living in these waters.

We are being distracted by Media, NASA and the Science Community based on their apparent determination to find life out there in Space, however, they don't want to detail any information on what's below the Oceans. When Animal Planet had shown the scene with the Merbeing's hand, they are told to lie about what they had found, even when the creature was shown on live Television. Those Water Spirits would be the Nommo and the Chitauri mentioned all over the world. 

So, with the information provided, I can see everything coming together, and how these Gods brought the religion of Dagon to the people on Earth. Then based from said information, details the "other" God battling against these other Entities, and gathering the Aryans and bringing them into the land of India and China. Then detailing them to destroy the names of those Black Gods and images in the land, does make sense as to the conflict on these Extraterrestrial forces.

This would also make sense as to why there is the conflict between Amon and Aten, but as you break down the names, it's basically Osiris and Set. This is where the battle of the Gods, and these races being of Amphibian appearances, while the other is said to look like a Bird, would connect to the battle between the Naga and the Garuda, as Genesis 3:15 and Revelations 12:7 states the war between the Auras and Devas.

Then comes the end of the "Mystery of Dagon", the arrival and intervention of the Gods, and their identities. Perhaps, there is more to research on other Extraterrestrial beings, but as far as what's going on with these two groups (or more), just shows where the Mythologies and religions are really based on. The reader doesn't need to agree with everything I have layed out, which is why I state to do your own research, but as I've layed out sources, gave my own opinions, and shown the images detailing evidence of the Gods, it's confirm as to who the real Aryans are, who the Dragon Gods are, the "Sons of God", and the origin of religion, but it shouldn't end there...