The Children of Agni

Now, in this 18th segment of the "Galactic Warfare" series, we will investigate more into the Antarctica situation. 

So, when learning about the God of fire's race being of the Asuras, and the Asuras going back to "Adam", then based from understanding this information shows that Adam has nothing to do with the Human races on Earth. Based on the description of the God of fire details Him to have "red hair", being a Giant, and is shown having fangs and fire all around Him. Based on this God's description connects the Atlanteans to the Jinn race, to whom are a race that could be described as demonic looking or bird looking. 

I want the reader to challenge this statement. When Thoth was taken up to live with the Gods, the same was stated on Iblis/Azazil, who was taken up to live with the Gods/Angels. Sun Wukong, Loki, Prometheus, to Agni all leads them to being the same Giant Demon that was taken to Heaven. However, when people think of "Enoch" they are shown an old white man going up to Heaven, and that isn't truly the case. Even Blavatsky came in the same result on Enoch who is Set, Thoth, to Satan, is the true story of the Red Dragon that fought against the Gods in the "War in Heaven". She also states that Noah and the descendants were of the "Kabir" or Demon/Jinn race, and because of this must have a connection to having "red hair". 

In the show "Shiva Puran" episode 21, details the leader of the Asuras called "Vritasura" leading the battle against the Devas in the Heavens. Here he is shown to have "red hair", and along with the Asuras are shown wearing garments like the American Indian people.

Now, when Credo Mutwa was describing the Entities called "Chitauri", he would say that the leader of this race would have three eyes, and horns on his head. Based from his book "Africa's Hidden History" describes these beings to having three eyes, having human looking bodies, very tall with tails, and were cruel natured. Now, I had noticed some holes in some of these stories based on the Chitauri, whether they are supposed to be the Nommo, which are described as "Amphibian" looking creatures instead of the cruel natured reptilian description. Some of the information given doesn't add up, even if they are based on legends. 

This is why I had stated in "The Lord of Sirius 2", that the story of the dismembered Nommo God is based on the story of Black God Bacchus, who is known as Osiris and Dionysus, and was described as Black complexioned from Godfrey's book "The Anacalypsis". Now, I had to question the consideration of the Devas looking like actual Dragons, because the term "Children of the Dragon" is refered to the Naga race, as they would have features like that of the dragon. I was thinking, perhaps the blackened images were mere representations, as they were hiding the true looks of those Gods. Based from the Mesoamerican Gods are said to look like serpents and dragons, but the Ancient Aztecs were considered to be Black and were sacrificing people to them. 

Now, I am skeptical on the Reptilian phenomenon because of how much people claim to have seen reptilians shifting on Television, to those that stated they had relationships with them, and of course, mostly white people were saying these things in these UFO shows and Communities. This is why the more I observe these apparent Gods, and even though I find them to be black, they have nothing to do with the actual reptilians that people claim are these Gods in religion.

Even when listening to Jordan Maxwell's stories on these Reptilians, he states that the Father of his girlfriend that had talked with him had informed him about the Reptilians in the 1950s, and this was before David Icke. There was an account of a Christian group hiking on a hill, and seeing in the valley a group of strange people singing. Then states that a very large humanoid had appeared out of nowhere, disappeared and appeared again to where they were and froze them. Eventually the group was let go by the Entity, but based on this account were sighted by a Christian group.

So, what is the truth? Based from Credo Mutwa's statement on the Chitauri, he says that they would resemble more like "Darth maul" from Star Wars.

Based on this example is what he stated on the looks of the Chitauri. Now, I had stated in the first Chapter of Galactic Warfare, that the Military man in Richard Hall's Documentary had stated this particular group of E.T.s to looking like the Devil, and based from understanding the God of fire's looks, shows that same connection. The "three eyes" is a common description shown on the "Divs" or Oni demons. 

Let's recap, based from the Divs states this: "Div or dev (Persian: Dīv: دیو) (with the broader meaning of demons or fiends) are monstrous creatures within Middle Eastern lore and considered demonized divinities mentioned in the Quran. Most of their depictions derive from Persian mythology, integrated to Islam and spread to surrounding cultures including Armenia, Turkic countries and Albania."

"Although they are not explicitly mentioned within canonical Islamic scriptures, their existence was well accepted by most Muslims just like that of other supernatural creatures. They are described as having a body like that of a human, only of gigantic size, with two horns upon their heads and teeth like the tusks of a boar. Powerful, cruel and cold-hearted they have a particular relish for the taste of human flesh."

"Some use only primitive weapons, such as stones: others, more sophisticated, are equipped like warriors, wearing armour and using weapons of metal. Despite their uncouth appearance - and in addition to their great physical strength - many are also masters of sorcery, capable of overcoming their enemies by magic and afflicting them with nightmares."

"Their origin is disputed, although it may lie in the Vedic deities (devas) who were later demonized in Persian religion (see daeva). In Ferdowsi's tenth-century Shahnameh, they are already the evil entities endowed with roughly human shape and supernatural powers familiar from later folklore, in which the divs are described as ugly demons with supernatural strength and power, who, nonetheless, may sometimes be subdued and forced to do the bidding of a sorcerer."

And based from what the Military man had stated, shows them to be "powerful" extremely strong and can rip a man a part. This is the race of the God of fire that may have came from Mars after the great battle against the Devas.  

Based from the Oni states this: "An oni (鬼おに) is a kind of yōkai, demon, orc, ogre, or troll in Japanese folklore. Oni are mostly known for their fierce and evil nature manifested in their propensity for murder and cannibalism. Notwithstanding their evil reputation, oni possess intriguingly complex aspects that cannot be brushed away simply as evil. They are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads."

'Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red, blue, black, yellow, or white-colored, wearing loincloths of tiger pelt, and carrying iron kanabō clubs. A creature instills fear and danger from their grotesque outward appearance to their wild and strange behaviors and dangerous powers."

"They are popular characters in Japanese art, literature, and theater and appear as stock villains in the well-known fairytales of Momotarō (Peach Boy), Issun-bōshi, and Kobutori Jīsan. Although Oni have been told as frightening creatures, they have become tamer in modern culture as people tell less frightening stories about them like Oni Mask and Red Oni Who Cried."

Description: "Depictions of yokai oni vary widely but usually portray them as hideous, gigantic ogre-like creatures with a single horn or multiple horns emerging from their heads, with sharp claws, wild hair, and fang-like tusks. They are often depicted wearing tiger-skin loincloths and carrying iron clubs called kanabō (金棒). This image leads to the expression "oni with an iron club" (鬼に金棒, oni-ni-kanabō), that is, to be invincible or undefeatable."

"Their skin may be any number of colors, but red, blue, and green are particularly common. They may sometimes also be depicted as black-skinned, or yellow-skinned. They may occasionally be depicted with a third eye on their forehead, or extra fingers and toes. They are predominantly male but they can be female because of being overcome with grief or jealousy. Oni can come from many different sizes ranging from weight to height."

This third eye is shown on the Hindu God Shiva, who again, is shown with the same attire as the Oni groups. Shiva is Osiris and Dionysus, but is considered the God of the Pillar as "Dagon" or the "Dragon God". Based on the battle between the God of fire and the Dragon God, shows them as the Gods in the different mythologies.

We are generally told that these Entities are the "Preadamites", but there is a problem with that statement. Since Adam's descendants was based on Atlantis, and the Serpent's seed was also based on Atlantis, then the symbolism going back to "Genesis 3:15" reveals them to be the "Asuras" and the "Devas", as the "Gods" and "Titans", or "Angels" and "Jinn". This reveals that the "Angels" and "Demons" are not what those religious paintings depict. 

Again, based from the description of the God of fire battling the demons, Giants and monsters, the American Indian Lore states He is said to have Red hair, somewhat resemble a bird, and sometimes have three heads (as faces for ears). This is the exact description of those Entities in Japan, as those apparent "Angels" are shown with red hair, sometimes three faces, and having fire. And to find that this God is the one that led the Aryans into the lands of India and China, reveals that it's definitely not what people think. 

The Emerald Tablets says it best, and that is the Atlanteans had met the "Hairy Barbarians" who are "not" of Adam, which means they would be the Hominids on Earth prior to their arrival. The interesting part of this story is that when Thoth and the Atlanteans had gathered on the Ship, them coming down to "Egypt" reveals this place to be "Antarctica". So, much of this connects to what I had layed down in Galactic Warfare 10, as shows, Movies, and books would detail a hidden connection othe Extraterrestrial races landing in Antarctica and elsewhere.

So, when listening to Linda's interview with one of the guest (I forgot the name), they had mentioned a book by Thomas Greanias called "Raising Atlantis". Now, they had stated on this Book largely connecting to the Navy sources that conversed with Linda, as the Book mentions a team of Scientist discovering large monuments two miles below Antarctica, and were older than any known Human civilization. In another book called "Atlantis Revelation" by the same Author, details a preview on the origin of the Human race to be in Antarctica, and how there is a massive cover-up. 

It was interesting to learn from what I heard in this Interview, as this reveals how the Author had to take out some "sensitive" information, (as coincidental it may seem) on the order of some Government Official (trying to remember if it's the NSA). It seems pretty much of what the Navy sources had detailed to Linda, that there would be "Humanoids" seen there and that there were these massive alien looking structures Antarctica. Even based on this information, it's better for the reader to do their own research.  

Genesis 3:15 “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

Now, just in case people don't know, when detailing the Hindu God Shiva's connection to Vishnu, I'm only referring to the "Post" Vedic Era of this God, and not the original God "Rudra". What I mean is, there were changes based on the stories and identity of these Gods, which is what I had stated in the previous Chapters, as Indra would be Vishnu, Murugan based on the Peacock symbolism, and on the God stepping on the head of another, to which leads to the symbolism of the "Shiva nataraj". This post Vedic version called Shiva dancing or stepping on the Asura is really Vishnu, which connects to Michael the Archangel stepping on the Devil. Now, based on learning about the Goddess Kali, it shows that instead of Durga conjuring Kali, it was Vishnu who conjured up Kali to defeat the Asuras. Wanted to clear up that situation, and why the attribute of the Gods changed overtime, thus losing the originality.

Now, this undoubtedly is traced back to the "War in Heaven" as the battle of the Gods took place on Mars. Like I had stated before, the battle between the Devas and the Asuras is basically Michael and his angels battling against the Red Dragon and his angels. Based from the Mayan God "Tohil" is undoubtedly the Hindu God Shiva. He would also be called "Huitzilopochtli", "Tlaloc", "Cocijo", "Kukulkan", "Quetzalcoatl" and "Chaac". The battle between the Gods was based on the Black Gods (or Dragon gods) battling against a race of Gods that looked like Devils (most likely to have red hair).

Now, based on the symbolism of the Dragon does strangely connect to the Black Gods, in which I often think, what if they were just representations to the "Children" while the real looks of the Gods are covered up. Based in Credo's Book "Africa's Hidden History", he details this segment on the Chitauri putting their Children to rule over mankind, and based from this statement tells me that when researching the original rulers in Europe (and elsewhere), they were shown to look black skinned. And to bring more evidence, when Godfrey Higgins kept finding more descriptions on these Gods to go back to Black people, he was upset because all of those Greco-Roman deities were originally black. Basically the same for the Buddha and Osiris, Dionysus, Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Circe, Krishna, Vishnu etc. all belong to the Devas. This is why I see the "Chitauri" to being the Black Gods instead of the apparent "Reptilians" that we are told, but again, I would have to second guess these apparent Dragon Gods that wield the "Vajra" weapon. 

There is an "Ancient Aliens" video detailing the Alien manipulation on the Humans on Earth, and based from this subject got me thinking why would a certain God choose a nation over the others, and have them battle against other nations and to destroying the images of their Gods. This ideology shows that everyone doesn't come from "one" God, but several. This is why the term "Henotheism" which means to choose one God out of the many, because there are other Gods or Entities having their influence on this Planet. 

Now, based on the theory of "reptilians", I have heard that they were originally here on Earth, even before the coming of these other Entities from Mars or elsewhere. This is where things get distinguished between the Extraterrestrials and the Terrestrial races that were already here. Now, the question is this, were they here before the Hominids came into existence?

The theory of the Dinosaurs were wiped out by an apparent "Asteroid", then all of a sudden comes the age of Mammals, does seem to connect to the invasion of other races trying to establish their colonies here on Earth. This is what Linda's interview based on Antarctica was about, as the information given to her states that one of the Extraterrestrials had created the Dinosaurs on Earth. This is where she had stated on the Tall whites, the reptilians and the Greys.

Now, people have theorized that if the evolution of the Dinosaurs came about, they would look like the upright standing Reptilians that people have been talking about for the longest. Then if this is the case, and like I said, these "reptilians" wouldn't be those Gods that are worshiped in these religions, then the information can seperate fact from fiction.

Years ago, Fox news had covered a strange topic on "Dinosaurs from Space", and states that Scientist had "theorized" that they could exist and you wouldn't want to meet them. Why state this claim if it seems bogus enough to even cover the Topic? Like I had stated, what if there is a cover up based on the Extraterrestrials starting new life on Earth, while wiping out the previous Creation of another. Based from the stories of "Ogun" and "Azazil" details them wiping out the original inhabitants of the Earth, and paving the way for the creation of mankind.

But this is where I question, what if there was a Civilization already established on Earth? In the Islamic sources details them to being the Jinn race, but after further research, it turns out they just lump everything as Jinn. The apparent Jinn and the Angels were Extraterrestrial races that came down to Earth, even after the war that took place on Mars.

Then from there comes the different Entities wiping out the original races and inhabitants on Earth, and establishing their own properties. This is why this article on the "Lizard people" had stated on a catastrophe occurring in a "tongue shaped fire".

Los Angeles Times: DID STRANGE PEOPLE LIVE UNDER SITE OF LOS ANGELES 5000 YEARS AGO? "An amazing labyrinth of underground passages and caverns hundreds of feet below the surface of Fort Moore Hill is revealed in maps--all rights to which have been reserved--prepared by G. Warren Shufelt, local mining engineer, who explains his topographical endeavors as being based on results obtained from a radio X-ray perfected by him. In this elaborate system of tunnels and rooms, according to a legend furnished Shufelt by an Indian authority, a tribe of human beings called the Lizard People, lived 5000 years ago."

"The network of tunnels formed what Indians call the lost Lizard City, according to Shufelt and the legend. Gold tablets on which are written the origin of the human race and other priceless documents are to be found in the tunnels, according to the legend. Shufelt declares his radio X-ray has located the gold. The engineer has dug a shaft 250 feet deep on North Hill street, overlooking North Broadway, Sunset and Spring streets, and intends to dig to 1000 feet in an effort to strike the lost city. Upper right-hand corner inset is Times Staff Artist Ewing's conception of the Lizard People at work. Lower left, upper inset shows Shufelt and crew at top of shaft, baling water out of their deep excavation. Lower left inset shows Shufelt operating his radio X-ray device."

Now, I question if they were actual "human beings" or "humanoid looking beings". Originally, I had thought that this would be the eradication of the Jinn race that is pretty much shown in the Islamic sources, however, after understanding Adam's connection to the Asuras and the Black Gods to the Devas, shows that they came to Earth and started to wipe out the previous life that was here, thus having something to do with their own creations. 

I have seen Gaia's account on the "Anarctica's secrets", and they had mentioned a race with "red hair", and tracing their DNA states that they have nothing to do with the modern Native Americans of today. This is what I had stated if the race of the Asuras were a race with red hair and/or red skin, as based from the term "Adam" meaning "red". However, even though red hair can connect to those of European descent, they state that the DNA of the red haired "enlongated skulls" do not have an origin on Earth.

Again, though this is partly true, however, I also see that they are not telling the full truth about the red haired and the "other" Extraterrestrial groups. They just go about saying that these red haired groups are the masters and controllers of the world, the ones that created the "Illuminati, and because they are the "preadamite" races that were here before creation of modern man, they want to insert their rulership over everybody. Generally, you would think they would say that about the "reptilians" running the world. Here, I see many plot holes in their stories.

Then I came across this article in the website "": Reptilian God “Capital Of Friendship” Statue Erected By Peruvian Artist: "The Peruvian city of Chiclayo, also known as the “Capital of Friendship” has a really weird monument dedicated to the ancient god Morrop the reptilian."

"In Peru’s fourth-largest city a statue stands tall. The work of art is meant to show the deity Morrop and was built taking into account ancient descriptions of the reptilian god. Some 2,000 years ago, the area of northern Peru was inhabited by the Moche people, a civilization with a rich culture and mythology that continues to baffle us to this day. Case in point, the statue of the decidedly-reptilian god Morrop, the Iguana Man."

"The Mochicas regarded the Iguana Man as a powerful character who was crucial to their descent into the underworld. Acting as a mediator between the world of the living and the dead, Morrop was equally feared and revered. Taking into consideration everything you know about reptilians, doesn’t it seem strange that the Mochicas chose to associate him with the subterranean realm of the dead? Was this association done by chance or is it a subtle indicator of Morrop’s real nature?"

"South America is rife with legends and depictions of controversial characters that would fit neatly into modern theories about aliens, hybrids and their dealings with the people of Earth. From Viracocha to Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, this continent seems to have had its fair share of age-old extraterrestrial interactions. And this is best reflected in the local attitude towards aliens and UFOs. As a lot of our readers would agree, South America is open-minded and very receptive to the subject of alien visitors. Is this a direct result of their outgoing way of life or simply because their ancestors were in contact with E.T.?"

As it turns out, the sculpture of the Iguana Man is part of a larger ensemble meant as a homage to the Mochicas’ rich pantheon. The city of Chiclayo is also home to sculptures of Lang Ñam, the anthropomorphic crab being that guarded the entrance to the sea and its creatures."

"Right next to it there is a model of the monstrous Strombus, a creature that is meant to represent the powerful forces of nature the Mochicas had to deal with. So is this collection of strange pieces simply an artistic hat tip to the area’s rich culture and history or was their creator looking to convey a deeper message?"

Interesting description based on the God "Morrop", as it states this deity to being a mediator between the living and the dead, does sound like the same function as the God Hermes. In the Chapter "Galactic Warfare 13", the book "Pueblo Gods and Myths" would detail Massau'u as the God of the dead, and based on this God's description would state of him having an enlongated head like a squash.

The "Decapitator" God is shown looking like a reptilian, while other sources deem it to be a halfman and half jaguar deity. The Sky God "Ai Apaec" is said to have fangs and be the creator God.

Now, if the reptilians were originally here on Earth before the coming of these Gods, then perhaps they have nothing do to with manipulation of mankind. It's strange that there are claims on the various stories of them coming down when man was already here, to those theorized that they were here before mankind was created. Some sources states that there are two groups of reptilians as one are from the Draco constellations to the native Reptilians on Earth. Others state that they would be the creators of mankind, as you know there are interesting examples of the "reptilian brain" theory.

It's also interesting that others claim that they would be an aggressive species, to which I ask, "How would they know?" and "Did they meet them in person?" Anyway, I remember based from the movie "Jupiter Ascending", it reveals that the Gods had obliterated the previous civilizations of Saurosapiens or "Reptilians" that were here on Earth, before the seeding of mankind, and based from this connects to story of Azazil and Ogun destroying the previous civilization. 

Let's see this excerpt: Quranic exegesis: "According to many Classical scholars, based on the reports of the Sahaba, before Iblis was expelled from heaven, he was called Azazil. Quranic exegesis offers two different depictions of Iblis. One with Azazil beginning as a noble angel who later loses his position, while the other counts him as an ignoble jinn, who works his way up to heaven."

"According to whose interpretations legitimated by the authority of Ibn Abbas, Azazil was the leader of angels and sent by God to terminate the jinn, who lived on earth before humanity. After his victory, he grew arrogant and declined God's command to prostrate himself before Adam."

"Arguing that he was superior to humans, God expelled him from heaven and he became an accursed shaitan (Shaitan Rajim). When the Quran refers to Iblis as one of the jinn, this tradition states it does not refer to Azazil being one of the jinn who lived on earth, but to a group of angels who were entrusted with the task to guard the entrance to Jannah. Therefore, it is their relation to Jannah the term refers to Satan as a jinn in Quran."

Then let's look at Ogun's story: "In Yoruba religion, Ogun is a primordial orisha in Yoruba Land. In some traditions, he is said to have cleared a path for the other orisha to enter Earth, using a metal ax and with the assistance of a dog. To commemorate this, one of his praise names, or oriki, is Osin Imole or the "first of the primordial Orisha to come to Earth". He is the god of war and metals."

"Dahomey religion In Dahomey religion, Gu is the vodun of war and patron deity of smiths and craftsmen. He was sent to earth to make it a nice place for people to live, and he has not yet finished this task."

It seems that these reptilians have been blamed for a lot of things from eating people, manipulation of the human race, religion and politics, to those that just equate them to the "Jinn", "Demons", or other means. In the NATO UFO Documentary, when Richard had gathered information from the Military source, he states that these E.T.s would look like the devil, to which Richard guessed they maybe a somewhat reptilian entity.

However, after understanding the description of the God of fire, shows his race to look like what the Military man had stated. Again, this is where this "reptilian" conspiracy has to be seperated fact from fiction. What is the real truth? Are these Conspiracy theories blaming everything on the Reptilians, when it's an entirely different situation involved?

Here shows the God of fire's description as "Red Horn" the God with red braided hair, and as one source states "faces for ears". This would be the God that was wiping out the Giants, water spirits, demons and other entities on Earth. Perhaps, He battled the reptilians along with those races.

Now, we are generally told that the Anunnaki are the Reptilians, while others state that they are a totally different group. Based from the story of the Nommo details that there were people on Earth when they arrived, to the same story of the Chitauri. We are told that the Gods would look like amphibian creatures, to which I find connects to the sighting of "fishmen" with scales coming out of the waters. Based from the Chapter "Galactic Warfare 6", there would be strange accounts of fishmen in the Ocean, and that they would be what the "Red Horn" story called the "Water Spirits". 

But the further this topic has been investigated, the more I see a different story and how the Saturn Cult was taught to the different people. When learning about "Oannes" we get the mysterious fishmen that came from the Oceans and taught the people Civilization. This again pertains to "Thoth" and the Atlanteans giving culture and their religious practices from Atlantis. Now, based on the God "Dagon", shows this God to connect to Kumarbi, El, Enlil, to Cronus, Varuna and Saturn. This is where things come full circle to the "cube" and "black stone" in America and Mecca, as the Saturn cult came from Atlantis.

Now, the previous idea was that Atlantis was America or at least a part of America, but upon further investigation shows that much of this connects Atlantis to Antarctica. Antarctica being the new Atlantis, which is a settlement of this particular Extraterrestrial race, would set up a civilization until the apparent flood in the form of the ice came about.

This is where the theory of Antarctica once being tropical is based on, but due to the coming cold weather, seemingly the Earth's axis tilted (as stated in the Emerald Tablets) to a different direction and diverted the climate to that of Antarctica's current condition.

Now, would this be true if these Atlanteans had brought in "civilization" to mankind? And the reason why I state this is because, the cult of the "Black Stone" was brought from Atlantis and to the world, and with this cult came the Saturnian symbology that everyone has been engulfed in. You can say that it's good, or bad, but seeing the esoteric connections to the Black Stone and Saturnian cult, leads to back to Dagon worship. Sure these Gods could have taught the people (wherever they went) the culture of civilization and such, but then there is the religion from Atlantis belonging to the cult of Saturn. 

In the Chapter "Legends of Atlantis", I had detailed how Vishnu in the form of "Matsya" brought the religions of Atlantis, as this is "Dagon" Lord of Sirius. This is where Phallus of Shiva, Osiris, Dionysus, Vishnu is based on, and how Christianity came from Atlantis. And seeing this religion is based on the Cross details that this symbol really belonged to the Black people of Atlantis, to which leads to Christianity as Dagon worship. 

In the story of the Dogon people and the Nommo, details the apparent Amphibian like creatures telling the people they came from Sirius. This is where I had to break down who the Lord of Sirius in Chapter "The Lord of Sirius 2", as this cult of Saturn is based on their God, who is the Dragon God of the Cross. The story of the dismembered deity is basically the cult of Bacchus, which is what the Movie "Prometheus" is really based on. It was no surprise that Credo Mutwa had stated on the Cross to be the symbol from Africa.

Atlantis, of course, can alternatively connect the esoteric 7 serpent symbology, and the seven Chakras etc., but based on the Saturnian symbology belonging to Dagon, who is shown to be Tohil, shows the darkside of their religion. Now, maybe people like the Dogons don't do human sacrifice or bloodletting, but as the cult of the Black stone symbolism in Mecca is shown towards the Goddess Diana, and the God Tohil in America, details startling connections to this strange practice. 

What's interesting is the Eucharist of Christ, and how this basically connects to the order of Melchezidek. Again, this is shown to be the reason why Abraham had made the grove to the "everlasting God" in Genesis 21:33, who is Bacchus. Then seeing the connections on the Pillar symbolism from Jacob, shows that this God is Dagon, and would go by their different names in the Bible like Baal, Moloch, Remphan all leading back to the same Gods.

Again, I don't see reptilians being worshiped in these Churches and temples, but the Black God and Goddess. Now, I had a thought if these Black Gods were just a representation, while their real images remain hidden. There would be people trying to equate the worship of Saturn to the Reptilians and such, but that is not what I'm seeing. Based from researching and investigating these connections and seeing that the Gods in Hinduism were always Black complexioned, details that Sir Godfrey Higgins was apparently correct.

However, the further I investigate the Gods as the Devas and them being led by Michael the Archangel that had defeated the opposing gods, they are shown throughout the mythos as the Olympians, Devas, Gods, Angels, Aesirs, Tuathedanaan, and one of the Atlantean groups, in which I see are not human. Personally, I don't see the black people today as those Gods, but instead their children or "viceregent" and representators, because those Gods have to be something else for their influence to be shown throughout the whole world. This is what I had stated in Credo's book "Africa's Hidden History" on the Chitauri having their children to rule over mankind. If this is true, then perhaps, these images of the Gods wouldn't be their true image. The same case was for Masau'u the God of the Hopi, who is stated to be Hermes, and yet, is described as an Entity with an enlongated head, taller than a man, and having a terrifying appearance. 

Now, it was hard to find out the actual practice and culture towards the God of fire, but seeing that the Mongolian Yurt is the real Tabernacle of Moses, the Brahmins having the legend of the God of fire leading them into new lands, the Japanese having the image of the God of fire and seeing their culture is pretty much like what is described in the Bible, to the Chinese originally having the worship of one God along with the ancient practice. 

This reveals why the God of fire told the Aryans to destroy those pillars and groves towards Baal and Ashtoreth, and to not cut themselves or pierce their skin, nor fire walk towards Moloch, or worship the Queen of Heaven as she is Goddess Diana, and  worshiping the star of Moloch. As you see the practices does belong to the Gods that are worshiped throughout the whole world. 

Now, if this is true that the real image of those Gods are hidden for a good reason, then I would research more into this. Perhaps, they are the Amphibian Gods worshiped throughout the whole world, but even with that statement, why would they be depicted as Black in the first place before their changes and white washing? That is the question I would like to know. Maybe there is more to this? Like what those people in Area 51 and the Government's knowledge on Extraterrestrials? What I do know is that these symbols do pertain to those Gods, and as far as research goes, it is what it is.

But let's not stop there because there is the Giant theory as well.....

Now, I have seen several Documentaries based on Oannes the fish God, as they are described as "Amphibian" looking Extraterrestrials who came and taught mankind the ways of Civilization. This is a complete contrast to what Credo had stated on them being the Chitauri who came in ships from the skies and were cruel natured. So, unless they are a totally different group of Enities, but based on this event is stated in his book "Africa's hidden History".

Then we are told that these Gods that came and taught mankind civilization were red haired or blonde haired bearded men coming from the Ocean. Of course, some sources states that this information were contrived from certain European settlers changing the notion on who the Gods are. However, based on this notion, I would have to state that there were Giants with red hair, and had theorized that they could be the builders of these huge monoliths that are shown in America, and based on the stories from the Payut and other tribes, there were white Giants in those lands.

Now, based from their accounts details the Giants to being Cannibals and were ferocious, in which again, is a complete contrast to those claiming the white Gods are the ones that brought civilization. Even the story of "Red Horn" details the red haired Giants creating problems for the people on Earth, to which Red Horn and other supernatural Warriors had to battle against them along with the Water Spirits, and other monsters.

Now, this of course, connects to the story of Azazil having to wipe out the Jinn race, however, the Giants are lumped up as the Jinn, along with the other monsters and Entities in the land. Generally if they were eating people, then I don't see them as bringers of Civilizations, unless they degraded into that factor, but based on looking "Amphibian", this is where we debunk this story on the red haired Giants connecting to the Gods coming out of the sea. Based in the Wiki states this excerpt on "Viracocha":

"Immediately he made him his green mask; he took red color with which he made the lips russet; he took yellow to make the facade; and he made the fangs; continuing, he made his beard of feathers..."

"In this quote the beard is represented as a dressing of feathers, fitting comfortably with academic impressions of Mesoamerican art. The story, however, does not mention whether Quetzalcoatl had facial hair or not with the point of outfitting him with a mask and symbolic feathered beard being to cover his unsightly appearance because as Quetzalcoatl said "If ever my subjects were to see me, they would run away!" And Viracocha carrying the thunderolts shows his connection to Indra and the Vajra weapon. 

Now, the coming of the Fish gods are based on the Atlanteans meeting the hairy barbarians and teaching them civilization, but based on the cult of Saturn is based on the worship of Dagon who is Bacchus. They would have to connect to Atlantis as Antarctica, and the Garden of Eden to being Mars.

Then I came across this Lecture called "Ancient Gods who came out of the Sea to teach Humanity Civilization", by the Channel "Ancient Secret Discoveries". The researcher giving the lecture (Jim Vieira) gives a great examples detailing the Gods coming out of the sea, and how they taught people arts, writings among other things. There are two videos, as the second on is called "The Mysterious Ancient Fish and Serpent Gods - Were they real?"

Now, based on his lecture he goes through every references from Viracocha, Oannes, Dagon, Quetzalcoatl, and their connections to the Amphibian creatures that came from the sea. Of course, this pretty much pays homage to H.P. Lovecraft's "Shadow over Innsmouth", "Dagon" and "Cthulu". He also states strange qoutes detailing their descriptions of them looking disgusting, horrible and loathsome, and how people would owe everything to these Entities. Even the basic qoutes of Viracocha details this Entity as horrifying and would scare the subjects away. 

Now, there are somethings that doesn't connect based from his research. He states that they would be the creator Gods who formed man out of clay, and yet, states that they came and had taught the people civilization, to which most likely occurred after the destruction of Atlantis' Antarctica. Just as I had stated on the people of Earth, that there were Extraterrestrials coming to Earth from Mars, even after this apparent battle between two Species. This is why I have this disagreement on the Gods being black, when they could merely be a representation to hide their real image. It's most likely the Gods forbade their likeness to be etched on rocks, so they were put in as human looking. Again, just as Masau'u of the Hopi is said to connect to Hermes, the description shows this being to look terrifying, somewhat like the Xenomorph.

Since these Entities came and gave man knowledge, then they wouldn't be human at all, but look like Amphibian creatures, as shown in Chapter 6 of "Galactic Warfare". The God of fire's race would have to look like what He looks like, and thus the same must be for the fish Gods, as they were the ones that brought the Dagon Saturn cult. Again, there has to be more to this than these apparent human images being portrayed......