The Children of Agni

So, based from the Chapter 10 of Galactic Warfare, I had layed down sources detailing the connections of something that had came from Mars, and then coming to Earth after an apparent cataclysm that took place. This was discovered by Dr. Brandenburg on the settlement of a material used for Nuclear weaponry called "Xenon 129" that is found on Mars. There is also a video called "videosfromspace" detailing the meteorite debris in Antarctica discovered by Scientist. Strangely enough, they state that there are moon rocks in Antarctica as well, but that the Mars rocks came to Earth after something hitting the Planet Mars. This starts to connect together as there was a war on Mars between two races, and how this war was taken to Earth after the Planet's destruction.

Now, this is where we get to learn about what the term the "Great Flood" is really based on, and that is, it's an atomic weapon used against another race or species on Mars (or several races). And why would this be the case? It's because of the "Black Stone" that fell down from Heaven..........

Now, based on the flood story we are told one God bringing a great flood upon the Earth, while the other God warns the inhabitants to gather themselves in a boat before the coming destruction.

In the Greco-Roman stories, we have Zeus/Jupiter to be the one who brought the "great flood" upon the Earth to destroy mankind, and the Titan name Prometheus would be the one to warn the survivors "Pyrrh" and "Deucalion" to go seek refuge in a boat. Then in the Post Vedic Hindu stories details Shiva casting a flood upon the Earth, and Vishnu saving King Manu and the seven Sages in his fish form called "Matsya".

There is another interesting story of Indra casting a rainstorm upon the people, and Krishna lifting a mountain to cover the people from Indra's wrath. However, these stories would be the "Post" Vedic version and not the original, because Indra, Vishnu, Murugan and Krishna would be one and the same, and the flood will connect to the weapon that was used.

In the Sumerian story we have the God Enlil casting a great flood upon the people, and the other God Enki warns Upnapishtim (who is known as Ziusudra and Atrahasis) of the coming flood and to build a boat.

Amongst the Aztec flood story details it was Tezpi and his family being saved from the flood brought by the Gods. Then there is the "Emerald Tablets", as it details Thoth being told by the Dweller to gather the Atlanteans on a Ship because he was going to cause an imbalance on the continent of Atlantis, thus creating a shift on the Earth.

In the Book states that it was because of the Atlanteans trying to open a portal, but that wouldn't be the case as you see the other stories shows one God trying to destroy one particular race. So, when learning about the Black stone's origin, we are told that it originated in Atlantis, to which after it's destruction created this series of worship towards these Gods all over the world.

However, I find that when researching connections of the Black stone to "Heaven", it seems that Heaven would be Mars at this point. And based from Mars, came forth two races that were at war with each other, as one would be "Michael" and his Angels battling against the "Red dragon" and his Angels.

This is what "Revelations 12:7" is based on as Michael and his Angels defeat the Red Dragon and his Angels, and they "fell" down to Earth. Here states this Excerpt:

Revelation 12:12 “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”

So, who would be the "inhabitants" that Michael was warning? (See "Galactic Warfare 12") This is merely the races coming down after the destruction of Mars. Here in the website "" states this in the Cow Chapter 2:38: 

Sahih International: We said, "Go down from it, all of you. And when guidance comes to you from Me, whoever follows My guidance - there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve."

Pickthall: We said: "Go down, all of you, from hence; but verily there cometh unto you from Me a guidance; and whoso followeth My guidance, there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve."

Yusuf Ali: We said: "Get ye down all from here; and if, as is sure, there comes to you Guidance from me, whosoever follows My guidance, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve."

Shakir: We said: "Go forth from this (state) all; so surely there will come to you a guidance from Me, then whoever follows My guidance, no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve."

Muhammad Sarwar: "We ordered them all to get out of the garden and told them that when Our guidance came to them, those who would follow it would have neither fear nor grief."

Mohsin Khan: "We said: "Get down all of you from this place (the Paradise), then whenever there comes to you Guidance from Me, and whoever follows My Guidance, there shall be no fear on them, nor shall they grieve."

Arberry: "We said, 'Get you down out of it, all together; yet there shall come to you guidance from Me, and whosoever follows My guidance, no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow."

This details the two races coming from "Paradise" and having emnity towards each other.......

The "Great flood" is the nuclear weapon that was used against the other race, and based from understanding this shows that this weapon would be none other than the "Vajra". This weapon would be used by Indra, who is Zeus, Jupiter, Hadad, Baal, Murugan, Thor, Perun, Vishnu, Shiva, Huitzilopochtli, Tohil, Horus, Hurakan to Michael the Archangel, and the "Vajra" would be what caused the "Great flood" that had destroyed the Planet Mars. Based from the Ancient Aliens show on Mars, there was a subtle hint when detailing the "Vajra" weapon and the apparent "gash" that is shown on Mars. This will connect to Robert Temple's "The Sirius Connection" as the coming of the Amphibian Gods.

Interesting enough, based on the God that wields the "Vajra" and having fangs is shown throughout the Mythos. Here is the God of rain called "Tlaloc", who is shown as a goggled eyed deity with a serpentine look. Here is what the Wiki states on this God: "Tlaloc (Classical Nahuatl: Tlāloc [ˈtɬaːlok]) is a member of the pantheon of gods in Aztec religion. As supreme god of the rain, Tlaloc is also a god of earthly fertility and of water. He was widely worshipped as a beneficent giver of life and sustenance."

"However, he was also feared for his ability to send hail, thunder, and lightning, and for being the lord of the powerful element of water. Tlaloc is also associated with caves, springs, and mountains, most specifically the sacred mountain in which he was believed to reside. His animal forms include herons and water-dwelling creatures such as amphibians, snails, and possibly sea creatures, particularly shellfish. The Mexican marigold, Tagetes lucida, known to the Aztecs as yauhtli, was another important symbol of the god, and was burned as a ritual incense in native religious ceremonies. The cult of Tlaloc is one of the oldest and most universal in ancient Mexico."

"Although the name Tlaloc is specifically Aztec, worship of a storm god like Tlaloc, associated with mountaintop shrines and with life-giving rain, is as at least as old as Teotihuacan and likely was adopted from the Maya god Chaac or vice versa, or perhaps he was ultimately derived from an earlier Olmec precursor. An underground Tlaloc shrine has been found at Teotihuacan."

Then based on "Cocijo" states this: "Cocijo (occasionally spelt Cociyo) is a lightning deity of the pre-Columbian Zapotec civilization of southern Mexico. He has attributes characteristic of similar Mesoamerican deities associated with rain, thunder and lightning, such as Tlaloc of central Mexico, and Chaac (or Chaak) of the Maya civilization. In the Zapotec language, the word cocijo means "lightning", as well as referring to the deity."

"Cocijo was the most important deity among the pre-Columbian Zapotecs because of his association with rainfall. He is commonly represented on ceramics from the Zapotec area, from the Middle Preclassic right through to the Terminal Classic. Cocijo was said to be the great lightning god and creator of the world. In Zapotec myth, he made the sun, moon, stars, seasons, land, mountains, rivers, plants and animals, and day and night by exhaling and creating everything from his breath."

Appearance: "In Zapotec art Cocijo is represented with a zoomorphic face with a wide, blunt snout and a long forked serpentine tongue." "Cocijo often bears the Zapotec glyph C in his headdress. A similar glyph is used in Mixtec codices as the day sign Water and it is likely that its meaning in Zapotec is identical, therefore being the appropriate glyph for the rain and storm god. Representations of Cocijo combine elements earth-jaguar and sky-serpent, which are associated with fertility. His eyebrows depict the heavens, his lower lids represent clouds, and his forked serpent's tongue represents a bolt of lightning."

Based on the God "Dzahui" states this: "In Mixtec mythology, Dzahui or Dzavui was the god of rain. Child sacrifices were performed for Dzahui on the tops of hills during times of drought, sickness, and at harvest time. In Mixtec codices, Dzahui exhibits the blue or green rain goggle mask also seen on the central Mexican deity Tlaloc. He possesses exposed teeth incisors and longer, somewhat curled jaguar canine teeth emerging from curled lips. Occasionally, depictions of Dzahui depict the god with a blue or green protrusion, emerging from his nose."

Then based on "Chaac" details this: "Chaac (also spelled Chac or, in Classic Mayan, Chaahk [t͡ʃaːhk]) is the name of the Maya rain deity. With his lightning axe, Chaac strikes the clouds and produces thunder and rain. Chaac corresponds to Tlaloc among the Aztecs."

Iconography: "Chaac is usually depicted with a human body showing reptilian or amphibian scales, and with a non-human head evincing fangs and a long, pendulous nose. In the Classic style, a shell serves as his ear ornament. He often carries shield and lightning-axe, the axe being personified by a closely related deity, God K, called Bolon Dzacab in Yucatec. The Classic Chaac sometimes shows features of the Central Mexican (Teotihuacan) precursor of Tlaloc."

Seems to connect to the Chinese Dragon as they are based on rain, thunder and lightning.

Now, in order to understand this Cataclysm we have to go back to learning what had occur in the "Garden of Eden", as you will know is really the Planet Mars, which in turn used to be Earth like once (This planet would be called "Paradise"). This is where the conflict of the two races came about, and how this in turn was brought to Earth. These two races would be called "The Devas" as this is led by Michael the Archangel, and the other are "the Asuras", as led by the God of fire. 

Now, we are generally told that "Adam" would fell due to the words of Satan, and thus would have his seed stepping the head of the serpent's seed. However, this isn't the case, because when learning about the Black Gods and the serpent symbology, it shows that they would be called "Nagas", and the whole world worships them amongst the different religions. The woman's seed that steps on the head of the Dragon, is Michael of course, but Michael and the woman (Lilith as the "Queen of heaven") are really Black Gods representing the Dragon symbology, whereas the supposed "serpent" that is being stepped on is really a fiery bird, as the original symbol of Agni (See "Legend of the Bird").

Now, when learning about the term "Adam", the definition would come to mean "red" or "ruddy". Amongst other sources would state that Adam is based on "rosy" or to be ruddy in the cheeks, while others state that Adam would be Black in complexioned because of the Quran's account based on man being created from Mud. 

In the Chapter "Legends of Atlantis", I had detailed some of Ignatius Donnelly's information from his book called "Atlantis the Antedeluvian world", as he stated Adam to being red, and his descendants would be the Devas. He states this because of the connections of Atlantis to "Aditi" the Mother of the Devas, as the connections based on "Ad" to "Ad-lantis". But this is where I disagree because after learning about the identity of the "7th" son of Adam, who would be called "Thoth" in the Emerald tablets, shows that Thoth is Enoch, and would be the one called "Iblis", "Azazil", to what people call "The Devil". Based from Blavatsky's statement in "Origin of the Satanic" identifies the fall of Satan to the God Thoth, Hermes, Set, and Enoch (there are two beings called Thoth and Enoch, as this is based on symbolism).

This is where I start to find Adam to not being the progenitor of the Devas, who are Dragon race, but of the Asuras, thus pertaining to the Jinn. Now, based from the story of a "Giant" becoming immortal and living with the Gods in Heaven, is where the story of Loki living with the Asgardians is based on. In the Islamic story shows Iblis/Azazil getting to the highest rank of the Angels, and lives in Heaven with them. In the "Journey to the West" He is called "Sun Wukong" as the Demon monkey who became immortal and lived with the Gods in  Heaven. In the Greco/Roman would state the Titan Prometheus on living with the Olympians.

Now, to find that the "7th" son of Adam is the immortal Giant that had battled against the Gods in the Heavens, until His supposed defeat, shows Adam's descendants to being the "Demon" race, "Jinn" race, to the Asuras of Atlantis. This is where the story of the "Red dragon", which is a fiery bird God battling against another God in the Heavens. This is where we get the battle of Indra and Agni, Naga and Garuda, Horus and Set, to God and Satan. Just as I had layed down all of the stories from the Chapter "Legend of the Bird" on the battle of the Gods in their various religions and Myths. This is why the Genesis 3:15 states this:

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” 

Then you know that this was taken place on Mars and not on Earth. This would be the battle between "Michael the Archangel" as the Dragon and the Red fiery Bird as the Garuda, and their angels are based on. 

Now, I had previous information on Edgar Cayce's readings about the Atlanteans being a race of "red people". Based form the website "" states this: MORE EVIDENCE FOR ATLANTEAN DESCENDANTS IN THE UNITED STATES BY JOHN FUHLER: "On July 13, 1936, Edgar Cayce gave a reading for a woman whom he told, "The entity then was among the people, the Indians, of the Iroquois; those of noble birth, those that were of the pure descendants of the Atlanteans…" (1219–1) But the readings identified another group of North American Indians as descendants of Atlanteans, as well."

"…in the experience before this we find the entity was in that land about Fort Dearborn, during those periods when there were the attempts of many to gain a greater understanding by the spiritual concepts and teachings to those of the greater nations – the Red Men; or those of the Atlanteans that had come to these portions of the land…Yet when turmoils and strifes arose, and those periods when there were the gathering of all the nations of these peoples… ( Edgar Cayce Reading #3823–1) The events described in this reading occurred in the Old Northwest during the period 1809–1813, when Tecumseh, with British support and encouragement, led a confederation of Indians to defend their territories from the encroachment of the settlers."

"Though historical documents indicate a number of tribes participated in the skirmishes, the residents about Fort Dearborn consisted primarily of several bands of Potawatomi, a tribe of Algonquian Indians closely related to the Ottawa and Ojibwa. These three tribes, all residents of regions about and between the western Great Lakes, had only recently split up, having originally been one unified nation. In other words, in the context of the reading, the Potawatomi were Atlantean descendants."

"The family of languages to which the Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Ojibwa languages belong is intimately related to the Afro-Asiatic family of languages.i Interestingly enough, these same populations share a genetic relationship, as well. The greatest frequency of one particular genetic trait, mitochondrial haplogroup X2 (hereafter mt hap X2), among North American Indians occurs in the Ojibwa Indians (25%). And the greatest occurrence of mt hap X2 in Eurasia is among the Druze of southern Lebanon and northern Israel (11%). The purest expression of mt hap X2 in North America occurs in one particular Ojibwa subject, whose closest genetic relatives according to this marker are members of Mediterranean populations, rather than any other Indian subject found in North America! This is true in spite of the thousands of years and thousands of miles that separate them."

"ii The American mt hap X2 data reveal several other very important facts: two separate waves of populations bearing the genetic marker migrated to North America. The first wave of immigration occurred before or around the last glacial maximum, with a coalescence time of 23,000–36,000 years before present; and the second wave with a coalescence time of 12,000–17,000 years before present.iii At least one Ojibwa subject belongs to the first migration to America of mt hap X2 populations. By inference, other Algonquian speaking Indians do, as well."

"The readings confirm the coalescence date revealed by the geneticists: …the entity was in Atlantis when there was the second period of disturbance – which would be some twenty-two thousand, five hundred (22,500) before the periods of the Egyptian activity covered by the Exodus; or it was some twenty-eight thousand (28,000) before Christ, see? (470–22) The readings also state the Eastern Seaboard was among the lowlands of Atlantis. (364–13) The Atlanteans would only have had to relocate to the coastal areas to arrive at their new home when the rest of the continent went under. Linguists corroborate these data."

"The distribution of Algonquian languages in North America indicates the place of origin, based on the diversity of Algonquian dialects, between Long Island Sound and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. One might argue this place of origin extended from the Albemarle Sound in North Carolina to Cape Cod, but European encroachment in those areas render available data less reliable.iv Also, the relative distributions of Algonquian languages reveal a pattern consistent with the gradual occupation of unoccupied lands vacated by the receding glaciers."

"v Thus, the distribution of the Algonquian languages, as well as the mt hap X2 coalescence times, establish the "arrival" of these Indians in North America to be about the time of the last glacial maximum. Linguists have hypothesized the relationship between the Algonquian and Afro-Asiatic language families, but their model that explains this relationship contradicts the genetic evidence. That paradigm requires a trans-Beringia, or trans-Pacific route to account for the similarities between the two families."

"vi The genetic data disprove this, however. Those who maintain the mt hap X2 evidence found in the Tunguska Basin in western Siberia and the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia represent the founder source of American mt hap X2 ignore the fact that the coalescence time required for these Asian data is only 6,700 years. In other words, the American mt hap X2 was already in America a minimum of 5,300 years before that genetic marker arrived in Central Asia! So, at this time, conventional scholarship cannot explain the genetic or linguistic data. The readings, however, provide answers that the scholars lack."

So, with this Haplogroup being "X2a" details a certain percentage of the American Indian Population. But what I don't get is, if Egdar Cayce states the Atlanteans as "Red men" when Atlantis is where the religions of the Black people and their God's came from, then why isn't this mentioned?

Then there are the Legends of the Red haired Giants, that even some Tribes had mentioned having to battle them in the past. There are significant amount of evidence revealing the different peoples that were here in America, whether ranging from the red haired, blonde haired, red, yellow and black races. So, there has to be more to this and not just state the "red race" were the only ones in America.

Then based from the Chapter "legends of Atlantis", I detail information on the "Black conicle stone", which is said to have came from Atlantis, and how it also connects to the Gods of the Black people. So, unless he overlooked something or someone just didn't want certain information to show up (as part of the cover-up). Of course, based from Dr. Karla Turner's research, she had stated on the accounts of the UFO abductions occurring amongst people who have "Celtic" and "Native American" descent, though she states that there could be other abductions without those ethnicities. Perhaps a clue on the "Rh-Negative" factor that plays a certain part.

But even with the "Haplogroup X2a" this doesn't apply to every Indian in America, but a specific group with this Genetic marker. Again, this is why I had stated that there were several groups in America, and based on the country to being Atlantis, shows that the Black stone and Cube is very much known amongst this part of the world to the other.

Now, based from the "Saturn Rotchshildia" Chapter, I didn't write everything down based on the "Black stone" to which came from a video by "Tim Hayes". So, this time I'm going to try and type everything down, and then piece everything together. So, based from this Tohil Book (which I can't find the true title) states this:

(Mohammedanism) "There is a parallel between the Popol Vuh and Mohammedanism which is almost literal. We are told that in the last Chapter of the Popol Vuh that in the great white temple built by the last great prehistoric Kings of the Quiches there was preserved a cube of stone, black and polished, which was used for purposes of divination, such as crystal gazers yet practice, and such as the Jewish High Priest practiced the Urim and Thummim."

"The strange aspect of this is not that the stone was in the shape of a cube, or that it was black, or that it was smooth, all of which are the exact parallelisms to Mohammedan sacred stone at Mecca, but that the name of it and of the Temple where it was preserved was "Caabaha", meaning "House of sacrifice"; and Zakabaha, "White House of Sacrifices".

"Now the Arabian name is Kaaba meaning Square of Cube- not white Temple, as it does with the Quiche.But the similarity is so striking Brasseur de Bourbourg says that it was this coincidence which first opened his eyes to the astonishing parallelisms to other religious systems found in the Popol Vuh."

Next book states "Theosophy/The Word": "The implement of this God is, of course, as sacred as God himself, for the simple reason that it has absorbed his virtue. It is his festish, his symbol, it comes in time to represent him, to act as his surrogate, so to speak. So, it would seem, was the case in Atlantis. The sacred flint pickhammer of Poseidon became symbolic of him in the Island continent, it was probably kept wrapped up, in linen, in his temple, as the black stone of Jupiter-the stone into which the God had been turned when an infant-was kept in his shrine at Pergamos, or the arrows of "Huitzilopochtli" in his teocalli at Mexico."

"A similar stone fetished is that enshrined in the Kaaba at Mecca, where it is wrapped up in silks. From Atlantis this idea of Godhead may have spread to America on the one hand, and to Spain and Europe generally on the other, eventually reaching localities so widely apart as Egypt and Scandinavia. We find in the Myths of the Toltecs of Mexico mention of a certain Huemac or "Great hand" associated with Quetzalcoatl, the culture hero from the East, and perhaps identical with him, and in those of the Maya a Kab-ul or "working hand".

Now, I'm going to stop right here and recap on this information.

In case the reader doesn't know what the stone that Zeus had turned into is based, it's called the "Omphalos" stone. Here is what the Wiki states of this:

"An omphalos is a religious stone artifact, or baetylus. In Ancient Greek, the word ὀμφᾰλός (omphalós) means "navel". Among the Ancient Greeks, it was a widespread belief that Delphi was the center of the world. According to the myths regarding the founding of the Delphic Oracle, Zeus, in his attempt to locate the center of the earth, launched two eagles from the two ends of the world, and the eagles, starting simultaneously and flying at equal speed, crossed their paths above the area of Delphi, and so was the place where Zeus placed the stone."

"Omphalos is also the name of the stone given to Cronus. In the ancient world of the Mediterranean, it was a powerful religious symbol. Omphalos Syndrome refers to the belief that a place of geopolitical power and currency is the most important place in the world."

"Most accounts locate the Delphi omphalos in the adyton (sacred part of the temple) near the Pythia (oracle). The stone sculpture itself (which may be a copy), has a carving of a knotted net covering its surface, and a hollow center, widening towards the base."

"The omphalos represents the stone which Rhea wrapped in swaddling clothes, pretending it was Zeus, in order to deceive Cronus. (Cronus was the father who swallowed his children so as to prevent them from usurping him as he had deposed his own father, Uranus). Omphalos stones were believed to allow direct communication with the gods." "Holland (1933) suggested that the stone was hollow to allow intoxicating vapours breathed by the Oracle to channel through it. Erwin Rohde wrote that the Python at Delphi was an earth spirit, who was conquered by Apollo and buried under the Omphalos. However, understanding of the use of the omphalos is uncertain due to destruction of the site by Theodosius I and Arcadius in the 4th century CE."

So, just as I had stated in "Galactic Warfare 12", once again the Black stone is mentioned time and time again. Here you can see why it's called the "Black Stone of Jupiter", and how this connects to the Black Gods. Interesting enough, the Kaaba's representation shows that this type of religious system came from Atlantis, though the Atlanteans consisted of both the Devas and the Asuras. Again, this should bring more connections to the Planet Mars and Antarctica.

Based from learning about the "Black Cube" of Saturn, there is a Children's show (?) called "Wonder over Yonder", as there is a scene of a "Black Cube" walking about while the song goes "Little Black Cube of Darkness". Based from the website "" states this:

"Little Black Cube of Darkness" is a short song that plays during the animatic credits of "The Fancy Party". It first plays on the radio during the chorus while the Black Cube starts up its car and drives away, then plays again in "The Battle Royale" after failing to pick up the Ring of Invincibility, and then plays in full throughout "The Black Cube".

Lyrics Part I ♪ I’m just a little black cube of darkness ♪

♪ A little black cube of darkness ♪

♪ Black cube of darkness ♪

♪ A little black cube ♪

♪ My edges are sharp, my corners are pointy ♪

♪ My complexion’s opaque. ♪

♪ Just looking, yeah looking, for a place to fit in ♪ ♪ But I’m never the right shape ♪

♪ I’m just a little black cube of darkness ♪

♪ A little black cube of darkness ♪

♪ A little black cube of darkness ♪

♪ A little black cube ♪

Part II ♪ Takin’ a positive attitude now, won’t let things drag me down ♪

♪ Folks start to panic, I won’t get all manic ‘cause I’m floating off the ground ♪

♪ My contours are sleek, my surface is shiny, nothing gets in my way ♪

♪ My upbeat composure’s gonna help me find closure, what a wonderful day! ♪

♪ I’m a little black cube (black cube) of sunshine ♪

♪ A black cube (black cube) of sunshine ♪

♪ Black cube (black cube) of sunshine ♪

♪ A little black cube (He’s a little black cube) ♪

Part III ♪ Actin’ all chummy, try to help out somebody ♪

♪ But they freak out, then I freak out ♪

♪ Try to make conversation, but before I am able ♪

♪ Well, I freak out, then they freak out ♪

♪ Black cube of darkness ♪ ♪ Little black cube of darkness ♪

♪ Black cube of darkness ♪ ♪ Little black cube ♪

Part IV ♪ Take a deep breath now ♪ ♪ Don’t do anything crazy ♪

♪ Just don’t freak out, No, don’t freak out ♪

♪ It’s a misunderstanding, sure that they’ll understand it unless they don’t understand it ♪

♪ They never do understand it, but don’t freak out, never freak out

♪ Part V ♪ We’re all just little black cubes of darkness ♪

♪ Little black cubes of darkness ♪ ♪ Little black cubes of darkness ♪

♪ Little black cubes. :') ♪

Now I will continue: "This is, of course, a deification of the hand that wields the craftsman tool, as it's obvious from it's representations from the native manuscripts. Quetzalcoatl was the craftsman, the mason, the artificer cunning in the making of jewelry and beautiful things, whoc am out of the Atlantic. In his Maya-Quiche form of Tohil, he is represented by a stone flint."

(tells you that Huitzilopochtli, Quetzacoatl and Tohil are one and the same deity...)

"Here, then, we have the culture bringer who cam out of the sea actually represented by what seems to the central symbol and nucleus of the Atlantean culture complex. Moreover, he is associated with the planet Venus. Indeed, he is that planet. We will remember that the interpreter of that of the Aztec codex Telleriano-Remensis, says of him: They name him "one cane", which is the star Venus, of which they tell the fabled accredited among them. Tlauizcalpan Tecutli is the star Venus, the first created light before the deluge. "This star is Quetzalcoatl". This identification, of course, binds the various parts of the Atlantis complex together with double strength...."

(Atlantis in America by Lewis Spence and Paul Tice. continuing)

"...Quetzalcoatl it is also to be noted, "caused hurricanes" and "destroyed the world by the wind", as the God of the flint stone well might have done. But we find this "Great Hand" even more closely with Atlantis in the medieval legends associated with the Atlantic Ocean. In the map of Bianco dated 1436, is to be observed an Islandhaving the strange legend underneath it "Yd Laman Satanaxio", generally translated "The Hand of Satan".

"Formalcani, an Italian writer, noticed it, and failed to understand the allusion until he chanced quite fortuitously to stumble on a reference to a similar name in an old Italian Romance, which told how, in a certain part of "India", a great hand rose everyday from the sea and carried off a number of the inhabitants into the Ocean. The tale is evidently eloquent of earthquake or similar catastrophe, of which seems to be a memory....."

(There is "This tree grows out of Hell" and another book)

"....Hurakan, although connected with the above quartettein the enumeration of titles of the Supreme deity, keeps aloof from the lower sphere in which these move at times, and is even invoked by Gucumatz, who calls him, among other names, Creator, he who begets and gives being. That he was held to be distinct, and worshiped as such by the Quiches, maybe seen from the fact that they had one high Priest for Gucumatz, and another for Tohil, another name for Hurakan, who seems to have ranked degree above the former."

"He represented the thunder and lightning, and his particular title seems to have been Heart of Heaven, under which were included the three phases of his attribute, the thunder, the lightning, the thunderbolt, or, as stated in another place, the flash, the track of the lightning, and the thunderbolt, another conception of a trinity. He is also called "Centre of the Earth" and is represented with thunder in his hand. The bird Voc is his messenger. Miller considers him a Sun God, probably because of the "Heart of Heaven", which means nothing."

"....while others hold him to be identical with the Tlalocs, the Mexican rain Gods. He is doubtless the same as Tohil, the leader of the Quiche Gods, who is represented by the sign of "water", but whose name signifies rumble, clash...he was also the God of fire, and as such gave his people fire by shaking his sandals."

"...Tohil and the other members of the trinity, Avilix, and Hacavitz, also represented the thunder, the lightning, and the thunderbolt, were a family of Gods given by the Creator...."

"The flint with which Brinton identifies Tohil, may perhaps, be the Black stone brought from the far East, and venerated in the temple of Kaaba. house of sacrifice, at Utatlan, but there is no confirmation by the Chroniclers....."

(this was based from the works of Hubert Howe Bancroft: "The Native Races") (Secret teachings of all ages)

"...Xibalba he considers to be the shadowy or etherical sphere which, according to the Mystery teachings, was located within the body of the Planet itself. The fourth book of the Popol Vuh concludes with an account of the erection of a majestic temple, where was preserved a sacred black divining stone, cubicle in shape."

"Gucumatz of Quetzalcoatl, partakes of the many attributes of King Solomon: the account temple building of the Popol Vuh is a reminder of the story of Solomon's temple, and undoubtedly has a similar significance. Brasseur de Bourbourg was first attracted to the study of religious parallelism in the Popol Vuh by fact that the temple, together with the black stone which it contained, was named the Caabaha, a name astonishing similar to that of the Temple, or Caaba, which contains the "sacred black stone" of Islam. "

(This was based from Manly P. Hall's "The secret teachings of all ages")

Here is the "Vajra" symbol of "Tohil" or Hurakan, and the messenger bird Voc.....

Now, we already know the story of the Black stone, and why it was practiced in America. The God called "Hurakan" is the same God as Quetzalcoatl, Tohil, all leading back to the Black God Shiva. He is Zeus as the considered "King of the Gods", as he is Huitzilopochtli, who would be Michael the Archangel of Christianity.

Here is what it states this in the Wiki: "Huracan (/ˈhʊrəkən, ˈhʊrəkɑːn/; Spanish: Huracán; Mayan languages: Hunraqan, "one legged"), often referred to as U Kʼux Kaj, the "Heart of Sky", is a Kʼicheʼ Maya god of wind, storm, fire and one of the creator deities who participated in all three attempts at creating humanity."

"He also caused the Great Flood after the second generation of humans angered the gods. He supposedly lived in the windy mists above the floodwaters and repeatedly invoked "earth" until land came up from the seas. His name, understood as 'One-Leg', suggests god K of Postclassic and Classic Maya iconography, a deity of lightning with one human leg, and one leg shaped like a serpent."

"God K is commonly referred to as Bolon Tzacab and Kʼawiil or Kauil. The name may ultimately derive from huracan, a Carib word, and the source of the words hurricane and orcan (European windstorm). Related deities are Tohil in Kʼiche mythology, Bolon Tzacab in Yucatec mythology, Cocijo in Zapotec mythology, and Tezcatlipoca in Aztec mythology."

It states that the concept of "One legged" is based on the "serpent". This God is also called "Kʼawiil". Here is what the Wiki states: "Kʼawiil, in the Post-Classic codices corresponding to God K, is a Maya deity identified with lightning, serpents, fertility and maize. He is characterized by a zoomorphic head, with large eyes, long, upturned snout and attenuated serpent tooth. A torch, stone celt, or cigar, normally emitting smoke, comes out of his forehead, while a serpent leg represents a lightning bolt. In this way, Kʼawiil personifies the lightning axe both of the rain deity and of the king as depicted on his stelae."

"Lightning plays a crucial role in tales dealing with the creation of the world and its preparation for the advent of mankind. In the cosmogony of the Popol Vuh, three Lightning deities identified with the 'Heart of the Sky' (among whom Huraqan 'One-Leg') create the earth out of the primordial sea, and people it with animals. Bolon Dzacab plays an important, if not very clear role in the cosmogonical myth related in the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel, where he is identified with wrapped-up seeds. The rain gods or their lightning once opened up the Maize Mountain, making the maize seeds available to mankind."

"Kʼawiil also figures in an enigmatic Classic scene known only from ceramics (see fig.2), showing an aged ancestor or deity emerging from the serpentine foot of the lightning god, apparently to mate with a nude young woman of decidedly aristocratic allure entwined by the serpent. Not impossibly, the meaning of the scene is ritual, rather than mythological. Perhaps related to the latter scene, stucco reliefs on the pillars of the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque depict a king (and perhaps also a queen) holding a baby with a lightning celt in the forehead and a serpentine leg, or, the infant lightning god (unen q'awiil) that is also one of Palenque's three patron deities."

Kukulkan is Indra, the God that wields the thunderbolt, he is also Michael the Archangel, and the Hindu God Shiva. So, to find that people think this God to being the good one, and yet, demands human sacrifice just shows how much of this God's story has been changed.

Now, I have to make further indications on the origin of the Black stone, because I find that the Atlantis that is shown to be America, can't be the "original" Atlantis but is the Planet Mars. This is where the two groups warring with each other is based on, as one group would be the Gods, Angels, Devas and the other group are the Asuras, Demons and Titans. Even Madame Blavatsky had stated on Noah being "Kabir" meaning that he came from the demon or Titan race.

SECRET DOCTRINE: "ORIGIN OF THE SATANIC MYTH" pg 390 states this: NOAH WAS A KABIR, HENCE HE MUST HAVE BEEN A DEMON. "It matters little whether it is Isis, or Ceres -- the "Kabiria" -- or again the Kabiri, who have taught men agriculture; but it is very important to prevent fanatics from monopolising all the facts in history and legend, and from fathering their distortions of truth, history, and legend upon one man."

"Noah is either a myth along with the others, or one whose legend was built upon the Kabirian or Titanic tradition, as taught in Samothrace; he has, therefore, no claim to be monopolized by either Jew or Christian. If, as Faber tried to demonstrate at such cost of learning and research, Noah is an Atlantean and a Titan, and his family are the Kabiri or pious Titans, etc. -- then biblical chronology falls by its own weight, and along with it all the patriarchs -- the antediluvian and pre-Atlantean Titans."

"As now discovered and proven, Cain is Mars, the god of power and generation, and of the first (sexual) bloodshed.** TubalCain is a Kabir, "an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron"; or -- if this will please better -- he is one with Hephaestos or Vulcan; Jabal is taken from the Kabiri -- instructors in agriculture, "such as have cattle," and Jubal is "the father of all those who handle the harp," he, or they who fabricated the harp for Kronos and the trident for Poseidon..."

Now, based on the Black Gods being who they are, tells me that this has nothing to do with the Human beings of Earth, but something else entirely. This is pretty much the description of the "fallen angels" or "Sons of God" that taught the works of Heaven to men, but as you see they are generally shown to be Black in complexioned. Now, it was hard to find the exact description of the Asuras, if they were a race of red haired Giants?, or were they a race of red people? Or just something not human?

Based from the "Red Horn" description of the God of fire shows that he would be "red complexioned" (like Adam") from head to toe, would have "red hair", and either have the looks of a bird (as the fiery bird reference) or have faces for ears (as the God Kojin), and based from this description tells me that this is not a human character, but something strange. 

If Agni came from the Adamic race, and the Adamites are the Jinn, the Asura and Demon race, then this tells me that the descendants would look like demons instead. Just as I had stated in the first Chapter of "Galactic Warfare", I had detailed Richard Hall's Documentary on the "UFO NATO Human mutilation case", states of the Military source eyewitnessing the Extraterrestrials to looking like "Devils".

And based from the description of the God of fire to having fangs, red hair, and a wrathful demeanor, has fire all around Him, shows that this is not a human being. If you go to Chapter "Galactic Warfare 13", you will get some descriptions on what the Black God Shiva really looks like.

The Goddess Kali is not a regular human being, and her fighting against "were-animal" creatures shows that these beings exist. If there are goatmen, fishmen, dogmen etc. then there are other things stranger than what people deem it to be normal. This is why when displaying this information, it's detailing the Devas and the Asuras to being something "non-human".

Now, there are human looking Extraterrestrials, but as far as these Entities, now starts to make sense. How else is there a demon looking God with fire all around him be the God of fire that led the Aryans into China and India? This is literally "Demons from Space". 

Now, before I had stated on the "Preadamite" races, and the Jinn race was before Adam, however, this wouldn't be the case, because if the 7th son of Adam is Iblis/Azazil, then the Adamites are the Asura race, whereas the Dragon are of the Devas. It seems when it's written down in the Bible as Adam being created from the dust of Earth, however, based from the Islamic sources state that the Jinn are a "fiery race", to which I find it interesting considering the term "Adam" to mean "red". Based from the God of fire's description shows Him with "red skin", "red hair", sometimes three heads, and fire all around him. He is shown to look like that of a bird, to which is based on the Garuda the fiery bird, thus leading to the "Red Devil" and the "Red Dragon" in the Bible.

Now, I know that people will heavily disagree with this statement, however, based on understanding who the "7th" son of Adam just shows how much of this is not literal, but to be esoterically understood. The apparent rebellion from the Jinn race against the Angels, is the same as the Sumerian Igigi rebelling against the Anunnaki Gods. It states that the Igigi was used to work the mines and fields for the Gods, until their apparent rebellion, and thus be replaced by mankind. However, this is more subtle than I had thought, especially since Adam would be the progenitor of the Asuras.

Here "Adam" isn't one person, but a whole race, as "they" are called Adam, and Adam was used as a slave race by the Gods. This is where the term "till" the fields is based on, but people have been told that man was created by God, when that isn't truly the case. Adam and the Dragon are Entities from the Planet Mars, and have nothing to do with the "humans" that was already here on Earth (This will be further discussed in "Galactic Warfare 12").

The story of a being who came to live with the Gods can be told in different ways. One story states of an Asura stealing the fruit of immortality from the Gods, and becoming immortal Himself. This is shown in the Hindu story of Rahu and the Amrit nectar, the Sun Wukong story of the Peaches of Immortality, and Loki and the Golden Apples, or the boon granted by Brahma to the Asura. This shown in the "AnZu Bird" Myth as the Bird God that stole the "Tablet of Destiny" from the Gods, and was beating them until his defeat (The story repeats throughout the Mythos).

You see "Tree of life" that the Gods didn't want Adam to eat, is based on the very same fruit of enlongevity that the Giant Asura had taken for himself. The Garden of Eden story gets deep, as this shows that "Zeus" and the Dragon Gods would be the ones to enslaved the Asura race. If you saw the Movie "PsychoGoreman", then you should get that reference of the "Igigi" being enslaved by the "Anunnaki", as they came with the Cross worship. 

Based from the Wiki states this: Siblings Mimi and Luke discover a strange, glowing gem while digging in their garden. That night, an alien monster emerges from the hole. The monster enters an old shoe factory and brutally kills a group of thieves hiding out there. The next day, Mimi and Luke follow a trail to the shoe factory and discover the monster. The monster identifies himself as "Arch-Duke of Nightmares", a deadly alien warrior imprisoned on earth after attempting to destroy the galaxy in a rampage."

"Before he can kill them, he realises Mimi has the gem, which allows her to command him. Mimi dubs the alien "Psycho Goreman" (or "PG" for short) and begins commanding PG around despite Luke's concerns. A group of aliens called the "Planetary Alliance" discover PG has escaped imprisonment, and send the warrior Pandora to Earth in the form of a human woman to kill him."

"PG tells the children he was a slave to the Templars, Pandora's religious order on his home planet Gigax until he discovered the gem which bonded with him, giving immense power. He assembled an army called "The Paladins of Obsidian" and battled the Templars, and began a rampage across the galaxy until the Planetary Alliance defeated him and imprisoned him on Earth. When the children leave, PG broadcasts a call for help to the Paladins of Obsidian. When they get back the kids give him food and magazines, apologizing for not having porn but pointing out that there are hunky boys. PG denies being interested in hunky boys, but then rethinks it and admits that maybe he is."

"Mimi and Luke's parents Susan and Greg see PG and Mimi introduces him to them, showing how she can control him. Mimi forces PG to accompany the family on activities and become a reluctant friend to the family. While out with PG playing Crazy Ball, the group is approached by two police officers who attack PG. PG mutates one of them into a deformed slave while the other officer escapes. Pandora arrives at the police station and interrogates the officer that escaped PG for information. In the woods, the Paladins of Obsidian arrive in front of the group. PG orders them to kill Mimi and Luke only for the Paladins to reveal they are now allied with the Templars."

"PG is injured by them when Mimi keeps him from fighting back until he apologises, but kills them easily when he is released. He then collapses from his injuries. PG comes to Greg in a vision demanding he collects him and the children from the woods. Greg does so and they drive back to the house where Pandora is waiting with Susan. Susan suggests they hand over PG to Pandora, and Luke agrees. Greg sides with Mimi and drives away with PG, hiding in the shoe factory."

"Pandora reveals her true form before transforming Susan into an armored warrior to help take down PG. PG states giving him the gem is the only way to heal him, and Mimi agrees on the promise he will if he spare her and her family, but realises Luke has stolen it. Pandora, Susan, and Luke arrive and battle Mimi, Greg, and PG. Luke convinces Mimi that the power of the gem and PG have corrupted her. Before Pandora can kill PG, he challenges her to a battle of Mimi's choosing."

"She chooses Crazy Ball. Mimi's team wins but Pandora moves in to attack Mimi and PG anyway. Susan uses her powers to save Mimi but is reverted to her human form by Pandora. Luke and Mimi reconcile and hand the gem to PG, healing him. PG defeats Pandora and devours her. PG returns the now powerless gem to Mimi, stating that after witnessing the family's affection for each other, he is now powered by love. He will use that love to destroy the galaxy, but promises to spare the family. The family bids farewell to PG and watches as he begins to destroy their town. The news shows PG in giant form devastating the Earth, and in deep space the Planetary Alliance debates killing themselves before he can reach them."

Now, let's detail Mars' connection to Egypt "Cairo", here in the Wiki states this of Cairo: "Etymology Egyptians often refer to Cairo as Maṣr (IPA: [mɑsˤɾ]; مَصر), the Egyptian Arabic name for Egypt itself, emphasizing the city's importance for the country. Its official name al-Qāhirah  (القاهرة) means 'the Vanquisher' or 'the Conqueror, supposedly due to the fact that the planet Mars, an-Najm al-Qāhir (النجم القاهر, 'the Conquering Star'), was rising at the time when the city was founded, possibly also in reference to the much awaited arrival of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Mu'izz who reached Cairo in 973 from Mahdia, the old Fatimid capital."

"The location of the ancient city of Heliopolis is the suburb of Ain Shams (Arabic: عين شمس, 'Eye of the Sun'). There are a few Coptic names of the city. Ti•kash•roomi (Coptic: Ϯⲕⲁϣⲣⲱⲙⲓ) is attested as early as 1211 and is a calque which means 'man breaker'(Ϯ-, 'the' + (ⲕⲁϣ-, 'to break' + ⲣⲱⲙⲓ, 'man') which is akin to Arabic al-Qāhirah . Lioui (Ⲗⲓⲟⲩⲓ) or Elioui (Ⲉⲗⲓⲟⲩⲓ) is another name which is a corruption of Greek name of Heliopolis (Ήλιούπολις)."

"Some argue that Mistram (Ⲙⲓⲥⲧⲣⲁⲙ) or Nistram (Ⲛⲓⲥⲧⲣⲁⲙ) is another Coptic name for Cairo, although others think that it's rather a name of an Abbasid capital Al-Askar. Ⲕⲁϩⲓⲣⲏ (Kahi•ree) is a popular modern rendering of an Arabic name (others being Ⲕⲁⲓⲣⲟⲛ [Kairon] and Ⲕⲁϩⲓⲣⲁ [Kahira]) which is modern folk etymology meaning 'land of sun'."

"Some argue that it was a name of an Egyptian settlement upon which Cairo was built, but it's rather doubtful as this name is not attested in any Hieroglyphic or Demotic source, although some researchers, like Paul Casanova, view it as a legitimate theory. Cairo is also referred to as Ⲭⲏⲙⲓ or Ⲅⲩⲡⲧⲟⲥ , which means Egypt in Coptic, the same way it's referred to in Egyptian Arabic. Sometimes the city is informally referred to as Kayro by people from Alexandria (IPA: [ˈkæjɾo]; Egyptian Arabic: كايرو)."

It's based "Al Qahirah" which is a "An ancient name for Mars, the fourth planet from the Sun.

Now, based from understanding Mars' connection to Cairo Egypt shows that something did occur and had came to Earth from that particular Planet. Here based on the description of the God of fire is shown to have "red braided hair" in the same manner of the Ancient Egyptians. In Egypt they call it a "Sidelock of Youth".

Here is what it states: "The sidelock of youth (also called a Horus lock, Prince's lock, Princess' lock, or side braid) was an identifying characteristic of the child in Ancient Egypt. It symbolically indicates that the wearer is a legitimate heir of Osiris. The sidelock was used as a divine attribute from at least as early as the Old Kingdom."

"In earlier depictions, the sidelock can be seen with short hat-like hairstyles in, for example, mortuary cults. Later it was usually attached to an almost shoulder-length wig, which was worn in three styles: curled, straight, or in tresses. Based on the connection between sidelocks and children, Egyptologists coined the term "sidelock of youth". They are worn by both mortal and divine children."

"The name "sidelock of youth" is not entirely accurate, since it is usually a braid rather than a lock, with its end twisted into a spiral. In Middle Kingdom depictions, the end is rolled to the front."

"The sidelock was generally worn on the right. In reliefs it can be depicted on the left or the right, since otherwise the lock would not be visible on a figure in profile facing left. A strand of hair was separated off from the side of the skull, itself further separated into three individual braids. The braided portion was held in place by a clasp at its point of origin. Thereafter there were several different possibilities, such as the triple braided sidelock, whose three strands converged in a spiral."

"Only in a few cases was it gathered with a clasp at its point of origin and ended with a spiral but left as a loose lock of hair in between. Further types of divine sidelock are also known. The Horus lock, like the sidelock, was braided from three strands of hair, which seem to terminate in a claw-like shape and are connected with the goddess Mafdet in Egyptian mythology."

"The sidelock of youth was used by the children of the pharaohs, not only to show them to be children, but also to indicate their connection to the youthful Horus. Like them, the young Horus had worn the sidelock as the heir apparent of his father Osiris. In accordance with the mythological precedent, the children of the king, as his designated heirs, received the Horus lock as an indication of the special duties that were bound up with that status."

"In iconography, royal children were depicted naked and sucking on their finger, with their heads shaved entirely bald except for the sidelock. Amenhotep I, as well as Thutmoses III, reused the special form of the Middle Kingdom, which is connected with their revival of the imagery of the Middle Kingdom more generally. Again in the Late Period, the Middle Kingdom depiction of the sidelock was revived."

"With the beginning of the New Kingdom, the lock of youth achieved central significance as a special symbol of the princes and princesses of the 18th Dynasty. Particularly notable is the connection of the lock of youth with princesses, who as children of the reigning king were also seen as probable heirs and therefore were also depicted with the Horus lock."

In the Rig Vedas, it is mentioned in book 7 chapter 46 verse 4 stating “slay us not, nor abandon us, Oh Rudra let not thy noose, when thy art angry, seize us….” R.V. book 1 chapter 114 verse 1 states “To the strong Rudra bring we these our praise to Him the Lord of heroes with the braided hair….” Verse 5 “Him with the braided hair we call with reverence down, the wild boar, the red dazzling shape….”

This hairstyle is shown being worn by the God of fire, who would be known as Set. Here is an excerpt from the Red Horn story: "The adventures of Red Horn are set out in a set of stories known as the "Red Horn Cycle". The Red Horn Cycle depicts his adventures with Turtle, the thunderbird Storms-as-He-Walks (Mą'e-manįga) and others who contest a race of giants, the Wąge-rucge or "Man-Eaters", who have been killing human beings whom Red Horn has pledged to help. In the episode associated with this name, Red Horn turns himself into an arrow to win a race. After winning the race Red Horn creates heads on his earlobes and makes his hair into a long red braid called a he, "horn", in Hocąk. Thus he becomes known as "Red-horn" (he-šucka) and as "He who Wears (Human) Faces on His Ears" (įco-horúšika)."

Then based from the description of the God of fire having this style of the Egyptian Sidelock. Then there is this information from what Sir Godfrey Higgins had stated in his book "The Anaclypsis" chapter 10 page 260. Now, this chapter is based on the connections of the Yajna and the passover, and how the Jewish passover is the same as the Hindus. Let's look at this excerpt:

"If the religions of Moses and the Hindoos were the same, it was reasonable to expect that we should find the celebrated Egyptian festival of the Passover in both countries, and it is found accordingly. We have in it the most solemn of the religious rites of the Brahmins, the sacrifice of the Yajna or the Lamb."

"… This history of the passage of the sun and of the passage of the Israelites from Egypt, affords a very remarkable example of the double meaning of the Hebrew books. Before the time of Moses, the Egyptians fixed the commencement of the year at the vernal equinox. … In the Oriental Chronicle it is said, that the day the sun entered into Aries, was solennis ac celeberrimus apud Ægyptios. But this Ægyptian festival commenced on the very day when the Paschal lamb was separated."

"… In this festival the Israelites marked their door-posts, &c., with blood, the Ægyptians marked their goods with red. The Hebrew name was (.5 psh pesach, which means transit. The Lamb itself is also called Pesech, or the Passover."

"In India, the devotees throw red powder on one another at the festival of the Huli or vernal equinox. This red powder, the Hindoos say, is an imitation of the pollen of plants, the principle of fructification, the flower of the plant. Here we arrive at the import of this mystery. A plant which has not this powder, this flower or flour, is useless; it does not produce seed."

"This Huli festival is the festival of the vernal equinox; it is the Yulé; it is the origin of our word holy; it is Julius, Yulius. The followers of Vishnu observes the custom, on grand occasions, of sacrificing a ram. This sacrifice was called Yajna; and the fire of the Yajna was called Yajneswara, of the God fire. The word "Yajna, M. Dubois says (p.316,) is derived from Agni fire, as if it were to this God that the sacrifice was really offered. I need not point out the resemblance of the word Agni and the Latin Ignis."

"And I suppose I need not point out the resemblance of the word Agni to the Latin Agnus, to those who have seen the numerous extraordinary coincidences in the languages of Italy and India, which I have shewn in this work and in my Celtic Druids. In this ceremony of sacrificing the lamb the devotees of India chaunt with a loud voice, When will it be that the Saviour will be born ! When will it be that the Redeemer will appear ! The Brahmins, though they eat no flesh on any other occasion, at this sacrifice taste the flesh of the animal : and the person offering the sacrifice makes a verbal confession of his sins* and receives absolution."

"… The Hindoos have a sacred fire which never dies, and a sacrifice connected with it, called Oman.*** They have also the custom of casting out devils from people possessed, by prayers and ceremonies,**** which is also practised by the people of Siam. All this is very important. * Loubière says, auricular confession is practised by the Siamese. ** Travels and Letters of the Jesuits, translated from the French, 1713; London, 1714, pp. 1423, signed Bouchet. *** ON the generative power of OM. **** Travel and Letters of the Jesuits, pp. 14-23. Page 262 The first sentence of the Rig-Veda is said to be Agnim-ile, I sing praise to fire."

"Here we are told that Agnim means fire. When we reflect upon the slain lamb, and the call for the Saviour, we must be struck with the scene in the fifth chapter of the Apocalypse, from verse five to ten, where praise is given to the slain Lamb. The identity of the Mythoses cannot be denied."

Now, after learning that Vishnu is Dagon, Moloch, and Baal, and is known for the six pointed star, then I don't see the ways that Agni had gave to the Aryans, to be from the very Gods that He spoke against. Shiva and Vishnu are really one and the same, and connect to Murugan and to the Prototype Indra. Though I don't agree with the lamb symbolism towards Agni, (The symbol would be that of a bird connecting to the Garuda) the fire practices towards this God shows throughout the Indian, Chinese and the Japanese people. 

But as he stated on the Egyptians practicing the Passover festival, to putting red on their goods and putting blood on the Lintel and two side post, reveals that the Egyptians and the Children of Israel are one and the same people. Based from understanding the conflict between the Gods, and how one was demonized shows that the Fire God called "Set", would be the one to have brought the Aryans out of Egypt and into the land of China and India. This means that the Egyptians would be the Brahmins, the Aryans led by the God of fire AGNI. The sacred Phoenix Bird represents the God of fire, as He would be the fiery bird that fought against the Gods.

(Even though there are various images of black people, people with red skin, and some people with red hair amongst the Egyptian Art, I would also find statues that look very much Asian looking...)

Now, based on understanding the Egyptian connection to the Brahmins, there is the mystery of the Caves in the grand Canynon, to which was said to host valuable Egyptian artifacts as discovered by Jordan Kincaid. Now, I have heard that The Kincaid Caves are said to be Guarded and the Smithsnonian Institute also denies it's existence. I came across the show "America Unearthed: Egyptian Treasure discovered in the Grand Canyon", to which had stated the samething of Government keeping secrets based on the caves' treasure. Now, if they are "just" treasures, then why are they heavily guarded and denied by the Smithsonian Institute? What makes it different than the Egyptian Artifacts that is already out there for the Public to see? I think what was found are not the Artifacts, but something else. Again, if it's just treaure, then why hide it instead of putting it in the Museum?

Anyway, let's see what the website "mysteriousuniverse" details on this subject: The Mysterious Lost Underground Civilization of the Grand Canyon Brent Swancer February 3, 2018: 

"Lying within the U.S. state of Arizona is one of the most majestic natural wonders of our planet, the Grand Canyon. Carved over hundreds of millions of years by the Colorado River and measuring 277 miles (446 km) long, up to 18 miles (29 km) wide, the Grand Canyon is a major natural phenomenon, but it is also a place of deep historical mysteries and oddities as well."

"One of the most unusual of these is the claim that somewhere under the earth here once ruled an advanced civilization with unknown origins and who have become lost to history, which supposedly inhabited a complex cave and cavern system that they left behind to sow bafflement and speculation with their passing. It is a very curious, far-out case that, if real, could shake our historical perceptions to the core."

"The whole bizarre tale began with a curious article that appeared right on the front page of the April 5, 1909 edition of the Arizona Gazette, which gave a spectacular account from two alleged Smithsonian-funded archaeologists, a Prof. S. A. Jordan and G.E. Kinkaid, who claimed to have found deep within the bowels of the earth in the Marble Canyon region of the Grand Canyon a vast cavern system with evidence of some ancient lost civilization."

"The two men were reportedly funded by Smithsonian’s Department of Anthropology, and claimed that they had found the entrance to the mysterious cavern system lying around 1,500 feet down the wall of a sheer cliff in a remote, undisclosed area."

"The area was described as being nearly inaccessible and surrounded by desolate, forbidding wilderness, and the more vocal Kincaid would say in his account of the discovery of the entrance and further study of it thus: First, I would impress that the cavern is nearly inaccessible. The entrance is 1,486 feet down the sheer canyon wall. It is located on government land and no visitor will be allowed there under penalty of trespass. The scientists wish to work unmolested, without fear of archaeological discoveries being disturbed by curio or relic hunters."

"A trip there would be fruitless, and the visitor would be sent on his way. The story of how I found the cavern has been related, but in a paragraph: I was journeying down the Colorado river in a boat, alone, looking for mineral. Some forty-two miles up the river from the El Tovar Crystal canyon, I saw on the east wall, stains in the sedimentary formation about 2,000 feet above the river bed. There was no trail to this point, but I finally reached it with great difficulty. Above a shelf which hid it from view from the river, was the mouth of the cave. There are steps leading from this entrance some thirty yards to what was, at the time the cavern was inhabited, the level of the river."

"Upon making the treacherous trek down to the entrance there was apparently found a whole intricate system of tunnels, caverns and caves that allegedly meandered off into the darkness, and it was noted that much of it seemed to have been laboriously chiseled and hewn by hand right into the stone. Upon investigation the system was said to plunge to around a mile under the earth, with vast chambers that radiated out into new tunnels and which opened up into hundreds of rooms with oval doorways."

"Kincaid said of these passages and rooms: The main passageway is about 12 feet wide, narrowing to nine feet toward the farther end. About 57 feet from the entrance, the first side-passages branch off to the right and left, along which, on both sides, are a number of rooms about the size of ordinary living rooms of today, though some are 30 by 40 feet square."

"These are entered by oval-shaped doors and are ventilated by round air spaces through the walls into the passages. The walls are about three feet six inches in thickness. The passages are chiselled or hewn as straight as could be laid out by an engineer. The ceilings of many of the rooms converge to a center. The side-passages near the entrance run at a sharp angle from the main hall, but toward the rear they gradually reach a right angle in direction."

"Even stranger than all of this were some of the things apparently found within this system of tunnels and caverns, which included numerous relics and artifacts such as weapons, various copper instruments, idols, urns, vases, all of which was taken as evidence of some ancient, previously unknown civilization apparently from the Orient. At one point they purportedly came across what appeared to be a grand shrine absolutely brimming with such artifacts, none of which were from that region or the known people’s inhabiting it. This shrine was described in Kincaid’s report thus: Over a hundred feet from the entrance is the cross-hall, several hundred feet long, in which are found the idol, or image, of the people’s god, sitting cross-legged, with a lotus flower or lily in each hand."

"The cast of the face is oriental, and the carving this cavern. The idol almost resembles Buddha, though the scientists are not certain as to what religious worship it represents. Taking into consideration everything found thus far, it is possible that this worship most resembles the ancient people of Tibet. Surrounding this idol are smaller images, some very beautiful in form; others crooked-necked and distorted shapes, symbolical, probably, of good and evil. There are two large cactus with protruding arms, one on each side of the dais on which the god squats. All this is carved out of hard rock resembling marble. In the opposite corner of this cross-hall were found tools of all descriptions, made of copper."

"These people undoubtedly knew the lost art of hardening this metal, which has been sought by chemicals for centuries without result. On a bench running around the workroom was some charcoal and other material probably used in the process. There is also slag and stuff similar to matte, showing that these ancients smelted ores, but so far no trace of where or how this was done has been discovered, nor the origin of the ore. Other rooms found were full of other bizarre items and there were even discovered granaries full of seeds. The report dramatically goes on: Among the other finds are vases or urns and cups of copper and gold, made very artistic in design. The pottery work includes enameled ware and glazed vessels."

"Another passageway leads to granaries such as are found in the oriental temples. They contain seeds of various kinds. One very large storehouse has not yet been entered, as it is twelve feet high and can be reached only from above. Two copper hooks extend on the edge, which indicates that some sort of ladder was attached. These granaries are rounded, as the materials of which they are constructed, I think, is a very hard cement. A gray metal is also found in this cavern, which puzzles the scientists, for its identity has not been established. It resembles platinum. Strewn promiscuously over the floor everywhere are what people call “cats eyes”, a yellow stone of no great value. Each one is engraved with the head of the Malay type."

"More bizarre discoveries were still to be made down within these dank tunnels, caves, and rooms as well. In many places were found mysterious hieroglyphics etched into the stone, on urns, and carved into stone tablets, although it was unknown what purpose they served or what they said. Perhaps the most fascinating and also macabre discovery made down there in the gloom was what can only be described as some sort of crypt, where there were allegedly found rows and rows of actual mummies stuffed into shelves carved into sheer stone walls."

"Kincaid explained the unsettling crypt in great detail, saying: The tomb or crypt in which the mummies were found is one of the largest of the chambers, the walls slanting back at an angle of about 35 degrees. On these are tiers of mummies, each one occupying a separate hewn shelf. At the head of each is a small bench, on which is found copper cups and pieces of broken swords. Some of the mummies are covered with clay, and all are wrapped in a bark fabric. The urns or cups on the lower tiers are crude, while as the higher shelves are reached, the urns are finer in design, showing a later stage of civilization. It is worthy of note that all the mummies examined so far have proved to be male, no children or females being buried here."

"This leads to the belief that this exterior section was the warriors’ barracks. Some areas were even more inscrutable and spooky, to the point that they were mostly seen as possibly dangerous. One such location seemed to permeated with a sense of dread and danger, and Kincaid’s description of it read almost like something out of an Indiana Jones film: There is one chamber of the passageway to which is not ventilated, and when we approached it a deadly, snaky smell struck us. Our light would not penetrate the gloom, and until stronger ones are available we will not know what the chamber contains. Some say snakes, but other boo-hoo this idea and think it may contain a deadly gas or chemicals used by the ancients. No sounds are heard, but it smells snaky just the same. The whole underground installation gives one of shaky nerves the creeps. The gloom is like a weight on one’s shoulders, and our flashlights and candles only make the darkness blacker. Imagination can revel in conjectures and ungodly daydreams back through the ages that have elapsed till the mind reels dizzily in space."

"What was the purpose of this particularly eerie place, if any of this ever existed at all? Kincaid doesn’t really say. There were also supposedly found barracks, sleeping quarters, and a vast dining hall complete with myriad cooking utensils. So extensive and complete was this veritable subterranean city that Kincaid speculated that there was enough space and facilities to comfortably house around 50,000 people, although who those people could be was left to speculation. Kincaid’s own theory was that this mysterious civilization had been there before the Native peoples of region, and indeed that the natives had possibly descended from them."

"He believed that these mysterious people had been there for thousands of years, and that they had developed their advanced civilization here in solitude. The newspaper article itself speculated that this civilization could have even come from ancient Egypt, proving that the Egyptians has made their way to the New World, saying that the discovery: almost conclusively proves that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses."

"If their theories are borne out by the translation of the tablets engraved with hieroglyphics, the mystery of the prehistoric peoples of North America, their ancient arts, who they were and whence they came, will be solved. Egypt and the Nile, and Arizona and the Colorado will be linked by a historical chain running back to ages which staggers the wildest fancy of the fictionist."

"The whole tale is quite sensational, and the idea of some lost civilization from Egypt dwelling underneath the Grand Canyon captured the imagination of the public at the time, with Kincaid’s lost underground city going on to become the stuff of legend. The problem is, there is very little to corroborate this story or to even prove that Kincaid was ever a real person. No artifacts seem to have ever been recovered from the supposed amazing find, even though Kincaid claimed he’d shipped a number of relics to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., for evaluation, nor were there any known pictures taken, and indeed there are no other articles in any other publication to support or verify the claims."

"Even the one that appeared in the Arizona Gazette was penned by an anonymous author, which does not bode well. Additionally, there seems to be no record of a Professor Kincaid or Professor Jordan within the Smithsonian’s Department of Anthropology, nor is there any paperwork concerning them or their supposed discoveries."

"The Smithsonian itself has bluntly said in a statement to The World Explorers Club: Well, the first thing I can tell you, before we go any further, is that no Egyptian artifacts of any kind have ever been found in North or South America. Therefore, I can tell you that the Smithsonian Institute has never been involved in any such excavations."

"Considering this lack of evidence and the pure off-the-wall sensationalism of the report, it seems like there is a very good possibility that this was all a hoax perpetrated by either the newspaper to sell copies, the anonymous author, or Kincaid himself, if he was ever real to begin with, all made more plausible by being dressed up with references to the Smithsonian and then plastered on the front page for effect."

"However, when has anything like this ever stopped a good conspiracy theory? Despite all of the evidence that this underground civilization never really existed the story just will not die, and has been published and republished in numerous sources and debated as being possibly real ever since. One of the more popular theories is that the venerable Smithsonian itself is engaged in a cover-up of the findings, destroying the evidence and the paper trail that leads to it in order to maintain the status quo and preserve the accepted historical paradigm."

"There are even those who claim to know the actual whereabouts of the cavern entrance, such as researcher Jack Andrews, who says that he was able to ascertain the location way back in 1972 and has only cryptically given hints about it that are maddeningly ambiguous, saying:

"I think the “cave” described in the headline story of the Arizona Gazette, April 5, 1909 and its fantastic underground installation was, and still may be, located above an approximate six-mile stretch of the Colorado River in Marble Canyon, at the border of Marble Canyon and the Navajo Nation above an area near Kwagunt Rapids."

"Conspiracy theorist John Rhodes also claims to know the secret to the location of Kincaid’s cave, although he is very secretive about it, only to say that it is constantly guarded by an armed security guard and adding that it has become a base of operations for a shadowy secret society. Even more bizarre is a theory proposed by researcher and for many professional crackpot David Icke, who is mostly known for his outlandish theories about reptilian humanoids infiltrating society in an effort to become our overlords and take over."

"Icke believes that the Kincaid cave system not only exists, but is also Reptilian central. In his sensationalist 1999 book The Biggest Secret Icke writes: In 1909 a subterranean city which was built with the precision of the Great Pyramid was found by G. E. Kincaid near the Grand Canyon in Arizona." "It was big enough to accommodate 50,000 people and mummified bodies found were of oriental or possibly Egyptian origin, according to the expedition leader Professor S. A. Jordan."

"My own research suggests that it is from another dimension, the lower fourth dimension, that the reptilian control and manipulation is primarily orchestrated. It is clear that the tale of Kincaid’s mysterious caves continues to incite speculation and debate, and that is a spectacular story that captures the imagination and shows no real signs of waning. Is there anything to it or is this all a pure hoax or half-truths?"

"If the caves ever did exist, then where were they and who were the inscrutable people who supposedly inhabited them? Were they made by ancient out-of place Egyptians, some sort of other lost civilization, or underground goddam reptilian monsters? Such a place and its relics would be absolutely groundbreaking, rewriting history itself, but considering the lack of articles talking about them and the complete lack of any evidence, the story is a dead end at best, and will probably remain mysterious and fuel for conspiracies, just as buried in mystery as the city itself."