The Children of Agni

Here in this Chapter, we will detail the different monsters that the God of fire (Azazil) had to fight against while on Earth.

So, based from the previous Chapters, I have laid down sources on how the story of the God of fire battling the Jinn race, all before mankind was created has definite ties to the movie "Jupiter Ascending". Now, to make things specific, the term Jinn is really referred to the "red headed" Giants, to which the God of fire had belonged to. Then there would be different types as it's broken down to the "Rakshasas", as the Man-eating types, and the ones that are benevolent. 

However, this particualr group would not be the only race that existed amongst the Giants in the land, but also other beings as well. There would be human beings with tails, to which will tie in with some of the Lore below. Based on the Paranormal like "Skinwalker Ranch", should connect to some of these Entities that have "existed" way before mankind. Though many will lump them as "fallen angels", or the children of the fallen angels (nephilim), however, this Chapter will reveal that these beings were here before mankind was created on this Earth (as this will tie in with the Gods creating mankind). 

This is what the Military man in Richard Hall's Documentary called "UFO NATO: Human mutilation cover-up", details the same segment, that these Extraterrestrials were here before man was here. He states that the ones that he have seen were "demonic" looking, and how these animal mutilations tie into them (and possibly other entities) coming to this act. Now with that said, let's dive into some of the monsters here.

The Book of Dzyan by Madame Blavatsky states this: "II. 5. The wheel whirled for thirty crores more. It constructed rupas: soft stones that hardened; hard plants that softened. Visible from invisible, insects and small lives. She shook them off her back whenever they overran the mother. . . . After thirty crores she turned round. She lay on her back; on her side . . . She would call no sons of Heaven, she would ask no sons of Wisdom. She created from her own bosom. She evolved water-men, terrible and bad."

"6. The water-men terrible and bad she herself created from the remains of others, from the dross and slime of her first, second, and third, she formed them. The Dhyani came and looked — the dhyani from the bright Father-mother, from the white regions they came, from the abodes of the immortal mortals. 7. Displeased they were. Our flesh is not there." "No fit rupas for our brothers of the fifth. No dwellings for the lives. Pure waters, not turbid, they must drink. Let us dry them. 8. The flames came. The fires with the sparks; the night fires and the day fires. They dried out the turbid dark waters. With their heat they quenched them. The Lhas of the High, the Lhamayin of below, came."

"They slew the forms which were two- and four-faced. They fought the goat-men, and the dog-headed men, and the men with fishes' bodies. 9. Mother-water, the great sea, wept. She arose, she disappeared in the moon which had lifted her, which had given her birth. 10. When they were destroyed, mother-earth remained bare. She asked to be dried."

Now, based from the "Book of Dyzan" contains some interesting passages. They state of the Goddess producing beings called "water men", and how they were apparently wicked. Based from this excerpt: "They slew the forms which were two- and four-faced. They fought the goat-men, and the dog-headed men, and the men with fishes' bodies. 9. Mother-water, the great sea, wept."

Here shows that there were half human and half animal creatures that was getting destroyed. It states that there were "Goat men", "Dog headed men", and "men with fishes bodies".

This ties in with the story of Red Horn:"...Red Horn was one of the five sons of Earthmaker, whom the Creator fashioned with his own hands and sent to earth to rescue humanity. During his sojourn on earth, he contested both giants and water spirits, and led war parties against the bad spirits who plagued humanity."

Then maybe we can see how "Hellboy" is somewhat derived from the story of "Red Horn", who are described as being red from head to toe, and would battle the monsters and demons. This where we get the real version of "Men in Black". 

Now, let's reveal somethings based on creatures called "Mermaids", as they are deemed "water spirits". I remember a Youtube Documentary by a Christian Pastor called "The Dragon Revealed: The Secrets, Spirits, Powers behind Martial arts", to which had detailed interesting segments on the "spirit" behind the Martial Arts. He reveals a clip based on a teacher name that had caught my eye. Here states Master Shimabuku having a dream about a half woman and half fish goddess, to which (after waking up from this strange dream) proceeds to make an emblem for his school in this Goddess' reputation. She is called "Megami", from "Isshinryu no Megami" school.

Based from the website "" states this: Isshinryu no Megami (Symbol of Isshinryu)

"This emblem is a representation of Master Shimabuku’s dream and symbolic of the art he created after he awoke. The patch is often called Mizu Gami, which means ‘water goddess’. Originally the Isshinryu emblem was called ‘Isshinryu No Megami’, which means ‘Goddess of Isshinryu’.

"However; most Isshinryu karateka incorrectly call it Mizu Gami, or ‘Water Goddess’. Master Eiko Kaneshi, Tatsuo’s right-hand-man who is a Shinto priest when asked if it was ‘Mizu Gami’ said it has nothing to do with water. Isshinryu no Megami or Megami for short, is correct. Woman: Megami is a sea goddess, half woman, and half serpent. She symbolizes the quiet spirit of the true Karate practitioner but with the strength of the serpent if needed."

Left Hand Open: The sign of peace.

Right Hand Fist: Represents strength if evil persists.

Dragon: The dragon has forced himself above the turbulent sea, the troubles of life, into the quiet of the gray sky. Dragons are a sign of good luck. Master Shimabuku chose the name Tatsuo, which means “Dragon Boy.”

The Three Stars: May represent Shimabuku’s three chief instructors, Goju-Ryu, Shorin-Ryu, and Isshinryu, or the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Isshinryu.

The Gray Background: Represents the calm and quiet of the night, and that Isshinryu is to be used only for defense.

The Writing: Isshinryu in Kanji.

The Troubled Water: The troubles of life above which the Karate Practitioner rises through training and growth. Here are some depictions on here, then I will connect this to another Goddess.....

Now, let's connect this to the Goddess "Mami Wata". Here in the Wiki states this:

"Mami Wata (Mammy Water) or La Sirene is a water spirit venerated in West, Central, and Southern Africa, and in the African diaspora in the Americas. Mami Wata spirits are usually female, but are sometimes male. The appearance of her hair ranges from straight, curly to kinky black and combed straight back."

"Most scholarly sources suggest the name "Mami Wata" is a pidgin English derivation of "Mother Water", reflecting the goddess's title ("mother of water" or "grandmother of water") in the Agni language of Côte d'Ivoire, although this etymology has been disputed by Africanist writers in favor of various non-English etymologies, for example, the suggestion of a linguistic derivation from ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian, such as the Egyptian terms "Mami" or "Mama", meaning "truth" "Uati" or "Uat-Ur" for "ocean water".

"While the exact context of the etymology has been challenged, the purpose of Mami Wata's name derived from pidgin English is to both distinguish her "otherness" and connection with the African and African diaspora. Mami Wata is understood to be a foreign spirit by Africans, and the recognition of her and her name is also a recognition of Africans comprehending worlds other than their own."

"Historical evidence for such deep antiquity of the goddess's tradition has never been offered. Commonly thought to be a single entity, the term has been applied to a number of African water deity traditions across various cultures. These African cultures were often matriarchal and though "Mami Wata" can refer to both male and female deities, they are most typically thought of as feminine and most often take on a female form in artistic representations."

"Mami Wata is often described as a mermaid-like figure, with a woman's upper body (often nude) and the hindquarters of a fish or serpent. In other tales, Mami Wata is fully human in appearance (though never human). The existence and spiritual importance of Mami Wata is deeply rooted in the ancient tradition and mythology of the coastal southeastern Nigerians (Efik, Ibibio, Igbo, Bahumono and Annang people). Mami Wata often carries expensive baubles such as combs, mirrors, and watches."

"A large snake (symbol of divination and divinity) frequently accompanies her, wrapping itself around her and laying its head between her breasts. Other times, she may try to pass as completely human, wandering busy markets or patronising bars."

"She may also manifest in a number of other forms, including as a man. Traders in the 20th century carried similar beliefs with them from Senegal to as far as Zambia. As the Mami Wata traditions continued to re-emerge, native water deities were syncretized into it."

"Traditions on both sides of the Atlantic tell of the spirit abducting her followers or random people whilst they are swimming or boating. She brings them to her paradisiacal realm, which may be underwater, in the spirit world, or both. Should she allow them to leave, the travellers usually return in dry clothing and with a new spiritual understanding reflected in their gaze. These returnees often grow wealthier, more attractive, and more easygoing after the encounter."

"Van Stipriaan further reports that other tales describe river travellers (usually men) chancing upon the spirit. She is inevitably grooming herself, combing her hair, and peering at herself in a mirror. Upon noticing the intruder, she flees into the water and leaves her possessions behind. The traveller then takes the invaluable items."

"Later, Mami Wata appears to the thief in his dreams to demand the return of her things. Should he agree, she further demands a promise from him to be sexually faithful to her. The agreement grants the person riches; refusal to return the possessions or to be faithful brings the man ill-fortune." "Her worship is as diverse as her initiates, priesthood and worshippers, although some parallels may be drawn. Groups of people may gather in her name, but the spirit is much more prone to interacting with followers on a one-on-one basis. She thus has many priests and mediums in Africa, America and in the Caribbean who are specifically born and initiated to her."

"In Nigeria, devotees typically wear red and white clothing, as these colors represent that particular Mami's dual nature. In Igbo iconography, red represents such qualities as death, destruction, heat, being male, physicality, and power. In contrast, white symbolises death, but also can symbolize beauty, creation, being female, new life, spirituality, translucence, water, and wealth."

"This regalia may also include a cloth snake wrapped about the waist. The Mami Wata shrines may also be decorated in these colors, and items such as bells, carvings, Christian or Indian prints, dolls, incense, spirits, and remnants of previous sacrifices often adorn such places."

"Intense dancing accompanied by musical instruments such as African guitars or harmonicas often forms the core of Mami Wata worship. Followers dance to the point of entering a trance. At this point, Mami Wata possesses the person and speaks to him or her."

"Offerings to the spirit are also important, and Mami Wata prefers gifts of delicious food and drink, alcohol, fragrant objects (such as pomade, powder, incense, and soap), and expensive goods like jewellery. Modern worshippers usually leave her gifts of manufactured goods, such as Coca-Cola or designer jewellery."

"Nevertheless, she largely wants her followers to be healthy and well off. More broadly, people blame the spirit for all sorts of misfortune. In Cameroon, for example, Mami Wata is ascribed with causing the strong undertow that kills many swimmers each year along the coast."

Image: "Van Stipriaan also believes that this period introduced West Africa to what would become the definitive image of Mami Wata. Circa 1887, a chromolithograph of a female Samoan snake charmer appeared in Nigeria. According to the British art historian Kenneth C. Murray, the poster was titled Der Schlangenbändiger ("The Snake Charmer") and was originally created sometime between 1880 and 1887."

"Dr. Tobias Wendl, director of the Iwalewa-Haus Africa Centre at the University of Bayreuth, was unable to confirm this after extensive searching (as Der Schlangenbändiger is a masculine term, the title seems suspect). He did discover a very similar photograph titled Die samoanische Schlangenbändigerin Maladamatjaute ("the Samoan Snake Charmer (fem.) Maladamatjaute") in the collection of the Wilhelm-Zimmermann Archive in Hamburg."

"Whichever the original image, it was almost certainly a poster of a celebrated late 19th-century snake charmer who performed under the stage name "Nala Damajanti", which appeared in several variations, particularly "Maladamatjaute", at numerous venues, including the Folies Bergère in 1886."

"This identification was also made by Drewal in a 2012 book chapter on Mami Wata. Despite exotic claims of her nationality, she was later identified as one Émilie Poupon of Nantey, France. This image—an enticing woman with long, black hair and a large snake slithering up between her breasts, ambiguous if she is human or mermaid beyond the image—apparently caught the imaginations of the Africans who saw it; it was the definitive image of the spirit."

"Before long, Mami Wata posters appeared in over a dozen countries and the popular image was reproduced in 1955 by the Shree Ram Calendar Company in Bombay for the African market. People began creating Mami Wata art of their own, much of it influenced by the lithograph."

There is a great Documentary called "The Tribes and animals of the great Congo river: The river that swallows all rivers" by KBS, mentioning the Goddess "Mamiwata", and how she could kill a man by "eating the brains". Just like the Japanes man having a dream of this water Goddess, an African man is seen drawing the same depiction.

Then based from the website "" states this on "Evil Mermaids of Africa":

"Within the lore and history of actual sightings of mermaids and various merbeings all over the world, these creatures have come in a surprisingly wide array of forms. There are the beautiful maidens of legend with their flowing hair and fishtails, the more ape-like fish beasts of other traditions, and pretty much everything in between."

"Dispositions range all over the place as well, with merbeings running the gamut from seductive sirens, to benevolent protectors of the sea, to shy and reclusive things only fleetingly seen, to vicious, savage monsters that can only be described as sinister and evil. Of the many places from which merbeings are reported, one place that definitely has the latter is the continent of Africa. Here on the Dark Continent, “mermaids” are considered to be far from mere legend, and also seem to be rather far from benevolent."

"Many regions of Africa have a rich tradition of mermaids, particularly in the southern portion of the continent. In the country of Zimbabwe mermaids have long featured prominently in various myths and legends, where they are often called the Mondao and are portrayed as malicious creatures that enjoy pulling bathers or swimmers under the waves to their death. Although many see such tales as just spooky lore, there are apparently quite a few Zimbabweans who believe that they actually exist, and incidents or sightings involving mermaids often crop up here."

"In 2012, work being carried out at the Gokwe dam in Midlands and the Osborne dam in Manicaland, on reservoirs near the towns of Gokwe, Manicaland, and Mutare, was suspended because workers refused to go to work because they claimed to have been terrorized by the mermaids lurking there, which were said to look like pale-skinned humans with black hair and fish tails. The workers were originally supposed to do repairs and install water pumps there, but became frightened when some people in the area mysteriously vanished and others reported being attacked or chased by these merbeings."

"Things with the stalled project got so bad that the Zimbabwe Water Resources Minister, Sam Sipepa Nkomo, appeared before a parliamentary committee to explain the situation. Nkomo said that white workers had been brought in because they were not as steeped in such lore, but even they claimed to have spotted the creatures and also refused to go back to work. Rural and Urban Development Minister Ignatius Chombo also made arrangements to have tribal chiefs of the area perform rites and rituals to appease the creatures, if only to put the workers’ minds at ease."

"According to the tribal leaders who were consulted, many lakes and reservoirs of the region are inhabited by mermaids, and dams seem to be a favorite place for them to congregate, although they were said to be typically drawn to larger dams than the ones that had been plagued, such as the huge dam at Lake Kariba, which is a hotbed of such sightings."

"When faced with the question of whether they thought these creatures really exist, they were unanimous and adamant in their assertion that they do. When asked if the mermaids of Zimbabwe’s lakes were real, one chief Edison Chihota of Mashonaland East said “As a custodian of the traditional I have no doubt. For anyone to dispute this is also disputing him or herself.”

"For his part, Nkomo was more worried about that the fact that the workers refused to come back, and was going through with the rituals merely to dispel fears. He was skeptical that their problems were being caused by literal mermaids, blaming it on a mix of superstition perhaps combined with optical illusions and dangerous water currents."

"He would say of the matter: In Mutare what I think is happening is that there must be a sanction underneath there which creates a hole and the water will actually be swirling violently that if you fell in you will not come out, even if you had an oxygen mask. Another African nation in the same general region which has long experienced mermaid phenomena is South Africa."

"Such tales and lore go back for centuries here, and ancient rock paintings of humanoids with fish tails drawn by the Khoi-san people of the region have been found in one of the most arid areas of the country, in a vast barren, semi-desert wasteland known as the Karoo. Just why this desert dwelling people would have mermaids as part of their lore remains a mystery, but the region did once lie underwater, and there have been sightings of such creatures reported from the greener and more fertile Klein Karoo to the south, where mountain spring water creates pools and even water filled caverns where the creatures are said to live."

"These mountain dwelling mermaids are in no way friendly, and have long been said to lure travelers to the water in order to drown them. These creatures are typically not seen as flesh and blood creatures, but rather as powerful spirits or demons, and are greatly revered and feared by tribes of the area."

"In some areas of South Africa mermaids are often called the Kaaiman, interestingly from the German word for “caiman,” and are typically described as a race of malevolent creatures that drown their victims and are typically described as looking like half-fish women with black hair and glowing red eyes. One sighting report comes from 2008, at the quaint and isolated rural village of Suurbraak."

"Local witness Daniel Cupido claimed that he had been hanging out with some friends along the banks of the Buffelsjags River on the evening of January 5 when they suddenly heard a curious sound coming from a nearby low water bridge that sounded like someone “bashing on a wall.”

"When they went to investigate, it is claimed that in the murky darkness under the bridge they could make out what looked like a white woman with long black hair. The woman seemed to be in trouble, as she was thrashing about in the water, and Cupido allegedly waded into the water to try and help her out, but moments later came running back in a state of panic."

"When his friends asked him what had happened he told them that the woman’s eyes had had a red, flickering glow to them, and that her gaze had been “hypnotic.” One of the friends, a Martin Olckers, went over to see the thing for himself, and claims that what he saw profoundly scared him."

"There swimming through the water around the bridge he could see the same woman who his friend had described, complete with the red shine in her eyes. He said that the figure was definitely female and that the whole time he watched her she made a sound reminiscent of crying, which he described as “the strangest sound.”

"The mermaid was also said to have an ethereal silver-white sheen around it. Although they say none of those present had ever believed in the stories of the Kaaiman before, this bizarre encounter apparently convinced them that the creatures were real. None of them were found to have been drinking alcohol, and all of them seemed genuinely unsettled by the experience."

"Other reports from South Africa showcase the creature’s more sinister tendencies. On December 31, 2015, a 12-year-old boy named Siyabonga Masango in Mpumalanga, South Africa, reportedly went to the bank of a tributary of the Sabie River to meet his friends for a swim and never returned. When authorities were brought in and the area searched, no sign of the boy was turned up despite an intensive investigation by diving teams."

"Although police blamed strong currents in the river at the time or a crocodile attack for Masango’s disappearance, the boy’s family explained to them that the boy had been kidnapped by mermaid, an assertion backed up by another eyewitness who claimed that he had seen the boy pulled into the water by the pale-skinned creature. The witness claimed that he had then gone to try to help the boy but that he had completely disappeared into the muddy, murky water, pulled in by something that very well could have been coiling to lash out at him as well."

"Another evil mermaid is said to lurk about Marikana dam, the near the town of Mabopane, north of Pretoria, and has been blamed for at least one death there. Known to the locals as the Mamogashwa, it is described as being half-human and half-fish, with the upper body resembling a woman."

"The strange merbeing has supposedly been seen prowling about the waters of the dam on numerous occasions, as well as being spotted several times basking on the banks of the lake, and is believed by the locals to not only cause drownings, but also to induce bad dreams in the villagers. In one recent account from an article from the Rekord North news site, 15-year-old Mpho Shongwe was out by the dam with some friends in April of 2016 when they saw what they thought to be a woman swimming in the water, who beckoned them closer. As they approached, they allegedly noticed that this was no ordinary woman, and that from the waist down she had the body and tail of a fish."

"The frightened kids then tried to run away, and that was when the creature supposedly lurched up from the water to grab Shongwe and pull him under the surface as he screamed for help. When other alarmed villagers arrived to help out, the boy’s lifeless body was purportedly found lying a few meters from the dam, but there was no sign of the mermaid the other boys claimed to have seen."

"According to the article, this is apparently not the only death that the mermaid has been responsible for, and a village resident named Elsie Nhlapo was quoted as saying in the wake of the attack on Shonwe: We told the police about the mermaid but they are afraid to go there to investigate. Three people that I am aware of, two kids and an adult were killed at the dam but police have refused to go near the dam."

"One of the weirder accounts of a mermaid in South Africa is the totally bonkers tale of a mermaid that was supposedly seen flying through the sky in November of 2014 in the city of Tshwane, and here is where we get into some surreal territory. The mermaid was allegedly sighted flying over the Morula Sun Shopping Complex parking lot from the direction of the Morula Sun Casino and was seen by several witnesses."

"The mermaid is said to be a long-time nuisance of the area, occasionally taking the form of a woman to go to the casino and complain about the noise before slinking back off to the water, but this seems to be the first time it was seen to fly. One witness said of the situation: I heard people gasp and scream."

"There was a mermaid in the air. It came from the direction of the Morula Sun Casino. When I was a child, we were told a mermaid lived in a nearby river. I thought it was just a fairytale to scare us away from the river but I was proved wrong. Another particularly strange account comes from the country of Tanzania, where on May 21, 1996 a government owned ferry called the MV Bukoba capsized 56km off the coast of Mwanza."

"The disaster was already notable for the fact that not only did approximately 1,000 people lose their lives, but also among the dead was Abu Ubaidah al-Banshiri, who at the time had been the second in command of al-Qaeda and the top guy in their African base of operations."

"Two men from the terrorist organization were even allegedly sent in to investigate the incident in order to ascertain whether or not he had been assassinated. In addition to this was a peculiar story told by rescue divers sifting through the wreckage in the aftermath of the disaster."

"Some of the divers reportedly came to the surface scared out of their wits, claiming that a mermaid was patrolling the wreck and speaking to them, telling them to stop looking for dead bodies and threatening violence if they did not listen. The mermaid was also accused of actively chasing divers away. If these creatures are real in any sense at all, if there is any truth to any of this, whether as mysterious creatures or some form of spiritual entity, one wonders why they are so damn evil in Africa."

"Whatever the answer to that may be, there can be no doubt that mermaids are firmly rooted in the lore of many African nations, and that many of the local populace and tribes believe in their existence, perhaps coloring these alleged events with superstition and exaggeration."

"There is no way of knowing how true any of this is, but it is an interesting glimpse into tales of mermaids that are not only perhaps different than the way they are portrayed elsewhere, but also a look at this phenomenon in a faraway, exotic land that many people may not have ever connected to mermaids at all."

(Interesting, that some of these sightings show them to have pale skin and black hair)

If the reader is familiar with the stories from Howard P. Lovecraft, then they should know these connections to the "Water Spirits" that exist in the deep. Stories like "The Shadow over Inns Mouth" and "Dagon", shows the esoteric connections to "mermaids" and other creatures. There are Movies like the recent "Underwater", which details a crew being attacked by strange fishlike monsters, to "HellBoy's" Abe Sapien the fish man. Then there is the movie "The Shape of Water", as it's based on the story of a captured sea creature (as they state is not related to Abe Sapien of HellBoy).

Based from the website "" states this: Mysterious and Frightening Cases of Dogman Attacks Brent Swancer April 14, 2021:

"One of the strangest phenomena in the realm of the paranormal and cryptozoology is that of supposed real werewolves, and in particular that of what is known as the Dogman. Much like Bigfoot, these appear as hulking, massive mountains of fur and muscle, yet rather than ape-like they are described as having decidedly canine features, often with a tail, and of alternating between walking on two feet or all fours. They have been sighted in a range of locations, and serve to really go out into the truly outlandish. Yet for as weird and scary as all of this is, even more frightening are the scattered reports of these spooky entities actually attacking people."

"One very weird report of an apparent Dogman attack of some form comes from the site Beyond Creepy, and occurred in the country of Mexico. The person who made the report says that it happened to his uncles as they were driving a cargo truck through a rather remote jungle area at night. As they made their way along the rough and rugged unpaved road, something very large and heavy reportedly jumped into the back of their truck, and the person telling the account says of what happened next":

"They didn’t stop to see what it was because there were no lights on the road. My uncle on the passenger side saw this devilish creature that looked like a dog climbing closer to the cabin of the truck. They said the thing was huge. My uncle’s screaming in fear when they saw it, said they tried to shake the truck but it would fall off until they hit it against a tree on the opposite side of the road/path."

"They kept driving all night to the morning all freaked out. When they got to a gas station in a village, they saw gash marks and hand but animal prints on the windows where it was trying to get in and on the back trailer. They told their story to some of the villager or farmer and they told them that dogmen-like demons roam those areas. And they were not the only ones who have been attached before."

"They were so freaked out the hair on both arms rises even telling their experience. They said they never drove through Central America besides the cities or villages at night ever again. I wish I could have recorded them telling the stories. They have died already, but even before they died, they stuck with what happened to them and they never did drugs."

"The site Phantoms and Monsters has several reports of apparent Dogman attacks. One of these supposedly happened on a tract of forested land near the Ohio River in Maysville, Kentucky. The witness was a teen at the time, with a group of other teens just out messing around exploring an abandoned hospital in the area called Hayswood Hospital, but this night was about to prove to be a bit more eventful than any of them could have imagined."

"They had split up to go poking around the dusty ruins of the dilapidated hospital and at some point, the witness became aware of a fetid stench like something rotting as he was exploring the basement of the building, which incidentally had once been used as a morgue. The flooded floor was covered with about 3 inches of water, and as he sloshed through it he then heard a metal door slam and something run through the water some distance away."

"The witness thought this was just his friends playing a practical joke on him, so he wasn’t scared just yet, but he soon would be. He decided to get up on top of one of the long-abandoned coolers that had once been used for storing dead bodies, hoping to get the jump on his friends and scare them, but as he lay there, he says the darkness was pierced by someone screaming."

"He still thought that one of his friends was just messing with him, so he stayed still, but soon that smell of rotting meat pervaded the air around him once more and he could hear footsteps in the water, as well as a sound like panting or a “labored breathing and sniffing.”

"At this point the witness was overcome by a sense of pure dread, jumping down from the cooler to go running towards the exit to the morgue, hearing that panting and the water splashing right behind him, as well as an ominous low growl. In a panic, he slipped into the boiler room and stood as still as possible. As he waited there, something very large and strong allegedly started to slam into the door to the boiler room, and there was a sound like the scratching of claws against the steel."

"The terrified witness then ran towards the other end of the boiler room in a bid to reach the access to the generator and the dock doors trucks used to unload and the hillside that lead to the woods, and he says of what happened next: I opened the door to the dock room and when I looked back I saw the arm of this creature sticking through the opening it had made and it was like a horror movie."

"It was a gray and brown mass of fur. It looked like a human arm but it didn’t because the hand was all wrong. The hand had five digits but the claws would have made a bear run in fear. I slammed the door behind me and ran for the dock doors. The dock doors wouldn’t budge and I could hear the gurneys overturning and the lockers sliding on the floor. It was getting through and the only thing between me and it now was a single door."

"I ran to one of the windows by the dock doors and proceeded to bust it out which mangled my hand from the glass. Then as I was pulling myself through the window I heard the door get slammed into and one of the hinges completely flew off the door and hit the wall. I tumbled out of the window and hit the cold wet ground. When I stood up I saw it in the doorway. Now I’m 6’4 and 250 lbs."

"Not little by any means, and this thing took up the entire doorway, an 8 foot tall 3 foot wide door. It was covered head to toe in gray brown fur. It had a very narrow snout, almost like a Doberman Pinscher and its ears were just barely visible because of the doorway. But I could tell they were pointing up just like a dog. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was completely paralyzed. This thing was staring right into my soul. Then it snarled and that woke me from my disbelief of what I was seeing. I turned and ran. I ran up the hill into the woods to get around the hospital to get back to the street where the car was parked."

"I hadn’t made it 25 feet when I heard it clawing to get out the window. I knew I would never make it to the car this way. So I ran back towards the hospital where the fire escape ladder was. I had used the ladder before to climb to the roof to take pictures of the entire town. I completely skipped the first 3 rungs on the ladder and was now inside the enclosed part of the fire escape."

"Again this thing howled and I could feel waves of pure terror filling my body. My hand was killing me at this point and I was getting blood on everything. Just as I was reaching the first floor window I could climb into, this thing slammed into the fire escape ladder, knocking me down a couple rungs. It leaped onto the outside of the fire escape and began clawing at my feet. Just as I reached the window I felt it. Pain like nothing I’ve ever felt. It had grabbed just above my ankle and yanked, and in doing so shredded my boot the end of my jeans and into my flesh."

"I was able to pull myself into the first floor window and I heard it push itself off the fire escape and head back the way it came. I’m now dragging my left leg and trying to keep my right hand in my hoodie pocket. The entrance we came in from is only about 150 feet away down the main hall and around a left turn. As I’m half way down the hall I hear the steel doors slamming again. I’m dragging myself down the hall just trying to stay focused on getting out of this hell hole. Then the howling starts again and I can hear it getting closer. I make the turn and hear the pounding coming up the stairs from the basement."

"I make it to the entrance and hear the patting of hands and feet on the floor. I made the mistake of looking back just as it rounded the corner and it was running on all fours like a real dog! I bolted down the hill towards the street where the car was parked and realized the car was gone! They left me! My only way of escape was gone!"

"He claims that he careened off into the night, running down the hill to start banging on the door of the first house he came to. Luckily for him, an elderly lady let him in, and seeing the state he was in called the police. When the authorities arrived, he told them his wild tale, but they did not believe him, despite the fact that he had injuries to corroborate his story. The witness says: When the cops got there and asked me what happened I told them the same thing I’ve said here."

"Of course, they didn’t believe me and thought I was on drugs. The EMT’s took me to the hospital and when they did blood work and found no substance in my system, they then concluded I was attacked by a wild dog. I ended up with 36 stitches in my leg and 17 in my hand. I had to get rabies shots and tell the local wildlife officer my story. He informed me that they had reports of wild dog packs running around the outside of town ransacking garbage cans and killing some of the local pets."

"I informed him that it wasn’t a pack of wild dogs and it was a giant dogman. But they all just thought I was crazy. The only thing I had in my favor was the claw mark on my leg. Even the doctors were confused about how a wild dog could make a mark like that. It is hard to know what to make of this case. It is so dramatic and spectacular that it has the feel of a movie script or creepypasta, but who knows?"

"Perhaps just as sensational is another report from Phantoms and Monsters, this one supposedly from back in 1977, in a rural farming community in the U.S. state of West Virginia. The witness was apparently just a boy at the time, and claimed that his grandfather often spoke about large “strange animals” roaming about the property, with the old man taking to constantly keeping a gun with him at all times."

"The grandfather also told the boy to always lock his window at night and to be careful when walking around outside at night. One evening, the boy heard something outside his window as his grandfather fell asleep in the living room with his gun on his lap, and the boy said he could hear a low growling from out past the window, but he couldn’t see anything."

"The report says of what happened next: The witness looked and saw nothing in the window. He then went to get some candy from a bowl in the living room and that’s when he observed a claw coming in through the window, palm facing down, as if it was going to push the window up. The witness clearly saw three fingers. The middle finger was the longest. Years later, he claimed the fingers reminded him of the claws of the creature in Krampus (specifically the scene where he pointed his finger into the woman’s face)."

"He screamed in fright, which woke up the grandfather. The creature also screamed. The grandfather went into fight mode and proceeded to hit the creature’s fingers with his gun. The witness grabbed a knife from nearby and also stabbed at the fingers. At that moment, the grandmother rushed into the room and turned on the outside light, which lit up the yard. The witness could see the creature clearly standing in the window. He even looked into its eyes."

"The creature took off running just as the grandfather raised his gun to shoot it. According to the witness, the creature appeared to be angry and was growling as it ran. The witness acknowledged that he had wet himself during the exchange. At some point, the grandmother stated that the creature had returned. “It’s back!” she said, which surprised the witness. They proceeded to tell him that the creature had been seen around the property 3 years earlier but had left."

"They assumed it had been killed. It had only started appearing again some 2 weeks earlier. This upset the witness, as he had been playing on the property and should have been alerted to it. The grandparents told him that in 1974, the grandfather was in a deer stand bow hunting when a strange creature attempted to climb the tree and enter the stand through a door latch. The grandfather shot at it and stabbed at it, but it never stopped coming."

"Eventually it attempted to poke its nose through the opening in the stand. That’s when the grandfather stabbed it in the nose. It managed to get a paw through and slashed the leg of the grandfather. The creature fled after that. The scar was visible on the nose of the creature standing at the window. As well, the grandfather also had his scar on his leg. The grandfather claimed he waited in the stand for 3 hours before feeling safe enough to climb down and leave. They had never heard of a dogman at the time so they just referred to it as werewolf."

"According to this report, over the coming weeks there would be found dead farm animals on the property, apparently having been mauled by something very large and fierce. One day, when the grandfather failed to show up to pick him up from school, he walked home to find the old man dead in his truck, mauled in a similar fashion as the farm animals."

"Supposedly the police would come to the conclusion that the man had died from an attack “by an unknown animal.” What is going on here? Did any of this really happen at all? It is hard to say. Another report is tied to the apparent mauling of a 13-year-old boy in Knott county, Kentucky, Apparently the boy had been playing in his yard when his relatives saw him get attacked by a “canine type creature” and dragged off into the woods."

"The police were called and arrived to find the boy dead, his body located 400 feet up a mountain through treacherous, rain-slicked terrain. The body had been mauled by a large animal of some sort, but interestingly the coroner would conclude that it was not a mountain lion or bear, but rather something canine. Could a dog have possibly killed this boy and dragged his 100-pound body all the way up there through thick forest terrain? Authorities have apparently still not come to a firm conclusion on what actually attacked this kid, and Dogman or not, it is a rather eerie mystery. We are left with some bizarre cases orbiting an already bizarre phenomenon."

"Are any of these reports or indeed any of the Dogman in general real in any sense? If so, then what could this possibly be? Is it a flesh and blood creature, a supernatural phenomenon, or perhaps even interdimensional interlopers? Or is this all just spooky werewolf-type stories and urban legends to tell around the campfire? It is hard to say, but the Dogman phenomenon has definitely not gone away, and it doesn’t appear that it will any time soon."

Based from the Website "" states this on the Goatman: JUN 25, 2020 The Goatman: Maryland's Axe-Wielding Monster DARCIE NADEL: "The Maryland Goatman is exactly what it says on the label. It is a creature that appears to be half man, half goat. It is known for terrorizing lovers, chasing down teens with an axe, and decapitating dogs, as well as squealing and making goat noises."

Origins: "There are many variations of how the mythical Goatman came to be, including an angry goat herder gone mad and seeking revenge on teens who killed his goats, something resembling a Bigfoot creature, the result of a genetic experiment, or even simply an old hermit who lives in the woods and wanders Fletchertown Road at night."

The Genetic Experiment: "The experiment myth is the most pervasive of them all, and it involves the nearby Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. Dr. Stephen Fletcher supposedly confessed to crossing the DNA of a goat and that of his assistant William Lottsford, which naturally went terribly wrong."

(Though I'm not sure how an experiment like that could possibly go right.)

"The newly created Goatman then escaped and began attacking cars with an axe and roaming the back roads of Beltsville. Of course, the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center has outright denied any of this is true."

Early Sightings: "The first reported sighting of the Goatman was in 1957. Eyewitnesses reported seeing it in Forestville and Upper Marlboro in Prince George's County. It wasn't until the 1960s that the first violent encounter would take place. The story goes that a young couple went to Fletchertown Road and were being bothered by something in the woods."

"The young man got out of the car to investigate, but he never came back. When an investigation occurred the next day, his severed head was found hanging in a tree above where the car had been parked. His body was never found. Another unbelievably violent encounter supposedly took place in 1962. The Goatman was accused of killing 14 people, 12 of whom were children, with the other two being adult chaperones."

"The group was evidently hiking too close to the Goatman's home. Unidentified survivors claimed that the Goatman hacked the victims to pieces with an axe, making noises "only the devil himself" would make. When police arrived, they found half-eaten limbs and a bloody trail leading to a cave. As might be expected, there is no record of this event actually occurring."

Ginger the Dog: "The most famous incident involving the Maryland Goatman occurred in 1971. It was at this point that the article "Residents Fear Goatman Lives: Dog Found Decapitated in Old Bowie" written by Karen Hosler appeared in Prince George's County News. In this article, Hosler described how a family by the name of Edwards had lost their dog, Ginger. Ginger was found by Ray Hayden, John Hayden, and Willie Gheen a few days after going missing. She was found headless near Fletchertown Road."

"Hosler's article connected the death of Ginger to the Maryland Goatman because a group of teenage girls, which included 16-year-old April Edwards, had heard strange noises and seen a large creature the night the dog had disappeared."

Peak Interest: "Stories of the Goatman had been around in the '50s and '60s, but the incident with Ginger in the '70s caused heightened interest in the creature. During this time, searching for the Goatman was a local teen obsession, and "Goatman parties" were even held. It was also during this time that there were increased sightings of an "animal-like creature that walks on its hind legs" along Fletchertown Road."

"Mark Opsasnick, who grew up during this period, wrote an article for Strange Magazine titled "On the Trail of the Goatman." For this article, he interviewed the Edwards family and the three men who found Ginger. John Hayden told Opsasnick that they'd seen an animal that night, and he described it as about six feet tall, hairy, and walking on two feet. He also mentioned that it made a "high-pitched sound, like a squeal." Modern Myth:

"Just because the Maryland Goatman legend peaked in popularity in the '70s doesn't mean it ever disappeared from the community consciousness. A middle school called St. Mark the Evangelist has had an unknown house behind it for 30 years. Rumors have spread all that time that the Goatman has been seen in and around the house. Some people have even claimed to have found bones, knives, saws, and leftover food inside the house."

"The Governor Bridge, otherwise known as the "Cry Baby" Bridge, is also known as a place for the Goatman. If one parks under the bridge at night, they'll supposedly hear a crying baby or a goat braying, or they'll even see the Goatman himself. As far as taking the Goatman legend into the modern day, two movies have been made starring the creature, 2011's Deadly Detour: The Goat Man Murders and 2013's Legend of the Goatman."

"And as far as more recent claimed sightings, the station WBAL-TV received two separate emails about an animal at Montpelier Park in Laurel, Maryland. One woman described it as looking like a "Sasquatch with horns." Another man said he thought he saw a bear, "except it doesn't look like a bear."

"The article described the photo as looking like a goat standing on two legs." Why a Goat? "Dr. Barry Pearson, a professor of folklore in the English department at the University of Maryland and in charge of the University of Maryland Folklore Archives says, "If I mention the Goatman on the first day of class, all the locals know exactly what I'm talking about." An article from Modern Farmer titled "Maryland's Goatman is Half Man, Half Goat, and Out for Blood" quotes Pearson as having an explanation for why a goat is at the center of this scary legend."

"Pearson says of the history of goats in myths, "The Satyr in Greco-Roman times was the kind of keeper of the woodlands, drunk all the time and known mainly for being lustful." He goes on to describe a cult that worshipped Dionysus that was led by a man dressed as a goat."

"The cult was rumored to get drunk and eat animals raw, though this probably never happened. Goats were also thought of as "being exceptionally lascivious" in medieval times. Pearson also gives his own view on why the legend speaks of a Goatman and not something traditionally more frightening. He says, "Goats are known to be smelly and sometimes kinda charming, but if you look at them closely, especially in their eyes, they are really scary in their own way."

Then based from the Website "" states this on the "Goatmen" sightings: GOATMAN LEGENDS & SIGHTINGS:

"WHAT IS GOATMAN? Cult of Weird headquarters is positioned conveniently between two of Wisconsin’s most significant Goatman legends. It is something of a local rite of passage to tempt fate on one of these eerie back roads where the mysterious beast is said to dwell…and brutally slaughter anyone who wanders too far into the woods. But it wasn’t until my friend and Cult contributor J. Nathan Couch began to uncover the details while researching his book Goatman: Flesh or Folklore? that I realized how truly strange and widespread the legends were. Goatman, it turns out, does not only lurk in our neck of the woods."

"There are stories of similar creatures all across the US, from the Goatman Bridge and Lake Worth Monster in Texas to the goatman in Maryland. In Louisville, the search for the Pope Lick Monster has killed at least four people. So what exactly is this thing that terrorizes people around the country?"

"Couch describes it as an obscure but blood-thirsty bit of folklore – a satyr-like half-human, half-goat creature that generally seems to mirror more familiar legends of a hook-handed killer brutalizing hapless teenagers on Lover’s Lane. He usually has hooves and goat legs, a human torso, and a bad temper. According to one eyewitness Couch spoke to who had an encounter here in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine State Forest area, Goatman apparently also has the mouth of a sailor."

Perhaps, there is connection of the goat men, or men with horns, to the Jersey Devil legend. There is a Documentary with William Shattner hosting a Supernatural series based on Cryptid monsters, and and one sighting was from a woman and her son and how they saw the creature come at them. After the strange event, they were able to take photos of it's hoof prints on their roof and surrounding areas of their house. Then there is another interesting segment based from the sighting of an father and son, who actually saw the creature and even took photos.

Based from the Wiki states this: "In the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia folklore of the United States, the Jersey Devil (also known as the Leeds Devil) is a legendary creature said to inhabit the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. The creature is often described as a flying biped with hooves, but there are many variations. The common description is that of a bipedal kangaroo-like or wyvern-like creature with a horse- or goat-like head, leathery bat-like wings, horns, small arms with clawed hands, legs with cloven hooves, and a forked tail. It has been reported to move quickly and is often described as emitting a high-pitched "blood-curdling scream".

Based from "" states this: Profiling the Jersey Devil Nick Redfern June 22. "The story of the so-called Jersey Devil is almost as legendary as the tales that surround such famous monsters as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Chupacabra. It’s a very strange saga that dates back to 1735 and to the heart of New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, which run to no less than 2,000 square miles and that are dominated by masses of conifer trees. Monster-hunter Ken Gerhard says:

“Like most remote and uninhabited ranges, the Barrens are also steeped in mystery, with many colorful stories about its history and lore.” The tale begins with a certain Mother Leeds. She was a sinister figure who lived in the Pine Barrens and who, when pregnant for the thirteenth time, essentially placed a curse on the unborn child, something which ensured that it took on a hideous form. It was highly appropriate that on the night Mother Leeds went into labor, a wild storm bruised and battered the area, shaking the trees and filling the skies with crashing thunder and huge lightning bolts. The storm proceeded to get worse and worse, and reached its peak as the demon baby was born. Although “baby” is hardly an apt term to use."

"The hideous child was described as having leathery wings, a horse-like head, and hooves instead of feet. The Jersey Devil wasted no time in making good its escape: it opened its wings, took to the air, and shot out of the chimney of Mother Leeds’ home, and quickly making a new home for itself in the dense and mysterious Pine Barrens. 2015"

"While the story sounds like the stuff of legend and nothing else, there can be no denying the fact that people local to the area have reported astonishing encounters with something malevolent and hideous that they believe was the Jersey Devil. For example, on December 14, 1925, the Bridgeton Evening News ran an article titled “Dog-Like Beast Ate Seven Chickens Before Shot Killed It—Hundreds Fail to Identify Species.” The article read as follows: “What resembled a ‘Jersey Devil’ as much as anything else was shot and killed near Bacon’s Neck last week and was viewed and even photographed by hundreds over the weekend."

"No one could name the animal with certainty. “William Hyman, who manages the old Glaspell farm for Barton F. Sharp, was awakened before daybreak by a racket in his chicken coop. He dressed and went out carrying his gun. An animal ran from the coop with a chicken in its mouth. Hyman fired and fur flew but the animal went on. “As long as he was up at 4 a.m., Hyman decided to start work. Soon the chickens called again and he ran to the coop in time to see the same animal leaving with another fowl. He fired again in the semi-darkness but failed to kill. This time he followed the animal into the meadows. “A half mile from the house he caught up with it again and the animal turned and attacked him. He blazed away and it fell."

"He went to it and it was dead. “About the size of an Airedale dog it has black crinkly hair. On its hind feet it had four webbed toes. It didn’t run like a dog but hopped more like a kangaroo. Its front quarters are higher than its hind, which crouched as it ran, Hyman declared. Its rear teeth are prong like, the upper ones fitting into the center of four prong lower ones. Its eyes are still a bright yellow and its jaw is unlike a dog, wolf or coyote."

“There you have the description as given by visitors on the farm yesterday who add that despite the weather, the dead animal is still limber instead of being stiff. It took and apparently ate seven chickens the night it was seen and eventually killed. “Guesses include one which suggests that it might be a dog, long starved and half wild. Others suggest that it is a cross between a dog and a wolf, but most of those who have seen it haven’t any guess to offer."

"Any one certain of the way a Jersey Devil looks is requested to view the beast and report.” Twelve years later, on July 28, 1937, the Jersey Evening Bulletin entertained its readers with a feature headlined “The Devil Went Down to Jersey.” The unnamed journalist wrote: “DOWNINGTOWN, JULY 28. – Chester county’s green and verdant countryside was trying to shake itself back into a state of normalcy today after an all-night hunt for the 1937 version of the old Jersey Devil. Armed with guns and clubs, and led by a pack of dogs whose barking in the moonlight almost reached blood-curdling heights at times, a hastily-formed posse of two dozen farmers skipped their sleep last night to scour the hills and fields for a bounding critter with huge eyes."

“The strange monster was reported shortly after 9PM by Cydney Ladley, a paper mill employee, who lives near Milford Mills, just north of here. Rushing into town with bated breath, Ladley, his wife and Mrs. Chester Smith, a neighbor, told of seeing the creature on a back road near their home just as dusk was settling over the hills. “‘It leaped across the road in front of my car,’ Ladley said. ‘It was about the size of a kangaroo, was covered with hair four inches long and it hopped like a kangaroo. And eyes! What eyes!’ “‘And how it jumped,’ chimed in Mrs. Ladley. “‘Right in front of us, too,’ added Mrs. Smith. “The descriptions were enough. Within a half hour more than 20 neighboring farmers had taken their shotguns, unleashed their hounds and were abroad in the moonlight, resolved to track the prowler to its lair.”

Today, sightings of the Jersey Devil are far less prevalent and chilling than they were in decades past. That does not mean, however, that you should let your guard down if, one day, you find yourself deep in the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The deadly beast just might be circling silently overhead, getting ready to launch a deadly attack."

Now, speaking of Cryptids, you remember the flying witch that was encountered by the Mexican Police Offier? I have heard that the Witches would use "flying orbs" or "fire balls", as a form of transportation. Anyway, when Azazil was taked to destroy the Giants and monsters in the land, Blavatsky state that he had to use a Shield to combat the "witchcraft" that these beings would use.

This also can connect to why "Skinwalker" phenomenon, as these beings would use black magic and sorcery against people. Again, this is something that the God of fire had to contend against on Earth.

Here is a website called "" : Mexico 2004: Policeman Attacked By Witch-like Entity: "On January 16th 2004 in the municipality of Guadalupe, part the metropolitan area of Monterey, Mexico, Leonardo Samaniego a policeman, experienced an attack by a witch-like entity while on duty. Attacked by the “Witch” It is night time and Leonardo is driving his patrol car."

"As he turn into a street, about 20 meters ahead of him he sees something large and dark fall of a tree. Just before hitting the ground the thing stops and floats above the ground. It then starts to hover towards the police car. The thing can now be seen as it is lit by the car´s headlights."

"Leonardo can clearly see that it is a witch-like humanoid entity. The entity has large black eyes, a black tunic and a cape and has an overall feminine aspect. The entity is blinded by the headlights and covers its face with its claws/hands but continues to hover towards the car. Next the entity hits the car with great force. Leonardo is terrified and is asking for help via the radio and at the same time moving the car back and forth to make the entity lose its grasp of the car."

"The entity is still on top of the car attempting to smash the windscreen with its claws/hands. In a state of panic, Leonardo crashes the car and loses consciousness. A few minutes later the help he had requested via radio arrive. Once he regains consciousness he shares his experience with the paramedics and other policemen. The TV gets to the site a little bit later and get to interview the “victim”.

"Next Leonardo is taken to hospital. The doctors confirm that he is not under the effects of any drug, psychedelic or halucinogenic substance. Entity is Similar to the Flatwoods Monster During a television interview some time later investigator Jaime Maussan shares the drawing of an entity from a case that took place in the USA in 1952, the famous Flatwoods Monster case. Leonardo was shown a number of drawings including the one below."

"His reaction:”almost identical to what I saw”. “Witch” captured on Video Two Years Later In May 2006 a group of investigators (OVNI club Nuevo Leon) in the are of Monterey capture a video of what appears like an unknown entity with a similar shape as the witch seen by Leonardo Samaniego two years back. Are these two cases related?"

Then from the website "thedemoniacal.blogspot" states this: "Police Officer Attacked By Flying Witch At approximately 3:15 AM on January 16, 2004, Mexican Police Officer Leonardo Samaniego was on normal patrol when he claims he was attacked by a flying witch. Samaniego was driving along when he noticed something fall from a nearby tree. The something hovered above the ground and turned to look at the officer while attempting to hide her face from the car's headlights."

"Samaniego describes seeing a tall, brown-skinned woman with large black-eyes with no pupils. The figure was wearing a black cloak or robe. When the witch noticed the officer, she flew at the windshield, grabbing and clawing as if trying to come through the glass. Samaniego panicked and put the car into reverse while attempting to call for backup."

"Unfortunately, help didn't arrive as soon as he had hoped. Terrified with fear, Samaniego crashed into a wall and passed out. When he revived, Paramedics and other officers were already on the scene. He was not afraid to tell his story and was interrogated by officers. A news crew on the scene was able to score an interview. Samaniego agreed to take a drug test and a psychological evaluation and passed both." "Shortly after hearing of the reported encounter, another Police Officer, one Jorge Contreras, claimed that he and two other officers had seen the witch three nights previously but had decided at the time not to report the sighting. A couple of citizens also reported sighting the witch. One individual videotaped a strange Flying Humanoid. In fact, it seems as if Samaniego's encounter was merely the first of a rash of sightings of strange flying beings in Mexico, with many of them captured on film."

Interesting enough, in the movie "Communion", shows the Alien using a "Wand" on Christopher Walken's character (Whitley Strieber).

Then there would be Legends and sightings based on "Bigfoot". Some cases are said that these Bigfoot creatures may have a connection to the UFO phenomenon. Based from the website "" states this: Bizarre and Frightening Accounts of Bigfoot Attacks Brent Swancer January 24, 2018:

"One of the most well-known and widely discussed cryptids of all time are the mysterious hairy, ape-like giants of North America, which are variously called the Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Grassman, and other regional names. Seen all over the continent, they may differ in appearance or behavior, but one thing that is usually consistent is that for all of their size and strength they seem to be mostly peaceful and benevolent denizens of the forest, much more likely to run away or hide than to confront."

"Yet there have been many accounts from at least the 19th century all the way up to the present of a different side to these creatures, that of a fierce, ferocious beast fully willing and able to attack or even kill if it has to. Although not as common as reports of more benign or gentle Bigfoot, the accounts or violent or aggressive Bigfoot attacks are rather scary and shocking, and show that there is perhaps more to these enigmatic creatures than meets the eye."

"Perhaps the most widely known and publicized case of an attack on humans from an alleged Bigfoot occurred in the summer of 1924, when five prospectors by the names of Marion Smith, his son Roy Smith, Fred Beck, Gabe Lefever, and John Peterson were out in the wilds of Mt. St. Helens, in Skamania County, Washington. The group was out in the remote wilderness working on a claim in an area of a branch of the Lewis River, about eight miles from Spirit Lake, when they came across their first of many oddities to come."

"There embedded into the earth was a series of footprints reported as looking very human-like but much more massive, at around 14 inches in length, and with unusually stubby toes. Not long after this, the men began to see some strange creature through the trees during their trek, with a hulking, 7-foot-tall gorilla-like figure seen on at least four occasions, which was described as being covered in long, black hair and sporting two 4-inch long ears that stuck straight up, which is an odd detail to say the least."

"At one point one of the spooked prospectors, Marion Smith, fired at it to send it lumbering off, but far from cowering it this seemed to only make the creature even bolder. On the morning of July 10, Beck purportedly sighted the creature standing some distance away near the edge of a canyon and decided to try and take a shot at it. He apparently managed to score a direct hit, and the bizarre figure apparently staggered and fell right over the ledge of the canyon, plummeting 400 feet down presumably to its death. It was perhaps this incident that would be the catalyst for what came next."

"Later that evening the men were relaxing at their camp in the cabin they had built when they were startled by a sudden, urgent pounding on the roof that seemed to shake the whole structure. The prospectors were immediately on the alert, and grabbed their rifles, still wondering just what was going on."

"In addition to this pounding and thudding, the cabin began to be pelted by large rocks, some of which broke off pieces of the building or came careening straight through the windows and roof, and at least one of which struck Beck to purportedly knock him unconscious. According to news stories at the time, there were dozens of the creatures prowling about outside of the cabin, and Beck would later claim that the men had fired wildly out into the night in all directions and even up through the roof in a panicked, desperate attempt to drive the menacing creatures off."

"According to him the fight lasted all night as they cowered in their cabin shooting at the monstrous hairy intruders that were assaulting them from out in the night, which they called “Mountain Devils,” and it was not until the coming of morning that they were finally able to escape, leaving their cabin, equipment, and potentially very valuable claim behind."

"As soon as the story was out, the area came to be widely known as Ape Canyon, and Natives of the area suggested that the men had come across a tribe of 7 to 8 foot-tall hairy wild men with supernatural powers, who they called the Seeahtik. According to these tribal sources, members of this lost tribe were typically shy and hardly ever seen, but would exact great vengeance on anyone who killed one of their own."

"Not only is this one of the earliest reports of Bigfoot violence, but it is the report that really got people interested in the phenomenon of massive hairy ape-men in North America, and the report really got people’s imaginations going at the time. The story of the Ape Canyon Bigfoot attack has become a major part of Bigfoot lore ever since, but as dramatic and exciting as it is there are some inconsistencies to be found in later reports and retellings. For instance, in the original report of the attack it was stated that the creature that had been shot off the cliff had been killed the day before the attack, yet Beck would in later years insist that it had been killed the morning after the attack."

"The size of the footprints they had found also went up from an already impressive 14 inches all the way up to a staggering 19 inches in length, and Beck would claim that the original creature that had been shot at had been hit in the head three times by Smith, yet had been totally unfazed. The attack itself later also underwent an evolution from a brief shoot-out to a prolonged all night siege and attack, with the creatures trying to smash their way it and even reaching in through holes in the walls to try and grab the terrified men within."

"In short, the story has gotten more and more exciting and action-packed over the years, and while this may just be down to Beck’s ailing memory in later years, it still smacks of trying to sensationalize and spice up the story, and makes any truth that much harder to glean from it."

"Interestingly, one of the people who interviewed Beck about his experiences in later years was none other than Roger Patterson, the man who managed to film the most famous pieces of Bigfoot footage of all time in October of 1967, and who published the interview in a 1966 book called Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?"

"Indeed, it is said that the whole over-the-top account given by Beck was one of the reasons Patterson and his partner Bob Gimlin had developed so much interest in the creatures to begin with and why they had ended up out there at Bluff Creek looking for Bigfoot. The Ape Canyon story will likely remain cloaked in mystery, and we will probably never know just how much of what was reported actually happened and how much is fiction."

"There is unfortunately not much evidence to go on other than Beck’s account, and even the location of the attack, the cabin, was supposedly destroyed in a fire in 1968 according to Beck, and by other accounts wiped out in the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. The exact location of the mysterious cabin continues to be searched for to this day, with some even claiming to have found it."

"The body of the creature that Beck allegedly shot to send sprawling to its doom on the rocks below was also never recovered, if it ever even existed at all. Due to this lack of evidence and any way to corroborate the events depicted, it seems that we are left to merely speculate and discuss the far-out tale of Ape Canyon."

"In a bizarre twist that may or may not have anything to do with Beck’s story, in May of 1950 a mountaineer and skier by the name of Jim Carter suddenly and mysteriously disappeared in Ape Canyon while out on a climbing expedition with 20 other people on a warm, clear day. A subsequent search would turn up footprints that seemed to suggest that the missing man had been frantically running, as if being chased, even careening down steep embankments and hurdling recklessly across crevices."

"One searcher, mountaineer and member of the Seattle Mountain Search and Rescue unit, Bob Lee, has said that there was the constant sense of being watched from the woods during the search. He would say of the expedition: It was the most eerie experience I have ever had. There was something strange on the high slopes of the mountain. I could feel the hair on my neck standing up. It was eerie. I was unarmed, except for my ice ax and, believe me, I never let go of that. Carter’s complete disappearance is an unsolved mystery to this day. Dr. Otto Trott, Lee Stark and I finally came to the conclusion that the mountain devils got him."

"After a two week search by nearly a hundred rescuers, no signs of Carter other than that strange evidence of his mad dash down the mountain were ever found. Lee would go on to say that he was dead serious when he said that “The mountain devils got him,” and claimed that there had been 25 reports of being harassed or attacked by ape-like creatures at Mt. St. Helens over a period of 20 years, including a pack of visiting Boy Scouts from Centralia along with a Scoutmaster Pease, who were unharmed but supposedly scared out of their wits after being charged by one of the furious beasts."

"It seems that whatever they are, the “ape-men” of Ape Canyon do not appreciate human trespassers. The original Beck account from Ape Canyon may be one of the older stories of aggressive Bigfoot, but there are actually even older accounts as well."

"In February of 1829 there were reports in several newspapers such as the February 9 edition of The Statesman and the Connecticut Sentinel, of an apparent attack by a “hairy giant” in the Okefenokee Swamp of the U.S. state of Georgia. Two men had apparently ventured out into the swamp to explore, bringing along with them a young boy. At some part they found strange prints measuring 18 inches long and 9 inches wide out in the deeper part of the swamp, and they made their way back home after being spooked by the enormous footprints."

"Some local hunters then became interested in the tale, and one of the men who had seen the footprints accompanied them out to the site where he had found them. They did indeed find some vestiges of the tracks, and apparently followed them deeper into the wilderness for several days. One evening as the group was in camp they reportedly had a harrowing experience indeed, when some fierce creature charged them from the brush."

"Five men and the creature itself would end up dead in the ensuing battle, and The Statesman news report says of this thus: The next minute he was full in their view, advancing upon them with a terrible look and ferocious mien. Our little band instinctively gathered close in a body and presented their rifles."

"The huge being, nothing daunted, bounded upon his victims, and in the same instant received the contents of seven rifles. He did not fall alone, nor until he had glutted his wrath with the death of five of them, which he effected by wringing the head from the body. – Writhing and exhausted, at length he fell, with his hapless prey beneath his grasp. When the dead beast’s carcass was examined it was found to measure 13 feet tall and was covered with coarse hair, and the frightened men decided to retreat, as they were afraid it’s death would attract any others in the area."

"So hasty was their escape that both the mysterious monster and their fallen partners were left where they lay. Whether this incident really happened or not, the Okefenokee Swamp has long produced stories of such creatures from the Native tribes and sightings reports of Bigfoot-like beasts all the way up to the present day."

"Another early report was uncovered by cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. The report comes from an article called “Terror in the Woods,” which appeared in the November 27, 1895 edition of the SanFrancisco newspaper The Call, and is a rather dramatic, violent account of several lumbermen who either went missing or were killed in a shockingly brutal manner by some wild beast in Northern California."

"The story goes that in November of 1895 a lumberman came out of the wilderness telling stories of missing men and a hairy wild man running amok. The article reads: A lumberman who returned to-day from the forest in the north of the State brings the most harrowing intelligence of the doings of a wild man in the lumber region of the west branch. He states that great consternation has been caused and a large number of lumbermen have left the camps and returned to their cities rather than face the monster."

"For over two months quite a number of men have disappeared from the camps and when found bore the semblance of having had an encounter with some wild animal, their bodies in every instance having been terribly mangled and torn. A lumberman who returned to a camp a little north of this city a week ago startled all by stating that while at work he had been attacked by this wild man, and it was only by the help of his ax that he had been able to defend himself from the murderous attacks."

"Since that time he has been seen by the crews several times, but on their approach he fled into the deep woods with the speed of a deer. He is described as being so nearly like an animal that it is almost impossible to detect him from one. He has a long, shaggy beard, and is covered with a huge, skin coat."

"The general belief is that he is a sportsman who has become lost in the deep forests, and after wandering around for weeks has gone hopelessly crazy, and already there have been over half a dozen instances of a similar character in the State. What is going on here? Another early report was published in 1892 in a book written by none other than former president and rugged outdoorsman Theodore Roosevelt himself, called The Wilderness Hunter."

"In one entry in the book, Roosevelt describes the frightening encounter of a frontiersman called only Bauman, who was allegedly out with a partner at an isolated area of Montana’s Wisdom River to do some trapping. The men made a makeshift camp and went out to trap, and when they returned found that not only had their packs been ripped open and rummaged through while they were away, but that their lean-to had also been destroyed."

"The men perhaps foolishly decided to stay, and merely rebuilt the lean-to and tidied up the camp, and that night Bauman supposedly was awoken by something crashing through the brush and an oppressive, foul stink. Bauman grabbed his rifle and shot out into the night, after which the creature reportedly scampered off. The following morning, the men made preparations to leave, deciding that they had had enough of the strange goings on."

"Bauman allegedly gathered up their traps while his partner went on ahead to set up a new camp farther down the river, but when Bauman arrived he was met with the grisly sight of his friend dead, his neck twisted all the way around and horrific bite marks on his throat. Although this could have just as easily have been a bear attack as a Sasquatch attack, and was probably just meant to be a good yarn, it is a curious account nevertheless."

"A very bizarre and much more recent report of an alleged attack happened in 1965 in Monroe County, Michigan, when a 17-year-old Christina Van Acker was driving home one evening with her mother. As they drove there was reported a loud thud that reverberated through the car and shook the vehicle. Thinking they had hit an animal or a person they stopped the car to take a look. According to the report, as soon as Christina rolled the window down a massive arm covered in black hair had then reached in through the window, grabbed her head, and then smashed it against the car door so hard that she was rendered unconscious."

"It is unclear just how much it had been prepared to push this attack, as Christina’s mother’s screams seemed to have startled it and sent it running off into the woods. The mother would claim that it was a hair-covered, ape-like beast around 7 feet tall, which had “growled like a mad dog.”

"Still more recent yet is a somewhat well-known case that happened in 2000 in a rural part of Honobia, Oklahoma. The witness, known only as “Mike,” supposedly bought a farm there with his family, and several months after moving in strange things began to happen."

"One evening Mike claims that they started to hear loud bangs on the front door or even the sides of the house, and in the ensuing days he claimed that he had seen a shadowy figure that stood 8 feet tall lurking about the property. After this things got more harrowing, when 30 chickens went missing rom the chicken coop and a load of deer meat stolen from the shed, which had had the door completely ripped off."

"In addition to this, on several occasions there were heard unearthly and deafening shrieking wails booming out from the forest at night. Mike asked his brother Tim for help, and the two men decided to try and set up a stake-out to shoot the intruder with rifles. After several nights of staying awake in the dark with their rifles held close, a man-like hairy face reportedly bloomed out of the darkness at the window to peer in and growl menacingly, after which the two brothers fired at it to send it fleeing. As the two men ran out onto the porch to pursue it, they saw it fall to the ground apparently dead, and three more of the massive beasts allegedly then materialized from the trees to carry away the carcass."

"The next evening, they apparently came back for revenge, as the brothers reported having their house assaulted by the creatures, which hurled stones, punched walls, and violently rattled doors and windows, all the while howling in anger, and such attacks would persist until the family decided to move away. The incident has been commonly called “The Siege of Honobia,” and has several of the hallmarks of Beck’s Ape Canyon encounter, such as the dead Bigfoot inciting fierce vengeance and the attack on the home by several of the creatures who seem to have really wanted to get in."

"One wonders what would have happened if they had actually succeeded. Most recent of all is an alleged scary encounter with Sasquatch that happened as recently as 2015 in East Texas Piney Woods, within the Sam Houston National Forest, near Houston, Texas."

"According to Bigfoot researcher Wes Germer, he had ventured into the area along with guides Bob Garett and sons in order to look for the elusive creatures, and that evening they were spooked by a large, hairy bipedal creature of some sort which exuded power and possessed great speed. Germer would say: We hear this thing crash through the brush. And then we hear this thing start crashing, just crash! Crash! Crash! Crash. And you can hear it walking and you can hear it breaking branches as it’s going. This thing moved so fast, it probably covered 100, 150 yards like nothing."

"Germer and some of the other men went to investigate armed with rifles, but they could not get a good view of it because the trees were so dense. They could hear it out there moving around, however, and could hear its breathing as well, and they estimated that it was only around 30 or 40 feet away from their position."

"They crept in closer on it, and that was when things got intense rather quickly, when they heard a sound like something whirling through the air, like “helicopter blades.” Germer would say: And I knew what it was. It was a log coming, and it was a big log, and you could hear it being thrown."

"And I ducked down because I thought for sure it was going to hit one of us in the head. But it hit a tree right in front of us, and I just couldn’t believe that was happening. I knew what just threw that log at us. The mysterious creature would continue to hurl logs and pieces of broken trees at them sporadically during their excursion, none of which ever hit their mark, leaving them to speculate if it was really trying to harm them or simply scare them off."

"Germer would say that on a different excursion he and his son had been assaulted by a barrage of logs that was so intense that they had been forced to cower in their truck. If these reports are true, then it would seem that something incredibly powerful must be at the source of these outbursts, and it fits in with the numerous reports of Bigfoot hurling boulders, rocks, and other heavy objects in an effort to frighten or possibly even to maim or kill."

"Although the mysterious and elusive Bigfoot are mostly said to be shy and gentle creatures, it seems from accounts such as we have seen here that they are perhaps capable of great feats of ferocity and violence if they are provoked or so inclined. If they do exist, then just as any other large and powerful animal they are potentially dangerous under the right circumstances, perhaps even deadly."

"In the end we simply do not know the extent of the behavior of these creatures, what they want, or whether they are even real or not, and such tales certainly serve to put a new layer onto the Bigfoot phenomenon and a possible glimpse into a darker side of these mysterious monsters."