The Children of Agni

If the nature of Good and Evil is shown on Earth, then I have no doubt this same nature permeates throughout the whole Universe..... This question is something that I would contemplate often when learning about UFOs (or UAP as "Unidentified Ariel Phenomenon"), beings called "Aliens", and the mystery of other hidden worlds. However, it seems that just by understanding the "reality" of these religions and the stories of the Gods, (and where they came from) is definitely not what people think (nor want to believe).

After learning about the Black Gods (as Angels or Devas) and the Red headed Gods (as the Asuras), till then I find that it relates to the people living on Earth. We are told that it was the reptilians that gave mankind these religions to controlling the people on Earth, and how they created mankind to be slaves etc. But this disinformation only shows that it's to distract people from exactly who gave these religions to the world and who the Gods of these religions are. Then after busting down where this supposed reptilian phenomenon came from, then I began to understand who the so called "fallen Angels" are that the Book of Enoch made mentions, and why there is so much cover up based on this subject (See "Lord of Sirius 1&2", "King of the World" and "They walk among us").

I have seen some segments from the Occult researcher Jordan Maxwell and his interviews based on his Alien Encounters, and time after time I find it very fascinating listening to him (as I would rewatch several times). He stated that he has seen UFOs while staying around the area of Rachel Nevada, as there is a Motel called "The Ale-Inn", to which he and two other witnesses had seen UFOs flying over them. He has also mentioned in some of his interviews of "Reptile Aliens", and has had conversations with people that had supposed encounters with them. Though he himself has never seen them, he seems to be believe that they might exist.

Now, I have never seen reptile Aliens myself, but what I do know is whether exist or not, they are not the supposed fallen angels that taught the people the "secrets of Heaven". These "Devas" or fallen Angels are not scaly reptilians, but were "dragon" looking due to their hair style, (See "The Devas") along with the serpentine symbols.

I can confirm that even Jordan Maxwell knows about the book "The Anacalypsis" by Sir Godfrey Higgins based from the segment "Gnostic Warrior #13: Jordan Maxwell on Aliens, Angels and Demons" on Youtube. He details that the whoever brought these religions to mankind are stated to not be human, for no man could have come up with these religions, but whoever did is not from this world (Paraphrased).

So with that statement, I can definitely agree 100%. As I have shown the works of Sir Godfrey Higgins' book ("The Anacalypsis") throughout majority of the Chapters, and have confirmed from the statements based on the Chinese worshiping One God, to the Ancient Black Gods of Europe, Asia, Meso-America, all details to be true. Jordan also implies who Dagon is, and how Christianity (and other religions) worships this God, confirms that there are no reptilians with scales being worshiped, but the Black Gods of old.

This is just the reality, regardless of what people think or want to believe. Here the information can be taken with a grain of salt, and sure people won't like it or can state whatever (to which I tell the individual to do their own research), but as far as research goes (and connecting the dots) there is no doubt that the God in the Bible is not what people think, nor the other gods that have been mentioned several times. I have layed down every information in the Chapters "The God of fire" to which I detail hard evidence that History is a lie, and is not what people think.

Now, based on understanding the reality of what the world is, what about the other supposed "Alien Races"? I definitely know about the race that the God of fire was supposed to be from, thus called the "Jinn" race or race of Giants (See "The Asuras" and "God of the Aryans"). This race was said to have "red hair", and is on par with the Giants eating people and wrecking havoc upon the Earth, until Iblis (Agni) was dispatched to wipe out them out along with other monsters (These people were a very advanced race prior to their decline).

Though, people have equated the being called "Satan" to having come down with the Angels and mated with the women on Earth, however that wouldn't be the case. It turns out (despite the corruption of the Book of Enoch), that it was the Black Gods that have done this, but the Giants were already here on Earth. And depending on the story timeline, Iblis or Satan was dispatched either prior to mankind's creation, or during mankind's involvement with the Giants.

Here is an excerpt from Madame Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine": Origin of the Satanic Myth: "[[Vol. 2, Page]] 394 THE SECRET DOCTRINE. Before the creation of Adam, two races lived and succeeded each other on Earth; the Devs who reigned 7,000 years, and the Peris (the Izeds) who reigned but 2,000, during the existence of the former. The Devs were giants, strong and wicked; the Peris were smaller in stature, but wiser and kinder."

"Here we recognize the Atlantean giants and the Aryans, or the Rakshasas of the Ramayana and the children of Bharata Varsha, or India; the ante- and the post-diluvians of the Bible. Gyan (or rather Gnan, true or occult Wisdom and knowledge), also called Gian-ben-Gian (or Wisdom, son of Wisdom), was the king of the Peris.*"

"He had a shield as famous as that of Achilles, only instead of serving against an enemy in war, it served as a protection against black magic, the sorcery of the Devs. Gian-ben-Gian had reigned 2,000 years when Iblis, the devil, was permitted by God to defeat the Devs and scatter them to the other end of the world. Even the magic shield, which, produced on the principles of astrology, destroyed charms, enchantments, and bad spells, could not prevail against Iblis, who was an agent of Fate (or Karma).*

Though the Giants had their own problems here on Earth, they weren't spawned by the union of the "Angels mating with women". It states in the Bible (Genesis 6:4) that the Children of the Gods were considered "men of renown", to which connects to the demigods of Zeus, or Poseidon to which the children of mankind were actually "mixed" with Black. Then based from this statement also tells me that the term "mankind" does not involve everybody, but a certain race or races here on Earth.

Now, I came across the mystery subjects based on the Cattle Mutilations to which I find it very intriguing and strange. The UFO Journalist and researcher Linda Multon Howe has done some extraordinary documentaries like "Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms 1989", "Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles 2002", "Sightings 1991" just to name a few. The reader can look up her website and Youtube channel called "Earthfiles", if interested.

But first here is a Wiki excerpt based on "Cattle Mutilation": "Cattle mutilation (also known as bovine excision and unexplained livestock death) is the killing and mutilation of cattle under unusual, usually bloodless, and anomalous circumstances. Worldwide, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, bison, deer and elk have been reported mutilated with similar bloodless excisions; often an ear, eyeball, jaw flesh, tongue, lymph nodes, genitals and rectum are removed."

"Since the first reports of animal mutilations, various explanations have been offered, ranging from natural decomposition and normal predation to cults and secretive governmental and military agencies, to a range of speculations, including cryptid predators (like the chupacabra) and extraterrestrials. Mutilations have been the subject of two independent federal investigations in the United States."

"The earliest known documented outbreak of unexplained livestock deaths occurred in early 1606 "...about the city of London and some of the shires adjoining. Whole slaughters of sheep have been made, in some places to number 100, in others less, where nothing is taken from the sheep but their tallow and some inward parts, the whole carcasses, and fleece remaining still behind. Of this sundry conjectures, but most agree that it tendeth towards some fireworks." The outbreak was noted in the official records of the Court of James I of England. Charles Fort collected many accounts of cattle mutilations that occurred in England in the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

"John Keel mentioned investigating animal mutilation cases in 1966 (while with Ivan T. Sanderson) that were being reported in the Upper Ohio River Valley, around Gallipolis, Ohio. The phenomenon remained largely unknown outside cattle-raising communities until 1967, when the Pueblo Chieftain in Pueblo, Colorado, published a story about a horse named Lady near Alamosa, Colorado, that was mysteriously killed and mutilated. The story was republished by the wider press and distributed nationwide; this case was the first to feature speculation that extraterrestrial beings and unidentified flying objects were associated with mutilation."

Very interesting as this was reported in the early 1600s. Upon researching this subject, there are many theories or explanations detailing from Satanism, to the Government's involvment for an experiment, natural causes, to hooligans, but to just state Extraterrestrial matters would seem like a fantasy by most. However, I can state how the term "Satanism" is merely a title that is subjective and yet a bit nonesensical.

Clearly, as stated from the Chapters "Queen of Heaven" and "The Black God", all details that these symbols really belong to the worship of the Black gods of old (despite whatever changes people make or course). I have seen Anton Lavey's "Church of Satan", and Michael Aquino's "Temple of Set", but seeing them in the Satanic gimmick only tells me that it's a joke compared to what Aleister Crowley knew (See "Ufology"). However, the fire God called "Set" has nothing to do with the symbol of the pentagram, but represents the worship of the Black Goddess/Queen of Heaven (See "Queen of Heaven" and "The Black God").

Now, could people be killing the animals in this style and be offering it to Satan? (As Satan is subjective) Well, if the person (and the Military) have time to not get seen, but patiently make incisions to certain parts of the animal while draining the blood (simultaneously), would have to be the accurate and smooth in their escape (Plus, to do this in the dark is quite challenging I would state).

Now, there is the blood letting practices and some human sacrifices that is done towards Baal and Ashtoreth, as it's vehemently described in the Bible. But as far as taking certain body parts only details, that this has to be more of an expert who remains hidden and doesn't leave a mess.

Apparently, this is what Linda describes these gruesome mutilations, as the same signs that is distributed on the animals are the little to no blood in the body, careful incisioned body parts, to the internal organs missing. A person would have to have a big group, along with a machine to suck the blood of the animal dry, along with the internal organs being taken out. Apparently, there are many articles and NEWS coverage based on this topic......

Based from "" states this: Drained Blood, Medically Precise Cuts, And Unanswered Questions: The Cattle Mutilations: "Although there is a mountain of theories and claims to explain them, cases of cattle mutilation have perplexed researchers, investigators, and law enforcement for decades. Indeed, the phenomenon remains as unexplained today as it did when cases began to pile up during the 1970s. The fact is, though, the cattle mutilation problem is very real. After all, we have the remains of these unfortunate animals as a grim testament to just how real it is. And while a great many of these mutilations involve cows or bulls, sheep, goats, horses, deer, and even cats, dogs, and rabbits have been discovered in a similar state of medically precise mutilation. But what might be behind them?"

"Are they the victims of an unknown alien experiment or research program? If so, how might our collective existence fit into to such speculative extraterrestrial experiments, and will they prove to beneficial or drastically detrimental to us? Or is a top-secret government department responsible for these brutally medically precise acts? Whether it is one of the above, random acts of satanic groups, or simply some kind of sophisticated if questionable hoax, cases of cattle mutilations continue to leave those who investigate and research them largely at a loss as to why they are taking place. Before we examine some of the most intriguing and disturbing cases of cattle mutilation, however, we will examine, albeit briefly, how the phenomenon introduced itself to the consciousness of the world’s populace."

A Brief History And Explanation Of The Cattle Mutilation Phenomena: "We have examined what is arguably the first case of cattle mutilation previously, that of Snippy the Horse (who was actually named Lady). So, while we will not go over that case here, we will most certainly examine some of the many other accounts on record from across the world. It is perhaps, though, worth mentioning what could very well be the first case of cattle mutilation on record from London in 1606 as noted in the official court records of James I."

"The records note that “whole slaughters of sheep” had occurred “where nothing is taken from the sheep but their tallow and some inward parts”. There were other similar cases in the late 1800s and early 1900s as recorded by Charles Fort, while in Texas, a horse was discovered dead with surgically precise cuts carried out in order to remove its entire nervous system."

"Its face had also been completely stripped to the bone. What is particularly interesting about this mutilation is that it occurred in the exact same territory as a wave of sheep mutilations over a century later in 2013. As we can see, then, while the notion of cattle mutilation as we understand it today didn’t seep into the public consciousness until the late-1960s and 1970s, it is a phenomenon that has likely been with us for centuries."

"Without a doubt, though, following the Snippy the Horse case, not only were the wider population very much aware of these bizarre and chilling animal mutilations, as the 1970s unfolded, they began to happen all over the country. While such mutilations occur around the United States (and indeed the world) certain locations appear to be much more active in this grim phenomenon than others."

"For example, according to an FBI report [1] carried out in the late 1970s there were as many as 8,000 mutilations that had occurred in the state of Colorado alone. And, as we will examine briefly shortly, Colorado is one of the hottest spots of all for cattle mutilation. They continue to occur around the world today, often in short waves (although not exclusively), and often defy reasonable explanations."

Grim Details And Even Grimmer Possibilities: "It might also be appropriate to examine some of the recurring, and grisly details of these harrowing incidents, as well as some of the most popular theories as to what might be behind them. For example, these unfortunate animals are often found with every drop of blood drained from its body – something that has been carried to such a standard that most often there are no signs of blood anywhere in the region where the animals are discovered."

"Furthermore, there are very often a series of precise medical cuts to the animals with certain body parts, in some cases, having been equally precisely removed – as if by a person with advanced medical knowledge of such procedures. In other cases, as well as the above, the animal’s internal organs have either been removed or reduced to a strange mush. And in other cases, the skin, muscle, and tissue around the face has been completely stripped to the bone. Furthermore, and once more leading toward the involvement of highly advanced technology, chemicals not often discovered in animals are often found, as well as increased levels of others."

"So, just what is behind such terrifying attacks? Perhaps one of the most recurring assertions is that extraterrestrials are behind the cattle mutilation phenomena, maybe as part of some kind of monitoring experiment regarding life on earth. Some suggest those behind the attacks could indeed be human but, as outrageous as it might sound to some, they are time-travelers from the future. Of course, if this is true and we assume that time travel has become possible in the decades or centuries that are yet to unfold, then we have to ask what has taken place in the future that requires such drastic and specific action. Others believe that a top-secret government program is likely behind the mutilations, and there is a small plethora of reasons offered for why this might be."

"For example, perhaps the motivation would be nothing more than monitoring food supplies in an attempt to prevent the spread of disease? Or perhaps the reasons are much darker and might have connections to cloning the world’s food. There are also those who believe these cases contain a satanic element to them, and could possibly be a part of rituals, or even sacrifices. And while these suggestions are perhaps more easily dismissed than others, they deserve to remain on the collective backburner of our minds."

The “Interrupted” Cattle Mutilation Of Cannock Chase: "Perhaps a good place to start examining these bizarre and monstrous mutilation cases is in Cannock Chase, Staffordshire in the United Kingdom, where in 1985 an apparent “interrupted” cattle mutilation incident occurred. The account comes to us from the files [2] of veteran UFO and paranormal researcher and author, Nick Redfern."

"According to the report, a father and son were driving home one evening in the Cannock Chase area at around 8:30 pm when they noticed something strange ahead of them. The youngster saw it first – a triangular-shaped object hovering over one of the fields that lined the roadside. The ground below the bizarre craft was lit up brightly by three lights on the underside of the vehicle."

"Realizing they were seeing something out of the norm, they brought their car to the side of the road and exited the vehicle. They each moved a little closer to the edge of the road, continuing to keep the strange object in the sight. They watched the craft for several minutes, noticing how it didn’t make a single sound. Then, without any warning, the craft zipped away at breakneck speed."

"The pair jumped back in their car, eager to get home so they could contact the local police and report what they had seen. However, that was where an already strange incident turned even stranger. Thinking they would merely record what he reported and then that would be the end of it, the pair were rather surprised that two police officers were sent to their home to take statements from them in person."

"Even stranger, during the course of the interviews, the pair were told it had been a mistake for them to “get out of the car”. Whatever the reason for this was not given. Nor was any kind of explanation for what they might have seen. The two officers simply left leaving the witnesses with even more unanswered questions than they had before they made their report."

Caught In The Act? "It was two days later when another incident unfolded involving an almost identical craft. And more importantly for our purposes here, might suggest an attempted cattle mutilation. On this occasion, the main witness was in the countryside of Cannock Chase at a little after 4 am with friends who were hunting ducks. During this hunting trip, he noticed a strange light moving with significant pace overhead. That was until it brought itself to an apparent controlled stop over several cows that were in a field underneath."

"Enthralled with what he was seeing, the witness moved closer to the field. When he did so, however, it appeared that whatever intelligence was behind the craft noticed his presence. Within seconds, several bizarre and futuristic light beams shot out from the object. Now, a little more frightened than he was only seconds earlier, the witness turned and ran back to the cover of the woodland. By the time he had the courage to return to the scene, the object had gone."

"Was this a case of a cattle mutilation that was interrupted? Was that also the purpose of the UFO sighting only two days earlier? And if so, why would the presence of someone powerless to stop the abduction of a lone cow cause the perpetrators to stop? Perhaps most crucial of all, if the purpose of these sightings was to abduct and mutilate cattle, does that confirm an extraterrestrial involvement in such cases? Of course, that is if we assume that the intelligence behind these strange aerial objects is of an extraterrestrial nature. They might, as some people believe, be top-secret vehicles of the world’s militaries. And if that is the case, what is the purpose and end goal of these brutal mutilation cases?"

Cattle Mutilations Across The United Kingdom: "We will stay in the United Kingdom, and mainland Europe, for a little while longer, as such cattle mutilations that we might more readily associate with ranches across the United States also take place there. We will start, though, with a spate of mutilations that occurred during the summer of 2010 when several sheep were discovered mutilated."

"The “Star Wars” Type Technology Of The 2010 Sheep Mutilations During the opening months of 2010 [3] in Shrewsbury, England, various farmers would make the grim discovery of the mutilated corpses of their respective sheep. And these corpses contained many of the same injuries and evidence of precise procedures as the more traditional cow and bull mutilations. For example, some of these unfortunate sheep were discovered with their faces completely stripped of flesh. And rather than simply having been torn away in a rage, it was removed with the utmost skill and precision."

"Even more disturbing, some of the sheep were discovered with a hole in their heads, seemingly neatly drilled and with their brains completely removed. Other harrowing discoveries were the clean and precise removal of various internal organs and other, medically precise sample-like cuts. Perhaps strangest of all were the claims from some that they even witnessed laser-type beams aimed at sheep below, coming from strange aerial crafts above them. Other witnesses to these strange events would state that they witnessed orange spheres in the skies over the fields the sheep called home."

"The events seemed to reach a culmination of sorts in March 2010 while a team of on-site investigators were in the middle of their investigation. On the night in question, the investigators (16 in total) witnessed many of the strange UFOs that farmers and local residents had claimed to have seen over the previous weeks. Even more amazing, several of those investigators even witnessed what appeared to be actual attacks on the sheep, seemingly using “Star Wars”-type technology. The morning following these events, it was discovered that many of the farms in the area were missing sheep, with some reporting the discoveries of further carcasses from their flocks. The events then died down as quickly as they had begun and remain unexplained still to this day."

The Mysterious Horse Attacks of 2011/2012: "Around a year after the strange sheep mutilations, in and around the Shrewsbury area, another wave of attacks unfolded – this time involving horses in various parts of the United Kingdom. And while the events in Shrewsbury certainly suggest some kind of UFO connection, the horse attacks of 2011, which continued into 2012, lend themselves to other dark possibilities – satanic rituals."

"The main reasons for this was that many of the mutilated horses were discovered around key dates in the Satanic calendar – specifically, St. Winebald Day. However, while investigators were bound to follow up such possibilities, it was thought the injuries were of too precise and medically advanced nature as to be the work of such cults."

"On this occasion, though, there were other explanations offered that might have much more credibility. Some researchers and interested parties suggested that the mutilations were carried out as part of a top-secret experiment in light of a recent equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) outbreak. And this outbreak had seemingly spread quickly through equestrian environments around the world, from the United States to Canada and as far as Europe. Whether these particular spate of horse attacks were a one-off and unique to whatever program was behind it or whether they are the consequences of the same intelligence behind other such animal mutilations around the world remains open to debate."

The Mutilation Cases Of Wales Of The 2000s: "Without a doubt one of the most intriguing and unnerving cases of cattle mutilation took place in Wales and went on for over a decade. [5] What’s more after studying these attacks for almost 12 years, the Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) would announce that their strongest conclusion was that extraterrestrial intelligence was behind them."

"Not only did investigators point to the laser-like precision of the cuts, as well as the draining of every last bit of blood on the bodies of the sheep, they also noted that many of the farmers whose sheep had been attacked had also noted strange lights on the evenings the respective attacks were carried out. Furthermore, when investigators spoke to other local residents of the areas the attacks took place, they would seemingly corroborate the respective farmers by declaring their own sightings of bizarre light overhead."

"Investigator Phil Hoyle would elaborate that they were “looking into the UFO connection and things people are describing unconventional things entering the sea and leaving the sea”. Wales was, investigators would determine, an apparent hot spot for animal mutilations of the precise kind witnessed between 2001 and 2013 and were “very sophisticated” to the point where hoaxers or satanic cults had to be ruled out as reasonable possibilities."

"Of course, it is perhaps also interesting to note that Wales, at least parts of it along the coast, is also a hot spot for UFO sightings. Some of the injuries discovered on the dead sheep were almost identical to those found during the sheep attacks in Shrewsbury in 2010 that we examined earlier, while very precise holes discovered drilled into their bodies. Others had skin and other samples of body parts removed, while some had their faces completely stripped to clean to the bone. The mutilations remain largely unexplained."

"The Cherry Brook Valley Discovery: "There are many other animal mutilation cases that have unfolded in the United Kingdom. Many of these have been documented by veteran paranormal researcher [6] and author, Nick Redfern. And it is to his research files that we turn to examine our next case. One that took place in the spring of 1977 in Cherry Brook Valley in Dartmoor, England. On the day in question, a local resident, Alan Hicks, was walking across this stretch of land when he, along with his children who were accompanying him, discovered 15 dead wild ponies, all of which, according to a newspaper article on the find several months after the discovery, had “their bodies mangled and torn”.

"Those with interests in the UFO phenomenon immediately made their way to the area in order to find proof of extraterrestrial involvement. At the same time, other investigators suggested the herd might have been poisoned or simply suffered from a lack of food before dying and becoming victims of scavengers. The Dartmoor Pony Society even suggested that the unfortunate horses had likely succumbed to disease and the former, unknown owner of them had likely brought their corpses here to discard of them. Things became very quiet regarding the case for almost a decade and a half until the early 1990s when the director for the Center for Fortean Zoology, Jonathan Downes, began to examine the details of the case. During his investigation, he managed to locate and speak with several of the people who had been involved in the incident at the time." (The reader can read the rest from this person's Website)

Now, upon coming upon the subject of the animal Mutilation, I also came across topics like the "human mutilation", to which people think wouldn't happen in the same manner, but apparently does. 

Based from the website "" states this: "Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Human Mutilations and Strange Deaths", by Brent Swancer June 21, 2017: "One of the most gruesome, sinister, and completely intriguing of phenomena connected to the phenomenon of UFOs is that of the dark world of cattle mutilations. By some accounts, for some reason, it seems that whatever is behind these strange lights in the sky also has a liking for targeting various livestock for some impromptu surgery and mutilation, often ending up with carcasses that show a variety of strange features such as almost selectively missing organs, strangely precise cuts, a lack of deterioration, and no rotting stench pervading the area. This is all quite horrifying enough, but what if it was not a cow, horse, or some other beast of burden, but rather a human being? That would be sinister indeed, wouldn’t it?"

"Well, there have indeed been such cases, where people have been found to vanish under mysterious circumstances only appear later showing all the hallmarks of cattle mutilations, sending them into the annals of unexplained mysteries. Perhaps one of the most famous cases of an apparent case of mysterious, inexplicable human mutilation occurred in Brazil in 1988. At the the Guarapiranga Reservoir was found the body of a man that was in a very strange state indeed."

"Although it was determined that the person had been dead for several days, there was no smell when it should have been redolent with the stench of decay, no noticeable decomposition, and there was no sign that the body had been fed upon by scavengers or even insects. Upon his body were found to be numerous smooth round holes, and the man’s lips, eyes, tongue, and ears had been cut away with expert precision, not torn or ragged in any way. Other tissue and organs had been removed as well for reasons unknown, and there were other anomalies in addition to all of this. The coroner tasked with examining the body would later say of it":

"Although the victim had been dead for 48 to 72 hours there was no sign of being eaten by animals or starting to rot, as would be expected. There was no smell. Bleeding from the wounds had been minimal. The lips and flesh from the face had been cut away. The eyes, ears, and tongue had been removed. Neat round holes, one to one and a half inches in diameter, had been made on the shoulders, arms, head, stomach, and anus and tissue and muscle had been extracted. The holes had not been made through which extensive digestive organs had been extracted. The scrotum, but not the penis had been removed, and all pubic hair had disappeared. The rectum had been cored out. Despite these devastating mutilations, there was no sign that the victim had been bound or had struggled in any way."

"The mysterious body was photographed and the pictures shown to a Dr. Goes Rubens, who concurred that it was all very odd indeed, and seemed inexplicable by normal definitions. It was also pointed out by an associate of Rubens that the mutilations on display with the mysterious body had many of the same hallmarks of the more well-known cattle mutilations, such as a lack of decomposition, organs seemingly selectively removed, precision, almost surgical cuts, and anomalous holes bored into the corpse."

"It appears that the dead man was never identified and his strange death has from then on had many questions surrounding it. Who or what did this to him? Why was there no decomposition? Why were some organs missing and not others and why had they been removed so cleanly and precisely? Why had those holes been made in the body? Why hadn’t the victim struggled or shown signs of being detained? What happened to him and who was he? We will probably never know."

"Perhaps even more bizarre still is the 1956 case of Air Force Sergeant Jonathan Lovette. In March of that year, Lovette and a Major William Cunningham, both of the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, ventured out into the desolate desert scrub to collect fallen debris from a recent missile test at the White Sands Missile Test Range, and at one point Lovette went off behind a dune. A few moments later, Cunningham reportedly heard Lovette scream out in terror, and he ran to investigate. What he saw next would cause him to scream as well."

"According to Cunningham, after going over a ridge he was met with the sight of a large, silvery disk-shaped object hovering around 15 or 20 feet in the air, which had a long, snake-like object trailing from it. To his horror, he saw that this appendage was wrapped around the leg of Lovette and in the process of pulling him towards the strange craft. At this point, Cunningham would report that he had been somehow inexplicably paralyzed, wanting to take action but unable to move as he watched his friend get pulled and reeled into the object, after which it sped off at breathtakingly great speed. As soon as it was out of sight, Cunningham found himself released from whatever had kept him frozen there."

"After radioing Missile Control and telling them what had happened, he was told that they were indeed picking up a radar signature moving rapidly, but that they were not able to tell what it was. Security forces and soldiers immediately descended upon the area, and a massive search began, which would go on for 3 days without finding a single trace of the missing man. In the meantime, it was suspected that Lovette had been the victim of foul play and that Cunningham was responsible, his wild story simply a cover, and he was detained."

"On the third day of the search, after meticulously scouring 100 square miles of the landscape, Lovette’s body was found around 10 miles from where he had gone missing, and his corpse was in a horrifying state. Besides being completely drained of every drop of blood, there was no sign of vascular collapse, meaning he had not died of bleeding to death and was very unusual for someone who had been drained of so much blood. An incision had been made in Lovette’s lower jaw, through which his tongue had been removed, a cut which extended from the tip of the chin all the way down to his larynx."

"His anus and genitalia had been expertly removed “as if from a plug,” and his eyes had been taken out smoothly. The body showed no signs of decomposition, despite being estimated to have been lying out there in the desert heat for one or two days, and most oddly of all there were found to be dead scavengers nearby that had apparently died after trying to feed on the body. None of it made any sense at all, and still doesn’t. This particular incident has its origins in an alleged report called Grudge/Blue Book Report 13, which is mysterious in many ways in and of itself."

"The manual in question was supposedly analyzed by an information analyst for the U.S. Air Force and former Green Beret named Bill English, and is allegedly dated 1953-1963. Upon the cover is apparently written the code AFSN 2246-3 and the words “Top Secret Need Yo Know Only, Crypto Clearance 14, or above, Required” stamped on it in red ink. Since it is unknown if this document ever really existed or not, and the information given by Bille English is only preserved in his own notes and his memory of what he read, it is unknown if the report is real or whether the Lovette case ever really happened in any sense at all, and so it remains shrouded in mystery."

"Just as creepy is the case of a 56-year-old miner named Zingmund Adamski, who vanished without a trace while out shopping for groceries near his home in Tingley, near Wakefield, England, on June 5, 1980, at around 3:30 PM. On June 11, his dead body turned up atop a 12-foot high pile of coal at around 3:45 PM in the town of Todmorden, around 20 miles away from where he had gone missing. The discovery was odd, since that morning the coal yard reported that there had certainly been no body there and no suspicious activity, so it had basically just appeared out of nowhere."

"Adamski was purportedly wearing a suit but missing his shirt, watch, and wallet, yet other than that his clothing seemed to be in rather pristine condition, although they seemed to be improperly fastened, as if put on by someone who did not know what they were doing. Although not as badly mutilated as the other cases, Adamski’s body nevertheless showed some oddities that are hard to explain. An autopsy revealed that the cause of death had been a heart attack, but this was not known for sure, and strangely although he had been missing for 5 days he only had one day of beard growth. He had been well-fed and taken care of, but what was strange was that there were some weird burns marks on his neck and shoulders that were of an unknown origin, with some unidentified gel or lotion spread across them."

"There was no evidence that he had sought any sort of medical treatment from the area’s hospitals and the cause of the burns and the composition of the gel could not be determined by forensic scientists. James Turnbull, the coroner who dealt with Zigmund’s death, said of the condition of the body, “The question of where he was before he died and what led to his death just could not be answered.” All of these things posed a variety of questions."

"First, if he had died of a heart attack, then why had he found himself at the top of that pile of coal? This is even more mysterious considering that there were no signs that anyone had climbed up the pile at all, suggesting that the body had been placed there from above. Also, since he had been taken care of and had died only recently, then where had he been for nearly a week before his dead body was found?"

"The case was so strange that it attracted the attention of a UFO researcher, strangely named George Adamski, who believed that Zigmund had been in fact abducted by aliens, possibly accidentally, and this theory was further bolstered by claims made in the following days by police officer Alan Godfrey, who had been the officer who had originally found the body and who claimed to have seen a diamond-shaped UFO in the area 6 months later."

"Godfrey claimed that this UFO had abducted him, leaving him in his patrol car with 30 minutes of lost time. There were also alleged cattle mutilations around the region at the time, which were thought to have been perhaps related to Adamski’s disappearance and subsequent death. Considering that the region has been known for quite sometime as a UFO hotspot, does this mean that Adamski was indeed abducted by a UFO? It is hard to say, but the circumstances of his disappearance, the condition of his body, and the weird clues surrounding it all have made it oft-discussed and debated."

"What happened to these people? How can we explain their strange and sinister disappearances and the odd condition of their corpses? Is there a rational explanation to be found here or are we forced to look to, shall we say, more mysterious explanations? Cases such as these serve as a splinter upon the mind, begging to be removed and put into rational explanation, yet they continue to defy such efforts."

"What is going on here? What is behind such things? Is it sick individuals, the work of scavengers, or forces from beyond our world and understanding? It is hard to say for sure, and such accounts only serve to deepen the mysteries behind the UFO phenomena and this weird, weird world we live in."

Then there is Documentary called "UFOs and NATO: The Human mutilation cover-up" by Richard D. Hall, as he details a further investigation into the same pattern done on the animals, to also be shown on humans as well. His first film called "Silent Killers 2009", details the animal mutilations discussed with the animal mutilation investigator David Cayton, and how this pattern of incision of the different body parts is something alarming. Then upon seeing the "NATO: human mutilation" Documentary, details that this case had occured to a man in Brazil in the 1980s, who has the same incisioned patterns discussed previously, and possibly the same had occured to a group of Russians in the "Dyatlov pass incident" in 1959.

In the Documentary details how people just strangely disappeared in places like the National Park in Wales called "Brecon Beacon". They compare cases altogether with "David Cayton" (UFO Investigator), and how these could connect to the strange "Cattle Mutilations" that keep occurring around the world. It gets interesting as when this "human mutilated" cases was addressed to Linda Moulton Howe, however later dismisses it as "Agent Orange" (as told to her by some expert). 

However, based from this claim from the so called "expert", shows that the substance called Agent Orange conduct the same bodily harm as those mutilated individuals (So, something is going on with these cover-ups). Though I liked some of Linda's Documentaries on these animal mutilations, I find that isn't the case, as those conditions of Agent Orange doesn't harm the same way as those bodies. So, that is very well addressed in the Documentary.

Now, based on the segment details an amateur UFO investigator named "Derek Gough", to which he was contacted by an ex Military man who detailed information on the Human mutilations and UFO connections. Though he didn't know how to take the situation (as he saw dead bodies mutilated in a strange way), he tries to go to the Police, but is sabotage, as someone didn't want the information out. Derek contacts Richard (after the release of "Silent Killers"), and details the whole situation to him. It states that Gough explains the human mutilated situations, and how he gave the photographs to the late Tony Dodd (as the author of "Alien Investigator: The case files of leading UFO Detective"), who had investigated these same cases.  

Now, skipping to the part where Richard finds the Military man (as dubbed the Military source), to whom at first rejected Richard, but reluctantly started to relay the same information, thus confirming everything that Derek had told him is true. The Military man tells him that he cannot keep meeting him at his place, so they set up a meeting area. No cameras or recordings (as to remain anonymous), Richard takes notes and asking questions.  

The Military man states that he was in the Black Ops called "Group 58", and that he did encounter these "Extraterrestrials". He states that they are sent to guard the crash site for the "Yanks" (Americans). He claims that he witnessed all kinds of space crafts, and saw these E.T.s, and is nothing like what these films portray. He states that they do not have big eyes and smiling faces, but actually looks like the "Devil", and that "they would rip you apart". 

He states that he has injuries by being close to these Ships (as they can emit radiation), and how some of his colleagues had passed away either due to cancer or other injuries. He details an underground facility that would track the UFOs in a place near "Sunny Bridge". He pretty much confirms the 30 to 40 mutilated bodies, and how they are still happening all over the world.

He states that these statements on how these Aliens are friendly is not true at all. This is something that even one of the leading UFO conferences lead by "Dr. Steven Greer", is somewhat mentioned. It seems that the Public people are not being told the truth, of the description of these beings that look like the Devil. Even though Richard hypothesises that these beings could be somewhat a reptilian being, I will dive in that subject later on. But as the Military man states that these E.T.s are interested in the internal organs like brains and blood. He states that they are incredibly quick, can move 60 meters in a split second, and that they are not friendly. Some could wear wet suits, and witnessed three different types of E.T.s, and how they find craft debris with Human and animal body parts.

Strangely enough, the late Bill Cooper had detailed the same thing, as the Alien craft crashes in Aztec New Mexico, contained Human body parts (See "The Men in Black" for the connection to the "Deros")

The reader can also view Richard Hall's Youtube Channel, as he details different on the top subjects like "The Crop Circle mystery", to "The Host and the Parasite" (as a Zionist controlling America), to other mysteries that is being looked away (He's one of the few "real" Journalist that goes into detail and doesn't dance around the subjects). He states some interesting things based on Elon Musk's "Space X", the searing of the grass as if a UFO had landed while taking animal parts, to what the Government propaganda machines (BBC NEWS).

Now, I find this Documentary to be very interesting as this can open new possibilities of different Extraterrestrial groups, and their possible involvement towards these strange mutilations. I can't state that a man or a group of men are doing this for giggles, but it's possible that (as the Military source states) is carried out by Extraterrestrials. And based on religion, well they can be affected as well.

Now, what takes the cake is when he states that one type would looked like a "devil", and are extremely strong and fast, sounds like the video game called "Doom" (as the Military battles a horde of demons let loose from another dimension), and "Gantz", as people are sent to fight Aliens on Earth.

However, I question what the term "devil" really is, because generally when looking up the term Devil, they would show the being to having horns, hooves, a pitchfork, and being covered in red. Then there is the concept of people either being devils or angels, based on their actions and nature towards each other. But let's look up the etymology on the term "Devil":

"devil (n.) Old English deofol "a devil, a subordinate evil spirit afflicting humans;" also, in Christian theology, "the Devil, a powerful spirit of evil otherwise known as Satan," from Late Latin diabolus (also the source of Italian diavolo, French diable, Spanish diablo; German Teufel is Old High German tiufal, from Latin via Gothic diabaulus). The Late Latin word is from Ecclesiastical Greek diabolos, which in Jewish and Christian use was "the Devil, Satan," and which in general use meant "accuser, slanderer" (thus it was a scriptural loan-translation of Hebrew satan; see Satan)."

"It is an agent noun from Greek diaballein "to slander, attack," literally "to throw across," from dia "across, through" (see dia-) + ballein "to throw" (from PIE root *gwele- "to throw, reach"). Jerome re-introduced Satan in Latin bibles, and English translators have used both words in different measures. In Vulgate, as in Greek, diabolus and dæmon (see demon) were distinct, but they have merged in English and other Germanic languages. Meaning "false god, heathen god" is from c. 1200. Sense of "diabolical person, person resembling a devil or demon in character" is from late 12c. Playful use for "clever rogue" is from c. 1600."

"As an expletive and in expletive phrases from c. 1200. Meaning "sand spout, dust storm" is from 1835 (dust devil is attested by 1867). In U.S. place names, the word often represents a native word such as Algonquian manito, more properly "spirit, god." Phrase a devil way (c. 1300) was originally "Hell-ward, to Hell," but by late 14c. it was a mere expression of irritation. Meaning "errand-boy in a printing office" is from 1680s, perhaps because they were often blackened by the ink (devils then being popularly supposed to be black)."

"Devil's books "playing cards" is from 1729, but the cited quote says they've been called that "time out of mind" (the four of clubs is the devil's bedposts); devil's coach-horse is from 1840, the large rove-beetle, which is defiant when disturbed. Devil's food cake (1895; three different recipes in the cookbook "compiled by the Ladies' Aid Society of the Friends' Church, Wilmington, Ohio"), rich and chocolate, probably is in deliberate contrast to angel food cake. Conventional phrase talk (or speak) of the Devil, and he's presently at your elbow is by 1660s."

Then here is an excerpt based from the website "" on "Why is the Devil Red?": "There are many depictions of what the devil looks like since the mere utterance of his name. The devil has taken up multiple names and multiple forms in various media."

"If someone was to ask you how do you draw the devil, some people might draw him has a tall, red beast with horns. But why red? Why not other colours? Truthfully, other colours were actually used to depict the devil in art but red is the most popular colour. Other colours like blue, green and black were used in very popular versions of paintings. Most of the images we see and connect with to be the devil come from paintings, mosaics, stained glass works and other various mediums of art that came from artists on commission from the church. First of all the devil’s appearance is a combination of very old religions."

"There were many figures that influenced how we see the devil. Before the people painted the devil there were ghosts and goblin-like creatures that were a part of the underworld. Zoroastrianism had a lot of influence of what the devil looks like by the characterizing the evil god, Ahura Mazda, the god chaos, mischief and evil. The ancient Hebrew but just as influential into the characteristics of the devil, Asmodeus, the three-headed king of demons that can be found in the Book of Tobit."

"Seth was an Egyptian red-haired forked tongue god of chaos, storms and war. The Egyptian god Bes whose portrayed has a lewdly expressed god with a forked tail and serpents. He was described as a decent god to beerdrinkers to expecting mother warding off evil spirits. Pan, the half-man and half-goat Greek god of music, shepherds and the wild with large horns on his head."

"And Hades with a two-pronged fork sitting on the thrown in front of the underworld; a ruler and judge for souls going to Tartarus (The Infernos) or Elysium (Paradise). Dragons and serpents were also an influence on what the devil appeared to look like, for example, the lizard-like feet. In the new King James version bible, Revelations 12, there are passages that state that the beast was a red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads....."

"The first colours used to portray the beast in visuals were black but mostly in blue. The blue represented the darkness and unknown nature of the night. It made the devil look eerie and creepy. Most often in frescoes, mosaics and stained glass art, the devil was depicted in a dark blue which made him look like he was the furthest from God’s warm light being in eternal cold and darkness. This is possibility where the name Prince of Darkness comes from......"

It seems that the "devil" was deemed to either be in the color "black", "dark blue", "red" and sometimes "white". Perhaps this is why there is Angel's food cake as vanilla white, and the Devil's as chocolate black (as the term "Devil" is quite subjective). Though there are pictures of the God of fire with various depictions, there is also the Black goddess Kali, who is known as the "Queen of Heaven", as Goddess "Vatika", to which the name "Vatican" pays homage to.

Now, this is where things get interesting. Based from the information given to Richard Hall by the Military source, states these clues. They look like the "Devil", they are extremely fast and strong, and they are not friendly at all. He also states that these mutilations have been going "before we were here", indicates that this is based on the "Pre-Adamite" races. Let's observe Madame Blavatsky's statements on the being called Iblis.

Here is an excerpt from Madame Blavatsky's "Secret Doctrine": Origin of the Satanic Myth: "[[Vol. 2, Page]] 394 THE SECRET DOCTRINE. Before the creation of Adam, two races lived and succeeded each other on Earth; the Devs who reigned 7,000 years, and the Peris (the Izeds) who reigned but 2,000, during the existence of the former. The Devs were giants, strong and wicked; the Peris were smaller in stature, but wiser and kinder."

"Here we recognize the Atlantean giants and the Aryans, or the Rakshasas of the Ramayana and the children of Bharata Varsha, or India; the ante- and the post-diluvians of the Bible. Gyan (or rather Gnan, true or occult Wisdom and knowledge), also called Gian-ben-Gian (or Wisdom, son of Wisdom), was the king of the Peris.*"

"He had a shield as famous as that of Achilles, only instead of serving against an enemy in war, it served as a protection against black magic, the sorcery of the Devs. Gian-ben-Gian had reigned 2,000 years when Iblis, the devil, was permitted by God to defeat the Devs and scatter them to the other end of the world. Even the magic shield, which, produced on the principles of astrology, destroyed charms, enchantments, and bad spells, could not prevail against Iblis, who was an agent of Fate (or Karma)."

Let's break this down. She mentions the "Peris" and the "Devs", let's see what the Wiki states on these two beings: "Peri (Persian: پری‎, plural پريان pariān), otherwise known as Pari in Persian culture, are exquisite, winged spirits renowned for their beauty. Originally from Persian mythology, Paris were later adopted by other cultures. They are described as mischievous beings that have been denied entry to paradise until they have completed penance for atonement. Under Islamic influence, Peris became benevolent spirits, in contrast to the mischievous jinn and divs."

In Persian mythology and literature: "Paris are detailed in Persianate folklore and poetry, appearing in romances and epics. Furthermore, later poets use the term to designate a beautiful woman and to illustrate her qualities. At the start of Ferdowsi's epic poem Shahnameh, "The Book of Kings", the divinity Sorush appears in the form of a pari to warn Keyumars (the mythological first man and shah of the world) and his son Siamak of the threats posed by the destructive Ahriman. Paris also form part of the mythological army that Kaiumers eventually draws up to defeat Ahriman and his demonic son."

"In the Rostam and Sohrab section of the poem, Rostam's paramour, the princess Tahmina, is referred to as "pari-faced" (since she is wearing a veil, the term pari may include a secondary meaning of disguise or being hidden[dubious – discuss]). Paris were the target of a lower level of evil beings called دیوسان divs (دَيۋَ daeva), who persecuted them by locking them in iron cages. This persecution was brought about by, as the divs perceived it, the paris' lack of sufficient self-esteem to join the rebellion against perversion."

Islamic culture:"With the spread of Islam through Persia, the pari (or peri in Turkish) was integrated into Islamic folklore. Early Persian translations of the Quran, identified the good jinn as peris, and the evil ones with divs. The belief in Pari still persist among Muslims in India as a type of spiritual creature besides the jinn, shayatin and the ghosts of the wicked. Turkish Muslims often accept the existence of paris among other creatures, such as jinn, ifrit (ghosts or demons of hell), nakir, div (ogres or fiends) and shayatin (demons or devils).[7] According to the Persian exegesis of the Qurʼan Tafsir al-Tabari, the paris are beautiful female spirits created by God after the vicious divs. They mostly believe in God and are benevolent to mankind."

"They are still part of some folklore and accordingly they appear to humans, sometimes punishing hunters in the mountains who are disrespectful or waste resources, or even abducting young humans for their social events. Encounters with paris are held to be physical as well as psychological. Marriage, although possible, is considered undue in Islamic lore. Because of humans impatience and distrust, relationship between humans and paris will break up. Bilqis is, according to one narrative, the daughter of such a failed relationship between a pari and a human."

Then on the Devs: "Div or dev (Persian: Dīv: دیو) are monstrous creatures within Middle Eastern lore. They have their origin in Persian mythology and spread to surrounding cultures including Armenia, Turkic countries and Albania. Although they are not explicitly mentioned within canonical Islamic scriptures, their existence was well accepted by most Muslims just like that of other supernatural creatures."

"They are described as having a body like that of a human, only of gigantic size, with two horns upon their heads and teeth like the tusks of a boar. Powerful, cruel and cold-hearted they have a particular relish for the taste of human flesh. Some use only primitive weapons, such as stones : others, more sophisticated, are equipped like warriors, wearing armour and using weapons of metal. Despite their uncouth appearance - and in addition to their great physical strength - many are also masters of sorcery, capable of overcoming their enemies by magic and afflicting them with nightmares. Their origin is disputed, although it may lie in the Vedic deities (devas) who were later demonized in Persian religion (see daeva)."

"In Ferdowsi's tenth-century Shahnameh, they are already the evil entities endowed with roughly human shape and supernatural powers familiar from later folklore, in which the Divs are described as ugly demons with supernatural strength and power, who, nonetheless, may sometimes be subdued and forced to do the bidding of a sorcerer." Legends: "Div appear throughout many supernatural legends as villains, sorcerers, monsters, ogres or even helpers of the protagonist. It is usually necessary to overcome the Div, to get his aid. After defeating the Div, one must attach a horseshoe, a needle or an iron ring on his body to enslave them. On the other hand, a Div can not be killed by physical combat, even if their body parts are cut off. Instead, it is required to find the object storing the soul of the Div. After the object is destroyed, the Div is said to disappear in smoke or thin air. The notion of a demon tied to a physical object, later inspired the European genie."

"According to pre-historic Persian legends, the Divs once roamed the earth until Zoraster chased them away to the underground. Since when, they do not appear visible on earth again and live secretly in the underworld. Such legends have later been assimilated to Islamic legends, according to which the jinn lived on earth prior to humans, but have been chased away. However, here the heroic human is replaced by a group of angels. Accordingly, Div have been entrusted to govern the earth 70,000 years before the creation of the first human."

"However, God created between the Div and human, the jinn (taken from Islamic lore), ruled by Jann ibn Jann. However, when Jann ibn Jann challenged the heavens, Satan (Iblis) was sent with an army of angels to overthrow him. During this battle some treacherous Divs joined Satan and the angels. Again, at the end, the story assigns them to the underworld regions of hell, when the Divs follow Iblis' refusal to pay homage to the first human."

"In Kisekbasch Destani ("Story of the cut head"), a Turkish Sufi legend from the 13. or 14. Century, Ali encounters a beheaded men, whose head is still reciting the Quran. His wife has been captured and his child been devoured by a Div. Ali descends to the underworld to kill the Div. Here, he finds out, the Div further captured 500 Sunnites and the Div threats Ali, to destroy the holy cities of Mecca and Medina and destroy the legacy of Islam. After a battle, Ali manages to kill the Div, release the inmates, saves the devoured child and brings the severed head, with aid of Muhammad back to life."

So, based from the descriptions stated above, shows that "They are described as having a body like that of a human, only of gigantic size, with two horns upon their heads and teeth like the tusks of a boar. Powerful, cruel and cold-hearted they have a particular relish for the taste of human flesh. Some use only primitive weapons, such as stones : others, more sophisticated, are equipped like warriors, wearing armour and using weapons of metal. Despite their uncouth appearance - and in addition to their great physical strength - many are also masters of sorcery, capable of overcoming their enemies by magic and afflicting them with nightmares."

This is what Iblis had to deal with when He was tasked by God to destroy the Jinn race. And as Madame Blavatsky states, he would have a "Shield" that is used against the monsters and Giants. Now, based from this info tells me that these paintings of "Michael the Archangel", is really Azazil/Iblis battling against the Jinn/Asura race, prior to his fall.

Let's again connect this to the "Jinn": Jinn (Arabic: جن‎, jinn) – also romanized as djinn or anglicized as genie (with the broader meaning of spirit or demon, depending on source)(p 22) – are supernatural creatures in early pre-Islamic Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. Like humans, they are created with fitra, neither born as believers nor as unbelievers, but their attitude depends on whether they accept God's guidance. Since jinn are neither innately evil nor innately good, Islam acknowledged spirits from other religions, and was able to adapt spirits from other religions during its expansion. Jinn are not a strictly Islamic concept; they may represent several pagan beliefs integrated into Islam."

"In an Islamic context, the term jinn is used for both a collective designation for any supernatural creature and also to refer to a specific type of supernatural creature.(p 67) Therefore, jinn are often mentioned together with devils (shayāṭīn). Both devils and jinn feature in folklore and are held responsible for misfortune, possession and diseases. However, the jinn are sometimes supportive and benevolent. They are mentioned frequently in magical works throughout the Islamic world, to be summoned and bound to a sorcerer, but also in zoological treatises as animals with a subtle body."

Exegesis: "Belief in jinn is not included among the six articles of Islamic faith, as belief in angels is, however many Muslim scholars believe it essential to the Islamic faith. Many scholars regard their existence and ability to enter human bodies as part of the aqida (theological doctrines) in the tradition of Ashari. In Quranic interpretation, the term jinn can be used in two different ways: as invisible entities, noted in surah Ar-Rahman in the Qur'an, who roamed the earth before Adam, created by God out of "fire and air" (Arabic: مَارِجٍ مِن نَّار‎, mārijin min nār)."

"They are believed to resemble humans in that they eat and drink, have children and die, and are subject to judgment, being sent to either heaven or hell according to their deeds;(p 18) however, they were also much faster and stronger than humans. Along with humans, they are hold accountable for their deeds (thaqalān) These jinn are distinct from the angelic tribe noted in surah Al-Kahf called Al-jinn, named after Jannah ('The Gardens'), heavenly creatures created out of the fires of samūm (Arabic: سَمُوم‎, 'poisonous fire') – in contrast to the genus of jinn, created out of mixture of fire – who waged war against the genus of jinn and regarded as able to sin, unlike their light-created counterpart. as the opposite of al-Ins (something in shape) referring to any object that cannot be detected by human sensory organs, including angels, devils and the interior of human beings. Accordingly, every devil and every angel is also a jinn, but not every jinn is an angel or a devil."

"Al-Jahiz categorizes the jinn in his work Kitab al-Hayawan as follows: "If he is pure, clean, untouched by any defilement, being entirely good, he is an angel, if he is faithless, dishonest, hostile, wicked, he is devil, if he succeeds in supporting an edifice, lifting a heavy weight and listening at the doors of Heaven he is a marid and if he more than this, he is an ifrit." Related to common traditions, the angels were created on Wednesday, the jinn on Thursday, and humans on Friday, though not in succession, but rather, more than 1000 years later, respectively.(p 43) The community of the jinn race were like those of humans, but then corruption and injustice among them increased and all warnings sent by God were ignored. Consequently, God sent his angels to battle the infidel jinn. Just a few survived, and were ousted to far islands or to the mountains."

"With the revelation of Islam, the jinn were given a new chance to access salvation. However, because of their prior creation, the jinn would attribute themselves to a superiority over humans and envy them for their place and rank on earth.(p 43) The different jinn known in Islamic folklore are disregarded among most mufassirs – authors of tafsir – Tabari being an exception (though he is not specific about them, probably due to lack of theological significance). Since Tabari is one of the earliest commentators, the several jinn have been known, since the earliest stages of Islam."

Spread from Arabia: "When Islam spread outside of Arabia, belief in the jinn was assimilated with local belief about spirits and deities from Iran, Africa, Turkey and India. Early Persian translations of the Quran identified the jinn either with peris or divs depending on their moral behavior. However, such identifications of jinn with spirits of another culture are not universal. Some of the pre-Islamic spirits remained. Peris and divs are frequently attested as distinct from jinn among Persian Muslim lore(p 519) (as well as Turkish Muslim lore), but since both div as well as jinn are associated with demonic and the ability to transform themselves, they overlap sometimes."

"In Sindh, the concept of the jinni was introduced when Islam became acceptable. Since then, jinn have become a common part of local folklore, also including stories of both male jinn called jinn and female jinn called Jiniri. Folk stories of female jinn include stories such as the Jejhal Jiniri. While, due to the cultural influence, the concept of jinn may vary, all share some common features."

"The jinn are believed to live in societies resembling those of humans, practicing religion (including Islam, Christianity and Judaism), having emotions, needing to eat and drink, and can procreate and raise families. Additionally, they fear iron, generally appear in desolate or abandoned places, and are stronger and faster than humans. Since the jinn share the earth with humans, Muslims are often cautious not to accidentally hurt an innocent jinn by uttering "destur" (permission), before sprinkling hot water.(p 149) Generally, jinn are thought to eat bones and prefer rotten flesh over fresh flesh."

Oni on the Wiki: "An oni (鬼おに) is a kind of yōkai, demon, orc, ogre, or troll in Japanese folklore. They are typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads.Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red, blue, or white-colored, wearing loincloths of tiger pelt, and carrying iron kanabō clubs. They are popular characters in Japanese art, literature, and theater, and appear as stock villains in the well-known fairytales of Momotarō (Peach Boy), Issun-bōshi, and Kobutori Jīsan."

"Depictions of yokai oni vary widely but usually portray them as hideous, gigantic ogre-like creatures with a single horn or multiple horns emerging from their heads, with sharp claws, wild hair, and fang-like tusks. They are often depicted wearing tiger-skin loincloths and carrying iron clubs called kanabō (金棒). This image leads to the expression "oni with an iron club" (鬼に金棒, oni-ni-kanabō), that is, to be invincible or undefeatable. Their skin may be any number of colors, but red, blue, and green are particularly common. They may sometimes also be depicted as black-skinned, or yellow-skinned. They may occasionally be depicted with a third eye on their forehead, or extra fingers and toe."

"An old etymology for "oni" is that the word derives from on, the on'yomi reading of a character (隠) meaning "to hide or conceal", due to oni having the tendency of "hiding behind things, not wishing to appear". This explanation is found in the 10th century dictionary Wamyōshō, which reveals that the oni at the time had a different meaning, defined as "a soul/spirit of the dead". The character for oni, 鬼 (pinyin: guǐ; Jyutping: gwai2) in Chinese also means a dead or ancestral spirit, and not necessarily an evil specter. Accordingly, Chinese (Taoist) origins for the concept of oni has been proposed."

"Particularly powerful oni may be described as kishin or kijin (literally "oni god"; the "ki" is an alternate character reading of "oni"), a term used in Japanese Buddhism to refer to Wrathful Deities. The oni was syncretized with Hindu-Buddhist creatures such as the man-devouring yaksha and the rakshasa, and became the oni who tormented sinners as wardens of Hell (Jigoku), administering sentences passed down by Hell's magistrate, King Yama (Enma Daiō). The hungry ghosts called gaki (餓鬼) has also been sometimes considered a type of oni (the Kanji for "ki" 鬼 is also read "oni")."

"Accordingly, a wicked soul beyond rehabilitation transforms into an oni after death. Only the very worst people turn into oni while alive, and these are the oni causing troubles among humans as presented in folk tales. Some scholars have even argued that the oni was entirely a concept of Buddhist mythology."

Yaksha: "The yakshas (Sanskrit: यक्ष yakṣa; Pali: yakkha) are a broad class of nature-spirits, usually benevolent, but sometimes mischievous or capricious, connected with water, fertility, trees, the forest, treasure and wilderness. They appear in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist texts, as well as ancient and medieval era temples of South Asia and Southeast Asia as guardian deities."

"The feminine form of the word is yakṣī or yakshini (Sanskrit: यक्षिणी yakṣiṇī; Pali:Yakkhini). In Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist texts, the yakṣa has a dual personality. On the one hand, a yakṣa may be an inoffensive nature-fairy, associated with woods and mountains; but there is also a darker version of the yakṣa, which is a kind of ghost (bhuta) that haunts the wilderness and waylays and devours travellers, similar to the rakṣasas."

Early Yakshas: "Several monumental yakshas are known from the time of the Maurya Empire period. They are variously dated from around the 3rd century BCE to the 1st century BCE. These statues are monumental (usually around 2 metres tall), and often bear inscriptions related to their identification as yakshas. They are considered as the first known monumental stone sculptures in India."

"Two of these monumental yakshas are known from Patna, one from Vidisha and one from Parkham, as well as one yakshini from Vidisha. The yakṣas may have originally been the tutelary deity of forests and villages, and were later viewed as the steward deities of the earth and the wealth buried beneath. In early Indian art, male yakṣas are portrayed either as fearsome warriors or as portly, stout and dwarf-like. Yakṣiṇīs are portrayed as beautiful young women with happy round faces and full breasts and hips."

Then on the term "Rakshasa" states this: "Rakshasa (Sanskrit: राक्षस, IAST: rākṣasa: Pali: rakkhaso), while female rakshasa are known as a rakshasi, is a adjective for cannibalistic beings in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Rakshasas are also called "man-eaters" (nri-chakshas, kravyads). Rakshas is also used to describe Asuras, which are power seeking deities that lacking divinity. They are often depicted as antagonists in Dharmic religious scriptures."

Vedic literature: "Their literary origins can be traced to Vedic sources through Hymn 87 of the tenth mandala of the Rigveda. They are classified amongst the Yatudhanas, mythological beings that consume raw flesh". literature: "were believed to have been created from the breath of Brahma when he was asleep at the end of the Satya Yuga. As soon as they were created, they were so filled with bloodlust that they started eating Brahma himself. Brahma shouted "Rakshama!" (Sanskrit for "Protect me!") and Vishnu came to his aid, banishing to Earth all Rakshasas (named after Brahma's cry for help).

Description: "Rakshasas were most often depicted as shape-shifting, fierce-looking, enormous monstrous-looking creatures, with two fangs protruding from the top of the mouth and having sharp, claw-like fingernails. They are shown as being mean, growling beasts, and as insatiable man-eaters that could smell the scent of human flesh. Some of the more ferocious ones were shown with flaming red eyes and hair, drinking blood with their palms or from a human skull (similar to representations of vampires in later Western mythology). Generally they could fly, vanish, and had maya (magical powers of illusion), which enabled them to change size at will and assume the form of any creature. The female equivalent of rakshasa is rakshasi."

In Hindu epics: "In the world of the Ramayana and Mahabharata, Rakshasas were a populous race. There were both good and evil rakshasas, and as warriors they fought alongside the armies of both good and evil. They were powerful warriors, expert magicians and illusionists. As shape-changers, they could assume different physical forms. As illusionists, they were capable of creating appearances which were real to those who believed in them or who failed to dispel them."

"Some of the rakshasas were said to be man-eaters, and made their gleeful appearance when the slaughter on a battlefield was at its worst. Occasionally they served as rank-and-file soldiers in the service of one or another warlord. Aside from its treatment of unnamed rank-and-file Rakshasas, the epics tell the stories of certain members of the "race" who rose to prominence, some of them as heroes, most of them as villains."

Based from the Wiki states this on Acala: "Acala or Achala (Sanskrit: अचल, "The Immovable"), also known as Acalanātha (अचलनाथ, "Immovable Lord") or Āryācalanātha (आर्याचलनाथ, "Noble Immovable Lord"), is a wrathful deity and dharmapala (protector of the Dharma) prominent in Vajrayana Buddhism and East Asian Buddhism."

"Originally a minor deity described as a messenger or acolyte of the buddha Vairocana, Acala later rose to prominence as an object of veneration in his own right as a remover of obstacles and destroyer of evil, eventually becoming seen as the wrathful manifestation of either Vairocana, the buddha Akṣobhya, or the bodhisattva Mañjuśrī. In later texts, he is also called Caṇḍaroṣaṇa (चण्डरोषण, "Violent Wrathful One") or Caṇḍamahāroṣaṇa (चण्डमहारोषण, "Violent One of Great Wrath"), the names by which he is more commonly known in countries like Nepal and Tibet."

"In East Asian esoteric Buddhism, Acala is classed among the wisdom kings (vidyārāja) and is preeminent among the Five Wisdom Kings of the Womb Realm. Accordingly, he occupies an important hierarchical position in the Mandala of the Two Realms. In China, he is known as Budong Mingwang (不動明王, "Immovable Wisdom King", the Chinese translation of Sanskrit Acala Vidyārāja), while in Japan, he is called Fudō Myōō, the on'yomi reading of his Chinese name."

"Acala (as Fudō) is one of the especially important and well-known divinities in Japanese Buddhism, being especially venerated in the Shingon, Tendai, Zen, and Nichiren sects, as well as in Shugendō. Acala has been worshipped throughout the Middle Ages and into modern times in Nepal, Tibet, China and Japan, where sculptural and pictorial representations of him are most often found."

"Acala first appears in the Amoghapāśakalparāja Sūtra (不空羂索神変真言經, Bùkōng juànsuǒ shénbiàn zhēnyán jīng, translated by Bodhiruci circa 707-709 CE), where he is described as a servant or messenger of the buddha Vairocana: The first from the west in the northern quadrant is the acolyte Acala (不動使者). In his left hand he grasps a noose and in his right hand he holds a sword."

"He is seated in the half-lotus position. More well-known, however, is the following passage from the Mahāvairocana Tantra which refers to Acala as one of the deities of the Womb Mandala: Below the lord of mantras [i.e. Vairocana], in the southwestern direction, is Acala, servant of the Tathāgata (不動如来使). He holds the sword of wisdom and the noose (pāśa). His hair hangs on his left shoulder. One eye lightly squinting, he gazes intently. Blazing flames radiate from his awe-inspiring body. He dwells on a large rock. On his forehead are wrinkles like waves on the water. He is a young boy with a plump body. The deity was apparently popular in India during the 8th-9th centuries as evident by the fact that six of the Sanskrit texts translated by the esoteric master Amoghavajra into Chinese are devoted entirely to him."

"While some scholars have put forward the theory that Acala originated from the Hindu god Shiva, particularly his attributes of destruction and reincarnation, Bernard Faure suggested the wrathful esoteric deity Trailokyavijaya (whose name is an epithet of Shiva), the Vedic fire god Agni, and the guardian deity Vajrapāṇi to be other, more likely prototypes for Acala."

"He notes: "one could theoretically locate Acala's origins in a generic Śiva, but only in the sense that all Tantric deities can in one way or another be traced back to Śiva." Faure compares Acala to Vajrapāṇi in that both were originally minor deities who eventually came to occupy important places in the Buddhist pantheon. Acala is said to be a powerful deity who protects the faithful by burning away all impediments (antarāya) and defilements (kleśa), thus aiding them towards enlightenment."

"In a commentary on the Mahāvairocana Tantra by Yi Xing, he is said to have manifested in the world following Vairocana's vow to save all beings, and that his primary function is to remove obstacles to enlightenment. Indeed, the tantra instructs the ritual practitioner to recite Acala's mantras or to visualize himself as Acala in order to remove obstacles."

"From a humble acolyte, Acala evolved into a powerful demon-subduing deity. In later texts such as the Caṇḍamahāroṣaṇa Tantra, Acala - under the name Caṇḍaroṣaṇa ("Violent Wrathful One") or Caṇḍamahāroṣaṇa ("Violent One of Great Wrath") - is portrayed as the "frightener of gods, titans, and men, the destroyer of the strength of demons" who slays ghosts and evil spirits with his fierce anger."

Then based from the Wiki on "Red Horn" states this: "Red Horn is a culture hero in Siouan oral traditions, specifically of the Ioway and Hocąk (Winnebago) nations. He has different names. Only in Hocąk literature is he known as "Red Horn" (Hešucka), but among the Ioway and Hocągara both, he is known by one of his variant names, "He Who Wears (Man) Faces on His Ears".

"This name derives from the living faces on his earlobes (Hocąk), or earbobs that come to life when he places them on his ears (Ioway). Elsewhere, he is given yet another name, "Red Man" (Wąkšucka), because his entire body is red from head to toe. Red Horn was one of the five sons of Earthmaker, whom the Creator fashioned with his own hands and sent to earth to rescue humanity. During his sojourn on earth, he contested both giants and water spirits, and led war parties against the bad spirits who plagued humanity."

"As Wears Faces on His Ears, he is also said to be a star, although its identity is a subject of controversy. Under the names "One Horn" (Hejąkiga) and "Without Horns" (Herok'aga), he and his sons are chiefs over the small hunting spirits known as the herok'a and the "little children spirits". Red Horn, as chief of the herok'a, has a spiritual and sometimes corporeal identity with the arrow."

I find it interesting that it was Iblis who came and defeated the Jinn race, and not the one called Michael the Archangel. But are they really one and the same? Here in DEMON EST DEUS INVERSUS, [[Vol. 1, Page]] 415 THEOLOGICAL ETYMOLOGIES states this: "While it is very probable that the Gibborim (the giants) of the Bible are the Rakshasas of the Hindus, it is still more certain that both are Atlanteans, and belong to the submerged races. However it may be, no Satan could be more persistent in slandering his enemy, or more spiteful in his hatred, than the Christian theologians are in cursing him as the father of every evil."

[[Vol. 1, Page]] 418 THE SECRET DOCTRINE: "At the same time they show that Michael, "the generalissimos of the fighting Celestial Host, the bodyguard of Jehovah," as it would seem (see de Mirville) is also a Titan, only with the adjective of "divine" before the cognomen. Thus those "Uranides" who are called everywhere "divine Titans," and who, having rebelled against Kronos (Saturn), are therefore also shown to be the enemies of Samael (an Elohim, also and synonymous with Jehovah in his collectivity), are identical with Michael and his host."

"In short, the roles are reversed, all the combatants are confused, and no student is able to distinguish clearly which is which. Esoteric explanation may, however, bring some order into this confusion, in which Jehovah becomes Saturn, and Michael and his army, Satan and the rebellious angels, owing to the indiscreet endeavours of the too faithful zealots to see in every pagan god a devil."

"...The Titans of Hesiod's Theogony were copied in Greece from the Suras and Asuras of India....The origin of the "War in Heaven" and the FALL has, in our mind, to be traced unavoidably to India, and perhaps far earlier than the Puranic accounts thereof."

When learning about the God of fire in the Bible, it shows that this God is called "A consuming fire" and a "jealous God", thus revealing the same nature to be that of Azazil or Iblis (See "The God of fire"). But then throughout the many elements based from Christian, Jewish and Muslim sources, fails to understand the description of this God, to being what they call "Satan". And based from this, shows that everything that they have portrayed in their literature has no validation, because the Real God in the Bible is called "AGNI" and "Rudra", and is the one who led the Aryans in the lands of India and China. 

Of course, this website is not perfect by all means, but the sources are there to relay the connections, and how today's religions are not telling the truth of who they are really worshiping. When understanding the God of fire to being a "protector" and "guardian" to the Aryans, this is what Daniel 10:13 states“But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.”

Daniel 10:21 “But I will shew thee that which is noted in the scripture of truth: and there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince.”

Daniel 12:1 “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.”

This is showing that the name "Michael" is not the real name of this Angel, but "Azazil", leading back to AGNI, as the one who led the Aryans into India and China, and the one who was destroying the monsters and Giants in the lands.

It's important to understand Hinduism, because that's where these religions are really based from. When understanding the God that was sent to destroy the demons, monsters and Giants on the Earth, shows that it's based on the God of fire in the Bible.

Deuteronomy Chapter 9: "1Hear, O Israel: Thou art to pass over Jordan this day, to go in to possess nations greater and mightier than thyself, cities great and fenced up to heaven, 2A people great and tall, the children of the Anakims, whom thou knowest, and of whom thou hast heard say, Who can stand before the children of Anak!"

"3Understand therefore this day, that the LORD thy God is he which goeth over before thee; as a consuming fire he shall destroy them, and he shall bring them down before thy face: so shalt thou drive them out, and destroy them quickly, as the LORD hath said unto thee."

AGNI is known as the one who destroys the man eating Rakshasas. in the Rig Vedas HYMN LXXXVII. Agni. states this: "1. I BALM with oil the mighty Rakṣas-slayer; to the most famous Friend I come for shelter Enkindled, sharpened by our rites, may Agni protect us in the day and night from evil. 2 O Jātavedas with the teeth of iron, enkindled with thy flame attack the demons. Seize with thy longue the foolish gods' adorers: rend, put within thy mouth the raw-flesh caters. 3 Apply thy teeth, the upper and the lower, thou who hast both, enkindled and destroying. Roam also in the air, O King, around us, and with thy jaws assail the wicked spirits."

"4 Bending thy shafts through sacrifices, Agni, whetting their points with song as if with whetstones, Pierce to the heart therewith the Yātudhānas, and break their arms uplifed to attack thee. 5 Pierce through the Yātudhāna's skin, O Agni; let the destroying dart with fire consume him. Rend his joints, Jātavedas, let the cater of flesh, flesh-seeking, track his mangled body."

"6 Where now thou seest Agni Jātavedas, one of these demons standing still or roaming, Or flying on those paths in air's midregion, sharpen the shaft and as an archer pierce him. 7 Tear from the evil spirit, Jātavedas, what he hath seized and with his spears hath captured. Blazing before him strike him down, O Agni; let spotted carrion-eating kites devour him. 8 Here tell this forth, O Agni: whosoever is, he himself, or acteth as, a demon, Him grasp, O thou Most Youthful, with thy fuel. to the Mati-seer's eye give him as booty. 9 With keen glance guard the sacrifice, O Agni: thou Sage, conduct it onward to the Vasus. Let not the fiends, O Man-beholder, harm thee burning against the Rākṣasas to slay them."

"10 Look on the fiend mid men, as Man-beholder: rend thou his three extremities in pieces. Demolish with thy flame his ribs, O Agni, the Yātudhāna's root destroy thou triply. 11 Thrice, Agni, let thy noose surround the demon who with his falsehood injures Holy Order. Loud roaring with thy flame, O Jātavedas, crush him and cast him down before the singer. 12 Lead thou the worshipper that eye, O Agni, wherewith thou lookest on the hoof-armed demon. With light celestial in Atharvan's manner burn up the foot who ruins truth with falsehood."

"13 Agni, what curse the pair this day have uttered, what heated word the worshippers have spoken, Each arrowy taunt sped from the angry spirit,—pierce to the heart therewith the Yātudhānas. 14 With fervent heat exterminate the demons; destroy the fiends with burning flame, O Agni. Destroy with fire the foolish gods' adorers; blaze and destrepy the insatiable monsters. 15 May Gods destroy this day the evil-doer may each hot curse of his return and blast him. Let arrows pierce the liar in his vitals, and Visva's net enclose the Yātudhāna."

"16 The fiend who smears himself with flesh of cattle, with flesh of horses and of human bodies, Who steals the milch-cow's milk away, O Agni,—tear off the heads of such with fiery fury. 17 The cow gives milk each year, O Man-regarder: let not the Yātudhāna ever taste it. If one would glut him with the biesting, Agni, pierce with thy flame his vitals as he meets thee."

"18 Let the fiends drink the poison of the cattle; may Aditi cast off the evildoers. May the God Savitar give them up to ruin, and be their share of plants and herbs denied them. 19 Agni, from days of old thou slayest demons: never shall Rākṣasas in fight o’ercome thee. Burn up the foolish ones, the flesh-devourers: let none of them escape thine heavenly arrow."

"20 Guard us, O Agni, from above and under, protect us fl-om behind us and before us; And may thy flames, most fierce and never wasting, glowing with fervent heat, consume the sinner. 21 From rear, from front, from under, from above us, O King, protect us as a Sage with wisdom. Guard to old age thy friend, O Friend, Eternal: O Agni, as Immortal, guard us mortals."

"22 We set thee round us as a fort, victorious Agni, thee a Sage, Of hero lineage, day by day, destroyer of our treacherous foes. 23 Burn with thy poison turned against the treacherous brood of Rākṣasas, O Agni, with thy sharpened glow, with lances armed with points of flame. 24 Burn thou the paired Kimīdins, brun, Agni, the Yātudhāna pairs. I sharpen thee, Infallible, with hymns. O Sage, be vigilant. 25 Shoot forth, O Agni, with thy flame demolish them on every side. Break thou the Yātudhāna's strength, the vigour of the Rākṣasa."

Based from the Richard's Documentary details interesting clues as to what man's team (as Group 58) was dealing with, and why he states that they are dealing with the "Devils", and not from what the public people are shown in T.V. When Azazil was sent by God to destroy the Jinn race (as they were creating havoc upon the Earth), it states that they would harbor a disdain for human life, considering their destruction prior, to the coming of "modern humans" (See "The Asuras").

Let's see this excerpt from "Jann ibn Jann": "Pre-Adamite Era: In Persian Islamic legends, the world was ruled by Jann ibn Jann (Son of Jann), two thousand years before Adam was created. They were similar to humans in many ways and in many legends, God sent prophets to them, just as prophets were sent to humans. Jann ibn Jann offended the heavens, whereupon God sent Al-Harith (Iblis) with an army of angels to chastise him. But Jann ibn Jann refused to submit to the angels and a war ensued. At the end, Jann ibn Jann was overthrown by Al-Harith and the angels, who reigned the world onwards instead. Many Arabic legends regard the Pyramids of Giza as remains of the works done under the rule of Jann ibn Jann."

This is confirmed as all the different mythological legends states, a similar description of "man eating giants", to which are stronger and faster than humans. And on top of that, this is confirmed that they would look like the "Devil", as the Military source explains. As the Documentary details this, the team would find "human body parts" in ships, to which even the late Bill Cooper had stated as well. It is confirmed that when Azazil/Iblis was tasked to destroy the "wicked Giants", who would use black magic and sorcery (See the connections to "The Skinwalker" Documentary by the Navajo Ranger), Blavatsky states that He was using a "Shield", to use against their magic.

So, now we know that it's not really talking about "scaly reptilians", but something else entirely. Something that AGNI had to deal with "prior", to the creation of modern man, to which is confirmed by the Military source. This is why there would be depictions like these, as the Goddess Kali and Durga is defeating the demons.

Here is an interesting example. "Do Yetis kill Humans?" based from the website "" Posted by: Loren Coleman on November 19th, 2012 "During Assistant Director Jeff Meuse’s exhibiting of traveling displays from the International Cryptozoology Museum in New York City, he visited the Rubin Museum of Art. While there, he discovered intriguing imagery on a cloth painting. Playing a “Where’s Waldo” game, Meuse and his assistant, the ICM’s coordinator of special events, searched the entire Himalayan art museum looking for signs of Yetis. Finally, he found one example."

"The painting was dated to the 19th century from Mongolia. The imagery is said to be “a depiction of the universe,” showing Mount Meru. Mount Meru is a sacred mountain in Hindu, a giant location with several mystical, mythical, and heavenly aspects. A handful of western scholars have identified Mount Meru with the Pamirs, northeast of Kashmir, according to these sources. In a corner of the Rubin’s Mount Meru painting is shown some Yetis. Did Yetis in the ancient past kill humans? The painters of this canvas apparently thought so."

Then along with the Cattle Mutilations would come stories of Black Helicopters appearing either prior or after the scene. Here is an excerpt based from the Wiki: "The black helicopter is a symbol of an alleged conspiratorial military takeover of the United States in the American militia movement, and has also been associated with UFOs, especially in the UK, men in black, and similar conspiracies."

"Stories of black helicopters first appeared in the 1970s, and were linked to reports of cattle mutilation. It is possible that the idea originated in Hal Lindsey's book The Late, Great Planet Earth, published in 1970 and popular among conspiracy theorists. Lindsey conjectured that the locust-like creatures referenced in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament were actually helicopters, which John had never seen and thus did not know how to describe."

"Jim Keith wrote two books on the subject: Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order (1995), and Black Helicopters II: The End Game Strategy (1998). Media attention to black helicopters increased in February 1995, when first-term Republican northern Idaho Representative Helen Chenoweth charged that armed federal agents were landing black helicopters on Idaho ranchers' property to enforce the Endangered Species Act. "I have never seen them", Chenoweth said in an interview in The New York Times. "But enough people in my district have become concerned that I can't just ignore it. We do have some proof."

"Believers in UFO conspiracy theories often claim unmarked black helicopters are seen in the vicinity of UFO sightings, the supposition being that the helicopters belong to an alleged secretive government department who cover up evidence of alien visits and UFOs from the general public."

"The black helicopters conjecture resonates well with the belief held by some in the militia movement that troops from the United Nations might invade the United States. The John Birch Society published an article in The New American detailing how the existence of the covert aircraft was mostly the product of possible visual errors and a tendency towards overabundant caution."

It appears that based from the Military source, starts to connect to what the United States Military (Black Ops, Area 51) is really dealing with.